Dragon Bimbo Ch.01 (v1)

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  1. As quickly as the door opened, it was shut behind the sound of rushing feet on a wooden floor. Shouta barely remembered to shake off his shoes as he stumbled through the entry way and up three stairs. His socks slipped and slid around the end of a hallway, and he barely had enough time to reach out and grasp a corner to attempt to stop himself from losing his balance.
  3. It was a wasted effort. He collapsed all the same, huffing and puffing in a uniform caked in sweat and grim. He took deep gasps of air, shutting his eyes and listening to the pounding of his heart. Then, and only then, did it start to rain outside.
  5. His eyes were slow to open and he found himself staring at the ceiling as if daring it to taunt him.
  7. Today was awful.
  9. “Your physical exam is today, right?”
  11. Lucoa’s voice resonated somewhere in the back of his skull. He could still taste the omurice he had that morning, and the small carton of almond milk he’d chugged while he ran to school. Late, again.
  13. It was just another one of several bad habits Shouta had developed after his botched summon.
  15. “I could make you taller,” she’d suggested, “As big as, say, a cyclops! That would be impressive, right?”
  17. Shouta could already feel his eye twitching again. Those things were supposed to be giants. Getting that kind of height boost would have been beyond overkill! Oh look, here he was for physical examination day, wait, what do you mean he’s too tall for the building? Oh well, looks like none of those tests would apply~
  19. …Actually, maybe being able to skip would have worked in his favor…
  21. Shouta went cross-eyed, his hands grasping either side of his head as he pulled his knees closer to his stomach. Like a turtle on its back, he swayed from side to side, mouth agape as he exuded the purest stress. They’d have just had him go through the physical exams a day later! Even being a giant wouldn’t have saved him!
  23. He was absolutely sure that if he arrived as a giant, that still wouldn’t have stopped the school from figuring something out. With his eyes closed and his back flat to the floor, Shouta could perfectly picture the school asking him to do pull-ups from the flag pole stretched between two parts of the building.
  25. And that one gym teacher would be giving him hell – Not enough force, Shouta! More effort, Shouta! I wanna see those gluts explode, Shouta!
  27. It wasn’t his fault he was scrawny compared to the other guys at school. He grew slow, that’s all. And it wasn’t like he hadn’t tried to put on muscle. He ate right, exercised regularly enough, and he had nothing to show for it.
  29. Shouta considered what he read in a pop science magazine he’d picked up from a drug store – it said that there were people just like him; people who tried so hard and still ended up having the same physique after everything was said and done. They’d lose a dozen pounds, and they’d still end up being fat. Or they’d work out and just not build a lot of muscle.
  32. It said some pretty silly things, too, but the point was… They were blameless, said the article! Some people just naturally have their bodies going for them, and some people can just live their entire lives eating junk food and watching TV and still end up stronger, faster, and healthier than people who do the opposite.  
  34. Shouta was slapping the bottom of his fist into one palm and nodding. He was right! It was all random! So testing physical performance had to be wrong, because there was no standard that could possibly take that into account!
  36. It still didn’t change the fact that he’d under-performed across the board.
  38. He uttered a disgruntled sigh. Push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches were a lost cause. He just ran out of energy.
  40. Shouta started to realize something might be wrong when he couldn’t do a single pull-up.
  42. The ringing of his phone felt like he was listening to the marching of an approaching army. When his father picked up, he must have been surprised. “…Dad, how are your fitness scores?”
  44. “Those things the schools ask you to do?” His father asked. “I don’t think I’ve passed a single test.”
  46. Absolutely crushing. Right there, at that moment, Shouta was certain that was the final nail in the coffin. That magazine might have been completely wrong about all kinds of stuff– bigfoot married who now? –but Shouta was certain, indeed he was absolutely sure, that his genetics were working against him.
  48. He hadn’t even finished testing. He’d fled school grounds with a quick excuse. Between Shouta’s call to his father and the call that the school would be sending him and Lucoa soon, Shouta was sure he’d be in for a stern conversation about why skipping is wrong, why he should’ve bitten the bullet, why he should have just asked his summon for help when this was clearly bothering him… or why wizards were so damn weedy.
  50. Magic had to be the answer. Humans who had magic could use spells to perform tasks that would normally require machines. It was why wizards from the world of the dragons were so far behind in technology. Magic eliminated the need for things like electricity, or heating. Or being able to throw some stupid ball more than a few yards.
  52. As bony in life as he was in death, that’s what they would write on his tombstone.
  54. Shouta sat up.
  56. Unless he had something to say about it, that is.
  58. There was another reason he ran home. Because right there, past the open door whose corner he’d grasped before he fell, there was his bedroom. Also there, on his western bed, a single strand of hair glistened in the house’s lights. Rain pattered the glass as Shouta stood and entered his room.
  60. He grasped it. Something from a dragon goddess as powerful as that succubus Lucoa had to carry some pretty strong magical power. With how long Lucoa’s hair was, it was inevitable that it would get tangled at least once and just as inevitable that at least one strand would find its way out.
  62. It would serve as an alchemical reagant, as much an ingredient as a battery and motor for a spell. Magic got him into the situation he was in right now, even if it was the magic of his ancestors and generations of natural selection working against him. So it only followed that Shouta would use magic to get out of this situation.
  64. Shouta’s father kept a personal library. It was only three bookcases large, but it was at least four books deep. Even on the cusp of young adulthood, Shouta found himself reaching deep and rooting around for something that might help him.  If he was his father, where would he put recipes for physical enhancers? Where would he put strength potion formulae?
  66. It stood to reason that just because wizards didn’t need electricity, that didn’t mean they didn’t use it. Wizards still made spells of fire and lightning, and theoretically magic had no upper limit. Enough wizard spells could be converted into code for his father’s company that, if the spell existed, it would be in this library. And Shouta was certain there had to have been at least one wizard, ages ago, who had the same idea he was having that very moment.
  68. So if such a wizard existed, then surely one of their spells would have found their way into his father’s library! Just one. A sample, a small hint! Anything to end the waking nightmare that was his physical mediocrity…!
  70. ~Thunk~
  72. Just when Shouta felt his arm going numb from searching around and shifting books back and forth to read their names, titles, and categories, his fingers brushed a tome that felt different from the others. It was warm and thrummed with power at his touch. There was something raw within those glistening pages.
  74. Rain pattered as he pulled the book free from its confines. It didn’t strike Shouta as strange that it would be located so far towards the back of his father’s collection, nor did it immediately settle in how oddly cramped the shelf was as he pulled it free. The book was large enough to easily be thicker than any of his father’s other books, so how had Shouta missed it?
  76. Its cover was pink. Lavender lined the spine and bright crimson and gold formed patterns on either side. There were no words written on the front, and there didn’t need to be for Shouta to feel the warmth that radiated off the tome. It looked old, it felt ancient. So where was the dust?
  78. On a whim, Shouta peeled back the front cover.
  80. And right there, plain as day, a magic circle laid bare before him. Its effects were detailed on the opposite page. The phrase physical enhancement had been underlined and circled multiple times, to such an extent that other parts of the description were obscured. The instructions, however, were perfectly legible.
  82. Dragon hair grasped in one hand and tome in the other, lightning cracked the sky as Shouta made his decision. He would be scrawny no more!
  84. -x-
  86. Lucoa returned humming a tune with a bag in one hand and an umbrella in the other to discover the door was unlocked. Her head tilted, eyes squinted. Shouta must have beaten her home.
  88. Well, in that case, she had a surprise for him. “Shouta!” She called him, slipping her shoes off and stepping in. She furled the umbrella and hung it while she walked, bag in hand. “Shouta, I know you weren’t feeling so well this morning–” Shouta wasn’t in his room. Maybe the kitchen? “–and I know how nervous you got–” Not there, either. Where, then…? “–so I bought some eggplant from that store you like, and…” Lucoa stopped.
  90. She felt as her hair stood on end and her skin – her scales – trembled.
  92. Heterochromatic eyes opened.
  94. “…Shouta?”
  96. She put the bag down and swung open the door to the study. There was an energy in the air, she could feel it like a rush of wind seeking to fill in displaced air. And kneeling in place on a carpet in the middle of the room, Shouta had one hand on an open book and the other grasping what was definitely one of her hairs wrapped around his hand like some kind of rosary.
  98. “Come on… Work… Work, you stupid–” Shouta paused and glanced up, “Lucoa…? You’re home early, too?”
  100. “I took off today to get some shopping done…” She trailed off in her explanation, a worried expression settling. “Shouta.” Lucoa’s tone was firm. “Step away from that book.”
  102. He looked up at her. “Eh?” Then Shouta looked down at the book, “I’m… just practicing magic.”
  104. Lucoa let her eyes narrow and her other senses guide her closer to Shouta. He wasn’t shaking, shuddering, or shivering. He was perfectly calm, if a little cagey. To borrow a human expression, Lucoa supposed it was like watching a frog boil.
  106. …If that frog was your master, and you were his motherly, sisterly, something-or-other figure. But the simile held up! “You’ve been cooped up in here for a little while, right? Maybe…” Lucoa searched for a distraction, “We could watch a movie in the other room. How about that? If the spell’s not working, you could try again… when the weather improves.” And with way more supervision, she didn’t add.
  108. Shouta frowned and stared at the pages of the book for a moment longer. “I guess,” he sighed.
  110. “Great!” Lucoa chirped, reaching out to grasp Shouta’s hand.  
  112. And all of the magic that filled the room suddenly became an oppressively dense fog.
  114. To Lucoa’s senses, it smelled saccharine. It wasn’t just sweet, it was violently sugary fluff clearing her sinuses and seeping in her pores. It stained her clothes, wrapping and drenching every fiber. She took a step back from the force of the wave of hot, rosy murk.
  116. She gasped and tasted pure, raw energy that filtered through her throat. It trickled down, lining the passage to her stomach. Lucoa grasped her sides, feeling the mist writhe within her body as her hips shook. Her shorts were snaking their way beyond her thighs, turning to little more than a strip of cloth held in place by denim lace that rose and wrapped around her.
  118. Her tank top was dripping with magic that sank to the floor and layered a wet, adherent stench of… dairy…? Lucoa felt her thoughts jam up, her hands reaching out to grasp hold of her breasts. She was hardly ignorant of their size, and less ignorant still of their change in sheer girth.
  120. They had outgrown her arms’ ability to hold them in place. Her nipples threatened to poke holes in the thinning fabric of her black tube top, milk dribbling from her nubs. She tested one of them, and almost howled in delight as a fire lit itself below. It was a flame that crawled and sang, a burning feeling that filled her right back up the other way.
  122. It was as if the mist was making a second turn through her body, through her lungs, through her throat, and with a heartfelt sigh of relief Lucoa shuddered. Her lips fell into a pout. One of her hands reached up to check her head, brushing its way down through hair that made no effort to stop at her larger, rounder behind.
  124. One finger pressed against her lips, testing their softness. Her whole body felt more plush, and a sense of being lightheaded left her swaying.  
  126. But there, past the blackened circle of ash on the floor that stained the carpet a book once rested upon, a figure cast in shadow rose through the mist.
  128. Lucoa could already feel her tongue running across her lips.
  130. -x-
  132. For Shouta, an instant passed between consciousness, blackness, and consciousness once more. He felt woozy, dizzy, and all kinds of vertigo. He reached out a hand to steady himself and felt it rest on a surface. Surrounded in the pink mist, his vision was blurred. With his other hand, he tried wafting it away from himself.
  134. Somewhere, while he swung his hand back and forth, he noticed something odd. His father’s desk was on the other side of the room. So what was his hand resting on? He rubbed his eyes and narrowed his gaze. Was that the bookcase? When did it get so short?
  136. He tried to take a deep breath and barely stopped himself from coughing on the cloying, sugary mist that stuck to everything it touched. Still disoriented, Shouta tried heading towards his father’s desk. If he could just map out the room as it was, maybe he’d find it easier to screw his head back on straight.
  138. One step, no problems. Two steps, and he felt his leg impact furniture. Shouta hissed in pain and stepped back. Everything just felt so cramped all of a sudden. He must have gotten the spell wrong, that had to be it. There was definitely a reaction when Lucoa came in and touched the reagant – but this was fine. All he needed was to recheck the circle, go over the details in the book, and…
  140. When he looked down to check, he only found black marks. Where was the book? Where was the book?!
  142. “Lucoa…! Lucoa, did you see what happened to that book I had?”
  144. An ominous giggle was his sole reply from the other side of the room. Shouta stared ahead, trying to make out Lucoa’s figure through the wobbling, shifting fuchsia fog.
  146. His brows furrowed. “…Lucoa?”
  148. “Shouta~” Lucoa sang his name, “Come closer~”
  150. “Ah, that is… I…” He felt flush and warm all of a sudden. What was this heat that traveled through his body? Had it been there since the spell had backfired? It was oppressive.
  152. Unbidden, he was already undoing the jacket to his uniform. It didn’t occur to him how it strained against his body, the way the jacket and shirt pressed tightly against a wide, stout build. There was only the heat that begged for his skin to touch the air.
  154. His pants itched and strained against thighs thick with muscle and coiled, well-built calves. They pressed against his hips. Shouta took another deep breath. It itched, the slacks practically strangling his legs. There was no space, no room.
  156. Lucoa approached, and the mist parted before her. A circle of hearts flitted on the tip of the nail of her forefinger. Shouta felt something strain in his crotch. He stepped back and slipped on the ash, falling on his behind as he pressed his back against the bookcases.
  158. In response, Lucoa crouched low. Shouta wondered when she had the time to put on a pair of heels, and as quickly as the thought occurred it abandoned him. With one hand, Lucoa brushed her fingers against the zipper of his pants and gently tugged down.
  160. His soldier sprung to attention, and preened in the presence of the dragon before him. Lucoa giggled, happy and wet. “Oh~ This new spell is so lovely…” She bit her lower lip, “Oooh~ look at your cute cock growing!”
  162. “L-Lucoa… you… q-quit flirting with me like this, you succubus!” Shouta demanded.
  164. Cheerily, Lucoa smiled and reached down to grasp his member in her hand. Her palm was smooth and gentle, her nails barely brushing against the edges of his joystick. “I just can’t help myself~” She cooed. Her breath, her sweat, her fluids – she gave a sweet, earthy scent. Like buttery chocolate, with a hint of mango. Bitter, but fine. With each pump of her hand, Shouta watched his monster grow. It was like watching a balloon as it was inflated, but with more veins and thickness.
  166. Her hand slipped down to the bottom of his shaft, clapping gently against his sack before moving back up to the head, and with each full motion of her hand he saw the inches pile up. At the start, her fingers easily wrapped around its circumference. But as she motioned and worked, he saw the gap between those fingertips widen until they could no longer close all the way around.
  168. “Nnnhh… Lucoa… I’m,” his breath hitched, “I’m getting huge…!”
  170. She nodded agreeably, “You’re definitely a grower and a shower, Shouta!”
  172. “Y-You need to… to stop…!”
  174. “Hoh…? You really want that…?” Her head tilted to the side, her long hair cascading down in waves. “You want me to stop making you feel so good?” She pouted, “Shouta-honey~ Am I such a useless summon that you won’t let me relieve your tension…?”
  176. “I know your intentions, you succubus! You… you perverted…” His hands clenched, “Greedy girl…”
  178. “But, like… I have no idea what you mean~ Why don’t you show me… Shouta~?” Hot and breathy, she exhaled his name. A haze of pink overtook his vision. She was already so close to him, it was easy for him to reach out and grasp her thick, soft hips. With strength he knew he never had before, he lifted her up.
  180. Lucoa barely had time to displace her denim thong before she impaled herself upon Shouta’s happy tool. “A-Ahhhnnn~” She stuttered in her cries of pleasure. “Ooohhh~ Ohhh gaaawwd~” She slurred her words, drooling as her hips rocked. “Shouta~ Shouta-baby~ Ooohhh~”
  182. Shouta grunted and panted, “Yeah… That’s what you’ve wanted… you succubus… you whore…!”
  184. “Ahh~ Ahhhnn~ Yesss~ Gawwd yeeesss~!”
  186. Her breasts heaved and bounced, swinging and slapping against Shouta’s firm, chiseled frame. Milk dripped from the ends of her nipples, spattering against his pecs and dripping down his abs and to the floor. Her thighs pillowed on either side of his hips as she pushed her slit flush against his groin, and slid back again. His penetrating rod never fully being revealed after first piercing her, and no effort being made to let it free.
  188. She clenched upon it, her eager, starving gash doing its best to swallow Shouta’s raging rocket deeper. “Gawd~ Mmfff~ I am a whore~” Lucoa cried, “Punish me, Shouta~ Punish me for being a teasing, naughty bitch~”
  190. Thighs and hips slapped and rubbed together as Shouta worked Lucoa up and down. Her tube top couldn’t hope to stay on – so Lucoa made a judgment call, slipping it over her head and tossing the tube top aside. Her hat, a bright pink cap that read BIMBO in all capital letters, fell free upon the floor.
  192. “You… You are a naughty slut, aren’t you? Getting naked in public–” thrust, thrust “–showing off your breasts and ass to me–” thrust, thrust “–dressing me up like a maid and begging for me…!”
  194. “I… ahhhnnn~ Master~ Shouta~”
  196. That was right, wasn’t it? All this time with Lucoa living in the same house as him, all this time with Lucoa being such a deviant, and he’d never once thought of following through like this. But now, buried in this heat, filled with this lust, something in him snapped. He remembered the times she’d embarrassed him – the times she’d had him cross-dress and took pictures, those times he’d wake up to her naked body tangling itself with him.
  198. It had to be wrong to give in to his perverse urges, to delight in the feeling of Lucoa riding his cock and screaming his name, yet wave after wave of pleasure crashed against his will to resist what felt like pure, absolute justice. She deserved this. He deserved this.
  200. “Fuck me~ Fuck me mooore~ Ohhh~ Shouta~ Shooouutaaa~”
  202. And he wouldn’t take her with his back pressed against the wall. Not anymore.
  204. It was too easy to summon the strength. Even as tomes fell from the bookcase behind him, Shouta kept his grasp on Lucoa’s hips. His legs pushed him up, and he took a colossal step. Lucoa’s tongue lolled as Shouta, in one move, took her power away. He would be setting the rhythm here, not her. He was her master.
  206. And she responded in kind. Lucoa’s legs wrapped around Shouta’s waist as he stepped away from the bookcase. Still rising, still falling, their hips rocked back and forth in a frantic bid to reach climax. Shouta looked into Lucoa’s mismatched eyes, and his head leaned forward. His lips impacted hers, his tongue sliding into a mouth that did nothing to resist his advances.
  208. He summoned her, he was in charge. So it was about damn time he acted like it. Lucoa’s arms hugged him, bringing her body closer to his. Her bare breasts pressed against his chest.
  210. Another step was taken, and Shouta could feel his pants slip to the bottom of his heels. Completely nude, fucking in his father’s study, going balls-deep in a dragon slut. He should have been ashamed. But with one arm, he swung nickknacks and unimportant items off the top of his father’s desk. There… now they had a proper surface…
  212. He tripped as he approached the desk, Lucoa shaking as her back slapped against its surface. Shouta bored down on her, still thrusting. Her arms fell to her side, her legs still locked around his hips. Their lips parted, and Lucoa allowed her head to fall to the surface of the desk. One hand reached up to brush Shouta’s cheek.
  214. “Fuck me harder, Shouta-honey~” She smiled.
  216. He obliged her.
  218. -x-
  220. “Shouta-honey~ That was wonderful~ We should fuck more often!” Lucoa suggested.
  222. At those words, Shouta found himself blushing. “You could help a little more with finding that book… or bringing it back from those ashes.”
  224. Sitting opposite her on the same couch, he couldn’t help but notice how much the magic had changed him. Thicker muscles across the board, a body built to be athletic. It was everything he’d ever dreamed of. He was even taller than Lucoa now… and considering Lucoa had gained a few inches, that was pretty impressive!
  226. But a problem was still a problem.
  228. Lucoa shook her head. “Different magic,” she dismissed, “Like, different rules. I dunno where your father found that book or how it got there… but I only managed to get one spell from it.” She whined, “I bet there was, like, some other really cool stuff there, too…”
  230. Rain continued falling against the windows. A movie was playing, but neither of them was paying much attention to it as Shouta looked out to the rest of the city. “That magic… it used your hair as a conduit. That means other dragons are probably going to be affected by this, too. And other people, as well.”
  232. Lucoa nodded. “We’ll take it as it comes~”
  234. “Be more serious about this!”
  236. “Ohh… But Shouta-honey~ it sounds like this spell will make everyone all hot n’ stuff~”
  238. “That’s exactly the problem!”
  240. “Mmmnn~ that dong of yours doesn’t agree with you~”
  242. Shouta’s hands shot down to his wizard staff. “Don’t bring that into this…!”
  244. The dragon giggled. “Do you need another round, baby~?
  246. “Lucoooaaaaa…!”
  248. The more things changed, the more they stayed the same it seemed…
  250. -x-
  252. End #01
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