Jul 17th, 2013
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  1. [Script Info]
  2. ; Script generated by Aegisub 3.0.2
  3. ;
  4. Title: Default Aegisub file
  5. ScriptType: v4.00+
  6. WrapStyle: 0
  7. ScaledBorderAndShadow: yes
  8. Collisions: Normal
  9. PlayResX: 1920
  10. PlayResY: 1080
  11. Video Zoom Percent: 0.125
  12. Scroll Position: 192
  13. Active Line: 211
  14. Video File: Les Mysterieuses Cites Dor S02e13.mkv
  15. Video Aspect Ratio: c1.77778
  16. Video Position: 33339
  17. Audio URI: Les Mysterieuses Cites Dor S02e13.mkv
  18. Last Style Storage: Default
  19. YCbCr Matrix: TV.601
  21. [V4+ Styles]
  22. Format: Name, Fontname, Fontsize, PrimaryColour, SecondaryColour, OutlineColour, BackColour, Bold, Italic, Underline, StrikeOut, ScaleX, ScaleY, Spacing, Angle, BorderStyle, Outline, Shadow, Alignment, MarginL, MarginR, MarginV, Encoding
  23. Style: Default,Arial,30,&H00FFFFFF,&H000000FF,&H00000000,&H00000000,0,0,0,0,200,200,0,0,1,2,2,2,10,10,10,1
  25. [Events]
  26. Format: Layer, Start, End, Style, Name, MarginL, MarginR, MarginV, Effect, Text
  27. Dialogue: 0,0:00:05.28,0:00:07.45,Default,,0,0,0,,Children of the sun
  28. Dialogue: 0,0:00:07.55,0:00:09.72,Default,,0,0,0,,See your time has just begun
  29. Dialogue: 0,0:00:09.76,0:00:14.38,Default,,0,0,0,,Searching for your ways through adventures everyday
  30. Dialogue: 0,0:00:14.40,0:00:18.75,Default,,0,0,0,,Every day and night with the Condor in flight
  31. Dialogue: 0,0:00:18.80,0:00:23.58,Default,,0,0,0,,With all your friends in tow, we search for the Cities Of Gold
  32. Dialogue: 0,0:00:25.06,0:00:28.39,Default,,0,0,0,,Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
  33. Dialogue: 0,0:00:28.53,0:00:33.73,Default,,0,0,0,,Wishing for the Cities of Gold
  34. Dialogue: 0,0:00:34.11,0:00:37.46,Default,,0,0,0,,Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
  35. Dialogue: 0,0:00:37.52,0:00:42.81,Default,,0,0,0,,Someday we will find, the Cities of Gold
  36. Dialogue: 0,0:00:44.47,0:00:45.43,Default,,0,0,0,,Halt!
  37. Dialogue: 0,0:00:45.43,0:00:48.71,Default,,0,0,0,,While pursuing the man who stole their famous yellow dragon,
  38. Dialogue: 0,0:00:48.71,0:00:54.17,Default,,0,0,0,,Esteban finds himself trapped in the heart of The Forbidden City, where he passes himself off as the Imperial Prince.
  39. Dialogue: 0,0:00:53.49,0:00:56.48,Default,,0,0,0,,But what do I do? I know nothing about theater.
  40. Dialogue: 0,0:00:56.48,0:01:02.26,Default,,0,0,0,,As for Zhu, the young Prince, ecorted by Zia, discovers the harsh reality of life outside the city.
  41. Dialogue: 0,0:01:02.26,0:01:03.45,Default,,0,0,0,,Prince Zhu?
  42. Dialogue: 0,0:01:05.72,0:01:10.49,Default,,0,0,0,,- Like a Prince -
  43. Dialogue: 0,0:01:07.94,0:01:10.06,Default,,0,0,0,,Let me go, you're hurting me!
  44. Dialogue: 0,0:01:10.66,0:01:13.56,Default,,0,0,0,,I am Prince Zhu! You don't have the right!
  45. Dialogue: 0,0:01:13.56,0:01:14.65,Default,,0,0,0,,No!
  46. Dialogue: 0,0:01:15.20,0:01:17.62,Default,,0,0,0,,You can cry all you want, but you stole.
  47. Dialogue: 0,0:01:17.62,0:01:19.53,Default,,0,0,0,,And thieves get their hand cut off!
  48. Dialogue: 0,0:01:19.53,0:01:22.23,Default,,0,0,0,,No! Stop it! He's telling you the truth!
  49. Dialogue: 0,0:01:22.23,0:01:25.04,Default,,0,0,0,,He really is Prince Zhu! Please don't do this!
  50. Dialogue: 0,0:01:25.04,0:01:26.21,Default,,0,0,0,,Get out of here, you!
  51. Dialogue: 0,0:01:30.53,0:01:32.50,Default,,0,0,0,,Let me go, you're hurting me!
  52. Dialogue: 0,0:01:36.34,0:01:37.66,Default,,0,0,0,,My chickens!
  53. Dialogue: 0,0:01:48.75,0:01:50.03,Default,,0,0,0,,My chickens!
  54. Dialogue: 0,0:02:04.81,0:02:06.15,Default,,0,0,0,,My chickens!
  55. Dialogue: 0,0:02:14.88,0:02:17.71,Default,,0,0,0,,You totally did it! Thank you!
  56. Dialogue: 0,0:02:19.03,0:02:20.98,Default,,0,0,0,,But what? Are you mad?
  57. Dialogue: 0,0:02:20.98,0:02:22.48,Default,,0,0,0,,This is not a game!
  58. Dialogue: 0,0:02:23.12,0:02:25.21,Default,,0,0,0,,That man, that's all he has for a living.
  59. Dialogue: 0,0:02:25.21,0:02:26.71,Default,,0,0,0,,You, you have everything!
  60. Dialogue: 0,0:02:30.01,0:02:30.87,Default,,0,0,0,,Let's go.
  61. Dialogue: 0,0:02:31.28,0:02:37.83,Default,,0,0,0,,Return? But I still have so much to see and I have the best bodyguard in Beijing. No way!
  62. Dialogue: 0,0:02:38.26,0:02:39.12,Default,,0,0,0,,Come on!
  63. Dialogue: 0,0:02:50.54,0:02:51.95,Default,,0,0,0,,What do you mean gone?!
  64. Dialogue: 0,0:02:52.42,0:02:54.74,Default,,0,0,0,,I asked you to watch him!
  65. Dialogue: 0,0:02:54.74,0:02:58.93,Default,,0,0,0,,Yes well... uh... he was watched. Right?
  66. Dialogue: 0,0:03:02.70,0:03:05.16,Default,,0,0,0,,Surely he is also a Prince of escape.
  67. Dialogue: 0,0:03:05.96,0:03:06.81,Default,,0,0,0,,Absolutely!
  68. Dialogue: 0,0:03:07.92,0:03:08.96,Default,,0,0,0,,Good for nothing!
  69. Dialogue: 0,0:03:10.57,0:03:19.73,Default,,0,0,0,,Hey! Don't be a-a-angry! Maybe we were kno-kno-knocked out and bang! While w-w-we were sleeping. And bang! Ouch!
  70. Dialogue: 0,0:03:22.91,0:03:25.59,Default,,0,0,0,,We searched the temple. No trace of the Prince.
  71. Dialogue: 0,0:03:25.59,0:03:27.35,Default,,0,0,0,,The young Zia has disappeared too.
  72. Dialogue: 0,0:03:27.35,0:03:29.22,Default,,0,0,0,,She must have run after him.
  73. Dialogue: 0,0:03:30.99,0:03:35.42,Default,,0,0,0,,If the Prince does not resume his place in the Palace, it's Esteban who will pay with his life.
  74. Dialogue: 0,0:03:35.42,0:03:36.70,Default,,0,0,0,,We must find them!
  75. Dialogue: 0,0:03:37.62,0:03:40.46,Default,,0,0,0,,Wait for us Mendoza!
  76. Dialogue: 0,0:04:15.97,0:04:20.92,Default,,0,0,0,,If we must intervene to rescue Esteban right under the guards noses,
  77. Dialogue: 0,0:04:20.92,0:04:24.65,Default,,0,0,0,,we will have to create a diversion with a lot of smoke!
  78. Dialogue: 0,0:04:24.65,0:04:26.84,Default,,0,0,0,,We need them to be impressed!
  79. Dialogue: 0,0:04:26.84,0:04:32.73,Default,,0,0,0,,I thought of something. Your smoke bombs, we should install a system to drop several at once.
  80. Dialogue: 0,0:04:32.73,0:04:37.63,Default,,0,0,0,,A sort of... launcher. With kinds of... cannons! You see?
  81. Dialogue: 0,0:04:37.63,0:04:39.55,Default,,0,0,0,,A launcher?
  82. Dialogue: 0,0:04:40.21,0:04:44.42,Default,,0,0,0,,And do you think you will be able to build it?
  83. Dialogue: 0,0:04:45.16,0:04:47.99,Default,,0,0,0,,You're talking to Tao, the King of inventors!
  84. Dialogue: 0,0:04:47.99,0:04:51.81,Default,,0,0,0,,Bragger! Bragger! Bragger! Bragger!
  85. Dialogue: 0,0:05:04.60,0:05:05.82,Default,,0,0,0,,Someone's here!
  86. Dialogue: 0,0:05:05.82,0:05:08.14,Default,,0,0,0,,Don't move! Who's there?
  87. Dialogue: 0,0:05:21.04,0:05:22.39,Default,,0,0,0,,Oh! Zares!
  88. Dialogue: 0,0:05:22.39,0:05:23.06,Default,,0,0,0,,Huh?
  89. Dialogue: 0,0:05:42.00,0:05:45.54,Default,,0,0,0,,Zares! Zares! Alert!
  90. Dialogue: 0,0:05:54.68,0:05:56.86,Default,,0,0,0,,Let me go! Let me go!
  91. Dialogue: 0,0:05:57.55,0:05:58.98,Default,,0,0,0,,Unhook me!
  92. Dialogue: 0,0:05:58.98,0:06:00.64,Default,,0,0,0,,You're going to regret this!
  93. Dialogue: 0,0:06:02.19,0:06:03.90,Default,,0,0,0,,Wait 'til I... I...
  94. Dialogue: 0,0:06:14.59,0:06:17.44,Default,,0,0,0,,Hey, get me down! Ambrosius!
  95. Dialogue: 0,0:06:24.01,0:06:26.97,Default,,0,0,0,,It's now that you get here? Yellow-bellied species!
  96. Dialogue: 0,0:06:49.86,0:06:51.56,Default,,0,0,0,,That man, he was Zares!
  97. Dialogue: 0,0:06:51.56,0:06:53.15,Default,,0,0,0,,Zares, you say?
  98. Dialogue: 0,0:06:53.15,0:06:56.14,Default,,0,0,0,,Yes! I'm pretty sure he's the one I saw in Spain.
  99. Dialogue: 0,0:06:56.14,0:06:57.89,Default,,0,0,0,,Zares!
  100. Dialogue: 0,0:06:58.92,0:07:02.00,Default,,0,0,0,,It is said that he hunts the alchemists.
  101. Dialogue: 0,0:07:02.00,0:07:03.88,Default,,0,0,0,,He followed us to China.
  102. Dialogue: 0,0:07:03.88,0:07:06.38,Default,,0,0,0,,But what was he doing here? What does he seek!
  103. Dialogue: 0,0:07:14.68,0:07:19.29,Default,,0,0,0,,I wonder how this Zares got this far.
  104. Dialogue: 0,0:07:19.29,0:07:23.26,Default,,0,0,0,,Huh? Look out! Don't touch it!
  105. Dialogue: 0,0:07:23.88,0:07:28.59,Default,,0,0,0,,As you can see, it is well protected!
  106. Dialogue: 0,0:07:29.04,0:07:31.45,Default,,0,0,0,,The Pyramid of Mu! This is it?
  107. Dialogue: 0,0:07:31.45,0:07:33.67,Default,,0,0,0,,This is the pyramid you told us about?!
  108. Dialogue: 0,0:07:34.42,0:07:38.04,Default,,0,0,0,,It's from this pyramid you got the plans to build the ship?!
  109. Dialogue: 0,0:07:38.83,0:07:42.26,Default,,0,0,0,,Oh, please, show me how it works!
  110. Dialogue: 0,0:07:42.26,0:07:44.17,Default,,0,0,0,,Another time, Tao.
  111. Dialogue: 0,0:07:44.17,0:07:47.93,Default,,0,0,0,,I can not make it work without sunlight.
  112. Dialogue: 0,0:07:47.93,0:07:52.40,Default,,0,0,0,,But, you know, I'm counting on you to assist me in deciphering all its secrets.
  113. Dialogue: 0,0:07:55.90,0:08:02.47,Default,,0,0,0,,And now, I remind you that we have a lot of work, Mr. King of inventors.
  114. Dialogue: 0,0:08:30.41,0:08:32.50,Default,,0,0,0,,Don't people ever sleep in this city?
  115. Dialogue: 0,0:08:32.50,0:08:36.28,Default,,0,0,0,,For my father's birthday, the festival lasts for three days and three nights.
  116. Dialogue: 0,0:08:37.08,0:08:39.88,Default,,0,0,0,,All these people. They are so poor.
  117. Dialogue: 0,0:08:44.86,0:08:45.91,Default,,0,0,0,,To me!
  118. Dialogue: 0,0:08:54.07,0:08:56.25,Default,,0,0,0,,Sorry my friend. I didn't mean to!
  119. Dialogue: 0,0:08:57.44,0:08:58.58,Default,,0,0,0,,You okay? Anything broken?
  120. Dialogue: 0,0:08:58.58,0:08:59.54,Default,,0,0,0,,Mei Li?
  121. Dialogue: 0,0:08:59.54,0:09:01.66,Default,,0,0,0,,Woah! Zia!
  122. Dialogue: 0,0:09:02.52,0:09:03.80,Default,,0,0,0,,You two know each other?
  123. Dialogue: 0,0:09:03.80,0:09:05.85,Default,,0,0,0,,We have already met, yes.
  124. Dialogue: 0,0:09:05.85,0:09:08.15,Default,,0,0,0,,Mei Li, this is the Prin-
  125. Dialogue: 0,0:09:07.49,0:09:09.35,Default,,0,0,0,,Zhu! My name is Zhu.
  126. Dialogue: 0,0:09:12.12,0:09:13.37,Default,,0,0,0,,Wanna come and play with us?
  127. Dialogue: 0,0:09:13.37,0:09:15.48,Default,,0,0,0,,Come on. Show us what you can do.
  128. Dialogue: 0,0:09:22.07,0:09:25.75,Default,,0,0,0,,There are too many people. How do you expect us to find the children?
  129. Dialogue: 0,0:09:25.75,0:09:30.66,Default,,0,0,0,,Moreover we sh-should see n-not to get... get lost!
  130. Dialogue: 0,0:10:30.93,0:10:34.15,Default,,0,0,0,,Tao not funny! Tao not funny!
  131. Dialogue: 0,0:11:11.88,0:11:14.81,Default,,0,0,0,,Zia! Hey, Zia!
  132. Dialogue: 0,0:11:17.17,0:11:18.60,Default,,0,0,0,,Where are we?
  133. Dialogue: 0,0:11:18.60,0:11:21.22,Default,,0,0,0,,Well, my uncle's house. Don't you remember?
  134. Dialogue: 0,0:11:22.40,0:11:25.51,Default,,0,0,0,,It was late and I invited you to sleep at my house.
  135. Dialogue: 0,0:11:30.16,0:11:32.41,Default,,0,0,0,,The Prince! Where is Prince Zhu?
  136. Dialogue: 0,0:11:32.41,0:11:34.70,Default,,0,0,0,,Zhu? You call him... Prince?
  137. Dialogue: 0,0:11:34.10,0:11:35.27,Default,,0,0,0,,Where is he?!
  138. Dialogue: 0,0:11:35.27,0:11:37.98,Default,,0,0,0,,Downstairs. He is having a chess match with my uncle.
  139. Dialogue: 0,0:11:37.98,0:11:40.28,Default,,0,0,0,,He is doing really good by the way.
  140. Dialogue: 0,0:11:55.17,0:11:58.62,Default,,0,0,0,,By the way. Your friend Esteban, you didn't tell me where he was.
  141. Dialogue: 0,0:12:53.01,0:12:54.52,Default,,0,0,0,,Oh no!
  142. Dialogue: 0,0:12:55.17,0:13:03.26,Default,,0,0,0,,My cousin told me that Dan Shi had asked him to manufacture in the night a box of precious wood to hold the golden dragon.
  143. Dialogue: 0,0:13:21.87,0:13:23.94,Default,,0,0,0,,This time you will not escape me.
  144. Dialogue: 0,0:13:46.79,0:13:48.34,Default,,0,0,0,,I won again!
  145. Dialogue: 0,0:13:49.02,0:13:52.39,Default,,0,0,0,,By the guts of my ancestors, this kid is unbeatable!
  146. Dialogue: 0,0:13:52.39,0:13:55.10,Default,,0,0,0,,You would have made ​​a fortune in street tournaments, my boy.
  147. Dialogue: 0,0:13:55.10,0:13:56.32,Default,,0,0,0,,Street tournaments?
  148. Dialogue: 0,0:13:56.32,0:13:59.80,Default,,0,0,0,,Yes. Chess tournaments. A lot of money was at stake once.
  149. Dialogue: 0,0:13:59.80,0:14:02.72,Default,,0,0,0,,But alas that's all over. People don't have money any more.
  150. Dialogue: 0,0:14:02.72,0:14:06.09,Default,,0,0,0,,They hardly have enough to feed their children.
  151. Dialogue: 0,0:14:06.09,0:14:08.69,Default,,0,0,0,,There is money behind the Palace walls.
  152. Dialogue: 0,0:14:08.69,0:14:12.15,Default,,0,0,0,,The counselors and ministers gorge themselves while the people starve.
  153. Dialogue: 0,0:14:12.15,0:14:13.51,Default,,0,0,0,,And the Emperor does nothing!
  154. Dialogue: 0,0:14:13.51,0:14:15.89,Default,,0,0,0,,Uncle, watch what you say.
  155. Dialogue: 0,0:14:15.89,0:14:17.77,Default,,0,0,0,,What? Am I not speaking the truth?
  156. Dialogue: 0,0:14:17.77,0:14:23.11,Default,,0,0,0,,The Son of Heaven has forgotten us. We who revere him! We his loyal subjects.
  157. Dialogue: 0,0:14:25.81,0:14:28.42,Default,,0,0,0,,Zhu. It's time to go, I think.
  158. Dialogue: 0,0:14:29.99,0:14:31.29,Default,,0,0,0,,Goodbye Mei Li.
  159. Dialogue: 0,0:14:38.22,0:14:40.34,Default,,0,0,0,,Thank you again for your hospitality.
  160. Dialogue: 0,0:14:49.93,0:14:52.17,Default,,0,0,0,,I did not know my people were so unhappy.
  161. Dialogue: 0,0:14:52.62,0:14:56.44,Default,,0,0,0,,They all seem to think that my father has abandoned them. He should listen to them!
  162. Dialogue: 0,0:14:59.70,0:15:02.06,Default,,0,0,0,,When I am Emperor, I will listen.
  163. Dialogue: 0,0:15:03.85,0:15:06.25,Default,,0,0,0,,And to start, I will appoint new council.
  164. Dialogue: 0,0:15:06.25,0:15:09.25,Default,,0,0,0,,Mei Li will be... my General Counselor.
  165. Dialogue: 0,0:15:09.80,0:15:14.50,Default,,0,0,0,,And you Zia, you will be... my Minister of Relations with the rest of the world.
  166. Dialogue: 0,0:15:14.50,0:15:15.53,Default,,0,0,0,,What do you say?
  167. Dialogue: 0,0:15:19.60,0:15:20.53,Default,,0,0,0,,Are you alright?
  168. Dialogue: 0,0:15:20.53,0:15:22.22,Default,,0,0,0,,I'm thinking about Esteban.
  169. Dialogue: 0,0:15:22.22,0:15:26.79,Default,,0,0,0,,Last night, I had fun while... he may be in danger.
  170. Dialogue: 0,0:15:26.79,0:15:30.54,Default,,0,0,0,,Don't worry about him. At the Palace, all that he risks, is dying of boredom.
  171. Dialogue: 0,0:15:32.26,0:15:35.96,Default,,0,0,0,,And soon, I will be in his place. At my place.
  172. Dialogue: 0,0:15:35.96,0:15:37.59,Default,,0,0,0,,Let's return to the temple now.
  173. Dialogue: 0,0:15:45.41,0:15:47.95,Default,,0,0,0,,I have sore feet.
  174. Dialogue: 0,0:15:47.95,0:15:50.48,Default,,0,0,0,,We walked all night.
  175. Dialogue: 0,0:15:50.83,0:15:53.70,Default,,0,0,0,,I'm a sailor, not a soldier!
  176. Dialogue: 0,0:15:53.70,0:15:54.80,Default,,0,0,0,,Zia!
  177. Dialogue: 0,0:15:55.21,0:15:55.97,Default,,0,0,0,,Zia!
  178. Dialogue: 0,0:15:55.97,0:16:01.16,Default,,0,0,0,,And me, my stomach is starv-starv... ah I'm hungry!
  179. Dialogue: 0,0:16:01.51,0:16:04.06,Default,,0,0,0,,I'm sure that we already passed by here.
  180. Dialogue: 0,0:16:04.44,0:16:10.82,Default,,0,0,0,,It's like finding a needle in... in a wh-wheelbarrow of hay.
  181. Dialogue: 0,0:16:13.53,0:16:14.54,Default,,0,0,0,,Zia!
  182. Dialogue: 0,0:16:17.44,0:16:18.80,Default,,0,0,0,,Zia!
  183. Dialogue: 0,0:16:26.01,0:16:27.09,Default,,0,0,0,,Zia!
  184. Dialogue: 0,0:16:31.72,0:16:33.83,Default,,0,0,0,,Get lost! You hear me?
  185. Dialogue: 0,0:16:34.26,0:16:36.36,Default,,0,0,0,,Enough, go play elsewhere.
  186. Dialogue: 0,0:16:44.54,0:16:45.78,Default,,0,0,0,,Ah, but!
  187. Dialogue: 0,0:17:14.85,0:17:15.53,Default,,0,0,0,,Huh?
  188. Dialogue: 0,0:17:47.38,0:17:48.65,Default,,0,0,0,,Your meal, Excellency.
  189. Dialogue: 0,0:17:48.65,0:17:53.19,Default,,0,0,0,,That's good. Leave it here. Disappear. Go on, hop, hop, hop.
  190. Dialogue: 0,0:18:01.94,0:18:04.96,Default,,0,0,0,,But why is Yu Chunhe on the trail of the dragon?
  191. Dialogue: 0,0:18:05.38,0:18:12.57,Default,,0,0,0,,That is to say... I found it at the Temple of the Renaissance where Yu Chunhe has his practices.
  192. Dialogue: 0,0:18:12.18,0:18:13.04,Default,,0,0,0,,What?!
  193. Dialogue: 0,0:18:13.63,0:18:19.51,Default,,0,0,0,,Could this be the legendary dragon hidden in the heart of the temple? Which dates back to the dawn of time?
  194. Dialogue: 0,0:18:19.51,0:18:23.42,Default,,0,0,0,,Would you like me to return the dragon to its place, Excellency?
  195. Dialogue: 0,0:18:23.42,0:18:24.64,Default,,0,0,0,,Not on your life!
  196. Dialogue: 0,0:18:24.64,0:18:26.45,Default,,0,0,0,,It's even better than I hoped.
  197. Dialogue: 0,0:18:26.45,0:18:30.96,Default,,0,0,0,,With such a gift, the Emperor will make me his favorite.
  198. Dialogue: 0,0:18:31.68,0:18:36.94,Default,,0,0,0,,What about Yu Chunhe? He'll want it back, he'll accuse you of stealing.
  199. Dialogue: 0,0:18:36.94,0:18:39.43,Default,,0,0,0,,He won't, he will accuse {\i1}you{\i0}.
  200. Dialogue: 0,0:18:40.42,0:18:43.40,Default,,0,0,0,,This is a problem that you'll have to settle quickly.
  201. Dialogue: 0,0:18:43.40,0:18:45.85,Default,,0,0,0,,Come, let us walk in the garden.
  202. Dialogue: 0,0:18:45.85,0:18:47.27,Default,,0,0,0,,Yes, Master.
  203. Dialogue: 0,0:19:12.54,0:19:14.42,Default,,0,0,0,,It wasn't me, I didn't do anything!
  204. Dialogue: 0,0:19:13.88,0:19:15.29,Default,,0,0,0,,Neither did I!
  205. Dialogue: 0,0:19:16.24,0:19:19.19,Default,,0,0,0,,Come here! My chicken, come here!
  206. Dialogue: 0,0:19:20.31,0:19:22.63,Default,,0,0,0,,Wh-wh-what are we doing, what are we doing here again?
  207. Dialogue: 0,0:19:22.63,0:19:24.98,Default,,0,0,0,,We're looking for the children, as you can see!
  208. Dialogue: 0,0:19:26.56,0:19:28.02,Default,,0,0,0,,But, where is Mendoza?
  209. Dialogue: 0,0:19:28.02,0:19:30.41,Default,,0,0,0,,He is lo-lost too?
  210. Dialogue: 0,0:19:30.41,0:19:33.32,Default,,0,0,0,,Oh! Look! That is his sword!
  211. Dialogue: 0,0:19:56.51,0:19:57.52,Default,,0,0,0,,Who are you?
  212. Dialogue: 0,0:19:57.87,0:20:00.30,Default,,0,0,0,,Where are we? Answer!
  213. Dialogue: 0,0:20:05.55,0:20:10.06,Default,,0,0,0,,Soon, I'll be a new Prince. Prisoner in his own Palace.
  214. Dialogue: 0,0:20:12.26,0:20:14.67,Default,,0,0,0,,I'm glad to have met you, Zia.
  215. Dialogue: 0,0:20:25.58,0:20:27.72,Default,,0,0,0,,It's time! It's time! Wake up!
  216. Dialogue: 0,0:20:27.72,0:20:28.68,Default,,0,0,0,,It's time!
  217. Dialogue: 0,0:20:29.21,0:20:30.10,Default,,0,0,0,,Wake up!
  218. Dialogue: 0,0:20:32.29,0:20:34.70,Default,,0,0,0,,You're the only one who slept, lazy!
  219. Dialogue: 0,0:20:34.70,0:20:38.95,Default,,0,0,0,,Ah, nothing beats teamwork. What do you say?
  220. Dialogue: 0,0:20:39.34,0:20:43.83,Default,,0,0,0,,I say that if Esteban can not get out of the city, we are ready to go get him.
  221. Dialogue: 0,0:21:06.68,0:21:09.17,Default,,0,0,0,,Who was Mendoza kidnapped by?
  222. Dialogue: 0,0:21:09.17,0:21:11.85,Default,,0,0,0,,Master Yu! I got it, I got the yellow dragon!
  223. Dialogue: 0,0:21:11.85,0:21:16.46,Default,,0,0,0,,And how will Esteban get out of the city with the precious yellow dragon?
  224. Dialogue: 0,0:21:19.08,0:21:23.56,Default,,0,0,0,,You'll find out by watching the next episode of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.
  225. Dialogue: 0,0:21:30.63,0:21:38.46,Default,,0,0,0,,Like Zia and Prince Zhu, let us explore the Hutongs, the old neighborhoods of Beijing surrounding The Forbidden City.
  226. Dialogue: 0,0:21:39.73,0:21:41.64,Default,,0,0,0,,It looks good!
  227. Dialogue: 0,0:21:41.64,0:21:42.79,Default,,0,0,0,,Shall we stay?
  228. Dialogue: 0,0:21:42.79,0:21:44.21,Default,,0,0,0,,No time Pichu!
  229. Dialogue: 0,0:21:44.81,0:21:47.08,Default,,0,0,0,,These streets are full of people.
  230. Dialogue: 0,0:21:47.08,0:21:51.29,Default,,0,0,0,,Here you can meet chess players like Mei Li's uncle.
  231. Dialogue: 0,0:21:51.29,0:21:53.26,Default,,0,0,0,,You can come across singers.
  232. Dialogue: 0,0:21:54.87,0:21:57.38,Default,,0,0,0,,And also, you can do your shopping.
  233. Dialogue: 0,0:21:58.10,0:21:59.88,Default,,0,0,0,,Oh, it smells so yummy!
  234. Dialogue: 0,0:21:59.88,0:22:02.28,Default,,0,0,0,,Look at these beautiful doors.
  235. Dialogue: 0,0:22:02.28,0:22:06.50,Default,,0,0,0,,They signal the entrance of the courtyards overlooking small houses.
  236. Dialogue: 0,0:22:07.40,0:22:09.43,Default,,0,0,0,,I'm hungry!
  237. Dialogue: 0,0:22:09.43,0:22:13.54,Default,,0,0,0,,Have you noticed that in the Hutongs, the houses don't have floors?
  238. Dialogue: 0,0:22:13.54,0:22:20.23,Default,,0,0,0,,This is an idea of the Emperor who had decided that no house should be higher than his home, The Forbidden City.
  239. Dialogue: 0,0:22:21.88,0:22:23.52,Default,,0,0,0,,Now, let's have tea!
  240. Dialogue: 0,0:22:23.98,0:22:28.23,Default,,0,0,0,,Oh no! I will not budge before I get to taste these cakes!
  241. Dialogue: 0,0:22:28.98,0:22:30.91,Default,,0,0,0,,Pichu's Scoop
  242. Dialogue: 0,0:22:32.18,0:22:34.74,Default,,0,0,0,,What is this game? Chinese football?
  243. Dialogue: 0,0:22:34.74,0:22:40.02,Default,,0,0,0,,Not quite Pichu. This is Jianzi. This sport is also called plumfoot.
  244. Dialogue: 0,0:22:40.02,0:22:44.39,Default,,0,0,0,,The game is simple: the wheel, attached to feathers, should not touch the ground.
  245. Dialogue: 0,0:22:44.39,0:22:47.69,Default,,0,0,0,,To do this, you can use your whole body to make it bounce back.
  246. Dialogue: 0,0:22:47.69,0:22:48.98,Default,,0,0,0,,Except your hands.
  247. Dialogue: 0,0:22:48.98,0:22:50.22,Default,,0,0,0,,Train yourself well!
  248. Dialogue: 0,0:22:50.22,0:22:51.02,Default,,0,0,0,,Goodbye. See you soon!
  249. Dialogue: 0,0:22:51.02,0:22:51.91,Default,,0,0,0,,Yeah!
  250. Dialogue: 0,0:22:51.91,0:22:54.99,Default,,0,0,0,,Go, go on, pass, pass.
  251. Dialogue: 0,0:22:56.42,0:22:57.31,Default,,0,0,0,,Bye bye!
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