Caged part 2

May 18th, 2017
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  1. >Be Gabriel, professional animal catcher
  2. >Or at least as close to professional as you can get. There's no certificate or anything
  3. >Now en-route to the animal shelter
  4. >You just caught a weird pony thing
  5. >Never seen anything like it, pretty cute though
  6. >You're sure it'll get picked up or adopted quickly
  7. >After it's visit to the animal shelters resident vet to make sure something isn't wrong with it of course
  8. >Can't let any disease spread around the cages
  9. >The whole thing about the pony was pretty weird, the guy who called about it said the pony was put in for some prank or something
  10. >He sounded kinda panicked about it, didn't even wait for us to show up
  11. >Who the hell does that for a prank?
  12. >Either way you placed your contact info on their fridge in case his roommate wants her back.
  13. >He just has to pay the fee, which is pretty reasonable all things considered
  14. >You see the shelter come into view
  15. “Finally! Your pansy driving makes a 5 mile drive take forever”
  16. >”Hey, we got animals in cages in the back. No need to make the ride too rough on em”
  17. “Its just the pony back there right now actually”
  18. >”She's still locked up in there, poor thing fell asleep before we even left the apartment complex”
  19. “Whatever man”
  20. >Greg's such a sap
  21. >It's not like you dislike animals or anything, but in your line of work you can't get attached too any of the animals
  22. >Especially considering this wasn't exactly a 'no-kill' shelter
  23. >After pulling into the parking lot, parking and taking the cage with the pony in it you walk towards the back entrance
  24. >”So what are we gonna do with her?”
  25. “Same as usual I think, get her looked at by the doc, an aggression test or two and we find a place to put her”
  26. >”Hope she's a nice one, it'd be a damned shame to have to put her down”
  27. “We'll do our best to avoid that, I'm sure she's some little girls dream pet”
  28. >”Assuming she doesn't bite”
  29. “Assuming she doesn't bite”
  30. >Walking through the back door you go into a small hallway leading to the vets office
  31. >”I reckon she'll need her own cage, can't imagine her in any of the dog kennels”
  32. “Maybe with that pig we picked up last week?”
  33. >”Ha maybe? Who knows”
  34. >Reaching the vet's office first Greg loudly knocks on the door
  35. >”Hey Ellie! Got a present for ya!”
  36. >Through the door you hear the slightly muffled sounds of some riled up animals
  37. >”Fuck you Greg I just got them to calm down! Just drop off whatever animal you guys caught and get!”
  38. “Actually you'll probably want me to sit in on this one, I have no idea how she'll react”
  39. >”Alright, fine, but Greg stays outside!”
  40. “You heard the lady, go write up the report or something”
  41. >He doesn't seem pleased with this turn of events he opens the door for you and grumpily walks away
  42. >You enter the room and place the cage on the examination table
  43. >”So what did ya bring me this time?”
  45. >Be Anon
  46. >Actually your name is Nathan, or Nate for short
  47. >Still a pony though, which sucks
  48. >You were woken up when the guys that caught you picked your cage back up
  49. >You really were going to the pound then
  50. >Shit
  51. >So this probably wasn't a dream then?
  52. >With your freak out interrupted by your captors conversation you put off your panic for a later date and listen in
  53. >You did not like the implication that if you were not a good pony you'd get euthanized
  54. >But you're smart, obviously you could communicate with them somehow even without the ability to talk
  55. >Or write
  56. >Or anything that requires fingers
  57. >You are pulled out of you musing by the noticeable thunk of you cage being laid down on something
  58. >”So what did ya bring me this time?”
  59. >”Some sort of pony, but not a breed I've ever seen or heard of before”
  60. >Oh fuck whatdoido?
  61. >Just act natural
  63. >Without conscious effort you start to back up away from the front of your cage
  64. >Not that there was far to go and you quickly notice the unfamiliar feeling of your tail being pressed against a wall
  65. >The lady looks through the front of your cage, eyes slightly widening in surprise
  66. >”Well I'll be damned, it is a tiny pony. Lets get a look at you”
  67. >She unlocks the front of the cage and backs up a little
  68. >Too afraid to do anything, you just stare at her
  69. >”Well I guess it was to much to hope I'd get a compliant patient for once”
  70. >She goes to grab you and you press yourself harder against the wall, but she stops mid-action and looks to where you assume your original captor to be
  71. >”Does she have a tendency to bite?”
  72. >”No idea, she probably has a mean kick though”
  73. >”Better play it safe this time then”
  74. >She crouches slightly to be more at eye level with you and positions herself slightly to the right of the cage
  75. >”Come on out girl, nobody's gonna hurt ya, I promise”
  76. >Still didn't like being called a girl but it's the least of your worries all things considered
  77. >Moving slowly forward to get a better look out of your cage their appears to be
  78. >”Atta girl, really wish I had like a sugar cube or something right now”
  79. >Your head now out of the cage you see that you're in a clean but obviously heavily used medical office
  80. >Almost behind you is the guy who put the pole snare around your neck, who you flinch away from
  81. >”Look's like someone remembers you Gabe”
  82. >How could you forget?
  83. >”Eyes on me sweetheart, I just want to look at you”
  84. >This lady is probably going to ultimately decide what happens to you
  85. >It's probably a good idea to comply for now until you can show your intelligence
  86. >Or something, either way you hesitantly step the rest out of the cage
  87. >You can't believe you didn't even notice you were on an examination table until now
  88. >Almost as soon as you leave your prison the guy behind you takes the cage off the table
  89. >Doing best not to flinch again(and failing) you actually get a look at the vet
  90. >Well you're assuming the older lady with graying hair wearing a lab coat with a stethoscope around her neck is a vet
  91. >”Now aren't you the odd one?”
  92. “Neigh(You don't even know the half of it lady)”
  93. >”And you sound as cute as you look to! I can definitely see you getting adopted”
  94. >The vet slowly stands all way up and slowly starts to rotate around you
  95. >”Now equines definitely aren't my specialty, so lets see what I remember from vet school”
  96. >She places her hand relatively close to your face
  97. >Probable to sniff it or something
  98. >You uncertainly lean forward smell her hand
  99. >Smells like disinfectant and peanut butter
  100. >She takes your lack of fear as a sign of moves her hand to start petting you neck
  101. >It actually feels pretty nice
  102. >You lean into her hand a bit
  103. >”Good to know you're not totally terrified of people”
  104. >After some more petting she starts examining different parts of you while mumbling to herself
  105. >It's almost like a regular doctors exam
  106. >”Now for the not so fun part”
  107. >She opens a drawer from below you and pulls out some rubber gloves, which she immediately puts on
  108. >”Might need your help for this bit Gabe but hopefully I can do this myself
  109. >She starts petting your neck again
  110. >What's she...?
  111. >She puts you in a headlock!
  112. >You begin to struggle but she's much stronger than she looks and hardly budges as she holds you in one arm, using her free hand to pull up your upper lip
  113. >Oh, she's just checking your teeth
  114. >You begin to relax and let her do her job, best just to get it over with
  115. >It wasn't even a proper headlock really
  116. >”Huh, she's a fully grown adult, at least 10 years old or so and with perfectly healthy teeth”
  117. >You're like 23 last you checked actually
  118. >She lets go of your head and nods to herself
  119. >”Alright now one last thing, hey Gabe come over here and pet the pony”
  120. >He nods in conformation, walks around to where the vet is and immediately starts petting you
  121. >Rude! He didn't even let you smell him first
  122. >He pets quite a bit rougher than the lady but it still feels nice
  123. >You don't even notice the vet move beside you
  124. >She then raises your tail and gets a good look at the goods
  125. >Surprised you jump back and do your best to force your tail down
  126. >Giving the vet a harsh look she just chuckles at you and looks to Gabe
  127. >”Yep, definitely a little mare alright. Not sure what breed exactly but I have heard of ponies being pretty small, I'll have to look up her species later”
  128. >It's a good thing your fur seems to cover up your blush, your face feels like it's on fire
  129. >When you can communicate properly with her you are going to have a word about this
  130. >”Ha! She almost looks embarrassed! I think we have a empty kennel for her in block 3, you can put her there for now. I know we aren't supplied to feed a herbivore right now and she's probably hungry”
  131. >”Can't we just feed her what we feed the pig?”
  132. >”Horses, er well ponies in this case, can't eat just fruit and don't typically eat corn”
  133. >”Well you're the vet here so I'll just take your word for it, should I put her back in the cage now?
  134. >”Nah, I'll just put a collar on her and you can walk her there. I'm sure she's not too much for you to handle”
  135. >Pulling out a pink collar she quickly puts it around your neck, just below your mane before you have time to really protest
  136. >Why'd it have to be pink?
  137. >The guy, Gabe pulls a leash out of his pocket and clips it to your collar
  138. >The vet starts petting you again before picking you up and placing you on the ground
  139. >Well at least you weren't expected to just jump down, the table's taller than you are
  140. >”Alright lets get you settled then, come on”
  141. >With a light tug of the leash you follow him through the door and out into the rest of the pound
  142. >As you get pulled along, you can't help but gawk at your new residence
  143. >So many dogs!
  144. >It's ridiculous!
  145. >Most dogs looked at you curiously in between their barking
  146. >But some looked... kinda hungry
  147. >You made sure to stay well away from the kennels
  148. >Next you were led through a section of cats
  149. >It was much quieter than the dog section, but there were still plenty of mewling and meowing
  150. >After passing a few kennels in a different section Gabe stops seemingly at random in front of one
  151. >”This one looks good for you I think”
  152. >He opens the latch(which you note that you can't open with hooves and are too short to reach anyway) and walks you in
  153. >Placing himself in between you and the exit he bends down and unlatches the collar
  154. >”And there we go”
  155. >He quickly exits your new cage and locks it behind him
  156. >”I'll be sure to get you foo and water before lights out little miss, now if you'll excuse me”
  157. >Exit Greg stage left
  158. >Left to your own devices you look around your new enclosure
  159. >There's some empty food and water bowls by the door, placed in such a way that someone doesn't need to open the door to feed you
  160. >There's also a dog bed that looks about your size
  161. >Other than that it's just a concrete structure with a metal roof
  162. >It's surprisingly quiet here, you were honestly expecting more noise
  163. >Must've put you away form all the other animals
  164. >Not that you were an animal!
  165. >Right?
  166. >With nothing else to do with your stupid little pony existence you lie down dejectedly try to think of how you got here in the first place
  167. “*Depressed horse noises(What did I do to deserve this?)”
  170. >What the hell was that?
  171. >The voice seemed to come from everywhere at once
  172. “I really have no idea whats going on”
  174. >The voice seemed to understand you thankfully
  175. >You think..
  176. “I don't know who or what the hell you are, and I think I would have noticed if I pissed off a disembodiment voice”
  177. >”Perhaps this voice sounds more familiar you?'
  178. “Jason?”
  179. >”The one and only, although my real name is Lainuhr the Vengeful. I'm actually a demon”
  180. >Jason suddenly materializes with a crimson flash into your kennel, crouching right in front of you
  181. >Understandably surprised by the sudden appearance of your former roommate you jump out of your little bed and back away from him
  182. “How the hell'd you do that?!”
  183. >You plop you butt down and gesture to yourself with your front hooves
  184. “And you did THIS to me? Why did you call animal control on me?The fuck man?”
  185. >”Ha, to answer your questions in order: The magics of hell granted to me by Lord Lucifer himself, yes, yes and I thought it'd be funny. As for the why, I already stated before in my terrifying demon voice, you betrayed me”
  186. When the fuck did I betray you enough to warrant any of this shit?
  187. >Fear nearly forgotten, you were slowly pacing in front of the supposed demon as you started ranting
  188. And why did you make me a goddamned FEMALE pony of all things?
  189. >”It seemed fitting at the time, although seeing how much of a pussy you've been so far maybe I should have turned you into a cat instead”
  190. >He laughs at his stupid ass joke
  191. Well you've had your fun man, turn me back
  192. >He looks at you with a smirk
  193. >”Even if I wanted to, which I don't by the way, I can't. It was a one way transformation, but if it makes you feel better you still have a full humans lifetime as a pet pony to look forward to”
  194. I-i can't turn back to normal?
  195. >”Nope'
  196. >Any trace of fighting or arguing is blown out like a candle as your only hope for normality was taken away
  197. >You slowly walk to your bed and lie down,
  198. Just tell me what I did specifically to deserve this you dick
  199. >”We've known each other since we were kids, or rather ever since I took the form as a human. This life I've been living is actually a vacation of sorts for demons, but anyway when you were 5 you took my pudding cup in kindergarten”
  200. What
  201. >”I've been pretending to be your friend your whole life so I could find the perfect form of revenge”
  202. ….For a pudding cup?
  203. >”I'm not called Lainuhr the Vengeful for nothing”
  204. Seems pretty goddamned disproportionate to the initial crime man
  205. >”I'm also a demon who likes to watch people suffer in unusual ways”
  206. You have me there I guess, now what?
  207. >”I'm going to leave you to your fate, but first!”
  208. >He snaps his fingers at you
  209. >An aura of what you're going to assume is evil energy surrounds you and quickly fades into your fur
  210. What the hell was that?
  211. >What else could he take away from you at this point
  212. >”Oh, nothing much, I just made it so everyone will always think you're just an animal no matter what you do. As much fun as it would be to see you freak out some people and become a celebrity of sorts or get vivisected by the government my fate for you is to be a simple pet. So a simple pet you shall be”
  213. I don't feel any dumber though
  214. >”It's a perception filter, no matter what you do people will only dismiss it as pet shenanigans or something. Try to write a message in dirt? 'What a cute pony playing in the dirt' Attempt to use a keyboard? They'll disregard anything you type as a prank by somebody or something. You get the idea”
  215. ...Hey Jason?
  216. >”Yeah Nate?”
  217. You're a dick
  218. >He gives you a toothy smile, flashing his shark like teeth at you
  219. >”Yep, see ya never Nathan”
  220. >And just like that he disappears in another poof of crimson energy, leaving you alone in your cage
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