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Oct 5th, 2017
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  1. (00:10:30) Saga_Musix: good evening
  2. (00:11:49) monsterovich:
  3. (00:11:49) monsterovich: why does openmpt not recognize devel packages?
  4. (00:12:23) Saga_Musix: 32-bit/64-bit mashup?
  5. (00:12:27) monsterovich: yeah
  6. (00:12:39) monsterovich: I have 64bit and 32bit openmpt
  7. (00:12:51) Saga_Musix: as the manual says, the openmpt bitness needs to match that of the operating system
  8. (00:13:29) monsterovich: 64bit openmpt works awful that's why I use 32bit
  9. (00:13:56) Saga_Musix: too many 32-bit plugins or what's the issue?
  10. (00:14:12) monsterovich: vst gui is always black
  11. (00:14:35) Saga_Musix: yes, bridged plugin UIs don't work in Wine
  12. (00:14:47) monsterovich: no matter 32bit or 64bit plugins
  13. (00:15:26) monsterovich: >yes, bridged pluigin UIs don't work in Wine
  14. (00:15:26) monsterovich: is this fixable?
  15. (00:15:42) Saga_Musix: I submitted a Wine bug report but nothing happened in over a year
  16. (00:15:45) monsterovich: I can't use 64bit distribution just because of that
  17. (00:17:02) monsterovich: maybe just try to build wine wrapper with -m32 flag?
  18. (00:17:21) Saga_Musix: I am sure it's more complicated than that because a whole lot of things are to consider
  19. (00:17:31) Saga_Musix: but I am the wrong person to ask because I neither wrote nor use this feature
  20. (00:17:57) monsterovich: oh, sorry about that
  21. (00:18:51) monsterovich: but it would be better if there were any instructions how to build this wrapper manually
  22. (00:21:35) Saga_Musix: compiling it manually wouldn't remove the bitness check though
  23. (00:21:39) Saga_Musix: so nothing is gained from that
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