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  1. Recurring dreams
  2. There was a startling clap of thunder, a bright flash through the cracked windows of the shack. He jumped from slumber in shock, spilling the last of his booze over the stained couch. Making his way through the hallway, a flickering light cast from the television guided his way to the bathroom.  Cold water splashed against his unshaven face, an attempt to sober up a little. He took a deep breath and dragged his eyes to his watch as he fell back to the couch; it read 3:18 AM.
  3. It was a warm summer day, the sun masked perfectly behind the clouds in a way there was no glare and a cool breeze came from the shore. There was laughter, he ran over the sandy hills to his parents sitting and talking. The boy tried running to his parents but the wind picked up and it was far to strong, clouds cast over the sun and it turned dark; there was a phone ringing in the distance and the faint sobbing of his mother grow louder every moment.
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