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  1. \newpage
  2. \section*{Thesis topic:}
  3. \begin{flushleft}
  4. \Large Internet application supporting proper nutrition
  5. \end{flushleft}
  7. \begin{center}
  8.     \section*{SUMMARY}
  9. \end{center}
  11. \par The purpose of this thesis was to develop internet application supporting proper nutrition. Application provides many functionalities such as a calorie diary, monitoring body weight and the intake of macronutrients, creating reports of each day of eating or a database containing recipes. It also  contains statistics panel which is usefull tool to determine and monitor user progress or regress.
  13. \par There are three types of user in the system: unauthorized user, authorized standard user and system administrator. Each type of user has different permissions in application. Unauthorized user can only use basic BMI/BMR/WHR calculators, authorized standard user has all permission of normal user and the system administrator who has administration panel where he can manage users and application.
  15. \par Technologies used to develop application: ASP .NET MVC 5, Entity Framework 6, DataTables.js, Chart.js, Bootstrap 4, JQuery, Moment.js, Select2.
  17. \par  Tools used to develop application: Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, Jet Brains Resharper Ultimate, SQL Server Management Studio, GIT.
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