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  1. [UCR Low Rank Promotion Guidelines]
  2. [Update Log: V2.0]
  3. [Directorship Section // Internal Affairs // Promotion Guidelines]
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  7. [Table of Contents:]
  8. [-1-] Mission
  9. [-2-] Low Rank Promotion Guidelines
  10. [-3-] Low Rank Descriptions
  11. [-4-] Conclusion
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  15. [-1-] Mission
  16. [INFO:] This document in all intents and purposes is intended to describe each individual low rank within The United Clan of Roblox, and to exemplify on how to obtain each. This document was created and emplaced to allow each sole member of The United Clan of Roblox to learn how to easier obtain the rank following their current rank and what that particular rank involves.
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  20. [-2-] Low Rank Promotion Guidelines
  21. Ways in which you can be promoted can vary from simple things like attending so much activities to complicated things like creating reformation plans. They will be split into three sections - creativity, leadership, and activity.
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  25. S-I [Creativity:]
  26. Ways of being promoted via creativity are generally what the name states, being creative and creating something that can be somewhat beneficial for The United Clan of Roblox. The following will be creative ways which will allow for you to earn a promotion. However, the amount of times you can be promoted will depend largely on your current rank and the quality of what you have produced.
  28. -
  30. [Build a Clan-Related Place for UCR:] Building a clan-related place for The United Clan of Roblox is a perfect way to express your dedication to UCR, and thus by doing so, no matter on the quality of the place you produced, you will be rewarded for your time spent in doing so.
  31. [Promotion(s) Available:] 1-5 (depending on current rank, place quality and place size).
  32. [Minimum Promotion(s) Available:] 1 (the place must be useable).
  33. [Repetitive:] If you are ranked L8 or below.
  35. -
  37. [Build a Piece of Technology for UCR:] Building a piece of technology for The United Clan of Roblox essentially is a wonderful thing to do to express your dedication to UCR, and to help UCR if that particular piece of technology is good enough. Technology can range from weapons and vehicles to functional GUIs and to anything miscellaneous.
  38. [Promotion(s) Available:] 1-5 (depending on current rank and technology quality)
  39. [Minimum Promotion(s) Available:] 1 (the piece of technology must be fully functional).
  40. [Repetitive:] If you are ranked L8 or below.
  42. -
  44. [Create Ads for UCR:] Creating ads for UCR is a very useful way to help UCR gain more members. It will express your skill in graphic design and shows your dedication to The United Clan of Roblox.
  45. [Promotion(s) Available:] 1-5 (depending on quality and quantity of the ads and your current rank within UCR).
  46. [Minimum Promotion(s) Available:] 1 (even if we decide not to use your ad because it's not good enough, you will still gain one promotion for the time spent making it. However, it has to be decent to an extent).
  48. -
  50. [Create Media for UCR:] This can include music and video. This is incredibly useful as there aren't many people skilled in this aspect of designing. Doing so will earn you significant praise, will express your true potential as a designer and will show your dedication to the shield.
  51. [Promotion(s) Available:] 1-5 (depending largely on quality and your current rank).
  52. [Minimum Promotion(s) Available:] 1 (if you are ranked L8).
  54. -
  56. S-II [Leadership:]
  57. Ways of being promoted via the leadership category are vast and rewarding. The following are ways in which you may earn a promotion via leadership within The United Clan of Roblox. However, the amount of promotions you receive will depend on quality, quantity, usefulness and your current rank.
  59. -
  61. [Hold a Meeting:] Holding a successful and useful meeting is one of many ways to receive a promotion within UCR, but this truly will show-off your leadership potential. So long as your meeting has a valid point and you know what you're talking about you have most certainly earned yourself a promotion.
  62. [Promotion(s) Available:] 1-3 (depending on current rank, length of meeting, meeting importance and your talking skills displayed).
  63. [Minimum Promotion(s) available] 1 (the meeting must of been purposeful).
  64. [Repetitive:] If you are ranked L8 or below.
  66. -
  68. [Create a Speech:] Create a speech! Be inspirational, aspirational and charismatic! Speeches can really be about anything related to UCR, and they really express your leadership capabilities.
  69. [Promotion(s) Available:] 1-2 (depending on your current rank, length of speech, quality of speech, speech importance).
  70. [Minimum Promotion(s) Available] 1 (the speech must of been purposeful).
  71. [Repetitive:] If you are ranked L8 or below.
  73. -
  75. [Create a Reformation Plan:] Creating reforms are really an incredible way to get yourself noticed and out-there, this really can shine a light on your true leadership skills and anybody with skills to create a meaningful and effective reform has true potential. Sure, even if you create the reform it might not be passed, but you could still earn a promotion for the time spent.
  76. [Promotion(s) Available:] 1-4 (depending on your current rank, quality of reform, importance of reform).
  77. [Minimum Promotion(s) Available:] 1 (reform must be fully capable).
  78. [Repetitive:] If you are ranked L8 or below.
  80. -
  82. [Suggest Ideas:] Suggesting ideas or pointing out faults in any systems really is a great way to improve your clan and you will be rewarded for doing so, not only are you being loyal, but you really are being very helpful.
  83. [Promotion(s) Available:] 1 (depending on quality of idea, or importance of fault).
  84. [Minimum Promotion(s) Available:] 1 (depending on quality of idea, or importance of fault).
  85. [Repetitive:] If you are ranked L8 or below.
  87. -
  89. S-III [Activity:]
  90. Ways of being promoted via the activity category are vast and relatively easy, all you have to do is be active. The following are ways in which you can earn promotions by doing so. Being promoted via activity can be slow or fast, depending on how you do at it.
  92. -
  94. [Attend Trainings:] Attending trainings is a true way to be active in any clan, and active members are crucial for a clan to be active, and thus, these people will be rewarded. If you excel in one training you may earn a promotion in that training (maximum of two (2) promotions per training). However, if you don't excel in trainings so often you are able to earn a promotion just for attending  a decent amount of trainings, and I mean that fully, not just join those trainings and stay there for only half of each.
  95. [Promotion(s) Available:] 0-2 (depending on if you did well or not).
  96. [Minimum Promotion(s) Available:] 0 (you'll get promoted if you don't excel just by attending a decent amount of trainings).
  97. [Repetitive:] If you are ranked L8 or below.
  99. -
  101. [Attend Raids/Defenses:] Attending raids or defenses is a simple way to earn a promotion, and by doing so you are helping your clan in more ways than you can imagine (activity, vulnerability, winning, reputation). If you have attended the entire raid or defense you will earn a promotion regardless of how well you've done, if you've not attended the whole raid or defense then you'll receive a promotion if you did well. There is a maximum of two (2) promotions you may earn during a raid/defense.
  102. [Promotion(s) Available:] 0-2 (depending on length of time spent, and quality of fighting skill).
  103. [Minimum Promotion(s) Available:] 0 (you'll get promoted just for attending so many raids or defenses if you haven't really excelled).
  104. [Repetitive:] If you are ranked L8 or below.
  106. -
  108. [Attend Meetings:] We high ranks hold meetings to inform the low ranks of what's going on within the clan and to help them with other things, and we appreciate it if you turn-up. Not only does turning-up help yourself improve and learn a little, it will help the clan as a whole, because that is one members intelligence increased a little!
  109. [Promotion(s) Available:] 1 (depends on how well you listened and how quiet you were).
  110. [Minimum Promotion(s) Available:] 0 (you'll earn a promotion by attending a considerable amount of meetings).
  111. [Repetitive:] If you are ranked L8 or below.
  113. -
  115. [Spending Time at Forts:] Spending your free time at our forts, talking to members, and just generally being there when a raid could pop-up at any minute is a really great way to show us you care.
  116. [Promotion(s) Available:] 1-2 (depending on time spent at fort and current rank, additional promotion available if you alerted UCR of an on-going raid).
  117. [Minimum Promotion(s) Available:] 0
  118. [Repetitive:] If you are ranked L8 or below.
  120. -
  122. [Buy the Uniform and Visit our Fort:] This applies solely to "[L1] Intrepids". Any new member who buys the uniform and comes to our fort has a chance of becoming a dedicated and important member among our ranks in time. They will be rewarded for showing interest and taking the first step of a huge but great adventure.
  123. [Promotion(s) Available:] 1
  124. [Minimum Promotion(s) Available:] 1
  125. [Repetitive:] No.
  127. -
  129. [Wall Activity:] Being active on the wall is certainly a type of activeness and will earn you a promotion if you are consistent for at-least a few days. If you are being active on the wall, then you'll always be first to a rally or training.
  130. [Promotion(s) Available:] 1
  131. [Minimum Promotion(s) Available:] 0
  132. [Repetitive:] No.
  134. -
  136. [-3-] Low Rank Descriptions
  137. The following are descriptions of each individual low rank within The United Clan of Roblox.
  138. See above for guidelines on how to be ranked up within the low ranks of The United Clan of Roblox.
  140. -
  142. [[L1] Intrepid:] Intrepid is the rank which makes up the mass of The United Clan of Roblox's member count. It is very straight forward to earn - join The United Clan of Roblox. They are the most least-trained members within our ranks and are merely awaiting the chance to prove themselves, upon which time they will join the dedicated ranks of UCR.
  144. -
  146. [[L2] Intermediate:] Intermediate is the second most basic rank within The United Clan of Roblox. While most of these members have only recently joined UCR, they are slowly climbing the rank-ladder, and will hopefully one day become Captains and Philosophers. These members are expected to come to activities, raids and defenses whenever possible, but other than that don't have any real responsibilities.
  148. -
  150. [[L3] Advanced:] Advanced is the third rank of the UCR low ranks, and is considered the last of low low ranks. These members have shown a decent amount of activeness and loyalty to The United Clan of Roblox. They are expected to attend any UCR activity while they are online unless they are already preoccupied.
  152. -
  154. [[L4] Select:] Select is the first low rank of the middle of the low ranks within UCR, from here things will get mildly more difficult. The Selects of UCR have displayed a satisfactory amount of activeness and skill. Every Select is expected to advance their career in UCR further considering they've already made it to the fourth rank! They are expected to attend every UCR activity while they are online.
  156. -
  158. [[L5] Vanguard:] The Vanguards of UCR have really proven their valor and skill, and have displayed dedication to the shield. The Vanguards are expected to obey orders without hesitation, and are expected to attend every activity while they are online.
  160. -
  162. [[L6] Professional:] Professionals have been in The United Clan of Roblox for a while now, attending trainings to broaden their skills, and spilling their own blood in the war-zone to fight for their clan, not only have they been active, but they've been loyal, they've been dedicated, any they are expected to never change so long our shield remains intact.
  164. -
  166. [[L7] Elite:] The Elites of The United Clan of Roblox are the higher of the low ranks, they are surely looking to become a Captain or Philosopher, and in time maybe even a high rank. They've bled dedication, they've had an activeness high, and they aren't stopping.
  168. -
  170. [[L8] Excelsior:] Excelsior... the rank before the rank in which they can finally become a true member of The United Clan of Roblox. They have earned their place among our ranks, from weeks of hard work and dedication.
  172. -
  174. [[L9] Prime:] The Primes are the best of the best within The United Clan of Roblox's low ranks. They are the members who have fought hard - endlessly, had unwavering activeness, unwavering dedication, and now they take a choice - Captain, Philosopher, or Officer. They surely have a future of prestige within UCR, and UCR has a bright future with them too.
  176. -
  178. [-4-] Conclusion
  179. [Conclusion:] The purpose of such a thread should allow for the low ranks of The United Clan of Roblox to get many new ideas of things they can do to help the clan and to rank-up. Not only that, but any new member joining UCR, or even clans in general, will now have a much better idea of what they can do to help their clan and to rank-up. This essentially allows for our rank-up system to be more organized and for our members to have an idea of what they can - and can't - do to rank-up.
  181. -
  183. For information on Mx (middle rank) organization and examination - roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=747760
  185. Thank you, and have a nice day.
  187. SeanyBiy,
  188. UCR Vice President and Director of Innovation.
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