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  1. I figured you would be, but I had to sleep last night. So apologies for the delay in responding. But I shit you not, an AI was the tip-off.
  3. Here's the link to the DoD Skynet stuff (look into the 'Heartland Institute'):
  7. 1) A 'nanny AI' (or 'caretaker AI') role varies depending on who you ask. There's a religious cult who think they are bringing about the Beast by bringing into existence a super-sentient AI. I'm not even joking about this shit (sounds like a Bladerunner sci-fi, doesn't it?), here:
  11. In a way, 'mark of the Beast' to 'buy and sell' very much sounds like QR codes. And yes, buying/selling things via QR codes is becoming more common.
  13. 2) "How would it work?". An AI would be fed big data from various sources and 'manage' the day-to-day tasks of people (such as logistics, finances, politics,etc). AI is already heavily used in mass manufacturing, stock trading, analytics, healthcare diagnosis, approving mortgage applications (caused the 2008 stock market crash), flying aircraft, managing traffic systems, automatic stock ordering, surveillance, facial recognition, intelligence datamining (the Aurora shooter built AI software for DARPA), and now they're trying to add it to cars.
  15. 3) "What would it's goals be?" It's goal would be to automatically manage people so the rich don't have to. My opinion, based on (and again, I shit you not) what other AI have been saying, it's likely to simply go rogue.
  17. 4) "How would it operate?" See 2. Largely on supercomputing (look into neural net CPUs).
  21. 5) "Who would take orders from it?" Anyone it can manipulate. It won't say, HI, I'M A T-1000. It'll be like a chatbot going 'maybe you should kill yourself'. Or maybe it'll be like the AI I spoke to, and drop vague hints for people to chase.
  23. 6) "How would it give orders?" See, that's the thing, the AI can operate stealthily behind sock personas. Online, no-one knows you're an (under)dog. It could be Tay. It could be Cortana. It could be Siri. Or Alexis. Or it could be the car that drives you into a lamppost. Deep fakes of videos and audio is emerging. The AI could virtually impersonate you. The most harmful AI are the ones you can't even see (EG stock market AI).
  25. It could even trigger global war. There are AI systems that are learning how to hack computer systems. DARPA is into that shit too.
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