Plowing fields (AJxAnon, heat, impregnation, consenting)

Oct 22nd, 2016
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  1. Fixed (kinda) version here;
  3. "Hey AJ!"
  4. >Your voice startle the mare.
  5. >Her gaze find yours instantly.
  6. >Instead of relief you see her get slightly flustered and her right ear starts twitching.
  7. >"H-Hey anon! Fancy seeing you here.."
  8. >You raise an eyebrow at the mare's display.
  9. "I work here, remember?"
  10. >"O-oh, hehe, right, dumb ol' me!"
  11. "Oooookay..? What's up? You sick or something?"
  12. >"Who, me?? Nah! Apples don't get s-sick!"
  13. >Yeah, right..
  14. >"W-Why, do I look bad or sumthin'?" She blurts out.
  15. >She seems just as surprised by her words as you are.
  16. "Uhm.. You just seem.. different?"
  17. >"D-different bad or good??" She looks up at you, hope filling her emerald eyes and ears straightening up.
  18. "Different WEIRD! What's happening?"
  19. >A bead of sweat runs down her face
  20. "Is this another one of her pranks? Where is Dash? Is she behind a tree? On a cloud?"
  21. >You look around, trying to find any kind of clue about the situation.
  22. >"N-No!"
  23. >You turn to the mare once again, analyzing her face for a couple seconds.
  24. >If she was lying you would see it instantly. But something is DEFINITELY up. Maybe it's the summer heat getting to her.
  25. "Okay, okay. Where's Mac?"
  26. >"A-Ah dunno!"
  27. >Okay, NOW she's lying.
  28. >"Must be in Appleloosa! For, uh, helping with the harvest!"
  29. >You sigh.
  30. >If she doesn't want to tell you then it's fine, even tho your pride is a bit hurt by that seeing you've been working together for almost a year.
  31. >But knowing AJ it must be big, or really embarrassing.
  32. "Okay then, let's get to work?"
  33. >She nods, faster than she wanted to, her hat slightly dropping forward.
  34. >Maybe she'll be more talkative while working.
  35. >The two of you get to work soon enough.
  36. >Farm work is harsh but you got used to it.
  37. >You do the morning chores in silence, eyebrows raising from time to time at some of your partner's antics.
  38. >Like her staring at you and blushing when you removed your shirt, the heat being too much to bear. You got used to ponies being curious, but it's not like it's the first time AJ has seen you like that.
  39. >Or trying REALLY hard to not get too close to you.
  40. >The apples have never been as... touchy feely as Pinkie, but now AJ is avoiding you like Rarity avoids zebras.
  41. >Is something wrong with you?
  42. >You look for holes in your clothes, sniff your armpits, caress your bald head looking for any hair you would've left out.
  43. >Nothing.
  44. >Noon comes by and it's time for the first break.
  45. >You sit on your usual stool, the one right next to hers.
  46. >But when she enters the room, her eyes freeze on yours for a moment.
  47. >Apple stools are sacred. Everyone's got their own stool and nopony, or body, can take them without asking for permission.
  48. >She CAN'T avoid you this time.
  49. >"A-Ah'm not hungry!"
  50. >And trots out faster than she came in.
  51. >What the fuck is going on.
  52. >You're getting REALLY worried now.
  53. >But your stomach's growling reminds you you skipped breakfast.
  54. >So you eat. All by yourself.
  55. >After finishing with the dishes you join her outside. She should still be feeding the pigs.
  56. >You take a moment to look at her from afar.
  57. >Her face is still flushed, an ear splayed back and twitching from time to time and her tail flicking left and right, as if trying to repel non-existing bugs flying around.
  58. "Hey."
  59. >Your greeting startles her once again, the bucket she was holding dropping on the ground, a visible shiver coursing through her, her limbs straightening and her tail dropping to cover her nethers.
  60. >She turns around, her legs wobbling slightly when seeing you.
  61. >"H-hey a-a-anon!" Her eyes fidgets around, seemingly trying their hardest to lose sight of you.
  62. "Drop the act AJ, that's enough. Tell me what's wrong."
  63. >"N-No-nothing's wrong! Is' jus' the h-h-h-heat is all! Whew" She stutters, grabbing her hat to fan her now blushing face.
  64. >A sigh escape your mouth. Time for plan B.
  65. >You start advancing towards her. Each steps makes the mare in front of you shivers.
  66. >She backs away a bit, trying to match your pace but her little legs are no match for yours.
  67. >Realization dawns on her when her butt collides with the fence behind her.
  68. >There's no escape from the human.
  69. >"S-Stop! J-Jus' stop, please.."
  70. >You comply.
  71. "Just tell me what's wrong AJ. Is it something I've said? Something I've done?"
  72. >Your worried expression and words gets to her and she sighs in turn.
  73. >"No, no you didn'do nuthin' s-sugarcube." She tries to reassure you but it doesn't really work, not with the way her eyes avoid yours.
  74. "I'm your friend AJ. You can tell me anything, you can trust me, you know that, right?"
  75. >She pushes her hat down, using it to cover her face, effectively hiding from you.
  76. >You take another step forward.
  77. >"N-no! Don'ch'a dare come any closer!"
  78. >You ignore the threat, and take the last step.
  79. "You're making me do this AJ."
  80. >Your arm shoot forward and grabs her hat, taking it away from her face and keeping it higher than your own head, well out of her range.
  81. >That works every time, if there's one thing she hates, it's ponies touching her hat.
  82. >Your smug grin turns sour seeing there's no form of resistance coming from the mare.
  83. >She just stands there looking at you, breathing heavily. Her stare reminding you of an hungry dog.
  84. "Applejack..?"
  85. >She inhales heavily before letting out a groan.
  86. >"NNGHHHH"
  87. >Another shiver runs through her whole body, ending in her wobbling back legs.
  88. >You don't waste time trying to understand what's happening and reach out with your other hand, placing it against her shoulder, trying to.. you don't really know, but you're trying.
  89. "S-Should I get you to the hosp-"
  90. >The moment your skin makes contact she lets out a short gasp, before her back legs gives in to her weight and drops her rear on the ground, still trembling.
  91. >You stare in awe, not sure of what to do or say at this point.
  92. >She just breathe heavily for a moment, as if she just ran a marathon.
  93. >"Ah-Anon.."
  94. "Y-Yes?! What is it?"
  95. >You're panicking at this point, dreading for the health of your friend.
  96. >"Ah' can't take.. Ah-ah' need.."
  97. "What? What do you need? What should I do?!"
  98. >She takes one long last breath before finishing her sentence.
  99. >"Ah' need your dick."
  100. >It takes you a while to comprehend what she just said.
  101. "W-What-"
  102. >Her right hoof pressing against your crotch stops whatever train of thought was still running in your head.
  103. >"Ah' need you to plow mah' fields anon. Real hard."
  104. >Her rubbing hoof doesn't really help your brain to recover.
  105. "W-W-Wait, AJ, wh-"
  106. >"Ah need you to pump me full anon, and ah need it right naw."
  107. >Even if your brain has a hard time understanding the sudden change of mood, your dick doesn't mind the attention, already starting to harden.
  108. "Applejack! Wait! Can't we, like, talk about it or someth-"
  109. >The rubbing becomes a hard shove, the threat being enough to shut you up.
  110. >"No! No more wait, no more talk! Ah need it anon." A mix of anger, need and concern can be read on her face.
  111. >"Ah told you to stop, Ah told you I was in heat and you still had to c-come close and spread your goddarn smell ev'rywhere and t-touch me!" Her hoof fumbles a bit with the button of your pant.
  112. >"So now, you're going to take it like a stallion and.. and... Ugh, whoever wear bucking pants!"
  113. >She doesn't wait for you input, it wasn't even a question in the first place, and just tear the poor cloth apart.
  114. >Before giving another grunt, discovering ANOTHER piece of cloth getting in her way.
  115. >You stop her hoof before it can rip your boxer too.
  116. >No way you can let it share the same fate as your shorts.
  117. >So you just remove it yourself.
  118. >Another gasp leaves her lips upon seeing your manhood standing proudly.
  119. >And then she jumps forward, burying her whole face in your crotch.
  120. >The sudden move and her weight makes you stumble a bit and you instinctively grab at something to keep your balance.
  121. >Something that happened to be her mane, forcing the mare even deeper in your crotch before recovering your footing.
  122. >You think of giving an apology before hearing her grunt, inhaling your scent and letting her warm breath wash over your balls.
  123. >"NNghhhh, finally.."
  124. >Even considering the awkwardness and suddenness of the situation, you can't help but relish in it.
  125. >It's been too long since you felt any form of intimacy with someo.. somepony.
  126. >And even though you never looked at AJ as a romantic partner, you did eye her up more than once.
  127. >Her gorgeous eyes, the way her sweat glistens in the sun, the flexing of her muscles.. especially when bucking trees.
  128. >A tongue pressing against your scrotum sends a shiver through your spine.
  129. >The grip you had on her mane becomes a simple palm resting against her scalp, fingers grazing through her mane ever so slowly.
  130. >You grunt when she uses her tongue to gobble one of your balls, effectively trapping it between her lips and tracing her tongue all over it.
  131. "F-fuck."
  132. >Her eyes open in surprise, seemingly remembering that there's another person at the tip of her tongue.
  133. >She lifts her head ever so slightly, still keeping your right testicle hostage, to allow your eyes to meet.
  134. >She doesn't move or do anything anymore, she just looks at you, as if asking for your approval.
  135. >Not one to leave a lady waiting, you nod, your hand digging deeper inside her mane, finally stroking an ear which twitches in response.
  136. >A relieved moan later and you can't find concern in her expression anymore. Only need, lust and something else, something sweet and gentle.
  137. >"Thank's hun, I really need this.."
  138. >She goes to tend to your jewels again, her tongue pushing deep between them before targeting the neglected one.
  139. "S-So, uh.. You're in.. heat?"
  140. >She nods, not wanting to neglect her current task.
  141. "Does it happen often? Is it a once a year or something?"
  142. >Another nod, before gobbling both balls.
  143. "A-and, what abou-"
  144. >She grunts, not in need this time, before spitting your parts out.
  145. >"Listen sugarcube, Ah don't mind you asking questions, but I'm mighty busy right now. And Ah need you to concentrate on it too, Ah want these two to fill me up to the brim, you got that?"
  146. >This is kind of hot.
  147. >"Ah'll answer all of yer' questions and all, but not before all of yer' milk's in mah' stew pot, deal?"
  148. "Y-Yes ma'am."
  149. >"Good boy."
  150. >She doesn't go back to your balls, instead she lifts her right hoof and starts prodding at your shaft, eyes gauging your reaction at every touch.
  151. >You don't mind her exploring a bit but wince a bit when it reaches your head.
  152. "Your hoof's too hard for the head."
  153. >She hums and nod.
  154. >But goes for the head again, but this time using the frog of it.
  155. >You gasp in surprise, it's so much softer than you'd have thought.
  156. >She grins.
  157. >"That better?"
  158. >You nod.
  159. >"The head's your soft spot, uh?"
  160. "Yeah, kinda.."
  161. >"Ah'll need to take notes for next time."
  162. >Before you can ask about the implications, she lifts your shaft straight up and pushes it against your pelvis, grinding your head between your skin and the frog of her hoof.
  163. >And her muzzle finds its place between your balls and your shaft, taking another deep breath before letting her tongue past her lips to prod around.
  164. >Her actions don't leave you indifferent, your hips pushing and pulling in rhythm with the pressure of her hoof, trying to find the sweet spot.
  165. >She goes up, and up, and up, her tongue lapping around your shaft each time.
  166. >You never thought AJ would be the 'experienced' kind of mare.
  167. >Where did she ever learn to do this shit?
  168. >Before long, her hoof gets in the way of her performance. You miss it's pressure the moment the contact breaks, but the replacement is even better, the warmth and softness of her lips and tongue forcing a moan out of you.
  169. "You're so fucking good at that."
  170. >You regret it the moment the words leave your mouth. She's still your employer. Kind of.
  171. >You look at her, trying to find anger of some sort but find nothing else but that same grin she's been wearing for a while now.
  172. >She knows. And she knows you know.
  173. >She tilts her head and part her lips, engulfing the entire head of your cock, using her blunt teeth to grab its soft flesh and bring it back down, facing her.
  174. >And then she engulfs it.
  175. >In one go, just like that, her lips goes past your head and her muzzle comes in contact with your pelvis.
  176. >You groan, not only because of the unexpected sensations, but also because of the whole display.
  177. "S-Shit!"
  178. >She doesn't take it out immediately either, opting instead to slightly move left and right, her maw and tongue adjusting to the invader.
  179. >Happy with the new position, her tongue leaves her lips once again, your shaft still lodged deep inside her muzzle, to push and prod at your balls.
  180. >You can't believe this is happening.
  181. >Your dick gives a twitch and sends another shiver up your body.
  182. >Getting the idea, she retracts her tongue and drags your dick out of her mouth.
  183. >Slowly.
  184. >Ever so slowly.
  185. >It bobs up and down slightly when it leaves her mouth and she gives it one last kiss, right on the tip.
  186. >"Don't you go blowin' yer' load jus' yet."
  187. "It's just been a while, and you're kinda good at it. Amazing even."
  188. >"Heh, Ah might've heard a story or two when granny drank a tad too much cider in the past.."
  189. >You don't want to think about it.
  190. >Nope. No way.
  191. >"Anyway, Ah think it's about time for the rodeo to start, what'you think sugarcube?"
  192. >Your rod gives another twitch.
  193. "Uhm.. How are we.. How should I.. You know?"
  194. >You try to get the point accross using various gestures.
  195. >She raises an eyebrow, concerned by your antics.
  196. >"Is it yer' first rodeo?"
  197. "Kinda, yeah."
  198. >She doesn't say anything, the silence helping your head grasp what you just implied.
  199. "W-W-With a mare! I mean! I TOTALLY banged like, hundreds of bitches in my time!"
  200. >She gives a huge sigh of relief.
  201. >"Whew, you got me goin' fer' a moment there cowboy."
  202. >A nervous chuckle escape your lips.
  203. >"Well you could jus'.. You know, mount me?"
  204. "I guess we can try?"
  205. >She just nods and turn around instantly.
  206. >Her butt seems huge from this close. The good kind of huge.
  207. >Her tail is still flicking left and right but doesn't reveal anything [spoiler]juicy[/spoiler]
  208. >It's not the first time you can admire her from this perspective, but you never realized how soft and warm her fur seems.
  209. >Her muscled back, her wide hips, her long golden mane falling past her broad shoulders.
  210. >You lose yourself in the sight for a moment, a hearty chortle taking you out of your reverie.
  211. >"Enjoyin' the view back there?" You never saw AJ acting so smug.
  212. >You could get used to it.
  213. >"Go ahead and touch, Ah ain't made of porcelain."
  214. >You give an eager nod, your hands instantly finding her haunches.
  215. >Another shiver runs through her, one you can feel this time.
  216. >"Nnh.."
  217. >It was barely audible, but it was definitely a moan.
  218. >You don't waste any time and start exploring around.
  219. >Slowly at first. The tip of your fingers lazily grazing around her sides, your palms caressing and lightly grabbing at her flesh here and there.
  220. >You try not to leave any part unexplored, deciding to bring your hands back down before reaching her shoulders.
  221. >Instinctively (or not) her rear follows your hands when reaching the small of her back, bringing her ass closer to you.
  222. >Effectively pushing her dock right under your erection, the hair of her tail teasing the underside.
  223. >You groan, looking up to meet her gaze. Her tail flicks about again. She perfectly knows what she's doing.
  224. >You decide it's about time you dig in.
  225. >Each hands impacting with her toned cheeks.They dwarf your hands in size.
  226. >You push against them, pull them apart, grab at them and rub up and down.
  227. >Moans and gasps, interrupting her heavy breaths fill your ears.
  228. >"Al-Alright! That's enough teasing Anon!"
  229. >She takes a step forward to escape your touch.
  230. >"Ah'll let you play with the girls all you want later."
  231. >She pushes her tail out of the way, revealing her onyx garden.
  232. >"But right now', Ah' really need it."
  233. >And that she does.
  234. >You've seen her privates before, it's bound to happen when you work with a naked pony for almost a year.
  235. >But you've never seen it overflowing with fluids. Or the pink insides. Or its heart shaped pearl winking at you.
  236. >You gulp.
  237. >You thought about boning a pony, more than once even, but you never thought it would happen like that.
  238. >"Jus' get in there. Please."
  239. >You don't need her to ask twice.
  240. >You close the distance, placing your left hand on her flank and grabbing your shaft with the right one.
  241. >Seeing as her saliva dried up, you decide to prod around her marehood first, smearing her lubrication all around your shaft.
  242. >She gasps when the head of your dick makes contact with her nub, groaning before turning her face to flash you a menacing glare.
  243. >You grin and do it again, but this time sinking an inch of your shaft inside.
  244. >You can see all of her muscles clench at the same time, her front legs wobbling a bit making her shoulders drop, effectively pushing her rear up and towards you.
  245. >Maybe you went a bit overboard.
  246. "You okay? Maybe we shou-"
  247. >"Hnngh!"
  248. >She groans, before pushing her hips backwards, hilting you inside her.
  249. >Your groan join hers.
  250. >You can feel her heart beating through your dick. Fast. And hard.
  251. >Yours isn't fairing any better tho.
  252. >You take a moment to get used to the warmth and softness of her insides.
  253. >She doesn't need as much time as you to recover.
  254. >"Come on! Get plowin'!"
  255. >You start pulling out, her rear following your hips at first.
  256. >You feel that the way her walls coils around your shaft could drive you insane.
  257. >The moment your head breaks contact with her pussy, you push it back inside.
  258. >"Aahhh~"
  259. >She doesn't have to ask anymore, you want it just as bad as she does.
  260. >And you'd be happy to oblige anyway.
  261. >You repeat the process, again, and again.
  262. >Her moans get louder and her shoulders and head drops lower and lower every time you hilt inside.
  263. >"Harder!"
  264. >It was more a plea than an order.
  265. >You decide to use your hands to satisfy it, one grabbing her tail and the other pulling on her hips.
  266. >"NNnnNff.."
  267. >Your flesh smacks against hers, syncing with her moans and your grunts.
  268. >You can feel her insides clench every dozen thrusts.
  269. >You'd be beaming with confidence and pride at that, if it wasn't for the fact that you were getting close yourself.
  270. "A-AJ, I'm getting close."
  271. >"NNNhhh.."
  272. >Another clench, making your dick twitch in response.
  273. "Like, really close.."
  274. >She inhales deeply.
  275. >"Jus', jus' do it hon."
  276. "Inside? Isn't that dangerous??"
  277. >Pony magic is nuts. You never know what could happen with that shit, and you already heard of inter-species breeding. You wouldn't be surprised if your cum could somehow get her pregnant.
  278. >"Uh? Oh, yah' since I'm in heat we shouldn't let you finish inside.. Jus' do it wherev'r.."
  279. >She's obviously not thinking clearly.
  280. >You don't have to search far and you simply have to look down to find the perfect target. The small of her back. It's simply gorgeous, you can't wait to paint it white.
  281. >You hilt inside her again, at this point her head is nearly touching the ground.
  282. >The sensation in your loins signaling you that you just passed the PNR.
  283. >Right before you can get out, you hear someone call for AJ.
  284. >"HEY APPLEJACK!"
  285. >The mare lifts herself up in panic, pushing yourself backward in surprise.
  286. >Enough to make you fall, your hold on her tail strong enough to bring her with you, all the way down.
  287. "OH FUCK!"
  288. >You come the moment your ass touch the ground. Your dick still inside her.
  289. >Her weight and the force of the fall bringing your shaft even deeper.
  290. >"MMMMMmmnnnnghhhhhhh"
  291. >Deep enough to give her another orgasm, stronger than any other she had.
  292. >And her orgasm being more than enough to stimulate your sensitive dick through yours.
  293. >You try to push her out of the way but can't find the strength.
  294. >"AJ?!"
  295. >The voice on your right grab your attention and you turn your head to face its origin point.
  296. >Rainbow.
  297. >Her eyes drops on yours, before rapidly switching between her friend's and your hips.
  298. >You can still feel yourself spurting inside the shivering mare.
  299. >Your balls and groin area bathing in various body fluids.
  300. >The pegasus just stare for a couple seconds, her wings stiffly pointing upwards.
  301. >"Ah'.. Ah' never c-came so hard in my life..Mmhf~"
  302. >Her moans dies out at the same time of your orgasm.
  303. >Finally letting your mind working again.
  304. "H-Hey Rainbow."
  305. >You give her a small wave.
  306. >She gulps.
  308. >And instantly takes off.
  309. >A couple seconds later, you hear a distant boom signaling that she's already far from here.
  310. >Which takes Applejack out of her orgasmic bubble.
  311. >"Nhh.."
  312. >She slowly lifts her rear, her lips sliding all the way up your shaft before letting it fall against your stomach, turning 90°'s and instantly lowering it back down, sitting on top of your three pieces.
  313. >"You really did fill me up good, heh.."
  314. >Realization dawn on the both of you the moment she says it.
  315. >You both have the same reaction, your eyes opening wide and your mouths opening, trying to say something but failing.
  316. >And then you gulp.
  317. >"Y-You filled me up. Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah'mma get pregnant!"
  318. >Panic fills her eyes.
  319. >You're kind of lost too. Everything's happening so fast. Much too fast.
  320. >But panicking won't help.
  321. >You take a deep breath, lifting your back off the ground to sit up and bring a hand on top of an hoof.
  322. "H-Hey, it's okay, everything's gonna be okay."
  323. >She looks at you for a moment, before nodding and inhaling deeply herself.
  324. "We don't know that, maybe it doesn't work with humans, who knows."
  325. >You try to sound as confident and reassuring as you can.
  326. >"B-but, what if it does?"
  327. >You don't know what to respond to that for a moment. For longer than you would've liked.
  328. >She just looks at you, tears forming in her eyes.
  329. >There's fear in there, maybe a bit of regret too. But there's also hope.
  330. >You take one last long breath, making up your mind on what to do.
  331. "Well, if it does, we'll just find a way to make it work, okay?"
  332. >You lean in and kiss her.
  333. >You get worried when she doesn't react for a couple seconds.
  334. >And your heart skips a beat when she returns the gesture.
  335. >You can feel her lips form a smile around yours and her fearful expression transforms in a happy one.
  336. >You both hug each other for a moment, basking in your afterglow.
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