Village Mascot vs Ambition: Edgeguarding/Recovery

Jun 8th, 2015
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  1. Village Mascot vs. Ambition
  3. Edgeguarding/Recovery
  4. 0:36 when he’s at the ledge spamming lasers could i possibly ledgejump? i actually think drop down needle charge -> regrab/up b could be ok potentially. or just keep regrabbing. either way, ledgedash is tricky cuz requires perfection to make it past the laser
  5. 0:50 i think i just mess up my recovery here because i didn’t properly recognize the height i was at when i got hit by the laser, as well as how far up b can go in the first 20 frames or w/e
  6. 1:09 i think this would’ve been a bad ledgedash anyways
  8. 2:13 when i’m running off the edge, if i think he’s going to side b i can actually stick out a nair here and i’ll be okay. alternatively i could’ve stopped at the edge of the plat and SH needled to take a chance.
  9. 2:44 there is no way that needle could’ve hit him lmao
  10. 2:58 this was a great time to ledgedash, he was pretty far away and had no real threats
  11. 3:16 good reminder to use shino stall as a time to think about recovery
  12. 3:52 that single needle doesn’t cover any practical options and is just a idiot checker. the ftilt afterwards is kinda dumb too lol. here instead of throwing single needle i might have crouched instead or gone for forward sh nair, or moved backwards to give myself stage and discourage side b’ing onto the stage instantly, etc.
  14. 4:13 this nair was terrible LOL. even if i’d done it properly it just would’ve been straight up bad. i think i did it because i recognized that i was in an awkward spot to initiate up b but in that case just wait and go for up b anyways, he’s facing backwards but he’d have to PC drop to quickly grab ledge like that
  15. 4:24 post frame skip. dsmash was good. here i should’ve just done needle turnaround grab the ledge but i think i wasn’t confident with the small amount of space, so i just tried for needle. in that case, after i see the up b i could even trade with run off DJ nair! sloppy.
  16. 5:10 ledgedashing into shield is alright because he hasn’t really grabbed that often and he just did an fsmash, but it feels really sloppy especially because i kind of panic shielded. i really need to work out some ideas of how to respond to falco ledge trap. what happened here was i noticed that i’d mess up my ledge dash so i shielded as panic, then i held shield because i thought he might delay and fsmash
  17. 5:31 as soon as i dropped down to the side plat he wasn’t going to double jump because i could easily cover all options from there/needle him (though needle wouldn’t have been great cuz no charge). i don’t think diagonal needles would’ve worked out, good on me for not throwing…dropping down and throwing was stupid though, he was clearly not at the right height. as SOON as i recognized that i’d cleared the side b with my crouch, i should’ve gone after him with dash attack — fortunately i react within the window
  18. 5:45 k good bair
  19. 6:11 LOL HE PREDICTS MY LEDGEDASH -> SHIELD. this is a sloppy recovery overall i think, dash attack gets me out of corner quickly but has lots of cooldown
  20. 6:15 should’ve recognized that laser couldn’t hit me unless i fastfell earlier than this, after he grabs the ledge going lower was probably a good idea cuz risk reward would’ve been ok for him to try bair…if i’d have tried to go level what would’ve happened? actually, going level wouldn’t have been so bad!
  21. a big thing is not knowing the initial distance of my up b very well
  22. 6:23 right here, fsmash would’ve killed me (usmash too probably). so i should have just defaulted to double stick DI
  23. 6:37 wtf was this
  24. 7:06 holy cow so much ledgedash -> shield. if i ever met a falco that grabbed a lot at the ledge i’d be a goner
  25. 7:10 bthrow…as soon as i see him DJ throwing out bair isn’t bad.
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