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20 Questions About.....Uraccountcrashed.

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  1. What? This isn't a #2 interview? It's a BRAND-NEW SUBJECT? Aw, dang, I HAVE to intro him, now, don't I? All right.
  3. *ahem*
  5. Your account crashed. Permanently. You'll have to make a brand new one from scra--nah, I'm kidding.
  7. Uraccountcrashed. That's his name. A 3-year Prototype community member, granted, but, only well-known for the last year or so. An undertale fanatic, a fan of most things Mega Man Classic [including more MM fan games that I think even HE can count, including Prototype], a holder--one of the more recent ones, in fact--of the Star of Immortality, and an all around good guy to talk to, he was great for pulling off a 20Q's interview with.
  9. I've kept you all waiting for this one long enough. Let's jump right into it with.....
  12. Community Q's:
  14. Q1. Thoughts on anime? [Nice Ice]
  15. Account: "Eh, I think some anime is okay. I like to watch some Assassination Classroom and Case Closed America (and some other... Not so child-appropriate ones). For the most part, however, anime, to me, feels like a lot of filler. I'm sure there are some good ones out there for me to discover, but I'll wait."
  17. Q2. Thoughts on undertale? [Nice Ice]
  18. Account: "You want to know why everyone loves Undertale so much? The same reason they loved Mother 2 and 3 so much. They have PERSONALITY. You see, in an era full to the brim with copy-and-paste First Person Shooters, it's no wonder why people flock to games like Undertale, or Shovel Knight, or even Fez. They're fun. It offers more than just blood and guns. The game has lovable characters, awesome fight scenes, and a very whelming story. 10/10."
  20. Q3. MMRPG In 10 words. [Nice Ice]
  21. Account: "Forsooth! Without Adrian, this wonderful community wouldn't exist. Thank you!"
  23. Q4. Why the name Uraccountcrashed. [Nice Ice]
  24. Account: "Well, my PSN account name used to be Hoggoe (HOG, go). but, when I accidentally clicked "Sign Out", I'd been signed in for so long I'd forgotten my password and had to think of a new name for myself. As usual, numbers and symbols were unacceptable: I have class. Although my account didn't technically crash, it was good enough for me."
  26. Q5. Alright, so how often does your technological appliances tend to crash? [MegaBossMan]
  27. Account: "Not usually unless I have some ridiculous amount of things happening at once. My 3DS has never crashed, and my Wii U has only crashed about 3 times, all of them having to deal with Lost Reavers. Coincidence? I think not."
  29. Q6. Uh oh, there's a herd of Zebras coming your way! Which Prototype user would you call upon to help you out here? [MegaBossMan]
  30. Account: "Myself. That's right. I'd clone myself and use the most defensive move known to mankind: The Double Armadillo."
  32. Q7. What are your thoughts on Charge Man? [MegaBossMan]
  33. Account: "One of my favorite Robot Masters along Wave Man, Gyro Man and Gravity Man. Why? Well, for one thing, his stage. I love his stage. It takes place on a train, and that a alone is cool, but they didn't miss a detail! Every so often, the train will bounce like trains do, along (and in sync) with a chugga-chugga sound effect. All they enemies and mice, bats, chickens, the like. Everything here just screams TRAIN! If there's one thing I love, it's atmosphere. Not to mention the music! Oh! It's so happy and upbeat; it's catchy and stays with you! It rivals Strike Man and Magnet Man! And of course, the weapon: Charge Kick. Now, I know what you're thinking. But that's what most people think: "DUUUHH!! Dis wepin duzen't make a boom-boom in front of me to kill enemies! It sukcxs!" And I HATE that opinion. What I think is that Charge Kick isn't made to be used as an attack. HEAR THIS! IT'S NOT AN ATTACK! It's a defensive move! How so? Well, first and foremost, you're invincible while you use it. This makes it perfect to escape from jumping enemies and/or their attacks. Like those huge purple guys. Yep, just go right past 'em! I find it especially useful when fighting Crystal Man, Dark Man 1 and Dark Man 3. Look, lazy gamers give Mega Man 5 in general a bad name because of just that: they're lazy! They don't want to have to learn where to use things, or the situations, or scenarios! Not only that, because so many people believe it's a bad weapon, if you DO learn how to use it, you can "show off" with it! Bet you can't do the first platforming section of Gyro Man's stage without taking damage! It's one of my favorite weapons to use and it's a shame they didn't create more ground-based enemies in the game so you could really use it! In fact, (on an off note,) I think Mega Man 5 is the best in the classic series, hands down, rivaled only by 10 and 7."
  35. Q8. What's your favorite Mega Man fan-game? What do you like so much about it? [MegaBossMan]
  36. Account: "Ooh, tough choice. Okay, it's a tie between Rock Force, SFR and Final Attack. You see, I like these 3 the most because they do what Capcom should be falling out of their beds made of money to be doing: making it new and fresh! They introduce a new cast of unique Robot Master that all make for fun and interesting boss battles. But each has a different... Style, per se. Rock force had the coolest weapons (and arguably, the music), SFR had the best levels, and Final Attack had the best concepts (especially Sound Man)."
  38. Q9. Be honest; Do you feel like this interview was long overdue for you? [MegaBossMan]
  39. Account: "Well, I'd say yes, but I have only recently been REALLY active in the community section here, despite my 3 year total of membership. Back when I was Yoku Man, I didn't even know this existed, so I forgive Mike completely. Besides, I was a lot dumber back then. Heck, I didn't even make the B Honor Roll..."
  41. Q10: Do you wish to become a mod? [Nice Ice]
  42. Account: "Well, I think the chance of me becoming a mod, considering my low-level skills in game design, are quite low. It seems Adrian's team is pretty much full on what it needs for now; I think it would be pointless to have more moderators than what is necessary. Again, it would be nice, but I don't think it'd be a wise decision."
  45. Mikey's Q's:
  47. Q11. How did it feel to finally get your Star of Immortality [1st place star]?
  48. Account: "Man, was I surprised! I mean, how was I supposed to know that one update was all I needed to become forever Starred. I had no idea all those wasted middle school hours meant something. In addition, I was just spamming Flash Stopper (Before this update, mind you) so, if it took me as long as it did, I shudder to think at the time taken for other's placement."
  50. Q12. What was it like trying to get all 1,024 stars?
  51. Account: "Well, like I said. Middle school sucked for me. I just chose one Master and set it up with all the other stages and went down the list. Easy! However, it seems I missed just about 3, and whoever it was whose name I forgot helped me by telling me what I was missing, I still have yet to thank you..."
  53. Q13. There's not the much about you in your profile. Tell us 5 things we DON'T know about you, pleaseandthankyou?
  54. Account: "I'll post this stuff and more on my profile. Sorry; after 3 years and I still haven't updated it... Shameful.
  55. A. Well, I am an National Honor Society student of >3.5.
  56. B. I never wear T-Shirts; only collared shirts. Seriously. Like, I work on my car and at the gym wearing a collared shirt, no joke.
  57. C. Blue is my favorite color. Light, but not too light. Like... Cyan, almost. I pronounce that SIGH-ann. Not SEE-ann. Quirk.
  58. D. My favorite Pokémon is, of course, the adorable Espurr! I even have his Tomy plushie.
  59. E. I used to be a brony! Verily verily, I stopped at season 4, I think. Ugh... Twilicorn. Awful decision."
  61. Q14. If it were up to you, the next 20 Q's subject [even if I've interviewed them before] would be...?
  62. Account: "Nice Ice! He seemed really excited and even told me he wanted to, so... Just... Ya know."
  64. Q15. Which official MM games have you played [Yes, all of them]?
  65. Account: "All? Kay, um...
  66. Classic: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Mega Man and Bass, (though I never beat it.) Wily Wars, Power Fighters and Battlers, Powered Up, every World game, Battle & Chase, does X Street Fighter count?
  67. Mega Man X: Xtreme, Xtreme 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, I stopped at 5 because I thought it was awful.
  68. Battle Network: 1, 2, 3, (haven't beaten 3 yet.)
  69. Zero: I have the Zero Collection on DS. 3 was the best, but 2 is close behind.
  70. Shooting Star: All 3!
  71. Fan Games: Unlimited, 42, Wily's Final Attack, Quint's Revenge, Endless, Revolution, RPG Battlefield, Super Fighting Robot, DOS Remake, 4: Minus Infinity, Super Danny, Star Man: Upgraded, Revenge of the Fallen, Rock Force, Max Power, Day in the Limelight 1 and 2, and some flash game I can;'t remember the name of...
  72. I guess I'm just a Mega Fan!"
  74. Q16. ...and which one is your most favorite, and most hated [and why]?
  75. Account: "Classic: 5. Atmosphere and level design. You don't NEED weapons for the game to be good. (but it helps...) I really didn't like 2 a lot. Attention to details were really good, and the puzzles were nice, but I think it was too hyped and I felt some disappointment in it...
  76. X: 3. I love the Mech Suits, the bosses, the weapons were cool (except Gravity Well,) It felt really inspired. My only complaint is one or two soundtracks. I hated 5. I can use the X4's armor, sure, but even then the game is really difficult, the story I felt was bland, and the weapons didn't seem at all worth the trouble.
  77. Battle Network: I can't make a judgement yet. I haven;t finished all the games so I am unable to make a just decision on which I like the most. Maybe my favorite in the series is still out there...?
  78. Shooting Star: 3 was the best and 1 was the worst. Not to say it was bad, though. Underrated, definitely. Not much to say about either, really. Simple stuff.
  79. Zero: 3, as I could figure out how it worked in general. The story was cool, but the bosses... Not so much. 4 was the worst; I felt like they were just cashing in at this point, that should tell you how the game is enough.
  81. Q17. There's not that much about you in your profile. Tell us 5 *MORE* things we DON'T know about you, pleaseandthankyou?
  82. Account: "I'LL FIX IT MAN, OKAY?
  83. A. I am 17 years old. An easy one.
  84. B. I used to have a PS4 and PS3. They were taken by my other brothers back to Dallas, TX. It's okay to cry if you want.
  85. C. I am white (if for some reason you couldn't tell).
  86. D. For some reason, every time I catch a Klefki in Pokémon, I name it Gerald, regardless of gender. I'm not sure why, but something feels right about it.
  87. E. I think I may have multiple personalities! Not Schizophrenia, but I only experience subtle changes. Howevefr, they are all still me, but... Tweaked. I have a regular, a sad/desireful, a giggly and an... "Off" one. "Off" meaning... "Not right". If there are more, I don't know them."
  89. Q18. What's the funniest thing you've ever done?
  90. Account: "I... Don't really keep track. 85% of the time, I haven't a care in the world. But, I guess... I put a personal pan pizza in the microwave WAY too long by accident and forgot about it. You couldn't see very well through the smoke, but the house smelled great the next few days!"
  92. Q19. What's your all-time greatest accomplishment?
  93. Account: "My baptism. May 29th, 2016. Oh, and when I beat Sans."
  95. Q20. There's not that much about you in your profile. Tell us *ANOTHER* 5 *MORE* things we DON'T know about you, pleaseandthankyou?
  96. Account: "I'M SORRY MAN.
  97. A. I've never studied a day in my life. Go figure.
  98. B. My favorite food is hamburgers. Steak and Shake burgers, especially.
  99. C. My father is deceased.
  100. D. I got kicked out of the Temple Academy in 2nd or maybe 3rd for a drawing. It was Caleb getting hit with a piano. I was a good kid (Thumbs up)!
  101. E. I am... Very hard to rustle. I can't ever, no matter how hard I think I try, get mad at someone. If I do, it's only a joke. Guaranteed."
  104. Special thanks to Uraccountcrashed for being such a good subject [even after having to wait so long :P ].
  105. Additional thanks to MegaBossMan and NiceIce for their suggestions as well.
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