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  1. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal also watches the grumps play DS3
  2. Onyx waves.
  3. <Public> Onyx says, "I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum there, I have no enjoyment watching other people play."
  4. <Public> Onyx says, "Any game."
  5. <Public> Gambit says, "Well, the Grumps are really funny, which helps. It's more about the jokes - just like hanging out with somebody while they play."
  6. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "Understandable."
  7. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "I do it purely because it's great background noise for me while I do other stuff."
  8. <Public> Onyx says, "To each their own."
  9. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "and I get to watch them play games I otherwise have no time to play."
  10. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "Plus, yeah it's more about the funnies, than the gameplay. It's the video game equivelent of MS3tk"
  11. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "And if you don't like MSt3k then I do not know what you are doing with your life."
  12. <Public> Onyx says, "I don't think I'd really compare people streaming a video game to it but okie dokie, whatever floats your boat."
  13. <Public> Onyx says, "I'd probably say, if you enjoy watching streams you don't know what you are doing with your life. XD"
  14. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "It's the same premise. funny commentary on what's happening on a screen."
  15. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "except with let's plays it's an interactive medium."
  16. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "But movies and games share a lot in common when it comes to narrative."
  17. <Public> Onyx says, "You know what's even more interactive?"
  18. <Public> Onyx says, "Actually /playing/ the game."
  19. <Public> Onyx says, "Probably sounds crazy I know."
  20. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "Sure, but what if I don't have time to play it?"
  21. <Public> Onyx says, "You have time to watch people play but don't have time to play it?"
  22. <Public> Onyx says, "Sounds like a personal issue, to be honest. Not even trying to be mean."
  23. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "Playing something and watching something are two entirely different things."
  24. <Public> Onyx says, "As an employer, I won't even condone the whole 'I watch it while I work!'."
  25. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "I can draw while I'm watching something but I can't draw while I'm playing."
  26. <Public> Onyx says, "I guess the point I am getting at, is it's your choice whether you choose to make time for a recreational activity and frankly, I don't care if you do; I only made my comment about what you are doing with your life in counter to your exact same comment."
  27. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "I was talking more about ms3tk than let's plays."
  28. <Public> Onyx says, "I know."
  29. <Public> Onyx says, "You're statement has about as much weight behind it as mine, I was trying to show how silly it is to make statements like that."
  30. <Public> Onyx says, "Who gives a crap if someone doesn't like ms3tk"
  31. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal was being tongue in cheek.
  32. <Public> Onyx says, "That said, I still think if you really wanted to; you could make time to play. I don't know your schedule, I don't know your obligations but I do know people who have busier and more extreme lives than most who can still make time a few hours a week to play a game if they want to."
  33. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "I promise you that is not true of me."
  34. <Public> Onyx says, "I'll just take your word, but I will say, the people I know who don't have time, typically.. don't have time to watch stuff, play MUSH etc.."
  35. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "But besides that."
  36. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "I mean what If i'm interested in a game but I'm basically just not good enough to play it?"
  37. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "But I still want to see the lore and story."
  38. <Public> Onyx says, "You have no clue how disturbing it is as an actual gamer to talk about playing a game and then see 3-4 people pipe up with how they WATCH people play it but don't themselves? It's disgusting. lol"
  39. <Public> Onyx says, "You're the enablers of this entire group of people with absolutely no life-skills TBH"
  40. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "I think you're a little too hung up on how other people enjoy themselves."
  41. <Public> Onyx says, "Maybe not YOU directly, but you're part of the entire group overall who makes the popularity of streaming possible and allows people to make money literally, off nothing."
  42. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "You are not the gate keeper on how people enjoy video games, and there is no gate."
  43. <Public> Onyx says, "Maybe you don't give money, maybe you don't support the barely dressed female streamers or the loudmouth kids with amazon wishlists."
  44. <Public> Razer says, "This sure is a good conversation to have on the +pub."
  45. <Public> Onyx says, "It doesn't make it any less of a problem."
  46. <Public> Onyx shrugs at Razer, "I mention I should be playing Dark Souls 3 more. Apparently I should be /watching/ people play it more."
  47. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "No one said you should be watching it."
  48. <Public> Razer says, "Revolutionary idea time: who cares."
  49. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "We just said we enjoy watching it."
  50. <Public> Onyx says, "<Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "Plus, yeah it's more about the funnies, than the gameplay. It's the video game equivelent of MS3tk""
  51. <Public> Onyx says, "<Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "And if you don't like MSt3k then I do not know what you are doing with your life.""
  52. <Public> Onyx says, "So it's the equivelent of MSt3k in your eyes and if you don't like MSt3k you're basically a waste."
  53. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "That doesn't really dispute my point."
  54. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "I mean if you want to have a discussion about the merits of mst3k."
  55. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "We can do that."
  56. <Public> Onyx says, "No, I'm pointing out, as I mentioned before that you were making baseless statements."
  57. <Public> Onyx says, "You literally flat out said: This is the same as mst3k and if you don't like mst3k you're a waste of a human being essentially."
  58. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "I also said I was just making a joke, because most geeks like ms3tk."
  59. <Public> Onyx says, "Implying.. that since I don't like streaming/gaming grumps I'm a waste of a human being who doesn't know what I'm doing with my life."
  60. <Public> Onyx says, "I was trying to be nice and beat around the bush but hey, that's what it was."
  61. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "I mean if you want to put words in my mouth, then sure."
  62. <Public> Onyx says, "I'm not sure what else you were implying."
  63. <Public> Onyx says, " can you say there was no connection when they were both directly connected and referencing the same thing?>"
  64. <Public> Onyx says, "and ... one after the other?"
  65. <Public> Onyx says, "I guess I'm just an idiot who doesn't know what I'm doing with my life. lol"
  66. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "All I said was ms3tk was good, and you took the joke a little too seriously."
  67. <Public> Onyx says, "That's not all you said...."
  68. <Public> Onyx says, "I mean, you can try to sugarcoat it and I'm fine with that. Whatever gets you through."
  69. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "I explained it three times. But, truthfully I don't really care if you like them or not."
  70. <Public> Onyx says, "I'll keep that in mind, next time I compare two entirely unrelated things and then follow up by saying if you don't like X which is the same as Y you have no life."
  71. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "You can accept I was making a joke, or not."
  72. <Public> Onyx says, "Welcome to 2016 and text communication. There are ways of denoting you are making a joke or teasing that you chose not to utilize."
  73. <Public> Razer says, "Man, do I have to flat out say this: this kind of behavior is not appropriate for a member of staff."
  74. <Public> Razer says, "Let it go."
  75. Onyx pages: You know what, you're welcome to go elsewhere.
  76. You paged Brandy Marshal with 'Onyx pages: You know what, you're welcome to go elsewhere.'
  77. Onyx pages: I'm not going to sit around and be insulted by someone who logs on once and awhile and causes shit.
  78. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "He is right though."
  79. Onyx pages: Since your behavior right now? Not appropriate for a player. If you don't like what is going on, you can page me.
  80. Onyx pages: Or better yet, make a complaint.
  81. You paged Onyx with 'Gladly.'
  82. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "I got a little hot headed myself, but it was really weird to see a staffmember act like this."
  83. <Public> Onyx says, "Really weird to see me, giving my point of view as well? Amazing."
  84. <Public> Onyx says, "I guess you're used to people rolling over and showing you their belly."
  85. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "No, just a base level of maturity."
  86. <Public> Onyx says, "if you want to make baseless tasteless statements about peoples lives in future, expect to be taken down a peg. If you had said that to a player, you'd be getting disciplined."
  87. <Public> Onyx says, "You said it to me, so instead you're being treated like an equal and its being discussed."
  88. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal shakes head.
  89. <Public> Times Died: 2 - Mitch Shelley says, "Um, Onyx? I don't like MST3K either, and I didn't take her comment offensively. In fact I didn't even take that comment seriously."
  90. <Public> Onyx says, "I get now, that you do not want to be treated like an equal and a fellow human being in these situations and you would rather someone use their authority to shut you down"
  91. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "Is that what you think what you think is hapenning?"
  92. <Public> Onyx says, "I felt quite disrespected by your comment and subsequent followup."
  93. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal thumbs at Mitch.
  94. <Public> Onyx says, "People are different, now you expect me to homogenize and feel the identical way others do?"
  95. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "No, just react with maturity. Especially when I explain that it was an unrelated joke."
  96. <Public> Onyx says, "I also tried to explain, that we're in 2016 and if you want to make potentially insulting jokes you can learn to use say, an emoticon? to denote that. I think since I started using the internet in the 90s, :P has been pretty common."
  97. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "or just be less thin skinned."
  98. Onyx pages: Then, keep in mind all I've done for you as a player and the game when you make that complaint over a loudmouth player who should have kept their mouth shut and think for a minute, whose 'house' you're both in and what RESPECT means because neither of you have shown any.
  99. <Public> Onyx says, "So when someone is offended by your lack of sensitivity, they should be less thin skinned?"
  100. <Public> Onyx says, "I'm going to need to remember that one, in fact."
  101. <Public> Onyx says, "Razer, Brandy? Get a thicker skin."
  102. Bekka has disconnected.
  103. <Public> Onyx says, "Then 3-4 people started going on how they only watch it streamed"
  104. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "Alright, alright whatever. Clearly you are not emotionally mature enough to have this kind of discussion."
  105. <Public> MINE! Brandy Marshal says, "I'm dropping it."
  106. <Public> Onyx says, "Constant insults, eh?"
  107. <Public> Onyx slowclaps.
  108. Onyx pages Brandy Marshal and Razer: I encourage you both to file a complaint against the person who does at least 3/4 of the work on here, I'll be forwarding this entire conversation including the pages and this one to the entirety of staff.
  109. Morgana has connected.
  110. Onyx pages Brandy Marshal and Razer: Be sure to include any personal insults about my maturity, emotional level, thin skin etc.. in your complaint, I'd appreciate it.
  111. Brandy Marshal pages Onyx and Razer: please do. I am not impressed.
  112. You paged Onyx and Brandy Marshal with 'I didn't make a single insult, so, okay.'
  113. Onyx pages Brandy Marshal and Razer: I'm not either, I'm disgusted by your actions as a player, especially someone who has done absolutely nothing here but have been treated well and staff have gone out of their way for you.
  114. Onyx pages Brandy Marshal and Razer: When I say I'm disgusted though, I don't mean over your comment.
  115. Brandy Marshal pages Onyx and Razer: I'm not interested in continuing this conversation.
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