Nissan 350Z DE 2007

May 17th, 2022
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  1. Nissan 350Z DE 2007 (PE07 OVT)
  3. Interior fully stripped and carpeted for sound deadening.
  4. Sabelt bucket seats and adjustable rails (£883.39)
  5. Driftworks quick release steering wheel (£325.58)
  6. B&M short throw shifter kit (£247.50)
  7. Mishimoto cooling fan upgrade (£184.00)
  8. Motordyne plenum spacer (£249.00)
  9. Takeda Stage 2 cold air intake (£315.00)
  10. Cobra de-cat full exhaust (£1,000)
  11. Exhaust VHT painted and wrapped (£100)
  12. BC Racing Coilovers (£999)
  13. Ultra Racing Rear Lower W Brace (£175)
  14. 8 x Rays Forged Wheels (£400)
  15. 12 x tyres (3 full/matching sets)
  16. MTEC J-Hook discs all around (£242.98)
  17. Kientix brake discs dimpled/grooved full set (spare £330)
  18. EBC RP-X racing pads all around (£300)
  19. EBC RP-1 racing pads full set (spare £300.24)
  20. Brembo Racing pads full set (spare £90)
  21. HEL Braided hose kit (£89.96)
  22. Uprated clutch and lightweight flywheel (£600)
  23. Braided clutch line and uprated slave cylinder (£79.99)
  24. Replaced brake/clutch hard lines with custom made lines
  25. New gearbox oil + Molyslip gearbox additive (£50)
  26. New clutch release bearing
  27. RBF660 fluid for brakes and clutch, full flush
  28. Chassis underside sealed with waxoil
  29. New battery (£89)
  30. A/C re-gas (£120)
  31. Brake cooling ducts fitted to front bumper. (£50)
  32. Intake duct fitted to front bumper. (£30)
  35. Comes with both keys and all electronics in full working order. The engine and gearbox are mechanically sound and we've never had an issue! I have receipts for multiple oil changes and oil analysis reports from Millers Oils where we send oil samples. Battery is kept in my garage on a conditioner and the AC blows ice cold on hot days. Aside from the expected cosmetic considerations, it's in impressive condition due to the care it's received. It has ~105k miles, I can get exact mileage next time I go to the storage unit.
  37. Any inspection is welcome and we have a small area of private land where the vehicle can be started and driven around but it isn't road registered/legal. The vehicle is kept under cover and the cover will be included in the sale.
  39. The vehicle has passed sound checks at Mallory Park, Oulton Park, Donnington Park and Three Sisters race tracks so there should be no problems with other tracks. The last MOT it had was clean with no advisories or minors.
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