The witch in the castle

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  1. THE WITCH IN THE CASTLE (working title)
  3. once upon a time in a land far away was a valley of witches. You see this is where witches came from, they would often move though wishing to be independent and strike out on their own. We shall focus though on a married couple of witches. The wife had given birth to a special girl who was born once in a thousand years. This girl was prophezised to be one of the most powerful witches in the world and her name was zelda. She was a happy witch learning much about a witch's life for you see their are good witches and bad witches just like there are good and bad people. She learned about magic like any good witch but unknown to all she was being watched. There was a wizard who wanted her power for he was apart of a group of evil wizards who wished to destroy all humans. The evil wizard, malum, came to her home stealing her away to his castle. He even cast a spell to make a fire and make her parents believe she died in this fire that consumed their home. Malum raised the little girl as his own, experimenting on her with spells and potions to help make her the perfect weapon after finding her power is only able to exist within her. She felt so alone being trapped in here day and night for years on end but remembered the stories her mother told her at night before bed. They were tales of when she helped others find their own happy endings, they each became powerful heroes in their own right. She would remember them each night and knew that this wizard was lying to her but she couldn't escape so she must endure.
  5. One night she had a dream about her mother who told her that she was special. She could do anything if she put her mind to it. She could do things only few could dream of and she needed to do so now before that wizard could do more against her. She would wake and think more of her dream so she could do more. She then thought of the heroes from her mother's tales and could remember them perfectly. Malum then would come to her room to do more experiments upon her to turn her into the perfect weapon for a war against humanity. She did the tests, endured the spells and drank the potions. Malum thought she had total control over zelda but she only pretended to fool the old evil wizard. Each day though she seemed to be growing in power, more than she ever thought possible. Each day she wished for her heroes to come to rescue her until one day it happened. The five heroes appeared to her which shocked her and them but she explained her situation quickly for their help.
  7. There was eisen the bold, he use to be a spoiled prince til he was humbled by her mother and through this became the strongest in the land. Eisen used his strength to help turn back an army inspiring others to fight with him to defeat an invading army. There was jagerina the eye, she had been given by her mother an uncanny eyesight to see miles away and fire with perfect accuracy which helped her and her family defeat an evil dragon plagueing her village. There is mantel the shrouded, given a shroud of invisibility to save a group of princes from evil demons who wished to take their souls slowly by dancing them with them each night as enticing women. Luft the wind wielder, he is a young man who after saving an old woman was gifted with the power over wind enough to cause tornados, hurricanes and monsoons. Luft used this to defeat an evil wizard and his fire warriors of evil, winning the princess's hand in marriage. Salbei the wise, a clever young man who though his wits and zelda's mother found he was a witch. Salbei, with this power, was able to outwit demons and save a kingdom. This group of heroes helped her escape slaying the evil minions of malum as well as taking the wizards head. They all lived happily ever after.
  9. We are shown a room of stone full of lab equipment with men and women in lab coats lying on the floor in puddles of their own blood. They didn't move, standing over them were five similarly dressed men and women but they were different. They seemed to have made their own clothing mended to look more medeival clothing. They seemed to be weilding scapels all covered in blood, they looking like they had a fun time. Lying on a reclined metal slab far from them shackled to it was a blonde girl of 15 who seemed to be dressed in a medical gown, spatters of blood covering her, she stared on at the group with a smile of joy on her face saying to herself "My heroes, you saved your witch."
  11. TO BE CONTINUED........
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