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  1. Notes for 4coder customizers on build 4.0.29.  There are several things to be aware of depending on how your customization is organized about how to get things working in the new build.
  3. 1. If you are using your own custom bindings and not calling "default_keys(context);" in your bindings list, then you need to make sure you drop the following block into your bindings to make the new listers work:
  5. begin_map(context, default_lister_ui_map);
  6. bind_vanilla_keys(context, lister__write_character);
  7. bind(context, key_esc, MDFR_NONE, lister__quit);
  8. bind(context, '\n', MDFR_NONE, lister__activate);
  9. bind(context, '\t', MDFR_NONE, lister__activate);
  10. bind(context, key_back, MDFR_NONE, lister__backspace_text_field);
  11. bind(context, key_up, MDFR_NONE, lister__move_up);
  12. bind(context, key_page_up, MDFR_NONE, lister__move_up);
  13. bind(context, key_down, MDFR_NONE, lister__move_down);
  14. bind(context, key_page_down, MDFR_NONE, lister__move_down);
  15. bind(context, key_mouse_wheel, MDFR_NONE, lister__wheel_scroll);
  16. bind(context, key_mouse_left, MDFR_NONE, lister__mouse_press);
  17. bind(context, key_mouse_left_release, MDFR_NONE, lister__mouse_release);
  18. bind(context, key_mouse_move, MDFR_NONE, lister__repaint);
  19. bind(context, key_animate, MDFR_NONE, lister__repaint);
  20. end_map(context);
  22. 2. If you are relying on the default hook "default_file_settings" make sure that the maps "mapid_file" and "default_code_map" are defined in your bindings even if they are just empty:
  24. begin_map(context, mapid_file);
  25. end_map(context);
  26. begin_map(context, default_code_map);
  27. inherit_map(context, mapid_file);
  28. end_map(context);
  30. 3. If you are not calling "set_all_default_hooks(context);" in your bindings list then you now need to add the render caller hook manually:
  32. set_render_caller(context, default_render_caller);
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