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  1. FT:
  2. Dive Ball 5iv (-Atk) Modest Lapras with Freeze Dry
  3. 5iv (-Sp. Atk) Jolly HA Darumaka with Freeze Dry
  4. Luxury Ball 5iv (-Atk) Timid HA Snom with Bug Bite
  5. Dusk Ball 5iv (-Sp. Atk) Adamant Dreepy
  6. 5iv (-Sp. Atk) Jolly Farfetch'd
  7. Heal Ball 5iv (-Sp. Atk) Jolly Eiscue with Belly Drum and Icicle Crash
  8. Dive Ball 5iv (-Sp. Atk) Adamant Arrokuda
  9. Luxury Ball 5iv (-Atk) Timid HA Charmander
  10. 5iv (-Atk) Bold HA Corsola with Haze
  11. Quick Ball 5iv (-Sp.Atk) Adamant Prankster Impidimp
  12. Repeat Ball 5iv (-Sp. Atk) Impish HA Rookidee with Roost and Defog
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