Senzaemon, Morkian Logs

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  1. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rubs his eyes a bit as he gets up from his small nap. Why was he sleeping on the ground? Who knows, he just was. He looked around for a moment as he saw a whole bunch of people, including some even bigger people who were probably important. "Alot of people."* - Thu Jan 10 04:24:57 2019
  3. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) scratches the side of his head a bit before he began looking around. He really didn't know anybody here, but they were so... talkative. He just hoped someone would approach him sooner or later. Though his face seemed to scrunch up a bit as he remembered some words said by Nani. He took a few steps forward and looked towards the older child. he didn't say anything, he just stared.* - Thu Jan 10 04:53:07 2019
  5. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) continues to stare at Nani. He stares long and hard, but once he finally realized he was being ignored he just shrugged. He turned to look towards the flat gourd guy. He continues to not say anything, he just stares.* - Thu Jan 10 04:59:56 2019
  7. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) has been acknowledged. The staring part of social interraction worked. Of course, he just liked staring too. He nods his head enthusiastically before he began to follow after Shunsuke. Stranger danger doesn't exist. "Yeah, field trip!"* - Thu Jan 10 05:04:12 2019
  9. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looks around the place. This was the legendary Manilla police station. He could only gaze around at the magnificence. He knew he could just find his siblings in order to find a place to stay, but this seemed so much bettter. "This is cool."* - Thu Jan 10 05:11:02 2019
  11. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) scratched his ear cause he swore he heard something weird. He then turned his attention back to Shunsuke. He had barely been paying attention to anything they had said past, staying here when its dark out. So right now, he was clueless as to what they were talking about. "So does this mean we get to eat when we want?" He was asking a question that had a rather obvious answer, but he still had to ask it. His attention was soley on Shunsuke until he felt something wet splash onto his bald head. He turned around real fast to see what had just hit him. All he ended up seeing was Kei. "What was that?"* - Thu Jan 10 05:19:34 2019
  13. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) wasn't completely stupid. He knew they probably didn't have a fish in the water. As a matter of smelling it, he didn't believe him one bit. He wasn't about to put himself in danger of being pushed into a pool. "How can you smell it?"* - Thu Jan 10 05:25:32 2019
  15. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) taps his own nose a few times. He didn't think there would be someone willing to challenge him to a nose off, but apparently there was. He offered a kind smile as he took a small step forward. He sniffed the air ab it before looking towards the pool. "Huh.. I think you're right." After saying this he'd attempt to give Kei a nudge into the water. "It does smell like water doesn't it."* - Thu Jan 10 05:32:22 2019
  17. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) started to laugh as he watched Kei fall into the water. To him he was just being playful. Though apparently, his playfulness was going to hurt somebody. The young child didn't want any of that so he trudged forward as quick as those little legs could take him. He'd fall onto the ground before outstretching his hand. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." he began to stutter out.* - Thu Jan 10 05:39:12 2019
  19. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had his hand grasped, which was all he wanted at the time. Now, Kei would come to find out a very interesting fact about this young, bald, male. A firm grip would be applied to Kei's hand before he would attempt to hoist the male up. It turns out that Morkian might actually be a bit strong. Assuming all went well, he'd fall on his butt as he pulled Kei from the water. A smile would be present on his face before being replaced with a bit of regret. "I'm really sorry."* - Thu Jan 10 05:49:26 2019
  21. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) continued to feel more regret as he saw Kei coughing. He felt so bad for a moment, but then the faithful words were said. The two words that set any kid offf, siblings or not. "DON'T TELL ON ME!" he shouted as he attempted to grab Kei by his shoulders. He was that scared of being told on. He wanted Kei to be kept in place.* - Thu Jan 10 05:57:58 2019
  23. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinks a few times as he saw Akimitsu walk in. Of course, at this point he would be caught red handed. Considering this, he could only agree to give Kei a toy. He furiously nodded his head before releasing Kei from his grip. He'd stuff both hands into his pocket as he attempted to find his favorite toy. After a few moments of shuffling around around in his pocket, he'd take out a simple toy. It looked homemade, and it looked rather used. What he pulled out, was a sort of grip training. It might be weird for that to be a boy's favorite toy, but that was beside the point. He held it out to Kei and smiled. "This is my favorite toy. Here you go."* - Thu Jan 10 06:11:37 2019
  25. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) arrived at the casion following Kei. In front of him seemed to be a much older female, who he didn't particularly know. "Hello!"* - Thu Jan 10 06:41:29 2019
  27. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) just tilted his head towards the side as she began to nag Kei about his particular situation. Of course, he knew what really happened so he couldn't say anything. He offered a kind smile before turning and attempting to slowly sneak off. He hoped he wouldn't be stopped.* - Thu Jan 10 06:47:28 2019
  29. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) thought he was basically home free until Fei seemed to notice his leave. He froze midstep before turning to look towards the female. He followed her with his eyes as she came closer, on her way out. "Uh... I'm a friend. My name is Morkian and I'm part of the Senzaemon." He spoke rather fast as if trying to get as much information out before the Willis could possibly speak again. "Who are you?"* - Thu Jan 10 06:58:33 2019
  31. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes a step back so that he would be able to see both Zheng and Fei. It was weird with the way he was talking.* - Thu Jan 10 07:09:39 2019
  33. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) follows after Nini. This couldn't go bad. There was food involved.* - Thu Jan 10 07:38:40 2019
  35. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was probably the biggest out of everyone here. He knew it was his fault that Kei happened to Kei. The male took off his robe and held it out towards Kei. "Here you go. So you aren't completely without clothes." Afterwards he dug into his pocket and took up some change. He held it out towards Nini. "Now you have some start up money towards food. now everyone can be happy."* - Thu Jan 10 07:54:52 2019
  37. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) placed the money back in his pocket. He wasn't going to press it like he was some adult. He just offered a smile as he nodded his head enthusiastically. "He did the same for me too. What do you do?"* - Thu Jan 10 07:59:08 2019
  39. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) followed after Kei silently. He wasn't to sure what he had walked into, but Kei seemed to not care. He just went in for the shouting. The young Senzaemon scratched the back of his head a bit as he tried to decide what the best way to get Zheng's attention would be, but he ended up just getting distracted by food. He became rather distracted as drool began to drip from his mouth. It was clear he was increasingly hungry now.* - Thu Jan 10 08:17:04 2019
  41. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) attempted to give Kei a prompt hit on the head. It wasn't hard or anything, but it'd probably get the point across. "She can feel people." he stated before point to Nini.* - Thu Jan 10 08:20:28 2019
  43. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) groaned a bit before following after Kei. "See ya later."* - Thu Jan 10 08:32:25 2019
  45. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) attempts to hit Kei upside the head. "Stop asking questions."* - Thu Jan 10 08:40:57 2019
  47. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) follows after Kei. He wondered why he chose the only person that had a partner.* - Thu Jan 10 08:46:04 2019
  49. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) took a step forward so he could see Raon better. He kind of just took a moment and stared before nodding his head. "Why are you the team leader?"* - Thu Jan 10 08:48:38 2019
  51. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked forward a bit as he looked around at everyone else. He supposed this was the group of people he would end up seeing the most in the future.* - Thu Jan 10 09:00:35 2019
  53. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) followed after everyone else towards the well system. He wasn't to sure he really wanted to figure out what was wrong with the well system. It wasn't the fact that it was a bad mission, it was the fact that he wasn't going to get to use his best feature. He released a small sigh as he just followed after Raon. "This is going to be real easy."* - Thu Jan 10 09:12:32 2019
  55. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) scratched the side of his head. He wasn't sure what Raon wanted him to do. He was able to both of those particular things, but he supposed it would be better for him to just stick with Kei. He put his nose up a bit before taking in a nice big whiff of the air. This was the best that he could actually do at the moment, but since he was able to do both he took a moment to listen out for anything. Of course, doing this meant he wasn't getting a distinct smell. He really just wanted to hear anything bursting or out of place. Of course, he probably ended up finding the pipe after Kanjun due to this. "Oooh.. that is... something."* - Thu Jan 10 09:19:21 2019
  57. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had figured things out pretty well. Of course this mean he had begun approaching the wall to see what exactly was wrong. As he closed in on the opening in the wall, the male began to smell something really putrid. It wasn't natural whatsoever. Honestly, he felt like leaving due to that very smell. Just to be added to this, he suddenly heard a strange sound. Suddenly, a streeam of water seened to release itself from the hole. It shot not only at Kanjun, but also the young Senzaemon. He wasn't about to get hit with anything that difficult. He simply moved himself towards the side with a quick sidestep. "What the hell?"* - Thu Jan 10 09:44:06 2019
  59. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) felt like he was about to become a human tank, or a human punching bag. The male couldn't really react to such a fast moving animal. Truth be told, he was still slightly shocked to see it. A strange sense of pity seemed to have flashed through his eyes at one point. He didn't like seeing anything so... weak and lacking muscles. It was inhumane. Then... it attacked him so all bets were off. THe young Senzaemon rose his hand up into the air in order to allow the snake to bite his arm. While the teeth weren't to sharp, it still managed to cause some pain. He was a kid, but he was also a Senzaemon. So while he did begin to feel the need to tear up, he also felt the need to flex those muscles. Assuming he could keep it biting down on his arm, he'd aim to bring his other arm swiping towards its head. He wasn't very smart, but his goal was to slap the animal hard enough that it would release him. He wasn't going to enjoy getting bit a second time.* - Thu Jan 10 10:00:19 2019
  61. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't want to be near this snake anymore. Honestly, he felt that it was going to hurt him some more, and no one really liked to be in pain. The young Senzaemon tried his best to react. He didn't want anyone to get hurt, and his punch had already been dodged. The only thing he could try doing was ripping the snake off of Kanjun. His hand would reach forward as he aimed to grab the snake and forcefully remove it from the female's arm. "Get off. Bad... thing."* - Thu Jan 10 10:12:16 2019
  63. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had managed to grab a hold of the snake. He felt like it was giving off the same type of push, as he was giving trying to pull it off. Of course, this made him wonder a bit about what the snake would have been like at its full strength. He could only wonder though. He continued to try pulling off the snake however. Of course, he'd probably be able to somewhat notice Raon trying to do her thing, but he had no way to help other than keep it stuck in place.* - Thu Jan 10 10:25:55 2019
  65. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) assumed that since the snake died, if anything was left it would be in his hands. That'd be useful later on, or maybe not. He wasn't to sure since he had the remnants of the snake scattered on his body. All is well that ends well, but now it is time for them to disappear. He was naturally going to let the others go before him. He knew they didn't have any muscles to cushion anything that my attack them. He just hoped they'd dip fast. Being the.. anchor was never fun. * - Thu Jan 10 10:39:34 2019
  67. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) yawns as well, as he walks into the area.* - Thu Jan 10 16:09:48 2019
  69. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) meanders forwards. This was the moment he'd been waiting for. This is what he needed at this very moment.* - Thu Jan 10 16:11:31 2019
  71. *Uchiha, Se hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Manila Clothes. - Thu Jan 10 16:12:22 2019
  73. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) placed his cloak over his currently clothing shortly after recieving it. A large smile was present on his face as he finally had money to spend. He gave a rather quick nod to Se in regards to going back down there. That meant he was going to get more money. "Ooh. That means I can get more money to spend on food, right?"* - Thu Jan 10 16:15:47 2019
  75. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shook his head a bit before shuffling over to Kanjun. He looked them over once to see if there were any obvious markings. "Hey Kanjun. How's the arm." * - Thu Jan 10 16:20:03 2019
  77. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) runs off to find something good to eat.* - Thu Jan 10 16:25:10 2019
  79. *Kanjun hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Cupcake. - Thu Jan 10 16:29:26 2019
  81. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes hold of the food given to him. He looks at Jiao with widest eyes he could make. "Savior. Thank you."* - Thu Jan 10 16:30:17 2019
  83. *Jiao-Huang hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Bread Jam. - Thu Jan 10 16:30:17 2019
  85. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shuffles over towards the side. The person who was closest to their enemy happened to be Shun, then he himself. He offered a small chuckle as he'd attempted to make his w ay towards the middle of the field. This would place her directly in front of Jiao. "I'm sorry Jiao." he stated before he attempted to reach out and push the male back.* - Thu Jan 10 16:59:18 2019
  87. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was apparently being ignored. Luckily for him, it didn't seem that Jiao wasn't taking him too seriously. He offered a lightly chuckle as he aimed to grab Jiao by his clock. It wasn't a very difficult move, but assuming it worked he wanted to do something very simple. He was going to attempt to toss Jiao out of the arena. This Senzaemon was unusually strong for his age, and very reactive as well. It seemed he was intent on trying to get at least one person out. MOney tended to do that to you.* - Thu Jan 10 17:15:31 2019
  89. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was to slow to grab Jiao before he managed to push out Shun. He didn't like being unable to help his temmates, but its the sort of thing that happens. Of course he had managed to grab onto Jiao's cloak. That meant he should be able to throw them out. Until Shimizu was pushed into him. A bigger child had been pushed into his body, most people would begin to stumble hard, but he was a Senzaemon. He had them muscles and he had to admit, it was time to get physical. Assuming all went well, he'd aim to toss Jiao out of the circle. He tried not to stumble to much, but he should be fine. Putting to much weight into things was bad, he'd have to learn that sooner or later.* - Thu Jan 10 17:46:14 2019
  91. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) wasn't some kind of overpowered entity. He was just a child, a small, bald, muscular child. Though he had a few things unique about him. One of those, Kanjun should have already known. That was the fact that his hearing was above average in the sense. Of course, he couldn' just dodge everything. He attempted to move himself forward as much as possible, of course, he wouldn't get totally out of the way by time the kick came. In that case, the kick would probably just hit his butt instead. Would it hurt him? Most definitely, but he didn't get kicked in the groin. If everything worked out, he'd turn and face Kanjun. For the moment, he wasn't going to do anything, but he knew he might be double teamed soon.* - Thu Jan 10 17:58:11 2019
  93. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) could feel the sting from a kick in the butt. Regardless of how much he built up muscle, the butt was a sensetive place. He really wanted to just stop everything and rub it a little bit to ease the stinging pain, but he'd deal with it for now. The only reason was because something was thrown at him. "Its oka-" A body was thrown his way. Instinct told him to catch and throw. HIs five year old mind told him to punch it. For once, he followed instinct and attempted to do the most simple maneuver. He'd catch and he'd toss. Coincidentally he would toss in the direction of Shun, probably not hitting him. You never know though.* - Thu Jan 10 18:10:59 2019
  95. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) managed to toss out Yoshimasa. Now there was one left. He had worked with Kanjun before, so he knew damn well that he didn't want to throw them out. That would be really mean. So he went for the next best thing. He'd run towards Shimizu and Kanjun. The drive for paying his taxes and eating food the only thing really making him want to be the last man standing. He aimed to simply.. push both of them out of the circle. There was no heroic, saving Shimizu. He was going out with Kanjun. Everyone wins that way. "FOOOOOOOD!"* - Thu Jan 10 18:22:04 2019
  97. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) really wanted to say that such a tactic worked. Truth be told, if he didn't have someonewhat good hearing and Shimizu as a test dummy, that would be great. Sadly, things don't always go the way people want them too. Morikan would continue moving after Shimizu most likely crashed into Kanjun. He'd attempt to grab Kanjun and literally just lay her down on the ground outside of the ring. No need to toss her like Jiao. He also didn't want to deal with Raon. He was scared of Raon... * - Thu Jan 10 18:34:01 2019
  99. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't mind being used as he placed Kanjun down. Did that mean they won? Considering Shun said so he began to clap his hands. "Yay. I have food money again." He glanced towards Kanjun for a moment and smiled. "Good job." The same statement was given to Jiao and Yoshi.* - Thu Jan 10 18:43:24 2019
  101. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was confused as to why a hand was being offered to him, but he decided to take it. There was a fight to watch.* - Thu Jan 10 18:52:48 2019
  103. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked over to Shun and Se.* - Thu Jan 10 19:00:28 2019
  105. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) finally achieved... financial stability. Now he just had to not be stupid about spending his money again. "That was fun."* - Thu Jan 10 19:01:20 2019
  107. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) follows after Se. He honestly had no idea how to get back to the marketplace. He definitely didn't want to get lost.* - Thu Jan 10 19:05:36 2019
  109. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) purchased two pieces of bread and jam. Once they were brought out he held one out towards Jiao. "Here you go."* - Thu Jan 10 19:09:52 2019
  111. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) scratched his head a bit. "Are they just sparring?"* - Thu Jan 10 22:02:14 2019
  113. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was now getting blocked by Shunsuke. He gave a small sigh as he attempted to walk forward and stand next to the male. He had to look tough too. "Hey Jiao." he muttered before he went back to staring at Kei and Zheng.* - Thu Jan 10 22:05:39 2019
  115. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) ran over to the market. There was always more people when the King was around.* - Thu Jan 10 22:37:13 2019
  117. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walks over towards the part around the King. It seemed like a much more personal area. He also thought that if Zheng chose anyone, he would definitely chose the people closest to him.* - Thu Jan 10 22:50:01 2019
  119. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) moves on over the situation that was happening. People were really mean. He hated bullies cause they were mean. He'd attempt to slip around Jiao and get closer to Lantro. "Stop being mean."* - Thu Jan 10 22:59:24 2019
  121. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was about to move forward. Truth be told, he wanted to diffuse the entire situation. Obviously Lantro was in the wrong. He didn't know the story, but he was not only older, but he was also a male. Boys were always wrong in situtations between the two genders. That is what his father taught him from a young age. Before he could do anything, Shiori launched herself forward. Morkian blinked a little bit before he attempted to reach his small hands out to grab Shirori and pull her back. He wasn't about to let her get in trouble as well. "Stop. Don't bully him back."* - Thu Jan 10 23:10:30 2019
  123. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't have to do anything because Shunsuke stopped it all. He made it sort of easier for him to do his thing. What was his thing exactly? "Jiao, do you know what happened? Like really happened."* - Thu Jan 10 23:19:53 2019
  125. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) // There were moments that just seemed destined to go down into hisotry. This.. was one of those moments. Whether any of them knew it now, they'd learn in the future that this would shape how Manilla rose into the greatest village of all time. It was a legendary moment and he hoped they would all look back at it with fondness. Morkian stuck his hand in his pocket in order for him to grab a bit of sand from his pockets. Of course, with all his running and tumbling in the sand, there would be a good build up in there. Jiao tapped his shoulders causing Morkian to turn towards him, but he was ready. He was ready for the onslaught. His arm raised as he aimed to throw some sand in Jiao's eyes. A mircaulous shout could be heard as he completed his brand new technique. It was something that had never been done before. Counter pocket sand. Of course this was all on the assumption that Jiao got caught slacking and had sand thrown in his eyes. As for the Senzaemon, he'd aim to twirl away from the sand that was aiming for his eyes. He was to fast for Jiao. He wasn't getting sandy vision today, that was for another day. Right now it was time to hunt for a new target. Someone else needed to get sand in their eyes. Who would it be though. He'd look towards Se and wonder if he could catch their leader with the technique. Well there was no way to really try because he was running out of fluff pieces. He could only pocket some more sand for now. He had to replenish his reserves.* - Fri Jan 11 00:04:16 2019
  127. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) ran inside as fast as possible. "Do I get to back and see that snake thing?"* - Fri Jan 11 00:39:15 2019
  129. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave a wave towards Fei. She was one of the better adults he had met so far. "How have you been?"* - Fri Jan 11 00:48:38 2019
  131. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) taps his chin a small bit. The offer of doing extra work was tempting, but he also had to think of the otehr things he had to do. "I really want to, but I gotta be ready to help Raon and Kanjun."* - Fri Jan 11 00:54:36 2019
  133. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was pat on his very shiny bald head. He offered a very large smile as he nodded his head. "I do. I'll make sure to come to you after I'm done with Raon and Kanjun."* - Fri Jan 11 00:57:10 2019
  135. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) holds up his hand. "Bald brotherrrrsss!"* - Fri Jan 11 01:07:24 2019
  137. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) took the tool back from Kei and offered a simply smile. Afteerwards he began to use it to his hearts content. It was almost like it was his toy again. "Have you not used it at all?"* - Fri Jan 11 01:24:28 2019
  139. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) would attempt to take a step forward as he saw Nini attempting to grab at Shunsuke's Gunbai. His hand would reach out as he attempted to grab Nini and pick her up by her clothing. "Hiiii, Nini."* - Fri Jan 11 01:49:13 2019
  141. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) turned his head to look towards Noni. He offered a smile before placing Nini down. "Hi, what is your name?"* - Fri Jan 11 01:53:29 2019
  143. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) places a thumbs up. He offers a kind smile as he tries to glance towards who was talking about money. "I'm Nini's friend. Though if you don't want me to touch her, I won't. I promise."* - Fri Jan 11 02:02:52 2019
  145. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked past Nini and attempted to make his way close to Urea. He'd reach out and attempt to tap their body. He didn't know where he could reach. "Hi there."* - Fri Jan 11 02:15:40 2019
  147. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) finally had just about enough of this entire fighting situation. He goes to view the people that had entered the marketplace a while a go. "Hey, Kanjun."* - Fri Jan 11 03:06:01 2019
  149. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) would attempt to do something Fei did to him. He'd try to pat Kanjun's head. "Don't be sad. Jiao's not smart." * - Fri Jan 11 03:38:27 2019
  151. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) continued to pet Kanjun. It seemed like Jiao was hell bent on hurting them, which... wasn't nice. "Jiao, you're bullying her."* - Fri Jan 11 03:44:25 2019
  153. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) stopped patting Kanjun's head. His arms would open as wide as they possiby could before he attempted to join in on the hug. It was good to be young.* - Fri Jan 11 03:52:06 2019
  155. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) let go of two children. He didn'tw ant to hurt them, and if one couldn't breathe, the other probably couldn't.He would look towards Hei, who seemed to appear out of nowehre. "Everyone's friends here."* - Fri Jan 11 04:00:38 2019
  157. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had his hand grabbed as he was led off. Time to fill his stomach up with something good.* - Fri Jan 11 04:39:53 2019
  159. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looked at the strange fruit that was brought out by Kanjun. Truth be told, he wasn't expecting to much from eating this. He was more or less just wanting to try some new things. He took a deep breath before grabbing a single piece of clementine. He'd pop it into his mouth and chew. As someone who wasn't expecting to much, his expectations had been shatterd. He continued to chew on his singular piece of fruit. A bright smile seemed to be on his face, as well as a slight appearance of awe. "This tastes so good."* - Fri Jan 11 04:55:15 2019
  161. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) turned his attention to Hei and smiled. A hand was held out like a proper adult would do. He had seen it done enough times at least. "It's nice to meet you."* - Fri Jan 11 05:04:38 2019
  163. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) frowned a bit since it sort of seemed like he said something wrong. He supposed he should apologize, but then someone seemed to make their appearance. He ignored them for a brief moment to finally issue his apology. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you sad."* - Fri Jan 11 05:14:52 2019
  165. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't like where this was going. He was a bully now and he honestly didn't want that to be said about him. "I didn't bully him though. I promise."* - Fri Jan 11 05:26:49 2019
  167. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) began to slowly back away. Once he felt it was somewhat safe, he tried to run back towards the marketplace.* - Fri Jan 11 05:34:30 2019
  169. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was about to make his way into a different situation, but it seemed his attention had been called by the King. This prevented him from seeing the.... scene of nightmares. Instead his attention was drawn by the King, who he followed.* - Fri Jan 11 18:42:59 2019
  171. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) has no idea what is going on. Though he supposes when the time comes, he had to gather people. That would be a bother. He spared a glance towards Shun and Kanjun. He wondered what had them all shaken up. "Are you guys okay?"* - Fri Jan 11 18:55:47 2019
  173. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) attempted to go super stealthy and sneak up behind Jiao. Assuming he succceeded he'd attempt to quickly give him a nice, very soft, bop on the head.* - Fri Jan 11 19:09:26 2019
  175. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) does a poor attempt to imitate a bodybuilding pose he had seen his father do.* - Fri Jan 11 19:12:51 2019
  177. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) checks his own wallet. He certainly did have quite a bit of money. Though... he still wanted free food. "You're right."* - Fri Jan 11 19:26:30 2019
  179. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walks on over to Jiao and places his hand on the child's shoulder. "Mm. I'd hate to see food wasted. I'll eat it in her place."* - Fri Jan 11 19:37:36 2019
  181. *Jiao-Huang hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Bread Jam. - Fri Jan 11 19:39:18 2019
  183. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes the bread and begins to munch on it. Truthfully this was the greatest food ever created. It even beat the clementine he had been given before. "I love bread. Jiao! Guess what."* - Fri Jan 11 19:40:09 2019
  185. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) just sort of flexes his arms. He had more muscles than a child his age should have, but it wasn't anything insane. "Muscles are muscles. I'm proud to have a mmuscle friend."* - Fri Jan 11 20:02:20 2019
  187. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) offered a chuckle in response. He knew that he was destined to have great muscles. Even if he didn't work out, he'd always have great muscles. SO hearing what Jiao said made him a bit happy. "They won't be as big as mine, but they'll be there."* - Fri Jan 11 20:10:01 2019
  189. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) took the hand and pulled himself up off the seat. "Back to food."* - Fri Jan 11 20:18:33 2019
  191. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) turns towards Jiao a bit as he was told something weird. He shrugged it off and then nodded. "Evia, you're hair looks cool."* - Fri Jan 11 20:32:12 2019
  193. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) practically beamed as his head was complimented. He didn't even acknowledge how weird the compliment was. "Thank you! I always wipe my head with water before I slipe and when I wake up."* - Fri Jan 11 20:34:46 2019
  195. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) turned his head towards Sariel as soon as weights were mentioned. The child's face seemed to light up before he practically jumped into the air. "Lifting weights? Yay!" Though he did notice his good friend Kei towards the side, so of course he had to greet them. "Kei, I was told to look for you."* - Fri Jan 11 20:40:44 2019
  197. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) began to rapidly pump his arms into the air. He had a bit of childish glee to be doing something like this. After a few moments of getting his excitement out, he strted to copy Sariel's stretches. "Stretching is in poor taunt."* - Fri Jan 11 20:49:16 2019
  199. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was very happy to be doing this right now. He knew it was time for some hardcore training. He didn't assume that Sariel got a smaller bar for him, so he was about to be lifting a big bar. Though,, this was nothing different for him. It was just what was required. "LIFTING!!!!" His hands found their way to either side of the bar. He placed them in the perfect position while slightly bent in a squat. With a yelp he'd lift the bar up and hold the position for a moment. Then he'd let the bar drop to the ground. "1" He practically shouted after every rep he did, but he was doing them just like Sariel. He wouldn't be left behind by anyone in the pursuit of muscles.* - Fri Jan 11 20:56:57 2019
  201. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) finished his deadlifts shortly after Sariel. He had to catch up or he'd be considered too slow. He must feel the pump. If he didn't feel the pump, then everything was for naught. "BICEP CURLS!" He kept shouting as if nothing mattered. He grabbed his dumbbel and began to lift it in a similar manner to Sariel. He was using most of his strength to accomplish this, but he knew he could break his limits if he really tried.* - Fri Jan 11 21:09:45 2019
  203. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) drops his weights to the ground, but he took off a single plate. Holding the oversized plate with both hands, he'd begin to do sit ups. He was going to take this exercise even further beyond. "100 REPS!"* - Fri Jan 11 21:20:51 2019
  205. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) broke past the fifty situp mark. He didn't seem like he was going to stop though. He just continued on, the weight was basically resting in his hands at this point. He had to push himself further for the perfect muscles.* - Fri Jan 11 21:25:07 2019
  207. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) finished his sit ups. He tossed off the weights and immediately followed Sariel's instructions. He was falling behind again. He had to pump out these pushups quickly. Before he did though, he carefully took off and layed down his robes. He then proceded to toss off his shirt. It was time to get physical. He dropped down to the pushup stance before he began to crank out pushups. By this point he was clearly sweating a lot, but he persisted.* - Fri Jan 11 21:32:48 2019
  209. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) finally managed to finish his pushups. He was feeling tired. He had a lot of energy, but he was still a child that wasn't really that close to hitting the prime development stage. Then again, he was a Senzaemon and they don't stop. He sprung to his feet and acted likeverything was okay. He had to do what Sariel told him. That meant that he began his one hundred punches and kicks without complaint. "FOR THE MUSCLES!"* - Fri Jan 11 21:40:28 2019
  211. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) pulls up into the area and runs in front of Urea.* - Fri Jan 11 23:54:27 2019
  213. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was just gonna speak as if Urea wasn't in between them. It was a bit rude, but oh well.* - Sat Jan 12 00:00:25 2019
  215. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shakes his head as Urea managed to make up some story. He rose a hand and pointed past Urea. "Its for a mission. See Kanjun knows what I'm talking about."* - Sat Jan 12 00:03:50 2019
  217. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) tilts his head a bit as he was called Hage. He didn't really know what that meant. He just had to shake his head. "I'm not those people, I'm Morkian."* - Sat Jan 12 00:09:48 2019
  219. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) splits past Urea in order to get in front of Kanjun. When it seems like he is about to say something, he just closes his mouth and moves off to the side. Seemed he didn't want to say anything right now.* - Sat Jan 12 00:29:26 2019
  221. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gives Kei a high five. "Me too."* - Sat Jan 12 01:47:05 2019
  223. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) covers Kei's ears.* - Sat Jan 12 01:55:37 2019
  225. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes his hands of Kei's ears and yawns. It was about time for his nap, but he also didn't want to go to sleep yet.* - Sat Jan 12 01:59:02 2019
  227. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) wanted to play with Shunsuke too. If Urea and Tatsuya could do it, so could he. He'd begin making his way over to the much older gentleman. Once he reached the area he wanted, he'd attempt to hit Shunsuke in the head. It was all in good fun of course. "Boop."* - Sat Jan 12 02:23:47 2019
  229. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) wasn't really expecting Shunsuke to strike him. He was especially not expecting Shunsuke to strike him with Urea's foot. This... was going to be weird. The impact of the kick came straight towards his chest? His face? Probably his face to be honest. Either way, it'd cause the young Senzaemon to stagger back and hold the afflicted area. It didn't hurt... but it was mean for people to kick him.* - Sat Jan 12 02:53:39 2019
  231. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) runs his face a bit as he looks towards Urea. She actually hit him, but he wasn't all that mad to be honest. "Am I Marian?"* - Sat Jan 12 02:58:46 2019
  233. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) flexes his arm a bit. Of course this was his favorite thing to do when people said they didn't like working out. "Working out helps you get big muscles like me."* - Sat Jan 12 03:19:15 2019
  235. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked over to Jiao witha large smile on his face. He pointed towards the stars, something he'd seen others do before. Deepening his voice as much as he could at five, he spoke. "Then we must workout from the sun going up till Shunsuke tells its time to sleep."* - Sat Jan 12 03:26:04 2019
  237. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) continues pointing towards nothing. He had that shit eating grin on his face as he furiously nodded his head. "The heavenly muscle road is the only path we must follow."* - Sat Jan 12 03:35:28 2019
  239. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes a few steps back to get next to Jiao. * - Sat Jan 12 03:44:00 2019
  241. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) ran forwarrd shortly after Jiao did. H e didn't have any cordination to speak of, but he knew the tidbits of the game. Considering how small Jiao was and how big Shun was, he had one plan. He'd place his hands on Jiao's shoulders before attempting to hop over him. Should he succeed, he'd extend his feet forward before trying to kick Shunsuke. "SEZAEMON SOCCER!"* - Sat Jan 12 04:24:57 2019
  243. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was amazed at what just happened.His miraculous surprise attack had actually been dodged. This was something that had only happened in actual Senzaemon Soccer. Right now it just seemed like things were going bad for Jaio. The young Senzaemon landed on the ground and attempted too follow after the other child. "WEEEE"* - Sat Jan 12 04:41:10 2019
  245. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) runs forward towards the ball. He didn't really understand what was going on. Kei had been hit and Jiao fell on his ass. He was the last person up. He could do this. He had do to this. "I'll avenge you both." he muttered before running up to the ball and attempting to kick it as hard as possible. "DOn'T GO KEI!!!!"* - Sat Jan 12 04:48:51 2019
  247. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) charges into the area with an unnatural energy. There was no reason for a kid to be this happy or energetic right now. "What is going on everyone?"* - Sat Jan 12 18:57:55 2019
  249. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) stared at the sock. He had never seen such a unique weapon. A smile slowly spread on his face before he started running towards Jiao. The male stopped himself a few inches away from the other child before reaching out his hand. Clearly he was trying to see the sock with his own hands. "Lemme seeeee."* - Sat Jan 12 19:20:06 2019
  251. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) nodded his head enthusiastically. He looked around for a moment as he thought about who might have a sock. Finally.. he chose his target. The Senzaemon began to charge towards Yoshi. "LET ME HAVE YOUR SOCK PLEASE!"* - Sat Jan 12 19:27:47 2019
  253. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) stopped running forward at that point. His plans had been dashed. Thus... he changed his target. Shimizu seemed to be talking about socks. Therefore he charged towards Shimizu. "LET ME GET YOUR SOCKS PLEASE!"* - Sat Jan 12 19:30:20 2019
  255. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) felt someone land on his back. He slightly turned his head in order to catch a glimpse of some green hair. This was the only indication he needed to realize who it was. He turned his attention to Hikari and was about to say something, but it seemed she didn't mind accepting Jiao's demands. "What is going on Jiao?"* - Sat Jan 12 19:51:40 2019
  257. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) turns his attention to Kanjun. He hadn't seen them in a while. "Raon? I haven't seen her. Is she missing?"* - Sat Jan 12 20:11:18 2019
  259. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was a bit to slow so.. he nodded his head. "I guess you do. We gotta find Kanjun now."* - Sat Jan 12 20:20:41 2019
  261. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes the sock from Jiao as his eyes widen. He didn't know what to say, instead he just opened his arms and attempted to give Jiao a hug. "Thank you."* - Sat Jan 12 20:30:04 2019
  263. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) turns for a moment to look at Kanjun and her spear. He had seen a glimpse of it before, but that was about it.' "Woah.. that is so cool. Can I see it?"* - Sat Jan 12 21:02:30 2019
  265. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) just stared at the spear for a bit. He had to marvel at the weapon he didn't happen to have. Right now all he had was his sock. He suppose that it'd be simple for him to begin swining it willy nilly, but it probably couldn't beat a spear. "Jiao, we should get a better weapon from the King. Socky hitter."* - Sat Jan 12 21:06:46 2019
  267. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) nodded his head. He had been thinking wrong apparently and he needed to change that. Why become reliant on something else when he had his muscles? "You're right. I have to be reliant on muscles."* - Sat Jan 12 21:11:02 2019
  269. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) turned his attention to Raon for a moment before looking back at Jiao. It seemed that a critical blow had been dealt to his poor friend. "Jiao. Believe in the muscles that will make you big and tall."* - Sat Jan 12 21:18:43 2019
  271. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was to focused on Jiao to care about Raon for the moment. He had to make his friend believe in the muscles. He didn't have time to worry about Jiao getting his foot stomped. Of course, if it happened, Mork would turn his attention to Raon. "No, you shouldn't bully Jiao."* - Sat Jan 12 21:26:24 2019
  273. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) listened as his two friends seemed intent on defending Raon. Though it didn't seem the boi wanted to hear it. He pointed a towards Raon before turning his attention to Jiao and Kanjun. "But she says a lot of mean things. She called me a bully."* - Sat Jan 12 21:43:28 2019
  275. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) crossed his arms. He wasn't going to be able to convince them that Raon was really a bully. He knew this, so he had to give up. "Fine. She still has no muscles, but she isn't a bully and is nice." He muttered the last part. It was the worst insult he could think of. He made it all better of course.* - Sat Jan 12 21:55:24 2019
  277. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was feeling left out. Everyone was getting all touchy feely. He wanted to join in too. So he did. Morkian walked forward and attempted to join in on the group hug. Did he like Raon that much? Not really, but if she was Jiao and Kanjun's friend. She had to be his. "We're all friends now."* - Sat Jan 12 22:03:05 2019
  279. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) got thwacked on the head, but he had already got the message. He was done with the hug and backed away. He rubbed his head a small bit but he was fine other than that. "Sorry."* - Sat Jan 12 22:08:12 2019
  281. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) pats himself on the back. Though he glances at Juuto a bit. He offers a kind smile before moving to stand next to Jiao. "Why? No more hugs is bad."* - Sat Jan 12 22:15:02 2019
  283. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) turns his head upon hearing Jiao. His body turned and he took off towards his good friend. "Hi Jiao, Kanjun and Raon."* - Sun Jan 13 04:50:08 2019
  285. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave Jiao a fist bump before his attention was drawn in by Raon. "Yes?" At thsi point it was clear he answered to bald. Without waiting for her to actually answer him, he turned his attention to Jiao. "The sky is up."* - Sun Jan 13 04:52:41 2019
  287. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinks a few times before running out of the building. Its a wonder where he was going.* - Sun Jan 13 05:02:56 2019
  289. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looked towards Kanjun as she began her story. He had been interested in knowing what had happened. There were so many indications something was wrong, yet he never found anything out. As the story progressed, Morkian got more and more shocked. He was imaginative, most kids were. He couldn't help but imagine the entire ordeal. While he didn't bark because it was only his imagination, he still felt his stomach drop. He took a stempt forward and opened his arms before giving Kanjun a hug. It wasn't one of his strong hugs, but it was him trying to be gentle. "Its okay"* - Sun Jan 13 05:11:28 2019
  291. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was definitely not expecting to be hugged back in return. He didn't like seeing any of his friends sad, so he expected to be able to comfort everyone regardless of their ailments. "We can do it together."* - Sun Jan 13 05:22:33 2019
  293. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) dug his hand into his pocket and took out the sock that was filled with coins. This and his fist were his only weapons he had.* - Sun Jan 13 05:27:40 2019
  295. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked into the area expecting something rather...mild? At this point he could say it shouldn't be to bad. Of course, he didn't expect to see what was presented to him. It was honeslty worst than what he had imagined before. Along with that, as someone who had a good nose the smell was truly horrible. He wanted to turn away to escape the smell, but he had been given this mission by the King. He swallowed down the vomit that was attempting to charge from his mouth and took a deep breath. He heard Raon's orders and gave a firm nod. Though if anyone was looking they'd notice that it was a bit forced. He also remained unusually silent because he had to rely on his hearing right now. If he tried sniffing out anything he was sure to vomit. He began to move forward, he had to.* - Sun Jan 13 05:44:44 2019
  297. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) definitely knew exactly what to do. He had moved forward first. Honestly, he was probably one of the best for this particular situation. It seemed that he was going to be the tank, and that was perfectly fine. As the first liovipe seems to spring forward, Morkian reacts. While his reflexes were just short of being equal, he felt like there would be no problem with him attempting to take a swing at the in coming beast. The sock filled with yen was swung forward as quick as the young Senzaemon could accomplish. His goal was to do at least a bit of damage to the liovipe and prevent it from reaching Raon. Even if his attack missed he still aimed to be in its way. He had to try his best. He couldn't let his friend get hurt.* - Sun Jan 13 05:57:32 2019
  299. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had managed toa ccomplish a bit. He had slowed down the incoming liovipe. It was good enough for him. He had other people there to help him. As for everything else he just had to wait for Raon's plan to go through. Right now, he decided to play defense along with Kanjun.* - Sun Jan 13 06:21:26 2019
  301. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was surprised to feel water rushing past him and onto the field. From the looks of it things were going good. Then you know, things started popping up out of nowhere, but what did that matter. It just meant it was time to get physical. His sock was swinging rapidly. It was such a simple way to attack, but his aim was to hit as many Liovipes as he could. He hit them hard and continued on. He wasn't scared of them hurting him. He was sure that he would be fine regardless of what they did.* - Sun Jan 13 06:40:12 2019
  303. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was getting through the numerous liovipes that were spawning. That is until they all seemed to be down. He almsot assumed that they were done. Then the ground started to shake. Honestly, it was just one thing after the next. Now there was a giant liopvipe shooting out of the water pipes. Honestly, he almost wanted to laugh cause it looked fun. His attention stayed on the new enemy as Raon spoke out her orders. Guess it was time for the big guns to pop in. With his sock at the ready he moved towards the downed beast. Similar to Jiao he had no formal training, but he could swing a damn sock. So he did, he swung that sock as hard as he could towards the head. Kanjun and Hei could go for the eyes, he'd go for a more straightforward bash it over the head type of attack.* - Sun Jan 13 06:56:25 2019
  305. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was swept off his feet. Honestly... he didn't expect something like this to happen for quite sometime. Everything always seemed to be so premature. The young Senzaemon was durable enough that he probably wouldn't be too banged up from this sudden attack. He might get a few scratches, maybe have some blood from a cut or two. All this attack did was truly enrage the child. While he wasn't sure if this thing was going to explode, he felt that it'd be a good meal. He had never got to taste the sweet, sweet meat of a Liovipe cause they loved to blow up. Now was his chance. All he had to do was use his mighty hitting sock. So he did just that. He swung his sock towards the back of the snakes head. Combined with Raon's attack he might be pushing the head into the blade some more.* - Sun Jan 13 07:12:38 2019
  307. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinks a few times as he looks towards the remnants of his meal, though he did hear an interesting piece of information. "Did... you get to eat good food Jiao?"* - Sun Jan 13 07:21:10 2019
  309. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) strolls into the area as he usually does. What he didn't expect was to see Hei and Kanjun. "Hey guys."* - Sun Jan 13 17:25:20 2019
  311. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) raised an eyebrow a bit as he saw them training. Unlike them, he didn't have the ability to get a fancy weapon. All he had was his body and a sock. Was there much he could actually do with that? Well... yeah there was, but if he wanted to do something like that it would require so much work. Luckily he was definitely willing to put in some type of work. He sauntered off for a little bit before coming back with some assortment of weights and other exercise items.* - Sun Jan 13 17:43:15 2019
  313. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rushes off to bug Se and left all his equipment.* - Sun Jan 13 17:49:13 2019
  315. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) runs into the area and directly towards Se. A large smile was on his face as he attempted to tap Se's leg. "King."* - Sun Jan 13 17:50:56 2019
  317. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) holds up his overpowered sock of yen. He wiggled it around a bit letting the coins hit each other. "I want to get a weapon like Kanjun and Hei. They look so cool."* - Sun Jan 13 17:54:20 2019
  319. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) patiently waited for the king to finish his little.. speech. After that he would begin nudging the king's leg a bit. Obviously he was attempting to grab their attention. Then he heard Jiao. "I'm going to hit the King."* - Sun Jan 13 18:19:05 2019
  321. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was but a boy. NOt just any body, he was a Senzaemon boy. There were really three things that he loved seeing. His friends, his muscles, and cool stuff. Launching a ball of fire clearly counted as being one of the coolest things someone could possibly do. So when the King decided to throw a ball of fire towards him he sort of wanted to just sit there and take it. He wanted to see if he could take an attack from the king. He was a five year old, did he want to think that much? He wasn't Raon or Jiao. He had spent enough time around the two to somewhat hear what they'd say to him. They'd not only tell him to dodge, they'd probably tell him to dodge and attack, so he had to try. His reflexes were probably higher than most might think considering his clan. Due to everything he had gone through, he felt like he could handle things a bit better. HIs body moved as quick as possible towards the sky. He didn't try moving to the side or anything,, instead he attempted to push off with all his strength. How high could a kid his height jump? Well... seems he could jump pretty dang high into the air. Of course, he didn't think about how this would just leave him stranded.* - Sun Jan 13 18:46:24 2019
  323. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) wanted to move in the air. He felt like that was the best way to go. Playing smart was something that he felt would be good. It would make him very similar to Jiao and Raon. Of course, that wasn't the Senzaemon's particular strong suit. His descent towards the ground was swift. He could jump and he could land, but was there much else he could do? Well of course there was. He had his muscles. His muscles hadn't failed him yet. He could do this. Hell, he felt that anyone could do this. He was a child and pain hurt, but working out had taught him one thing. No Pain, No Gain. So he shot off towards the king. His body moved as fast as his little push could take him. Of course this meant he was going to meet the fire head on, but this wouldn't be the first time he had been pushed in front of an attack. People tended to enjoy doing that a whole lot. So he tried quite literally chargine into the fire in order to get to the King. If by some miracle this actually worked a punch would be delivered along with the wails of a burnt child. How badly? Well.. not as much as one might think.* - Sun Jan 13 18:59:12 2019
  325. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) managed to get an attack in. Truth be told he had thought this would be a lot easier. Then again, it was the King. There had to be more effort put in. It made sense. That is why as the king started spouting off a bit about not tanking and taking haphazard attempts, he felt that. It was either that or he was feeling his skin being hotter than it should be. Still, he had managed to gain his composure in his time of thinking. Now all he had to do was get another two strikes in. Then a knee came to his gut. He was proud of his above average durability, but the king could get through that with ease. The attack sent him back a bit and truly did take his breath away. He was gasping for air as he tried to regain his composure. He didn't cry this time, but he certainly didn't want to take another one of those attacks. Still the time it was taking for him to catch his breath, he'd try and take out his sock. It was time for him to get a bit serious and assuming he managed to do so, he'd move forward again. He believed in himself, at least he thought he did. The king could find out if he'd just let Mork hit him with his favorite sock.* - Sun Jan 13 19:12:00 2019
  327. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) could hear. That was one of the things he was proud of in this world. His ears perked up as he heard Se charging towards him. Honestly, he didn't think Se would charge towards him so quickly. That just meant that he had to get through this whole.... breathing thing a bit faster. There was one thing he could do to be honest. His hands came forward. Truth be told, this was a hail mary pass attempt for him. He wasn't going to be able to dodge th king. That would be to hard. He was going to have to take the punch. He was having a bit of trouble controlling his breathing, but he was still going to make the attempt to prepare his core for being obliterated. Even if he wasn't able to, he would let a fist swing out. It wasn't aiming up, but it was instead aiming for the incoming hand. Being slower, he had to try to hit what was already extended. This was the best plan he could come up with by himself and considering the circumstances, the only thing that could work for him.* - Sun Jan 13 19:18:49 2019
  329. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinked a few times. His attack had actually landed. Of course the words spoken by the King were very easy to understand. He thought that his main goal was to take hits and just keep on moving. Of course, he never thought about performing an action along with this. He had been following along without thinking for himself. While he didn't think that this was all that wrong, he still had to take it into account. He also did have a slight confidence problem.There were only a few things he felt truly confident in, but then again he had no reason to feel like he could square up to anyone else. A small smile slowly appeared on his face as he finally realized a few things. In the time that took the King had already started to walk towards him. In response, Morkian took the chance to move forward.He wasn't going to wait to be attacked. He was so close, so he felt that he could get through this. No sock was taken out, but a fist was thrown towards Se's thigh.* - Sun Jan 13 19:32:28 2019
  331. *Uchiha, Se hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Iron Katana. - Sun Jan 13 19:35:53 2019
  333. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) barely knew what potential was. Honestly he was just a kid who wanted to eat everyday. He wasn't thinking to much of the future. He didn't feel that it was worth it. Yet time did seem to stand still. Thoughts seemed to flow through his mind as a tall figure appeared in front of him. They were so big that he couldn't see the top of their head. He could barely make out their knee to be honest. Though from what he did see, they were chiseled. Awe seemed to appear in the young child's eyes as they would turn and bend down. Was that...him? It didn't matter, cause that is what he would work to become. He could only go up from here. He could only soar to become the world's strongest. Then everything seemed to snap back as his fist connected. He had accomplished what he needed. He could say that he learned a lot. A lot more than he had expected to learn any time soon. "Thank you." was all he could say towards the King's congratulations. * - Sun Jan 13 19:41:52 2019
  335. *Uchiha, Se hands Senzaemon, Morkian a IronAxe. - Sun Jan 13 19:44:25 2019
  337. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) took the box from the king with a large smile. This.. this was the weapon he recieved. He was honored that the King saw his strength so clearly he knew he couldn't let him down. "I'll always carry it with all the strength I have. No matter what."* - Sun Jan 13 19:47:50 2019
  339. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) runs out of the arena and goes to stand on the sidelines. He had to admire his new weapon. * - Sun Jan 13 19:53:48 2019
  341. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) claps for Hei. He had watched a good show and learned something. So it was deserving of a clap.* - Sun Jan 13 21:39:37 2019
  343. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) reaches his hand outwards. Regardless of what Jiao was doing, he'd attempt to yank him with him. Of course, i f Kae is about to body him she can go ahead and do that first.* - Sun Jan 13 21:53:16 2019
  345. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) let go of Jiao as Xiao asked. He wasn't going to kidnap Jiao when Xiao needed him. It would be rude. "I'll talk to you later than Jiao."* - Sun Jan 13 22:00:57 2019
  347. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes off his shirt similar to how Sariel did. He had to train himself so that he wouldn't let down the King. The first step for that was to stretch. His body needed to be limber if he was going to do these exercises. It only took him a moment to get all stretched out. Having finished his first bit of stretching, he moved on. He walked over to the bar he had left here earlier and grabbed it. On each side seemed to be a few different weights. All of it ended up adding to roughtly a hundred and fifty pounds. It was close enough to his full strength to give him a real challange. He brought the bar up off the ground and towards his waist before dropping it. He had to do thirty reps, but he felt like he should do more. So in the end, he would probably wind up doing around fifty.* - Sun Jan 13 22:08:38 2019
  349. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) finished his particular deadlifts. Of course he had completed the fifty reps that Sariel had recommended for him. Now it was time for him to carry his own training. What he wanted to do was something that was very similar to Sariel, but he also realized he should move away from his cousin for it. He is legs carreid him over to a different part of the yard before Morkian took out the box he had been given. Within it was the axe that the King had presented him. He knew that sooner or later he was going to need to train in using such a weapon. He smiled a bit because he was feeling a bit sentimental. His smile soon dropped as he got into a very poor stance. He was strong, but he didn't trust himself to swing an axe with one hand. Instead he used two and began to swing it through the air with all his might. It was quite obvious that his goal was to get better at using it, he just didn't really know how. He had seen others training their weapons this way.* - Sun Jan 13 22:19:44 2019
  351. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) wasn't actually counting how many times he was swining the weapon. To be honest he wasn't actually swinging it that much. His swings were very slow and clumsy. It was obvious enough how bad he was with this weapon. It would have been easier if he were to just use a club or his fists. They didn't require actual skill. Sadly, Morkian had decided that this would be his weapon. One thing he had wanted was something that was heavy and hard to pick up. While this was hard to pick up for others, it was well within his range of strength. Now he just needed to learn a bit about it. Thus he kept swinging. Due to his lack of skill with his swings, he was expending massive amounts of energy. It was tedious and most children would be bored, but this was what the Senzaemon lived for. Training was the only way for them to become the strongest. It drove them and it brought smiles to their faces. Smiles just like the one Morkian was wearing. "We can do this!" He was happy and he wanted everyone to know. Swinging this blade was like taking a swing at those who were in his way. Those that would prevent him from becoming the strongest. * - Sun Jan 13 22:29:58 2019
  353. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) stopped swinging for a moment. He placed the axe into the ground to catch his breath. By this point there was sweat dripping down his face. It wasn't like there was anything too wrong with his stamina. It was the fact that this was truly draining. He somehow continued on without wanting to quit. His axe was brought back up into his hands. This time he went for overhead swings. It was similar to chopping wood He brought the blade above his head slightly before bringing it down. He didn't try anything fancy, he just kept it as simple as he could. He was hoping that he'd get better soon. He knew, however, that it was going to take a lot of work to improve. For some reason, he wanted to ask the King about how he would train with an Axe. Shunsuke would have also been a good person to ask, yet that would have to be later. As for right now he had to keep slamming the axe into the sand, slowly cleaving through it.* - Sun Jan 13 22:40:12 2019
  355. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) stopped swinging his axe once again. He felt that he had completed well over the required amount strikes. He felt that he had been swinging for days, of course it had only been a short amount of time. He had to get back to natural weight training quickly. His hand reached out to grab the bar he had dropped into the sand. After picking it up, Morkian placed it on his shoulders before he began to go into squats. He had to make sure his legs were equally as toned as his upper body. With the addition of his axe training, he felt like he was going to have to focus a lot more attention on his legs. Every now and then he turend to see how Sariel was doing. He supposed that the male would get through everything he needed to at some point. Until then he had to keep himself busy. He couldn't do any more missions today anyway.* - Sun Jan 13 22:52:09 2019
  357. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) relished this chance. He felt it was very nice to be doing squats. Honestly he considered this his cooldown. Thus when Sariel asked his question he turned his head while continuing his exercise. "Swining made me really tired. Right now I'm resting." Shortly after saying that he had completed his twentieth squat. He was clearly going slower than usual, but the amount he was squaatting was still very high. He had to make sure that he kept himself busy during this time.* - Sun Jan 13 23:01:32 2019
  359. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) placed down the bar and released a small sigh. He began to do a few stretches to get himself loose once more. As he did this he looked towards Sariel. "I'm done."* - Sun Jan 13 23:09:13 2019
  361. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) waves towards Kei. "See ya Kei." Afterwards he turned around and started heading towards Kanjun.* - Mon Jan 14 00:00:25 2019
  363. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) stares at Kanjun for a few moments, completely silent. It looked like he wanted to ask something, but should he? "I have a question."* - Mon Jan 14 00:05:32 2019
  365. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) eyes lit up as he heard about the fact he can get a lot of good food. "Really? That sounds like I'm going to do that."* - Mon Jan 14 00:12:22 2019
  367. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) nodded his head furiously before taking a seat. He had to figure out how to make a really good impression.* - Mon Jan 14 00:17:29 2019
  369. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) turns his attention towards Hei. He offered a kind smile before he pointed at himself. "Hei, how can I become a servant?"* - Mon Jan 14 00:24:19 2019
  371. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) leans onto Kanjun and just closes his eyes. He had had a long day. It was time for some nice relaxataion.* - Mon Jan 14 01:12:57 2019
  373. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was currently resting on Kanjun. She was also patting his head so that was nice.* - Mon Jan 14 01:20:38 2019
  375. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was glomped out of nowhere. This caused him to wake up and quickly grab the closest thing to him, Kanjun. So now Kanjun would probably be in a nice hug. "Who... what?"* - Mon Jan 14 01:25:45 2019
  377. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) turns towards towards Jiao for a moment and nods his head. He supposed now was a good time to let go of Kanjun. "Oh.. okay."* - Mon Jan 14 01:30:01 2019
  379. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) went back to laying on Kanjun.* - Mon Jan 14 01:32:35 2019
  381. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gets picked up.* - Mon Jan 14 03:22:40 2019
  383. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was set down in front of a female he didn't know. All he knew was that he had to be on his best behavior. His mind went to a single person. What would Hei do? After figuring this out... somewhat he'd bow towards Yeijing and smile. "Hello there."* - Mon Jan 14 03:25:13 2019
  385. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't exactly know how to feel about being looked at like that. Since he was here to talk to this person, he probably should be rather flattered. He didn't really know though. "I'm Morkian of the Senzaemon." It had been a long time since he had said his full name, but Jiao said completely good behavior. Once she introduced herself his smile widened a tiny bit. "Its a pleasure to meet you too."* - Mon Jan 14 03:36:19 2019
  387. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) nodded his head before turning to take a glance at Shun. He had already met them before, so he wasn't to sure how this would play out. * - Mon Jan 14 03:44:51 2019
  389. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was currently just staring into Shun's very soul.* - Mon Jan 14 04:04:28 2019
  391. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) placed his hand up and spread his fingers. "I'm five years old."* - Mon Jan 14 04:26:40 2019
  393. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinks a few times. He had actually never met Kae, but it seemed he would be her retainer now. The Senzaemon didn't seem to mind all that much. "Okay. Though.. I haven't met Kae before."* - Mon Jan 14 04:37:45 2019
  395. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) stares at Ascelin as he answered Shun's order He had seen this male once before, but that was about it. He didn't really know much about them, but he supposed he would learn. "I am prepared for that responsibility."* - Mon Jan 14 04:55:40 2019
  397. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) also took a step closer. He had to carefully listen to everything that was being said. Of course he didn't have any paper to right on, so he went with good ol forceful memorization. He listened very carefully, honestly he was using more brain power to decipher what was said then usual. Though once everything had been gotten through, he gave a nod of his head. Essentialy everything in his mind had boiled down to three things. -Don't leave her side -Don't let her get herself into trouble -Don't let her get bullied. These were etched into his mind firmly. Everything about diets hadn't been talked about so he didn't seem to worry about it to much. "I can definitely do all of that."* - Mon Jan 14 05:11:53 2019
  399. *Jiao-Huang hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Bread Jam. - Mon Jan 14 05:12:44 2019
  401. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) turned his attention towards the new person who walked into the area. He could only assume who they were at this point. A smile seemed to appear on his face as he got up from his seat and waddled over. He did what he had seen Ascelin doing before. He gave a bow towards Kae before speaking. "Uhm. Hello, Lady Kae. I'm Morkian your new retainer!" He sounded sort of excited at the end there. He displayed his smile once more just cause he wanted to show how happy he was.* - Mon Jan 14 05:34:04 2019
  403. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rubbed the top of his head as she pointed at it. There were quite a few things said about it whenever he met someone new, but that was the first time someone commented about it being light. He offered a small chuckle. "I wipe it with water every day." He stated this simple routine as he rubbed his head. When she commented on his particular height he nodded for a moment. He thought for a second or two before finally commenting. "I'm supposed to get even taller!"* - Mon Jan 14 05:43:28 2019
  405. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) took a moment to think after hearing Kae's response. Normally he would stick to himself being taller, but he wasn't going to say something mean. She was a whole year younger than him. She was clearly not as mature as he was. "If I'm taller, Kae can ride my shoulder." Nailed it.* - Mon Jan 14 05:48:35 2019
  407. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) just sort of stood in his place at this point. He didn't really know what else to do since they were already here. He just had a very nice smile on his face like usual.* - Mon Jan 14 06:03:05 2019
  409. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was about to accuse Raon of bullying Jiao, but he realized he probably couldn't at this point. "I want to draw something too."* - Mon Jan 14 06:26:08 2019
  411. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) moves over to Raon and sort of just stands there. He didn't know why, but he had a bad feeling about this.* - Mon Jan 14 06:27:50 2019
  413. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) has his head drawn on by Raon. He didn't try stopping it because he was actually interested in seeing how this turned out. Of course he wasn't able to see what they did. "Jiao, what is on my head?"* - Mon Jan 14 06:31:15 2019
  415. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had gotten the info he wanted. It was only a square so it wasn't the worst thing. "Oh.. that isn't that bad."* - Mon Jan 14 06:37:13 2019
  417. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shook his head whenever Jiao shook his head. He didn't know why they were shaking their head, but it happened. Though at the mention of Urea, the Senzaemon took a glance towards Kae. She had a very unique way of pronuncing names.* - Mon Jan 14 07:02:49 2019
  419. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looked over at Ascelin. If there was anyone he had to copy, it would probably be him. Since that was the case he moved himself a bit closer to that particular location.* - Mon Jan 14 07:14:46 2019
  421. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes out the bread and jam he had received earlier. He supposed now was a good time to give it away. He walked over to Kae and held it out. He didn't know if he was suppose to do anything else at this point.* - Mon Jan 14 07:49:45 2019
  423. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked forward a bit more. He didn't reaelly know what he had missed. He just saw a kid get absolutely destroyed. "Hmm."* - Mon Jan 14 17:03:34 2019
  425. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) nods his heaed rather enthusisastically. He knew he had to show off the results of training, so he did the only thing he could. He flexed. He flexed those five year old muscles which were probably bigger than most. "Senzaemon are the best at muscles."* - Mon Jan 14 17:21:29 2019
  427. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) froze for a moment. Was it awe? Was it a response to the immense stupidity of the action? Either way there was only one thing to do. The young Senzaemon dropped to the ground with a single arm outstretched. He placed his other arm behind his back and smiled. His legs were spread shoulder width apart before he began to do those good one armed pushups.* - Mon Jan 14 17:38:33 2019
  429. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes out his yen sock as he moves over to Jiao.* - Mon Jan 14 17:58:11 2019
  431. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was so confused as to what they were doing. Truthfully, he hadn't done many menial missions. He'd only been slapping around Liovipes. Other than that, it had been a series of nothing. He shrugged as he just followed everyone else to wherever they were going. He hadn't gotten the chance to help build a house before so this was going to be an experience. They were kids so he didn't expect for them to actually help build a house. It didn't really matter much if they were tasked with doing that. His job would be the same. All he really had to do was gather as many materials and carry them back to the area. His house building skills were... nonexistent truthfully. He had to help any way he possibly could though. Assuming everything was going well, he continue bringing in the cement to the area. It didn't take long for him to bring everything they needed. Now it was time to help pour. With his abnormal strength, he was the perfect candidate to bring over cement and pour it into the areas they needed. He was almost certain that he was just pouring in the foundation, but he could be wrong. It didn't really matter to him. Morkian's goal was to fill as many of these fooundation areas as he could. He'd leave the actual building up of the house to everyone else. He set the groundwork for them to continue on their work, that was good enough right? Regardless he continued on with his foundation laying.* - Mon Jan 14 18:22:56 2019
  433. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) followed everyone once again. This time they were just taking bricks towards the gate. Honestly, this was the easiest mission for him. He could easily carry anything. He grabbed as many bags as he could possibly carry, which was only like 3 or 4. After doing such he began to move towards the gate with the speed of a normal person. Unlike Hei, he wasn't smart. Also unlike Hei, he wasn't weak. To him, this was all just like a simple exercise. If it wasn't a mission, he would definitely start doing squats and jumping his way towards the gate. Luckily he didn't, and he managed to reach the gate in a good amoutn of time. He probably had enough time to head back and grab some more bricks. Like before he just rushed towards the gate as quick as possible. He wasn't going to be left behind by everyone, so it didn't take him to long to reach the gate once more. He dropped off his bricks and began to do some stretches. He honestly may have forgotten that he wasn't exercising.* - Mon Jan 14 18:40:51 2019
  435. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rubbed the back of his head a bit. He really didn't know why they wanted to build carts. It seemed like something that wasn't meant to be done. Especially since this seemed to require more thought. He couldn't just carry and dump things. Morkian was almost completely lost as he saw what he had to work with. Sadly, he hadn't yet realized that he had to connect it to a camel. Thus.. he began the hard task of piecing together pieces of a card. Who made kids do work like this? Actually.. who made Morkian do work like this? He could only sigh in frustration as he slowly went about doing everything. Eventually he had managed to piece together something that slightly resembled a cart. Could it hold really heavy things? Probably. Would he get on this cart? Definitely not. After a moment he looked towards the camel that rested in front of him. He didn't want to do this all of a sudden. He had to hype himself up a bit before he finally attempted to place the cart on the camel. Luckily for him, the Camel didn't seem intent on harming him today, but Morkian could swear he saw a look of ridicule in the camel's eyes. He could swear that it was trying to get eaten too, but he wasn't going to worry about that right now. "Woo finished."* - Mon Jan 14 18:59:37 2019
  437. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes off his clothes without shame. Then he leaps into the bath. * - Mon Jan 14 19:38:52 2019
  439. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looks at the soap for a moment. He thinks back to his childhood, had he used soap? He could quite remember so he just shook his head.* - Mon Jan 14 19:40:35 2019
  441. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) took the soap from Jiao for a moment. He shrugged before he began to use it on himself. He supposed it wouldn't hurt to use. After a few moments of getting himself all soaped up, he washed it all off. "Ooh. That felt good."* - Mon Jan 14 19:49:07 2019
  443. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gets out of the tub and dries his body off. He slips back on his pants and smiles. "I'm not going to wear a shirt cause it stinks."* - Mon Jan 14 19:55:56 2019
  445. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) grabs Kanjun's hand before heading upstairs to explore.* - Mon Jan 14 20:25:48 2019
  447. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave a small wave before correcting himself. He remembered that Ascelin bowed a lot. People tended to bow. He lowered himself a bit before bowing towards Yeijing. As for her question he points towards Jiao. "I wanted to find out where Jiao went."* - Mon Jan 14 20:36:03 2019
  449. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave a nod. He hadn't thought they were doing anything wrong. If he had to guess, he probably shouldn't be charging into rooms. That would be something he should remember for the future. At the mention of a set of rules, he seemed to tilt his head a bit. He had thought he had already learned all the rules. What else was there to learn? Well, he'd find out sooner or later.* - Mon Jan 14 20:48:00 2019
  451. *Kotsu, Ascelin hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Manila Vest. - Mon Jan 14 20:59:56 2019
  453. *Kotsu, Ascelin hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Boots. - Mon Jan 14 20:59:56 2019
  455. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) began to change right there and then as well. He felt like this would be a bit weird, but a uniform was a uniform. After he was finished he seemed to begin admiring himself a bit. "This... is weird. Why do there need to be sleeves?"* - Mon Jan 14 21:02:30 2019
  457. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) took a glance back at Kanjun and just offered a smile. "Kanjun looks really cool." He'd then turn back his attention to Yeijing. He was hoping she or Ascelin would let him rip off his sleeves right about now.* - Mon Jan 14 21:06:46 2019
  459. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave a bow towards Yeijing before he headed out of the door. It was about time he left anyway.* - Mon Jan 14 21:17:00 2019
  461. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked on over and took a seat next to Kae. He got to finally sit on the couches. "These are comfy."* - Mon Jan 14 21:25:32 2019
  463. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walks on over and takes a seat next Jiao. He didn't want to be alone on a couch. That just made him look like a loser.* - Mon Jan 14 21:31:31 2019
  465. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was jumped by a four year old. It... wasn't pleasant. Kae seemingly blindsided the Senzaemon causing him to.. almost fall over. "What...." It took him a moment to process what happened, but once he did a look of horror showed. He had been hit and it didn't look good for him. "I'm sorry Jiao.... I've got... the cooties."* - Mon Jan 14 21:40:03 2019
  467. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had been defeated. This was the only defeat he had ever known, but it wouldn't be the last. He carefully reached his hand out and aimed to take an envelope. He didn't want Kae to fall or anything. "Kae has beaten Jiao and Morkian. Kae gets to have Jam!"* - Mon Jan 14 21:52:00 2019
  469. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shuffles a bit before getting off the couch. He offered Kae a smile before pointing towards the door. "I'm going to go get some Jam, I'll be back."* - Mon Jan 14 21:59:40 2019
  471. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) returns with his ultimate haul. He hops over... he waits to hop over cause he doesn't know what Kae is doing yet.* - Mon Jan 14 22:06:30 2019
  473. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) returned cause he could leave Kae with Jiao. He smiled and attempted to pat Kae's head. "I have lots of bread and jam!" Having said that he held one out for her.* - Mon Jan 14 22:08:12 2019
  475. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't know the meaning of jealousy. He just sort of rested there himself though.* - Mon Jan 14 22:56:51 2019
  477. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) picks up Kae and carries her off. He completed some missions too.* - Mon Jan 14 23:01:07 2019
  479. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a small yawn as he glanced over to Kae. "Anything you want to do today, Kae?"* - Mon Jan 14 23:39:31 2019
  481. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) digs into his pocket before holding out some yen.* - Tue Jan 15 00:27:18 2019
  483. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) carried off Kae since she was like his backpack now. "To training!"* - Tue Jan 15 00:32:25 2019
  485. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) clenched his fist. He had a feeling something like this might happen. Of course, he didn't expect for it to happen this fast. He could only begrudingly walk over towards Kae. As he moved he glanced towards Urea and her team. He was probably going to get out here. "Not a bad plan, Hei." was all he could really say about the situation. He wasn't about to try thinking about how this would play out. Of course... he did take out his axe for some odd reason.* - Tue Jan 15 01:36:25 2019
  487. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) touched Kae's hand rather.... begrudingly. He didn't want his base taken so swiftly, but he also didn't want to piss off Kae. He could only get through this by following orders. What he didn't expect was for Kae to do a complete 360 and betray Hei. The young Senzaemon just blinked as he wondered what the hell was going on. He could swear this was backwards, but he had to go along with it. "Why are we doing this again?"* - Tue Jan 15 02:13:07 2019
  489. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was touched. It appeared that he was getting touched a lot. Why was everyone touching him today? It didn't matter very much as his hand reached forward. His attempt was simple. He was trying to grab the hand that had touched him. Assuming he managed to pull this off he'd forcefully begin dragging Urea back. No use for him to waste time.* - Tue Jan 15 02:36:09 2019
  491. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) //(Repost) Urea || "Hei." Urea speaks up in that instance as she spots Hei's defensive motions. He either has a plan under his sleeve or simply pushed back on the defensive by her aggressive offensive. She knows how durable Hei can be due to the mission they've been in before, therefore she relies entirely on her chained up arm. To a degree anyway, as Urea is the type to strike before thinking. Circumventing the direction in which his fan had been placed, Urea seeks to step next to him, her right hand this time lashing outwards with the intention of grabbing him by the collar of his clothing. Should her grab be successfully, she forcefully aims to tug him towards her direction with her goal being to uproot his center of balance. In tandem with that motion, her chained fist barrels forward, aiming to crash against his nose to force blood to roll down from it, and for his teeth to scratch against the insides of his mouth. "You plan on using fans like Shunsuke, yeah?" She strikes up some slight conversation, revealing a degree of interest in Hei as a combatant.* - Tue Jan 15 03:23:56 2019
  493. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) glanced towards Yeijing who ended up taking a seat next to him. He still wan't used to this whole...servitude thing. He offered a smile before giving a bit of a bow. "Uh... they just started. From the looks of it, Hei is being...more careful than usual. Urea seems really strong though."* - Tue Jan 15 03:31:37 2019
  495. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked over to stand by the two females. He didn't want anything to happen at this point.* - Tue Jan 15 03:35:02 2019
  497. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) glanced at Kei for a moment. He had to wait for them to speak before he could leave.* - Tue Jan 15 04:11:44 2019
  499. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave a wave towards Kei before trying to follow everyone else.* - Tue Jan 15 04:15:08 2019
  501. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinks a few times as it seemed that there was a competition made for him. Eating food was probably his thing, but was he really all that hungry right now? You bet he was. "That sounds fun." After saying such he took off his robes to reveal his uniform.* - Tue Jan 15 04:24:32 2019
  503. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looks at Jiao. He was basically staring into the male's soul. "You're turning red like Raon."* - Tue Jan 15 04:36:28 2019
  505. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) offered a light chuckle. He could laugh at Jiao's expense. That is what friends were for.* - Tue Jan 15 04:43:18 2019
  507. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had a dish placed in front of him. If he was being honest, this was one of the nicest dishes he had ever seen. He had originally joined in with Kanjun and Jiao just because he wanted some food. The fact that he was now getting it made him extremely happy. So he dug into the food. He had no proper table manners whatsoever. He was a Senzaemon. They were manly men who ate with their hands and usually ate a lot of meat. He didn't attempt to do anything really different either. All he did this time was make sure he didn't get anything on his fancy clothes. After taking a bite of the food, he turned his attention towards the people that came. He offered a friendly wave while a piece of meat was still in his hands. After this kind greeting, he went back into tearing into the food. Honestly, it probably didn't take him too long to finish all his food. By that point his face was all messed up and so were his hands. His suit though.. it looked nice. Not a stain to be seen as of yet. He looked up towards Kanjun and offered a bright smile. "That was really good. Will I always get to eat your cooking?"* - Tue Jan 15 05:05:29 2019
  509. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) nods his head before getting up from his seat. He moved to enter the kitchen as quickly as possible. * - Tue Jan 15 05:20:51 2019
  511. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looked around for a few moments to find the plates. Once he did, he began to toss bits of food onto the plate. He tried to make it evenish. As even as he thought it could be. Once he had finished he turned around and held the plate out towards Kanjun. "Here you go. You have to eat too!"* - Tue Jan 15 05:23:24 2019
  513. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked out of the kitchen after accomplishing his nice deed. He went to return to his seat and rest for a moment. He had to wait for the cake now.* - Tue Jan 15 05:27:40 2019
  515. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave a simple wave towards those who were leaving. He had to be at least a bit polite.* - Tue Jan 15 05:43:02 2019
  517. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) glanced over at Kei, He would feel a facepalm coming, but he was also a child. "Its not how they actually taste, but probably very bitter."* - Tue Jan 15 06:00:06 2019
  519. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) nods his head furiously. He wanted to enjoy the couch some more. Maybe this time he would get jumped by a small child.* - Tue Jan 15 06:11:12 2019
  521. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was flung over Jiao's shoulder for no reason.That was some amazing strength from such a small person. He craned his neck as much as he could to get a look at Kei. He offered a wave towards his good friend as he assumed Jiao toted him off. "See ya later, Kei. We should play again later."* - Tue Jan 15 06:15:28 2019
  523. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shakes his head a small bit as he sort of just attempted to rest his legs on top of Jiao. This would be on a very weird position for them both to be in, but it would be comfortable enough. "I didn't sleep a lot, but I need to do more tommorow."* - Tue Jan 15 06:24:00 2019
  525. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) felt like there was a misunderstanding. How was she interrupting them? They were just enjoying the couch.* - Tue Jan 15 06:34:14 2019
  527. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) glanced at his good friend. "Yeah buddy?"* - Tue Jan 15 06:37:39 2019
  529. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) raised an eyebrow. His interest had been tickled. "Come on, tell me."* - Tue Jan 15 06:40:12 2019
  531. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) nods his head. "She said you looked really good in your uniform. I didn't get told anything." There was a sense of.... bitterness behind that statement.* - Tue Jan 15 06:52:09 2019
  533. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) listened carefully to Jiao's story. He hadn't really heard much about Jiao before. He only knew that he was a very happy individual. He had enjoyed that about his friend. Though at this point he was just happy to learn something new. Sadly that happiness didn't really last long. It seemed that Jiao really did want to try making a poor five year old cry. He rubbed his eyes a bit as he began to feel tears welling up. The only reason he was crying was cause Jiao was crying. After that he'd m ove over to give Jiao a nice hug. He didn't want his good friend to be sad. If they weren't happy, he wasn't going to be happy either. "Can I... come with you?"* - Tue Jan 15 07:12:38 2019
  535. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) felt Jiao grab his clothes a bit tighter. He was a young child, but he also knew about people's feelings. He could tell that he was trying his best to be happy. As a friend, Morkian had to try his best to be comforting. This was all good, but as soon as Jiao talked about brotherhood, Morkian nearly cried. He really liked having extra family. He supposed that now they had completely skipped the step of just being best friends. "I wanna protect Kae and Kanjun. I wanna protect all of my friends. Especially... Kanjun."* - Tue Jan 15 07:27:08 2019
  537. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a soft chuckle. He wasn't good in these type of situations. Instead he'd figure it out sooner or later. Right now he just wanted to live his life. As Jiao adjusted his position, he pushed back a bit as well. Sooner or later he also fell asleep.* - Tue Jan 15 07:43:21 2019
  539. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) waves towards Hikari. "Hey Hikari, how are you?"* - Tue Jan 15 16:03:24 2019
  541. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) places his own hand on Jia's shoulder. He definitely remembered the moment they shared last night.* - Tue Jan 15 16:23:53 2019
  543. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) scratches his head a bit before nuding Jiao with his elbow.* - Tue Jan 15 16:33:16 2019
  545. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rubs the back of hsi head as he ran off for a brief moment. He had gotten so use to using the equipment Sariel had, so he had to go borrow it. It didn't take him too long to come back with weights and other needed materials. He supposed that if Jiao really wanted to get training, these would be their starting point. Though, a small idea suddenly popped in his head. "Jiao, can we start something?"* - Tue Jan 15 16:46:56 2019
  547. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) began his own stretches. He'd talk to Jiao later about his magneficent plan at a later date. Right now he'd just get his body a bit limber. He wanted to make sure that he wouldn't get cramps or damage his magneficent muscles. He'd begin with something a bit lighter. Standing absolutely straight, he'd suddenly bend down to try touching his toes. The thing about this was the fact that he didn't bend his knees or anything. He had to keep his legs as straight as possible or it would end up serving no purpose. It seemed like the only thing he was remotely knowledgeable on was training. After holding this particular position for a bit, he rose back up and sighed. Stretching had always been the most boring part for him, but he usually got through it fine. Now came stretching his arms. He stretched his right arm across his body. After a moment his other arm came up and forcefully began to bend his arm a bit. The only way he knew to stop was when he felt his muscles pull a tiny bit. Once again he made sure to keep these particular poses for around a minute. After a minute was up, Morkian switched his arms. This was important for him. If he didn't manage to make sure both of his arms were good, he might harm himself. A smile bloomed on his face as he finished his stretching. Now he could get down to the brunt of his real workout.* - Tue Jan 15 17:00:35 2019
  549. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looked towards the items he had brought back. There were so many there that he honestly didn't know where to start. He had a bar with accompanying weights. He had dumbells to use for some extra particular training exercises. He also had his axe which was saved on his back. While he didn't want to train it in the area they were currently in, it still gave him a bit of extra weight. After a few moments of contemplation the child finally chose his exercise. He moved over to the bar and smiled. He rubbed his hands together. He had to put his hands in a very weird grip. His right hand pressed on the bar with his palm facing forwards. His left palm was faced towards his body. With Morkian being in a squatting position, it was actually easy enough to recognize what he was about to do. There was a small breath released before the Senzaemon quickly straightened his body. The bar was lifted off the ground quickly. He held it at his waist for a few moments in order to really feel the burn. After holding it for about a minute he placed it on the ground while also releasing another breath. He gave a sort of calming smile as he contemplated a few things for a moment. He shrugged his shoulders a bit as if getting loose once more. "One!" Having said that his hand moved towards the bar once more. He couldn't stop h imself now. He had to make sure to complete this before Jiao actually managed to start. This could only be his warmup. There were other thihngs he could do for the main course. As he hoisted the bar back towards his waist, he glanced over towards Jiao. He wasn't sure how long they were going to take, but he hoped he could do an exercise with them. The bar once again found its way back to the ground. "Two!" After saying this, he performed the same exercise again. He easily managed to complete the other fourty eight instances of this as well. He had to push himself a bit more, that was his only thought after 'warming up'. He began to strip himself a bit until only his pants were on. This was his more comfortable workout clothing. He once again turned to glance towards Jiao. "Are you ready?"* - Tue Jan 15 17:26:11 2019
  551. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't get much of a response. He wasn't just going to sit and wait, he needed to make sure he continued on with his own training. The boy began to shake his hands a little bit to get them loose once more. After a brief moment he moved his hand towards the bar once more. This time he grabbed the bar with both palms facing up towards the sky. It was time for a few curls. With a slight groan, the Senzaemon brought the bar up off the ground. He held his arms at his side rather tight. The only thing that was actually doing any work was his forearms and elbows. He slowly began to bend his arm at the elbow. His entire upper arm remained stationary as he brought the bar closer to his chest. He finally stopped it just as he was about to hit his chest. From there he held it for a minute or two. He released his held breath and brough the bar back down to its original position. A smile seemed to remain etched on hsi face as his voice picked up once more. "One!" He then began to start the same exercise once again. He went even slower this time. The longer he was able to hold the bar, the better. It would give his muscles more of a strain that they had to overcome. Of course he didn't want to harm anything. Once he managed to bring the bar all the way towards his chest. He held it there. He took a moment before breathing out. The bar dropped back to his starting position allowing the male a moment to rest. "Two!" Of course this was but a single moment. He went right back to finishing up his exercise. Once more he made sure to do the bear minimum of fifty reps. Like Sariel had taught him, he had to always push his limits. Insstead of quickly moving to a brand new exercise, the child moved to begin taking off some of the weight off the bar. He only took off one before holding it in his hands. He held it as far away as his arms could take it before dropping down into a squat. He took in a deep breath before he twisted his body towards the side. The weight continued to be held , but it went from being in the middle to going towards the side. "One!" He wasn't all that sure what Jiao was doing right now. He didn't both turning to make sure he had began. He was sure that if Jiao needed him for anything they'd ask him. They were brothers after all. Considering this, he moved on to returning to his starting position. He held himself there for a moment before moving the weight towards the other side. It was pretty clear which muscles were getting worked as he did this. They seemed to be highlighted if Jiao were to actually look over.* - Tue Jan 15 17:49:13 2019
  553. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) //"Two!" The sound of Morkian's voice seemed to pick up as he completed another rep. He really enjoyed doing this, but he couldn't see himself continuing this exercise for to much longer. He had to move onto other things that were a bit more important. So, he completed the exercise in a rather swift, yet controlled manner. By this point, there was beads of sweat present on his body. Some of which decided to fall away from his face and onto the ground below. Morkian didn't concern himself to much with wiping anything away. Instead he dropped down to the ground and released small sigh. He knew way to much about working out. These were exercises some adults hadn't learned till much later in life. Yet, here he was doing thim so easily. Sadly this was all the Senzaemon knew. From birth to death, they were concerned with their muscles. This only managed to present Morkian with a small smile as he lifted his legs off the ground a slight bit. With this he began to move at his waist yet again. The weight he had held seemed to be pushed a bit closer to his body, but it still wasn't touching. His core was honestly on fire, but the child seemed alright ignoring it. Instead he moved the weight towards his right side. This time, he made sure to let the bottom of the weight touch the ground slightly. Once that initial impact was noticed he moved it off towards the starting position once more. He stayed in that position for a few moments before moving his body once again. This time he aimed to push the weight towards the left side. It would dip slightly until it touched the ground. As he did this, he released the breath he had held up to this point. He returned the weight to its starting position. He held it there for roughly two minutes before he began to move towards another side again. Considering the difficulty of this particular exercise he wasn't going to perform it more than he had to. After a few brutal moments, he completed 20 reps. Morkian tossed the weight to the ground and gasped a bit. While he didn't usually show much of the effects during a workout, that had been absolutely brutal. Core work always tended to be that way. He gave himself a few moments to rest and recover some energy. Once those moments were up, he swiftly jumped back to his feet. His hand moved towards the Axe that was held on his back. "KEEP PUSHING!" He seemed to shout this statement out towards both himself and Jiao. While he hadn't been paying much attention, he could hear his friend giving it his all. Now it was his turn. He brought the axe up towards the sky and held it there. He wondered what he shoudl actually do at this point. While he didn't have much finesse with the axe, he still could perform very basic hits. He supposed he could continue with those. Thus, he brought the blade down towards the ground. Of course, he did remember that this wasn't his yard. Using most of his available strength, he held the blade up at the last moment. He didn't let it hit the ground, but it got extremely close. He hoisted it above his head yet again before repeating the same process. His body was really feeling the burn at this point. It could be said that this was one of the more brutal training sessions he had managed to do. He continued on though. If Jiao could continue, so could he. The axe was going to be swung as many times as it was needed. His arms would get tired sooner or later, but until that happened he'd keep the same pace. The axe whistled through the air as it came barrelling towards the ground. Everytime this happened, the young Senzaemon stopped the blade from actually cutting into the ground. There was a clear strain on his face from this feat.* - Tue Jan 15 18:13:07 2019
  555. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) finished about fifty reps of swinging his axe in this particular way. While this was a good start, there were still many other ways he could perform an attack. Though to do them, he had to move away from Jiao. He did just that so that he would be able to freely swing around his axe without worry about injuring anyone. Before starting, he began to do some more stretches. Clearly this was being seen as his rest period. After finishing up his new set of stretches, Morkian hoisted his axe up. Similar to his weight exercise, he dropped down into a very unstable stance. He was going to have to rely on his own body and not skill to make sure this didn't go absolutely horrible. With a small grunt he twisted his body slightly. To go along with this twist, his axe seemed to chop through the air with ease. His current stance seemed sort of reminiscent to a baseball players swing. Once he managed to stop his swing, the boy twisted his body yet again. Similar to before, his axe seemed to cut through the air. His goal was to prevent himself from having to much delay in his swings. He had noticed that his axe had edges on both sides. While this made it impossible to be used in spars, it was very useful for training, and for anything fighting related. If he wasn't in the middle of swinging it and training, he'd be gauding over his axe. Once his axe found its stopping point, it was brought back to the starting position. Right now he was trying to figure out how he could use this more effectively. He supposed that as he aged, his axe could be made bigger. He'd worry about that later, right now he had to continue with his horizontal cuts. He didn't want to lose the pace he was currently going at. If he didn't continue on,he'd probably make Jiao mad. So with a groan, the male seemed to swing his axe once again. Like before the blade seemed to have no resistance as it swung. If it wasn't for Morkian's abnormal strength, that could be different. He stopped the blade at the full length of his swing. He supposed that he could use his momentum to go into a spin. He could be the world's most dangerous top. Sadly, he didn't want to train that at the moment. it would make him too dizzy. He shook his head a bit before he turned slightly. The blade was sent towards the other direction with force. He didn't know how much more of this core action he could take. He supposed that in the long run, it was really good. He also knew, however, that overexerting himself was bad. Still, he continued with his motions. The axe wouldn't stop until his arms gave out. Right now, he had more to do. After finishing up his 50th rep of slashing, Morkian seemed tired. His axe moved towards it initial starting position before being stuck into the ground. By this point, Morkian's arms were actually shaking. He had obviously overexerted himself a bit much there, but there still seemed to be a pleasant smile on his face. He would be stupid to keep going. Considering he finally heard Jiao stop working out, then he supposed they were done. He sucked in large breath before exhaling. That had been a really good workout, but he still had so much more to do in the future. "That was fun!"* - Tue Jan 15 18:35:18 2019
  557. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) used his pleasant robes to wipe off some of his sweat. He move to give Jiao a pat on the back. "That's why we have robes. They're suppose to wipe off our sweat."* - Tue Jan 15 18:45:32 2019
  559. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) took off his own cloak to reveal his suit. His nice, pristine, suit.* - Tue Jan 15 18:53:13 2019
  561. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave a thumbs up. It was clear that he had finally gotten used to this type of suit wearing. He smiled a bit before also putting his other thumb up towards Kanjun. "I will take care of it."* - Tue Jan 15 19:00:54 2019
  563. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walks over to Jang and attempts to tap their shoulder. "Excuse me."* - Tue Jan 15 19:58:04 2019
  565. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) holds his hand out for the ultimate form of agreement, a fist bump. "It's good to have you."* - Tue Jan 15 20:02:20 2019
  567. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) raises his hand to point over at the green haired shorty.* - Tue Jan 15 20:06:36 2019
  569. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave a thumbs up. He walked over to Jang and smiled. "I'd love too!"* - Tue Jan 15 20:12:35 2019
  571. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) thought about it for a moment. He reached behind himself and took off his axe. With a small sigh he stuck it into the ground. "Nope, you can go first."* - Tue Jan 15 20:16:00 2019
  573. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) eyes seemed to become a bit more vigilant as Jang took her first step. While he was definitely not fully trained, he had been through fights. They were actually somewhat dangerous, but they hadn't hurt him too badly. He had also managed to somewhat go against the king, so he had learned a thing or two there. Now was the time to put his bit of training to the test. As Jang's second step was rearing up, his fist seemed to cock back. He easily had the reflexes to dodge the attack that was coming his way. Honestly, it was kind of pitiful, but he chose not to. He was confident in his mucles, so he would never back down. As her fist flew, so did his. His fist aimed to counter her strength with his own. There was no need for anything special. This would end up being a simple strength versus strength battle. He was sure in that aspect, even he would be fine. Though after their clash, he'd attempt to disengage rather quickly. At least.. that was something that Hei would do.* - Tue Jan 15 20:28:48 2019
  575. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) knew he wasn't going to get room to breathe. This was quite similar to the time against the king. He only had a limited amount of time to think of the right thing to do. Once again he was attacked, yet it seemed that she wasn't going very fast. His body reacted as he hoped it would. He wasn't going to attempt a simple dodge, he wanted to make this really interesting. His palm opened in order to be placed directly in front of the incoming fist. It was easy enough for him to reach there. What wasn't easy, was the amount of strength the attack had behind it. Morkian winced a bit, but didn't seem to let go. His goal was quite simple, he wanted to lock down her hand before issuing a simple kick towards her legs. While still focused on her, his voice seemed to sound through the area. "Jiao, can you go check on where Lady Kae is?"* - Tue Jan 15 20:39:02 2019
  577. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) ears seemed to twitch a bit. Honestly, he could say that this was a very difficult match up. She seemed to be better than him in quite a few areas. He still could hang with her only because he was a damn Senzaemon. He was lacking in so many areas, but he would continue fighting. That was what the King had told him to do. As she attempted to twist her body with him involved, he'd blatantly let go of the hand. He wasn't about to let himself be taken that far off balance. Of course, while that was the case there seemed to be an entirely different problem heading his way. A tail seemed to be zooming towards his body, clearly intent on pulverizing him. Sadly for her, he wasn't one who lacked reflexes. His body aimed to move backwards with a mighty jump. Honestly it wasn't the most spectacular dodge, but it would work out. He had to keep himself on the move otherwise she would very easily end this spar.* - Tue Jan 15 20:56:57 2019
  579. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had gotten the hell out of dodgee. The tail swipe had missed him and things seemed generally okay. That was the case until Jang seemed to decide to throw things into another gear. Honestly she was fast, way faster than he honestly expected anyone to be. The girl from the capture the flag had been fast, but she was almost there too. The Senzaemon's immediate instinct was to block. As she came barrelling towards his body, his arms crosed over his chest. Of course this was just a makeshift defense as the croc slammed into him. While the initial damage wasn't that bad, it was further mitigated by the block. He could only take a deep breath as he rubbed his arms a bit. Jiao's voice carrying over by then. "Oh.. well I guess I have to go. I'm sorry Jang, but I gotta go see someone."* - Tue Jan 15 21:10:36 2019
  581. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave a wavae before running off to the market.* - Tue Jan 15 21:13:10 2019
  583. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was hit in the stomach. She was right, he didn't really feel anything from the punch and he wasn't going to fake it. He just offered a very apologetic smile. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make ya mad."* - Tue Jan 15 21:16:35 2019
  585. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) doesn't know why, but he seems to shiver slightly. He doesn't know why, but he felt like Kae would hurt him in the future. "I can't wait to start it. Can everyone in the Muscle Corps do it as well?"* - Tue Jan 15 21:30:14 2019
  587. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) could feel his heart break ever so slightly. Somehow he kept a bright smile on his face. He signed up for this, so he had to deal with the consequences. He clapped somewhat enthusiastically after all this happened. "Mhm. I'm gonna ask the King if I can open a place to work out!"* - Tue Jan 15 21:43:53 2019
  589. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) nodded his head before lowering himself down. "I can do that!"* - Tue Jan 15 22:00:57 2019
  591. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) slowly felt his heart break once more. He couldn't do anything to fight it though. He had his job, therefore he would do his job properly. He placed his arms up and gently placed them on Kae to keep her in place. He would probably be in a lot of trouble if she fell. Then he was off for the races. He enjoyed the option of training this way. It didn't take long for him to begin gathering a bit of momentum. It could be said that he wasn't the fastest person in the world. Honestly he was probably one of, if not the slowest, village member. It didn't deter him very much. He knew that he would have to deal with faster people sooner or later. He supposed that this type of training was a good workout for him. Considering his initial speed, it honestly took him a bit to even reach the halfway point. Running like this wasn't the worst thing. Even though he didn't have abnormal stamina like some people, he didn't mind working past exhaustion. As long as he didn't collapse he'd be fine. Of course that didn't mean he kept going full speed. He paced himself as much as possible. While all this was happening, he made sure that Kae was generally okay. He didn't suppose she would do to much to hinder his progress. Regardless if he did, he'd truck on. She was an odd person to be following, but she hadn't harmed him very much yet. She took over the Muscle Corps, but he had a feeling he'd still be calling most of the shots. It was just a matter of time before that developed. After a long ass time, the male managed to finally make his way back to the market. Considering this, he had managed to complete his first lap. He didn't even take a moment to stop as he just continued on. He listened out for if Kae wanted to actually say anything to him. Catering to people was apparently his major goal in life. Who would have guessed.* - Tue Jan 15 22:20:35 2019
  593. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was beeing cheered on. It wasn't the weirdest thing, but he still continued to get shivers. He just had this bad premonition that his quiet, muscle filled life, was gone. He pushed these thoughts towards the back of his mind once again. He couldn't deal with something like that yet. For now he just kept on running. By this time he was starting to feel the effects of constant running. It wasn't the most pleasant thing, but it was slightly bearable. He wasn't going to collapse as of yet. Manila was big, but his aspirations to be the strongest were bigger. He was also a Senzaemon. If he gave up due to training, that would be a disgrace against his very clan. He could only keep pushing himself. The fact Kae probably kept cheering gave him a bit more drive to keep going. He had a strange feeling that if he actually did stop, he'd get slapped with something strong. Maybe she would cry that he was weak, or kick him. While it may not hurt then, it would probably hurt in the long run. He offered a nervous chuckle as he continued on. It took him a bit more time to reach the halfway mark. As soon as he did, he clearly decided that it was a good time for him to kick it up another gear. He was close to finishing. The sooner he finished, the better it would be. So he pushed himself to the utter limit. His body would fly across the sand. While he was still relatively slow, he was going faster than his previous half. It took him a bit, but he finally reached back to the market. There was obvious signs of sweat dripping down his face. He looked gassed at that point, but Morkian seemed happy. Most might not understand how he could be happy after that basic torture, but he was. He didn't need to explain himself, he just had to enjoy this moment. "Two laps, done!"* - Tue Jan 15 22:43:37 2019
  595. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had his head drummed on. It wasn't the worst thing. Truthfully, it was probably worse for her. "Yay!" Though as ash heared Kei he just offered a smile. "I was training!"* - Tue Jan 15 22:50:27 2019
  597. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) nodded his head a bit before attempting to literally pick Kae up off his head and carefully put her down. "I will!"* - Tue Jan 15 22:55:34 2019
  599. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was freeeeeeeeee. He gave a bow before he turned towards the arena. It was time to go see if Jiao was training properly.* - Tue Jan 15 23:17:45 2019
  601. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked into the area rather quietly. It didn't take too long for him to take notice of Kanjun's training. He stood there for a few moments just watching. He chose not to say anything in order to let her concentrate. Unless something seemed to change, he just turned and left.* - Tue Jan 15 23:26:17 2019
  603. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) hadn't actually turned around. He was still focusing a bit on Kanjun. He could probably see that she noticed him. Since that was the case, he disregarded what he had told himself. He walked over with a smile on his face. "Hey Kanjun! How is training going?"* - Tue Jan 15 23:30:33 2019
  605. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looks around for a moment. He didn't expect that Kanjun would end up fumbling her spear as he called out for her. He chalked it up to him being dumb enough to interrupt her training. "Oh.. I was looking for you. We haven't had the chance to hang out today!"* - Tue Jan 15 23:35:40 2019
  607. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) saw the smile Kanjun gave. Could he tell it was fake? More than likely. For some reason children did have the uncanny ability to tell when someone wasn't happy. His arm reached out as he attempted to draw Kanjun in a very abrupt hug. He moved out of the way of the potential impaling spear too.* - Tue Jan 15 23:42:30 2019
  609. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't really know why Kanjun was surprised. This wasn't the first time he had done this. He just thought it was because she was sort of sad. "You don't look so happy. I want Kanjun to be happy."* - Tue Jan 15 23:44:12 2019
  611. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) listened very carefully to what Kanjun had to say. It was at that point that he began to run over the day. He seemed to recall that he didn't actually do what he usually did. The Senzaemon's smile seemed to drop for a bit before he slightly pulled away from the hug. He looked very carefully at Kanjun before he muttered something himself.* - Tue Jan 15 23:51:02 2019
  613. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) seemed to regain his smile. Kanjun's attempt to hug him again was successful. As he heard what Kanjun had to say, he thought about it for a while. He chose not to say anything during that time. Finally he muttered something back.* - Wed Jan 16 00:05:32 2019
  615. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't really resist being dragged.* - Wed Jan 16 00:17:29 2019
  617. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looks down at the hand that was offered. He was confused, but he took it anyway. Were they about to have another talk?* - Wed Jan 16 00:24:19 2019
  619. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) probably didnt feel much. He could see that Jiao was mad, but he wasn't going to ask why. He had that much sense. Except... he didn't. "Are you okay Jiao?!"* - Wed Jan 16 00:26:01 2019
  621. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walks on over to Kae. Not being left this time.* - Wed Jan 16 00:27:44 2019
  623. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) glanced towards Yunq. "Hey Yunq. How are you doing? Uhm... give me one moment. I have to ask the King something."* - Wed Jan 16 00:32:00 2019
  625. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rubs the back of his head. This was turning weird. He offered a friendly smile as he looked towards Yunq. His voice drops to a bit of a whisper.* - Wed Jan 16 00:40:32 2019
  627. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was already in the middle of... he is not getting jewed again. He was busy going against Mujitsu at the mome... HE GOT BETRAYED.... "Hello... Lady Kae."* - Wed Jan 16 00:46:30 2019
  629. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) holds his hand out to Mujitsu and Kae. "Lets go."* - Wed Jan 16 00:47:21 2019
  631. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) squints back. "Of course."* - Wed Jan 16 00:48:12 2019
  633. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looks towards Shun. He squints a bit as if hoping he'd take his place. * - Wed Jan 16 01:00:09 2019
  635. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) took the axe from his back. He held it in his hands for a few moments before offering it to Yunq. His voice dropped to a barely audible whisper as he did this. Afterwards he began to motion forward very slowly. He already knew what was about to happen, so he wasn't going to delay the inevitable. * - Wed Jan 16 01:12:57 2019
  637. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) offered a smile as he took another step forward. His hand dug into his robes a bit. Soon enough he took out an old sock that looked like it had a bit of weight to it. He shook his head a bit before bursting forward with a bit more speed than he usually shows. A feint shout was offered. "Kei, feel free to do your thing. Yunq, you too!" He had one clear goal and that was obviously the lantern. He didn't think he tricked Kae at all. He just felt like moving any slower would make him waste all the time they had.* - Wed Jan 16 01:31:44 2019
  639. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) suddenly had his oh shit moment. He didn't need his enhanced hearing to understand that Kae was very angry. She probably had reached past the stage of very angry. Truthfully.... he should probably just dip now. His goal was clear. He hoped he could trust Kei to keep Kae busy. If not, this may be Morkian's last day on this earth. So he ran. He ran like there was something chasing him, which there was. "Sorry about this Lady Kae." That was all he could shout as he zoomed towards Plynts. He didn't know who this person was, so he decided he might as well go all out. His hand would move back before he attempted to firmlly plant the sock into both Variel and the lantern.* - Wed Jan 16 01:50:30 2019
  641. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) (REPOST) Senzaemon, Morkian suddenly had his oh shit moment. He didn't need his enhanced hearing to understand that Kae was very angry. She probably had reached past the stage of very angry. Truthfully.... he should probably just dip now. His goal was clear. He hoped he could trust Kei to keep Kae busy. If not, this may be Morkian's last day on this earth. So he ran. He ran like there was something chasing him, which there was. "Sorry about this Lady Kae." That was all he could shout as he zoomed towards Plynts. He didn't know who this person was, so he decided he might as well go all out. His hand would move back before he attempted to firmlly plant the sock into both Variel and the lantern. Kotsu, Kei thinks, I could smell Morikan's sock from here.* - Wed Jan 16 01:53:04 2019
  643. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't really like his situation. From what he could hear, there was someone coming up behind him. It wouldn't have been that bad if they were dealing with a normal person. Sadly, this was a grown ass man. "OH what the hell." he muttered as he attempted to move towards the side of Plynts. If possible he would aim to literally put one hand between him and the lantern, the other on his cloak. If successul, he'd aim to literally rip the two apart. "Alright enough of that." Assuming everything actually worked out for the better, Morkian would now be in possession of a nice lantern. Maybe even a nice human shield as well. "Yunq, I hope you take care of the older gentleman."* - Wed Jan 16 02:08:25 2019
  645. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) ears seemed to pick up on something a bit... unpleasant. It was unpleasant because it meant he had to sock his friend in the face. He wanted to react to that a whole lot. In his opinion, it was very important that he didn't let Kei get his way. "Kei, don't hurt her-" His brief shout was stopped. Cause lo and behold, a man just became a fucking fiery bird. He.... didn't really know how to react cause at the moment, his arm lit on fire. Normally... he can just ignore most things. He had been lit on fire before by the King. It hurt, but he had powered through it. This time.. there was no holding back. This man just lit Morkian up. His arm, possibly even his chest were burning up. His first instinct should have been to roll on the ground and cry his pain away. Sadly, he had already pissed off Kae enough so he didn't think like that. Instead, he rolled on the ground and cried his pain away, but he had a direction. His goal was to get closer to Kae. Course... he didn't want to get too close as to light her on fire. He just wanted to get close enough so that whenever this whole... being on fire thing stopped.... He could help. Did he mention that he was a crying, bald Senzaemon? Yeah... that was a pleasant thing.* - Wed Jan 16 02:42:33 2019
  647. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rolls around in the dirt some more before finally hopping up. The crying had been silenced and his bald head had become dirty. While he had been lit on fire, the damage wasn't as intense as he had thought. It still hurt, mind you, but he could at least move his arm still. A small sniffle was all that remained of the crying. He glanced towards the fire bird and shook his head. He was both a mixture of angry and scared. Before he could really do much more, he started to stumple towards Kei and Kae. "Kei, I didn't want you to hurt her. Are you alright Lady Kae?" He shuffled a little bit as he prepared himself for the incoming strike. He didn't want to imagine how this would end up playing out. Of course he also took note of the fact that Kae was attempting to choke out Kei. "Lady Kae... please don't choke out Kei. You'll get in trouble." Having said that he attempted to carry the two out. He didn't try seperating them yet.* - Wed Jan 16 02:57:55 2019
  649. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) moves his hand forward as swift as he could. He assumed that he had a faster reaction time compared to Kei's speed of attack. If this was the case, he'd try his best to intercept the attack and stop the Kotsu. "Enough.Kae, please let go of Kei. Kei, don't try huting her."* - Wed Jan 16 03:04:44 2019
  651. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) glances back towards Naruol. His eyes narrow for a moment as he brings Kae off the field. He ignored her words for the moment. "Yes yes. I understand."* - Wed Jan 16 03:10:43 2019
  653. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) goes to grab the currently.. injured team memver.* - Wed Jan 16 03:12:25 2019
  655. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes his axe and fixes it to his right position. Afterwards he places Kei on the nearby bench. "I'm sorry Kei. I have to go check on Kae." Having said that, he leaves tracking Kae, whether she stayed or went to the market.* - Wed Jan 16 03:16:41 2019
  657. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) dips his hand into his reserves. While he had failed at his job on the field, he wouldn't fail at keeping some food on him. While Kae seemed to be slightly mad at him, he didn't seem to mind it to much. He'd aim to tap her shoulder before offering the piece of bread with some jam.* - Wed Jan 16 03:30:20 2019
  659. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a small sigh. He switched his target this time and attempted to hand the bread to Urea. "Can you give her this? I don't think she wants to eat anything I give."* - Wed Jan 16 03:34:36 2019
  661. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave Kei a simple pat on the shoulder. He released a small sigh before moving over towards the bench. He wasn't needed, so he didn't really need to be over by Kae. He scooted closer to both Jiao and Kanjun.* - Wed Jan 16 03:39:44 2019
  663. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) crossed his arms a bit before laying down. This was done, mostly to avoid getting his head waxed. For the first time it seemed that the Senzaemon was bothered by something. He decided to just remain silent for the time being. He could still hear what Kanjun said, so he rose himself up slightly to give a nod. It was back to laying down shortly after that.* - Wed Jan 16 03:43:08 2019
  665. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) glanced over towards Variel. He quickly rolled off the bench before heading over to the child. In his hand was the piece of bread without saying anything for a moment.* - Wed Jan 16 04:01:04 2019
  667. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) holds his hands up for Sariel to take. It was time for the muscle bro high five.* - Wed Jan 16 04:34:20 2019
  669. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't seem to notice this. Of course, he matched his cousins's intensity. What he seemed to have forgotten was that his skin was still tender. "Oww!"* - Wed Jan 16 04:36:54 2019
  671. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) squints at Variel for a brief moment. His smile then seems to return to his face as he went back to staring at the matches.* - Wed Jan 16 04:50:33 2019
  673. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) glances down towards Variel for a moment. He reached over and attempted to pat their head.* - Wed Jan 16 05:07:37 2019
  675. *Uchiha, Hikari hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Bread Jam. - Wed Jan 16 05:20:25 2019
  677. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes the bread from Hikari. He gives a small nod of his head and smiles. "Thank you very much."* - Wed Jan 16 05:20:25 2019
  679. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) glanced back towards Destiel and Urea. He squinted a bit before sighing. "Shouldn't try using cheap tricks like that." He left the statement rather open. He doubted anyone would really care about what he said.* - Wed Jan 16 05:24:41 2019
  681. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) climbed up from his seat and took a stand on the bench. He cupped his hands around his mouth before intaking a large amount of air. After that it was simple. "GO JIAO! SHOW THEM WHAT MUSCLES CAN DO!" He took another deep breath before continuing. "GO KANJUN! SHOW THEM THAT YOU'RE THE BEST!" His eyes turned towards Raon and he smiled. "GO RAON! SHOW THEM WHAT JIAO'S INTEREST CAN DO!" Having said his piece he sat down and gave Variel a nod. "Of course they can."* - Wed Jan 16 05:32:22 2019
  683. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) runs towards the ring. Clearly he was happy that he got tasked with something sort of important. "I won't let you down."* - Wed Jan 16 05:47:44 2019
  685. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) placed his hand on his chin for a moment. He didn't really know how to introduce Ascelin. Was he supposed to say a title? Was he just supposed to keep it casual? He didn't really know. "This is Ascelin." He decided to go with the more casual approach. As for the suggestions for him, he gave a nod. "I understand. Thank you."* - Wed Jan 16 06:00:32 2019
  687. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) glanced at Kei. He just flashed a smile without answering. He had to think about it for a bit. He didn't really know how to say that he was a retainer. He could say that, but Kei wouldn't understand. The easiest solution would just be to work around it. "Its... complicated."* - Wed Jan 16 06:15:02 2019
  689. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) got nudged a bit. He glanced towards Kei and raised his eyebrow. After a moment he decided that it was about time he cheered as well. "You can do it, RAON! KANJUN, JIAO!"* - Wed Jan 16 06:46:36 2019
  691. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) began to walk onto the field. He didn't say anything yet, but it seemed like things were definitely boiling down to the endgame.* - Wed Jan 16 07:05:23 2019
  693. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) took another step forward and cupped his hands over his mouth. This had probably gone on long enough. Two people were knocked out. He could only guess how tired Kanjun and Jiao were getting. Yet... he didn't call anything out yet. He was giving them a few more seconds to end this themselves. Was he secretly in cahoots? Yeah. It wasn't even a secret. Its not like it would change the outcome much.* - Wed Jan 16 07:27:34 2019
  695. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) inaled as much air as possible. He probably didn't really need to shout for everyone to hear him, but it was just so much more fun. It was finally time for this to actually end. While he was completely biased towards one team, he decided to call this fairly. "Guys, that is it. It's over. I think I need to see the lantern? "* - Wed Jan 16 07:37:48 2019
  697. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked on over towards Destiel and aims to inspect the lantern. If allowed, he'd grab it and hold it up into the sky at a much better light. He felt around it a few times as well before giving a small nod. "The Lantern is a bit messed up, but it isn't destroyed. That means it was defended properly. Urea wins!" Having said his piece, he'd toss the lantern back down onto Destiel. He'd glance down at Kanjun for a moment before attempting to abruptly pick her up. He did it as gently as a strong five year old could. "Mm.. Everyone ended up doing really good."* - Wed Jan 16 07:48:03 2019
  699. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) assumes he was fine to take Kanjun away. Now one had seemed to stop him from picking her up in the first place. "Hey Kei, do me a favor. Check on everyone else." Having said that he'd move off.* - Wed Jan 16 07:56:35 2019
  701. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) paused for a moment as he walked into the mansion. He honestly wasn't to sure where he could dump Kanjun off at. They were both too dirty to be on the couches. He also didn't know where she ended up sleepping. For now all he could possibly do was snap Kanjun back into it. "Kanjun!"* - Wed Jan 16 08:09:23 2019
  703. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looked around for a few moments before looking towards Raon. She probably knew Kanjun the best after all. As he was about to ask his question, he suddenly realized something. Couches could always be cleaned. The Senzaemon moved towards the couch and aimed to lay Kanjun down carefully. He didn't try laying her on her back, but more on her side. He wasn't good with caring for injuries, so he was sort of winging it. He just knew she had experienced a hard fall on her back. "Do you need anything Kanjun?"* - Wed Jan 16 08:31:34 2019
  705. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked out of the mansion and groaned a bit. He had done a lot of things today while ignoring his arm. While it hadn't been the world's hottest fire, it still hurt quite a bit. The male took a deep breath before taking a seat on the stairs. At this point he felt that he had made a big mistake. Joining the Uptiria had been an abrupt decision cause he wanted to eat food. So far it had spiralled down. He had started to care about a lot of the people in it. Raon, had been the first Uptiria he had met. Things hadn't gone so good at first, but slowly their relationship had grown to that of friends. This had been something rather abrupt, but it had also lead to Jiao findign out something he was interested in. He couldn't call it much of loss. The other Uptiria had also entered his life in varioous ways, especially Kae. Since he had to take care of her constantly, he supposed that he had gotten used to following directions. He never would have thought that he'd quit a match cause someone told him so. It was moments like that that made him realize that people who abused their power shouldn't be trusted. He still chose to stuck it out. It wasn't until she had actually gotten hurt that he realized how much he really cared. Though she was currently mad at him, he was sure that things would change eventually. Morkian inhaled briefly. He had a headache just thinking about the incredibly stupid situation he had gotten himself into. He would slowly dig himself back into the good graces of Kae. Still, this whole situation had taught him one thing. He wasn't as strong as he really thought. He still had a lot of things to learn. There were normal people who were much stronger than him, not to mention the lycans. He had to deal with them some how. He didn't really like it when things made him feel inferior. What he needed to do was learn and grow. He held up the hand that had been burnt. He looked up at moon for a bit through his fingers. There had always been one goal for Morkian. He wanted to become the strongest, physically. Once that was the case, he'd be able to take anything he wanted. He clenched his fist tightly before pushing himself into an upright position. "I can't just sit here doing nothing. I have to get stronger so I can protect Kae. Just so I can protect everyone important to me." A stern determination seemed to grow within Morkian's heart. It was a new drive to get stronger. He didn't just want to have the biggest muscles. He wanted to be someone that no one could mess with. Someone that could make sure that everyone he cared about was cared for. "I will become a protector. I'll start training twice as hard. I'm sure I can do this." A promise had been made in his heart. He would protect everyone he could. He didnt care about himself. Without them, he would probably end up being nothing anyway.* - Wed Jan 16 08:59:44 2019
  707. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) plops his butt on the ground. After doing this, he'd attempt to place his head against Jiao. It wasn't gay, it was friendship.* - Wed Jan 16 17:05:16 2019
  709. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shifts himself a little bit. He didn't make any effort to get a view of the two beside him. Right now, he was just sort of staring up at the sky. A single hand rose into the hair as he attempted to look at the sun. Course, he placed his hand in the way and could only look through his fingers. "Today is nice."* - Wed Jan 16 17:16:22 2019
  711. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) ended up falling towards the ground. He didn't so much mind the impact. He minded the bits of sand that would end up stuck to his head. They were always a pain to deal with.* - Wed Jan 16 17:33:26 2019
  713. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had his head placed back on Jiao's shoulder. There was a content look on his face as he went back to looking at the sky. He really hoped that he would be able to tower above everyone. They'd look at him like he looked at the sky. "That'll be the day."* - Wed Jan 16 17:41:58 2019
  715. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) did a sort of crunch to present that he was trying to bow. His head remained in Jiao's hands as already stated.* - Wed Jan 16 17:50:30 2019
  717. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) sneaks off for the time being.* - Wed Jan 16 18:39:08 2019
  719. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walks over to Jang and Jiao. "Hello you two.!"* - Wed Jan 16 18:44:16 2019
  721. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinks a few times before skipping towards the middle of the circle. He was already fairly certain about waht he needed to do. He just had to get stronger.* - Wed Jan 16 18:56:12 2019
  723. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) raises his hand. Then slightly puts it down. He thinks for a moment before keeping it partially raised.* - Wed Jan 16 19:31:12 2019
  725. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had his hand half raised. * - Wed Jan 16 19:35:28 2019
  727. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) raises his hand.* - Wed Jan 16 19:50:49 2019
  729. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) raises his hand once more for that triple. YEET!* - Wed Jan 16 19:57:39 2019
  731. *Jiao-Huang hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Bread Jam. - Wed Jan 16 20:08:44 2019
  733. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walks on over to Kanjun. Once near, the male extended his arm to give the female a small poke on the forehead. There was no extra force used, he just wanted to poke her forehead.* - Wed Jan 16 20:13:52 2019
  735. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) squints a bit as he attempts to look into Kanjun's eyes. He was trying to see if she was lying at all. Once he decided she wasn't he'd offer a smile before moving towards her side. "That is good!"* - Wed Jan 16 20:22:24 2019
  737. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) holds out his pinky. He was going to wait for Kanjun to take it.* - Wed Jan 16 20:43:44 2019
  739. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) sneakity sneaks his way towards Kae. He supposed that it was about time to fix things.* - Wed Jan 16 21:05:55 2019
  741. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shrugs his shoulders at this point. If she wasn't mad, then she wasn't mad. He offers an Asceline- like bow. "Alright, Lady Kae." Having said that he would turn and leave.* - Wed Jan 16 21:14:27 2019
  743. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) pumps his fists into the air. "Let's work out!"* - Wed Jan 16 21:20:25 2019
  745. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) releases a small sigh. While he didn't prefer being annoyed, he was quite annoyed at the moment. Kae was being rather difficult. For the first timei n a while, the Senzaemon showed an emoition that could be considered close to anger. What was the best way to fix this? Obviously it was to work out the bad feelings. To begin, Morkian threw off his shirt and cloak. He didn't grab a bar or any weights this time. Instead, the male dropped his body onto the ground. His forearms pressed against the ground as he began to hold himself up. His back appeared to be completely straight and his eyes were looking forward. He clearly felt that he needed a bit of a harder warmup to start out with. Morkian's body was held in this particular manner for a good five minutes. Whil ethis may not appear to be a really long time, it was good enough for the Senzaemon to get a good sweat going. The look of annoyance that had been present on his face seemed to turn into one of determination. He would just get strong enough so she didn't feel as angry. That would be the only way he would be able to pay her back. After a few moments, Morkian jumped to his feet. His body was glistening with a bit of a sweat, but it didn't seem like the boy cared. He spread his legs until they were shoulder length apart. Afterwards, the male dropped down into a very low squat. His body reached extremely close to the ground while his back kept an almost straight appearance. "No retreat!" His body moved back up into its original position. Instead of stopping there, the male jumped into the air. He didn't try doing a small jump, instead he did one that honestly may have made him appear to be floating for a few moments. The way he landed was also special as he seemed to land into a squat. It was one of the more simple exercises but it worked. After a few moments, the male seemed to release a groan as he repeated the motions. "NO FEAR!" His body dipped down once more. He was going to get as low as possible, then spring up. He refused to be held down by anyone or anything. He would only continue to rise. As he sprung into the air, he prepared himself for the inevitable landing. Morkian dropped back into a squat upon landing. Honestly, he felt relieved now. The previous feelings all seemed to disappear. The only thing that remained was an overhwelming drive. "NO MERCY!" This phrase was shouted at the top of his lungs. It was clear that it was more motivation for a child that had begun to feel bad. He realized his goal once more.* - Wed Jan 16 21:40:54 2019
  747. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rubbed his head a little bit. He had had a good warmup. With all the bodyweight exercises, it seemed simpler for him to just start with the weight exercises now. His axe was removed from his back at that moment. He didn't feel like going to grab any equipment. What he needed was to train his skills with this godforsaken axe. He didn't want another situation to happen. No one should be chopped up by this axe. After a few moments, he seemeed to stop himself. He wondered what he would work on this time. He supposed that his usual strikes would work well enough. Changing it up to much would actually hurt him in the long run. After deciding this, a simple nod was given. It wasn't towards anyone, but it showed him his own little understanding. With things decided, Morkian lifted the axe above his head. Similar to his exercises before, he brought it down towards the ground with as much force as he could muster. As the blade was nearing the dirt, Morkian drew back a little in order to prevent it from sinking into the ground. A smile seemed to be plastered on his face as he did this. It displayed the fact that he could exhibit some control in stopping his weapon. "Mm. Hey Kanjun!"* - Wed Jan 16 22:06:30 2019
  749. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walks towards Kanjun once more. A smile seemed to be on his face. He opened his arms wide. Clearly, Kanjjun could guess what was about to happen.* - Wed Jan 16 22:19:18 2019
  751. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) did in fact embrace Kanjun. If she wasn't going to say anything to hin, he'd just hug it out of her. For this current moment he just hugged very silently. He'd see if Kanjun wanted to talk first.* - Wed Jan 16 22:23:34 2019
  753. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) stood there for a moment before finally releasing Kanjun from his grasp. He smiled a bit before taking a seat on the ground. He patted the area next to him and waited for a bit.* - Wed Jan 16 22:33:48 2019
  755. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) continued to remain silent. She could rest against him all she wanted. Eventually she would break and tell him everything. This was Morkian's ultimate plan. No one could ever deny kindness for too long. He also secretly enjoyed this himself. Being close to friends made everything better.* - Wed Jan 16 22:40:38 2019
  757. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) wants to say that he wouldn't fall asleeep. Sadly, he had just finished working out. So as he heard Kanjun sleeping, he began to feel the same feeling wash over him. He gently placed his head on Kanjun's as he also fell asleep.* - Wed Jan 16 22:49:10 2019
  759. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) stirs himself awake. From the looks of it, he had somehow fallen asleep on the ground. Next to him layed Kanjun who may or may not still be asleep. For the time being he decided to remain still. He didn't want to agitate Kanjun.* - Wed Jan 16 23:06:14 2019
  761. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) scratches his chin a bit before attempting to shift himself a bit. Should he managed to get out of this without letting Kanjun's head fall. Afterwards, he would attempt to slip Kanjun onto his back. "Off we go." he stated before he began to walk away from the area. Kanjun was going to recieve her first piggyback from Morkian.* - Wed Jan 16 23:10:30 2019
  763. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) placed a finger against his lips. "Shhh!" He motioned back towards who he assumed was on his back.* - Wed Jan 16 23:13:04 2019
  765. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes the bread from Jiao and nods his head. He took a bite out of it shortly after. "Thank you Jiao!"* - Wed Jan 16 23:30:59 2019
  767. *Jiao-Huang hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Bread Jam. - Wed Jan 16 23:31:50 2019
  769. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked into the casion with a bit of oomph to his step. On his back, Kanjun remained cleeping as far as he knew. As soon as he managed to reach in front of a machine he tossed money at it like he'd been told. He grabbed the giant lever before pushing it down. When nothing came out, he jumped into the air. "I did it." Then he left.* - Thu Jan 17 00:03:24 2019
  771. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) could feel Kanjun stirring on his back. He smiled before making his way out of the casino. He didn't want them to wake up in the weird Casino.* - Thu Jan 17 00:08:32 2019
  773. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a small sigh before he finally kneeled down so Kanjun could get down if she wanted.* - Thu Jan 17 00:11:05 2019
  775. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) waved towards Hei as he pulled into the area. As per usual he had a bright smile on his face. "Hey, Hei. "* - Thu Jan 17 00:29:52 2019
  777. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) turns around to look towards Variel and Shun. He waves for a moment before direction his attention towards Jiao. "Jiao, we should talk to the king."* - Thu Jan 17 00:55:28 2019
  779. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was hugged all of a sudden. He blinked a few times before aiming to shift his position a bit and give Kei a return hug. "You should always be able to hug your friends."* - Thu Jan 17 01:01:26 2019
  781. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) slideeeessss forward. He attempted to tap Torikago on the shoulder.* - Thu Jan 17 01:19:21 2019
  783. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) holds his hand out. "Welcome to Muscle Corps!"* - Thu Jan 17 01:27:02 2019
  785. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) releases Torikago's hand before leaning a bit to look past her. "Kei, you're in the muscle corps now!"* - Thu Jan 17 01:30:27 2019
  787. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) moves past Variel and Kanjun and begins heading towards Jang and Nayarah.* - Thu Jan 17 02:13:07 2019
  789. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was abruptly leaned against. He blinked a few times before attempting to give her a soft pat on the head. * - Thu Jan 17 03:17:07 2019
  791. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) // Blood. Sweat. Tears. Over the course of ten years, there was non stop training. The Muscle Corps did not sit down and act like they had nothing to do. Twice a week there was a four hour long training session. This was all headed up by Kae and Morkian. Over the course of which, the Senzaemon would personally look after the training of every single member. Did they do anything outside of working out? For the most part they may have performed several missions together. They also had a monthly get together to talk about training and life in general. Of course, he didn't know how everyone had improved over that time, but regardless they were the proud members of his Corps.* - Thu Jan 17 04:44:09 2019
  793. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) || NO RETREAT! NO FEAR! NO MERCY! This motto, which would soon become the motto for the Muscle Corps, became the guide for Morkian's life over ten years. There was very little off time for the Senzaemon. Between his service to Kae and the Muscle Corps, he remained rather busy. The only things he seemed to find time for was hanging out with those who he deemed close, close friends. People such as Kei, Kanjun, and his brother Jiao. Ocassionaly he'd attempt to make time for hanging out with Sariel, Jand,and Variel on a more personal level. These times were limited. Due to Morkian's obligation to follow Kae as a retainer, he spent a lot of time being bossed around or just following the female. With the Muscle Corps finding its own building, Morkian found himself spending many nights there. When Kae didn't need him he would be found working out or sparring Jang or Sariel. He would also ocassionaly make an attempt to have lessons with some of the physically weaker members such as Torikago or Variel. His interractions with Jiao didn't cease even after he left his service under Raon. They were brothers and that would never cease. There were many times where they could be seen just hanging around together leaning back to back and staring up at the sky. This particular interraction got a bit more awkward as time went on. While Morkian's height seemed to shoot up insanely every year. Growing seemed to remain one of the more constant parts of Morkian's life. By the end of it all, his strength seemed to have grown immensely. His body not only appeared numerous times more muscular than his childhood, but he also grew much taller. It was to the point where he was a literally towering over everyone in the village, save for Sariel. This required a bit of adjusting, especially for his fighting style. Bending down to punch people got tedious and he felt like it would cause him to many problems. Only time could really tell where Morkian would go from here. Hopefully it would involve him getting even bigger. He could never get to tall. He could never get to big. He had to leave by the motto he had gotten from his brother. NO RETREAT, NO FEAR, NO MERCY!* - Thu Jan 17 06:28:16 2019
  795. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) saw Jiao heading towards the market once more. He offers a smile towards his friend as his giant ass hand waved through the air. Clearly he was happy to see his friend after so long. "Hello Jiao!"* - Thu Jan 17 06:50:27 2019
  797. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) brought his hand down as he saw Jiao's response. He stopped himself from speaking. He released a bit of a sigh before turning away from the area. He supposed he couldn't actually do anything anymore. He began to make his way back towards the Uptiria mansion. "I wonder what food will be today." * - Thu Jan 17 06:55:34 2019
  799. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) sucked in a deep breath as he listened to the differing opinions currently in the room. To be honest, it couldn't be said that he had made a proper decision as of yet. If he had his way, he'd have left to Shun's side a long time ago. Sadly, there was something holding him back. Once he heard Jang's particular point of view, he debated on interrupting. Instead of actually saying anything he just stared in the female's direction. He wasn't sure if Jang would lock eyes with him, but if she happened to she would see that he had a peculiar look. It was as if he was trying to ask her to join for his sake. * - Thu Jan 17 07:20:19 2019
  801. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) scratche the back of his head a bit as he listened closely to what was going on. At this point he was afraid that this would turn into a giant fight. If that happened, he already knew who he would have to help. For the time being he could just watch the story unfold. Would this be the start of partnership or a bitter hatred. He didn't know right now, but it would soon be found out. He glanced towards Variel and Torikago for a brief second. Every word that was said seemed clear to him. He turned his head away to look towards Raon. He didn't know what exactly was going through her. Did she just want to dominate everything? Did she hold a grudge towards people? All this thinking honestly annoyed him. He didn't allow it to show to much. He just crossed his arms and waited. This would all get done within a few moments. * - Thu Jan 17 07:42:30 2019
  803. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a small sigh. He could literally feel the tension in this room growing by the second. It was becoming rather thick, and that wasn't for him. If he could, he'd cut it all with his axe. Sadly, there wasn't a way for this to work... yet. He moved off of his wall and headed towards one of the pillows. He offered a glance towards Jang and then towards Narul. He was probably one of the few people that wanted to choose no sides. It was ironic considering he had been forced one due to circumstances. He didn't like all t his fighting between friends. Still, there was nothing he could do about it yet. He wasn't strong enough. "Jang, let's not make threats. Lets just enjoy the food." He said all of this in a rather calm manner. He was talking to an old friend after all. He didn't feel like they would attack him for any reason. As the food was brought out he'd look up towards Kanjun. For the first time through out this entire situation he smiled. "Thank you for the food."* - Thu Jan 17 08:13:13 2019
  805. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) calmly began to place some of the food onto his plate. EVerything had blown up as he had expected...almost. There was no giant fight that required his attention. A few threats had been thrown around, otherwise it was more tame. A small sigh was released as he took a bit out of... meatloaf. This was the same cubed meatloaf he had seen when she had firsts cooked for him. It brought back fond memories to be honest. It was something he looked back on with a bit of joy. After eating a few pieces of the meatloaf, he'd wipe his mouth a bit more refined than he had in the past. He glanced towards the chef before simply placing his index finger and thumb together while his other digits shot towards the air. "Great spread of food!" * - Thu Jan 17 08:33:42 2019
  807. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) placed both hands behind his head as he heard the compliment. While it did come out of nowhere, he wasn't going to let it surprise him that much. He tried to keep a cool outer shell, but his emotions were displayed upon his face. He was happy.* - Thu Jan 17 09:09:32 2019
  809. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rubbed his head a bit as he turned on his heel. He had a few things to search for right now. Would he be back? Maybe, he just had to do his own thing for the time being.* - Thu Jan 17 17:25:20 2019
  811. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) removed the axe from his back. While Raon probably wanted to give him the chance to utilize his maximum destructive power, the Senzaemon had a plan for himself. He needed to figure out the easiest way for him to utilize his bigger form. Swinging his axe at this point felt more like a cop out. If he was going to get any stronger he would need to utilize his body and not use hsi weapon as his crutch. His body seemed to stoop a bit lower as he dropped down into a more athletic stance. He put both hands outwards before bring them back to his side. His palms faced outwards as he stared towards Raon. He wasn't too sure how he fought, but he supposed he should prep himself for the unknown. With this in mind, he began to slowly channel small bits of essence while motioning forward. It didn't take him too long to reach in front of Raon. Once he was close, he pushed his right arm forward. It was a simple palm attack that was aimed to strike Raon's shoulder. It was a blow that was obviously used only to test the waters.* - Thu Jan 17 17:38:59 2019
  813. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) felt his movement slightly pushed away from its intended position. While he knew that the Uptiria were a bit weird, he hand't expected anything this freaky. With his attack pushed off course, he had no reason to be able to react to the attack coming towards his face. His momentum had betrayed him. It was fair enough considering his lack of training. As the palm impacted his face, nothing big happened. The brief impact might let Raon know how durable the male was. He barely felt anything from the strike. It was like a quick pinch in his mind. Even though this was the case, he felt like he should try his best to go for another strike. He wanted to figure out a bit more about what was being used against him. His attempted to gain his balance back once more before delivering another palm. This time it was aimed towards her side. Of course this would cause him to be a bit lower than he'd probably like. She might notice that his movements were slow. It was clear he wasn't trying to get caught up in having his momentum used against him. His essence continued to slowly trickle in his body. It was a subconcious thing, but it didn't have any actual use at the moment. None that would be visible.* - Thu Jan 17 17:49:13 2019
  815. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't expect anything less of Raon. She could probably dodge him all day long if he allowed it. Still, he had his own pride to uphold. So he'd slightly throw off the kiddy gloves. He slid himself forward once more towards the retreating Raon. He had to make an effort to strike out. As he drew nearer he thrust his palm foward. Similar to before, he seemed intent on attempting to strike her shoulder. He tried his best to keep his momentum at bay in order to not let her guide his own momentum.* - Thu Jan 17 17:59:28 2019
  817. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't care much for the situation he was in. While he wasn't on the calculating level of Raon or Hei, he wasn't by any means stupid. Basic information was able to be processed by him. One such piece of information was that Raon defintely could not best him in close combat. So why was she extending her hand? He wasn't one to take chances much anymore. After he had handed his axe off the Yunq, he prefered to be a bit more cautious with his actions. He didn't know how well this would work, but he attempted to stop his momentum as she raised her hand up. Something was to fishy. Assuming he was able to plant himself before the beam struck, the male's essence would burst within his body. A sort of weird flex would be the outcome as the beam would impact his body. Raon would find that her attack struck true, but it may have been stopped by something hard. The situation still warranted him to stumble back shortly afterwards from the impact. While it was a good defense against taking the damage, it was a last second effort. He couldn't mitigate all the effects.* - Thu Jan 17 18:13:07 2019
  819. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't know what he stumbled into. All he knows is that as soon as he entered into it he had a bad feeling. This entire thing had been a ploy to get him into this situation. He had fallen into a masterfully set up trap. Now he had to bear with the consequences. Of course, compared to most he had a bit of a better defense for situations like this. Still it was hard to concentrate when he felt his entire body being pushed off into different directions. The pain was excruciating. It was one of the things his durability didn't help mitigate it either. He had to change that or he wouldn't be able to deal with this much longer. His essence would flourish once more. There was an obvious flexing motion performed as he attempted to get himself planted as much as possible. Should he find a way to, his essence would begin compressing his muscles a bit. The obvious goal was to stop his body from going every which way, it was also just an attempt to stop the incredible bursts of pain.* - Thu Jan 17 18:25:55 2019
  821. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) || A hand. That was all Morkian was able to see for a brief moment. As he heard the words spoken by Raon, he didn't hesitate to actually close his eyes. Normally this wouldn't be good for a person to do, but with his current defense he felt that there was no need to worry about her attempting to gut shot. What he did have to worry about was the kosen that had just drove him into the ground. He had long ago realized the weakness of this technique. If it was going to be utilized against him, then he would just have to find a way to overcome that. For now the consequences ended up being his head slapped into the ground. While he was sationary, there was no way he could utilize his technique as effectively from this position. He was still reeling from the fact that he just got beamed in the face, regardless. * - Thu Jan 17 18:34:27 2019
  823. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) groaned a bit as the handw as removed from his face. The male stood up from the ground and dusted himself off. For the most part he hadn't taken much damage, but he had forgotten about his outfit as per usual. "That was eye opening." He rubbed the back of his head a bit to get the remainder of the dirt off. At the prospect of lunch a smile seemed to blossom on his face. "Oh, lunch sounds really good now."* - Thu Jan 17 18:39:34 2019
  825. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had a dish placed placed in front of him. On it was rice with some steak cubes scattered about. The Senzaemon's eyes seemed to widen a bit as he grabbed at a pair of chopsticks. He held it in his hands for a few moments as he delivered whatever thanks he needed to give. Afterwards he dug into the food. Over the years he had learned a bit about table manners, so that was employed in this particular situation. He didn't have force down large amounts of food at once. Still with the rate he ate, it wouldn't take long until he finished. He took a break every three or so mouthfuls of food. He drank a glass of water to wash everything down. He'd continue eating shortly after. To him it was nothing but a routine at this point.* - Thu Jan 17 19:34:11 2019
  827. *Upitiria, Shun hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Retainer Rules. - Thu Jan 17 20:17:42 2019
  829. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rose up from his seat and glanced towards Hei and Xiaoran. He didn't know if the two could see him, but he gave a simple shake of his head. He supposed he had time to find the Willlis soon. "Hei, are you gonna be helping me?"* - Thu Jan 17 20:27:05 2019
  831. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looked around for a few moments. He had to figure out where his good friend was. Off to find Kei he was.* - Thu Jan 17 20:56:06 2019
  833. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked around the building a bit to find Kei. Upon seeing the individual he offered a smile as he waved towards the much smaller individual. It was like he was back to being five again. "Hey Kei!"* - Thu Jan 17 21:00:22 2019
  835. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes a step or two forward. He moved his hand forward and aimed to clasp Kei's hand very lightly. He'd give it a small shake as a smile arose on his face. I've been well. How about yourself? How having you been feeling?"* - Thu Jan 17 21:03:47 2019
  837. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) attempted to give Kei a gentle pat on the head. "If you need me, I'll be there to help."* - Thu Jan 17 21:26:49 2019
  839. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) releases a slight yawn. Getting up from his seat he turned towards the door. "I'll see you all in a bit." * - Thu Jan 17 21:55:50 2019
  841. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rubbed the top of his head a bit. After a few moments he would stuff his hands into his pockets before heading off.* - Thu Jan 17 22:15:28 2019
  843. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was not about to get involved in this situation. He goes and takes his post on the wall. He just wanted to be the friendly, axe toting giant.* - Thu Jan 17 22:41:04 2019
  845. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) moves walls while also closing the door. Did they live in a damn barn?* - Thu Jan 17 22:56:25 2019
  847. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) turns his attention towards the door. Since he was the closest, he decided that it would be best to go see who it was. He'd slide on over to the door before opening it slightly. He peeed his big ass head out to look down at whoever game. "Yes?"* - Thu Jan 17 23:22:01 2019
  849. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) glanced back to look towards Raon. Since he assumed they were still busy with business, he shrugged. "She is a bit busy at the moment. She'll be able to see you momentarily. If you could wait outside for a few moments, I'll make sure to tell her you're here."* - Thu Jan 17 23:25:26 2019
  851. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) goes to see who is at the door once again. He slides it open slightly and pokes his head out. "Yes?"* - Thu Jan 17 23:37:23 2019
  853. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinks a few times before attempting to shut the door in Yunq's face. He said nothing in response to the male talking about his baldness.* - Thu Jan 17 23:40:48 2019
  855. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) opened the door to probably see Yunq leaving. "What do you need?" he'd call out. If he chose to continue leaving that was up to him. He was just the innocent bald guy.* - Thu Jan 17 23:43:21 2019
  857. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave a simple nod. Though as he was dealing with this situation, he seemed to take note of something outside. He turned towards Ascelin and then back towards the door. He released a sigh before heading out of the manor. He closed the door behind him as well.* - Thu Jan 17 23:50:11 2019
  859. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) slips off his shoes from his feet and walks over to Xiao. While his feet were pretty fucking big, he still attempted to fit the shoes onto the downed tigether. A simple head pat would be delivered shortly after. "Its okay Xiaoran. You'll live to see another day." Having said that he began to amble off towards the mansion once more. He wanted to see more fights going off.* - Fri Jan 18 01:29:10 2019
  861. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) slowly slides his way towards the door. He supposed that he wasn't needed in this situation. Besides, this was the first time that the king actually did something village wide. Hopefully he wouldn't somehow be messed with here.* - Fri Jan 18 01:52:12 2019
  863. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a small sigh. At this point it seemed that this would end up being a rather meaningless meeting. Nothing that was noted so far seemed to strike his interest. In that case, he has to make sure he keeps himself somewhat awake. He took a seat on the ground. He propped his arms on his legs before placing his chin in his palms. For now he would look on without much of a response. He doubted there would be anything that was quite that shocking to be seen.* - Fri Jan 18 02:10:08 2019
  865. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) got up from his seat and dusted himself off. Since Fei decided to make her way into the area, the male would walk over to her before reaching down to tap her shoulder. "Can I speak with you?"* - Fri Jan 18 02:40:00 2019
  867. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) glanced towards the axe that was being wave towards him. He shrugged a bit before offering a bit of a chuckle. "That axe is pretty small. I'm not really interested." After a moment he'ld turn his attention towards Fei once more. "I'm being honest when I say I don't know what it is about. I assume it's about some business."* - Fri Jan 18 02:53:39 2019
  869. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looks between the two for a moment. He offered a light chuckle as he attempted to give Fei a pat on the head. He had a decent smile on his face. "Is there anything you'd like me to tell them? I see you have other plans."* - Fri Jan 18 03:01:20 2019
  871. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave a simple wave before turning his attention to Shun. "What's up?"* - Fri Jan 18 03:08:09 2019
  873. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rubbed his head a bit as he made his way towards the couch. Since it seemed he probably wasn't needed for anything, he'd take this chance to take a seat. Though, he also realized that sitting on these couches at his weight would easily break them. He ended up going for a sort of squat that allowed his butt to hover inches over the couch. "Today has been interesting."* - Fri Jan 18 03:47:24 2019
  875. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked into the area along with Variel. He expected to see a large number of people, but instead he only saw Kanjun and Jiao. He raised an eyebrow as he looked between the two for a moment. He chose not to say anything for the moment, he'd just listen in.* - Fri Jan 18 04:30:04 2019
  877. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) reached a hand out and attempted to pet Kanjun's head. He... he was actually a bit sad by how she didn't see that anything was wrong.* - Fri Jan 18 04:42:01 2019
  879. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) knelt down as far as he possibly could in an attempt to get eye level with Kanjun. He'd stare directly in her eyes with a bit more intensity than usual. "Take a rest every now and then."* - Fri Jan 18 04:50:33 2019
  881. *Jang Eun Mi hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Bread Jam. - Fri Jan 18 04:53:58 2019
  883. *Jang Eun Mi hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Bread Jam. - Fri Jan 18 04:53:58 2019
  885. *Jang Eun Mi hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Bread Jam. - Fri Jan 18 04:54:49 2019
  887. *Jang Eun Mi hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Bread Jam. - Fri Jan 18 04:57:23 2019
  889. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) attempts to quite blatantly grab Kanjun and place her on his shoulder. Why? He just wanted to see if he could have a shoulder mounted destroyer. * - Fri Jan 18 04:58:14 2019
  891. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) pet Jiao's head before heading off.* - Fri Jan 18 05:07:37 2019
  893. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) took a seat on the ground and continued to watch the spar. He huddled himself up a bit and placed his legs close to the chest. This probably looked really weird considering he was taller than eight feet. At this point he didn't seem to care all that much.* - Fri Jan 18 05:12:44 2019
  895. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) removed his hands from his knees and began to rub his head a bit. He glanced over towards Kanjun and Variel once it seemed that Kanjun was more or less fine. He returned his attention to the spar as one arm wrapped around both his legs again. His other arm remained rubbing his head. Rub. Rub. Rub.* - Fri Jan 18 05:22:08 2019
  897. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) moves his hand from his head and towards Jiao's mouth. He was basically attempting to wrap his hand around Jiao's entire head. It would shut him up more than likely. "Shush. You're interrupting the spar."* - Fri Jan 18 05:28:06 2019
  899. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was pushed. He just raised an eyebrow and looked down at Jiao.* - Fri Jan 18 05:32:22 2019
  901. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gets up from his seated position. He ambled over towards Sariel before quite literally attempting to bop the male on the head. "Sariel, listen!"* - Fri Jan 18 05:36:38 2019
  903. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looks around for a moment even after they had left the area. Once determining everyone was elsewhere he lowered his voice to mutter something.* - Fri Jan 18 05:52:00 2019
  905. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) seemed to fidget ever so slightly. He didn't give much of an answer past that. Fucking teenage hormones.* - Fri Jan 18 05:59:40 2019
  907. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) chuckled a bit after that one.* - Fri Jan 18 06:12:28 2019
  909. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) removed the axe from his back and held it out towards Variel.* - Fri Jan 18 06:28:41 2019
  911. *Variel Plynts hands Senzaemon, Morkian a IronAxe. - Fri Jan 18 06:29:32 2019
  913. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes it back for a moment and chuckles. "I think someone was offering one. It was....Noni."* - Fri Jan 18 06:30:24 2019
  915. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a small sigh as he began to move forward. He flashed a brief smile towards Ashi as he moved onto the field. A slight yawn was released as he stared towards Shiori. "Alright, lets stop."* - Fri Jan 18 07:03:40 2019
  917. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shook his head a bit before heading out of the arena. He wasn't going to be the one to explain why Sariel was wrong.* - Fri Jan 18 07:12:12 2019
  919. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) would followed after them.* - Fri Jan 18 07:33:32 2019
  921. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) releases a small sigh before heading into HIS dojo.* - Fri Jan 18 07:35:15 2019
  923. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a small sigh as he was tapped by Shun. He blinked a few times before he suddenly felt his body become crushed down by an invisible force. The Senzaemon found himself rooted to the very spot he was standing, not a thing he could actually do at that point. To be honest, he felt like he was sinking into the ground. The only thing that was keeping him up was the fact that his strength was absurdly high. "What... the hell."* - Fri Jan 18 08:13:39 2019
  925. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) suddenly felt his body lighten up a bit. Of course, with how dehibilitating the gravity was and his severe lack of speed, the Senzaemon was incredibly slow. He started to take some small steps forward. From the looks of it, these actually seemed to be helping his muscles. They felt the intense strain of the gravity and they were desperately trying to fight against it. "Mm. I like this gravity training. It puts a real strain on the muscles." Having said this he would slightly turn his head towards Kei. "Listen... I believe that he won't hurt me. I am his retainer after all."* - Fri Jan 18 08:28:09 2019
  927. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walks over to Kei.* - Fri Jan 18 08:46:56 2019
  929. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinks a few times as Kei wrapped his arms around him. He smiled a bit before attempting to wrap his arms around Kei in return. "I may have gotten older, but I will always be down for hugs."* - Fri Jan 18 08:51:12 2019
  931. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) scratched his chin a small bit as he thought about it. What jobs did he have? He assumed Kei was talking about from the king. He shrugged his shoulders for a moment as he turned towards where he last saw the King and others. "I suppose I don't have any."* - Fri Jan 18 08:58:01 2019
  933. *Kotsu, Kei hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Physical Training. - Fri Jan 18 09:00:35 2019
  935. *Kotsu, Kei hands Senzaemon, Morkian a Physical Training. - Fri Jan 18 09:00:35 2019
  937. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) reached behind himself to take ofhis axe. Without much effort, he tossed off the axe and let it stick itself into the ground elsewhere. He took a moment to take off his shirt jacket and shirt. Right now was not a good time to get this destroyed. These were difficult to make for someone of his size. "Alright, lets do this. I want to see what you got."* - Fri Jan 18 09:06:33 2019
  939. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) took his own stance as he saw Urea's. His was more of a traditional horse stance with his palms facing outwards. A small smile appeared on the male's face as he allowed Urea to make her motion towards him. Of course, he wasn't intent on letting her have her way. He still had to figure out what her level of ability was. He was certain she had to be close to Raon. "Try me." That was all he could say as he allowed essence to begin focusing through out his body. It was slowly seeping in, but it wasn't anything to serious. As the strike came towards his face, he didn't move an inch. Instead, he allowed it to sail past his cheek causing his vigilance to rise a bit. For the time being, he didn't make an actual attempt at launching a counter strike. Instead, he just continued allowing the essence to roll within his body. He wasn't sure what he was about to have to endure.* - Fri Jan 18 09:14:14 2019
  941. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had been coursing essence through his body for a good reason. While he couldn't completely see the punch, the stillness along with the chains may allow him to hear it. It didn't matter as much as all the muscles in his body would instantly tighten up. Should he hear the attack coming towards the back of his head, he'd attempt to let the essence explode throughout his body and act like a shield. Of course, in the case that he wasn't able to do this, he'd find himself smacked in the head by a random fist. His body remained rather still but a dizzying sensation would rush through his body. In the end, this wouldn't change to much of his actions. The essence he had already gathered would explode through his body in an attempt to ward off any incoming attacks. He'd listen to the essence of the technique with interest. While he performed no movements as of yet, he'd allow himself to ponder over the current techniques as he waited for Urea to throw out something a bit more dirty.* - Fri Jan 18 09:24:28 2019
  943. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was... sexually assaulted. He had now taken the chance to battle both Raon and Urea. The two of which had very different approaches to his defense. One decided that it would be best to just aim for his eyes and force him down. The other tickled him. Of course, this wouldn't work in the slightest. Blowing in his ear on the other hand caused a slight bit of movement. Of course this would easily allow her to catch him with the punch to the gut. The air was knocked out from him as he'd stumble back a bit. He seemed to be waiting in preperation for something. * - Fri Jan 18 09:31:18 2019
  945. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rubbed his stomach a bit after being hit. He didn't like the fact that Urea could just collapse onto the ground and start laughing like that. This was even bigger due to the fact that she had assualted his pride. "Its not a weakness. If I wanted to, there were things I could've done." He seemed to stammer a bit as he was attempting to explain himself. "NO one else is going to tickle me like you. They... might hit me below the belt though. So you can stop laughing now."* - Fri Jan 18 09:51:47 2019
  947. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) scratched the back of his head a bit before proceeding forward. It seemed the situation had more or less been handled. He was hearing a lot about souls being thrown around. He moved a bit closer to Variel.* - Fri Jan 18 10:13:58 2019
  949. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) offered a slight whistle before he begaan to head away from the area. He needed a nap.* - Fri Jan 18 10:20:48 2019
  951. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) woke up to the usual Upitiria drama. He didn't know what exactly was going on, but he assumed it had something to do with Narul's previous actions. While he expected t his talk to take place at some point, he also expected for it to be done in the presence of Raon, the cause of the matter. He shook his head a bit before moving over towards Shun's position. He carefully listened to what Narul was saying at this point. He had to be honest, of all the people in Manila, Narul was the closest to being on his shit list. That was a hard task to manage considering how Morkian viewed things. Still, he seemed to be able to piece together some rather good points. Theere were distinct differences between the two sisters. He chose to keep silent for the time being. There was no use trying to interject. He had a feeling that would just end with him getting destroyed by superior logic He didn't have time for that today. Instead he simply nudged Shun with his elbow in order to get his attention.* - Fri Jan 18 17:24:54 2019
  953. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) raised his hand high into the air. He chose not to just directly speak cause that seemed to make matters worse. If he wasn't initially noticed, he'd begin waving his hands through the air a bit to make himself as noticable as possible.* - Fri Jan 18 17:42:49 2019
  955. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) releases a small sigh before removing his axe from his back. His other hand reached to throw on his cloak. Afterwards he placed the axe back where it belonged. At this point he was more or less annoyed with this entire situation. "I'll be taking my leave." Having said that he'd begin to make his way towards the door.* - Fri Jan 18 17:59:53 2019
  957. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) arrived towards the arenas once again. He glanced towards the people who were talking for a brief moment. He decided it would probably be best to get his training done in the other arena. He took the time to make his way over towards the furthest arena before finally placing his axe down. He removed his cloak, as well as his uniform by this point. He had gotten into the habit of removing pieces of his clothing when he was going to train. After all this was done, Morkian grabbed the handle of his axe befire hoisting it into his shoulder. He took a deep breath as he began to go over a few of the events that had transpired. Over the past few days things had been hectic. A civil war was basically brewing in the background. Friends seemed to be turning on friends, deals were made. Everything was pointing towards a complete collapse. His mind seemed to flash back towards the simpler days. The days where everyone was friendly towards each other. The days where everyone seemed to be happy. They worried about food, but the problem was always fixed due to the kindness of Se or Nou. Now... people were losing eyes and fighting to kill. It was such a stark contrast that it almost physically pained him. Morkian had tried his best to remain on the good side of everyone. He had forged as many friendships as possible over the years. Yet in recent times it was like everything had faded into the background. If he wasn't being ordered around, it was like no one really took note of him. His conversations with people had gone down connsiderably. He just seemed to always be there. He was the eight foot five invisible man. This brought about some of the emotions the Senzaemon tried the hardest to surpress. It wasn't like he necessarily had a problem with them, he just found that being happy made him more willing to train. It gave him the best reason to train. A way to make sure that he kept the happiness he was feeling for as long as possible. When the more.. primal emotions took over he also trained. He didn't train to get stronger though, he just trained to let off steam. The best way to clear emotions was to hit something. That was his philosophy. The more he hits, the less he felt anything else. The pain disappeared, the anger disappeared. Everything was just replaced with happiness. He didn't have to get mad at people and it didn't require him to plot against others. He could just smile and find a way to make sure everyone was safe or happy. Morkian's grip on the axe handle seemed to strengthen a little bit as he thought about the past few days. All the times he was ignored. All the times plots were formulated. He probably could have done more. No, he definitely could have done more. He just stood by because he knew he wasn't strong enough to stop it all. He'd require a lot more strength to put an end to all the problems everyone faced. The axe rose from the giant's shoulder and towards the air. It was held above his head for a few moments before being brutally brought down. It crashed into the sand, dividing it almost instantly. At the time of swinging, there seemed to be an expression akin to anger present on Morkian's face. The emotions had finally burst open a bit, so it was time for supression once more. The axe rose from the ground and was brought up above his head once more. His muscles seemed to tense a bit before he brought it down towards the ground. Once again, his axe hit the sand with tremendous force. It was easy to split the sand and just watch it fill back up. He would feel strong once he was able to create a large divide in the sand that spread the length of the arena. Then he would be able to feel good for himself. The axe was removed before being brought up again. He inhaled as much air as he could before finally bringing it down again. Similar to before his axe hit the ground with incredible force. The area of its impacted was split momentaril as the sand tried its hardest to fill back in. This time he had put a bit more strength into the strike. There was no real goal with this, he just wanted to do it. Morkian released a small sigh before throwing his cloak and uniform over his shoulder. He firmly held the axe in his hand as he walked away from the arena. While he hadn't trained for too long, he felt a bit better than before. A smile adorned his face now,not a look of annoyance. He was sure that it wouldn't take long for him to come back here in the need to blow some more steam.* - Fri Jan 18 18:28:54 2019
  959. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) yawned a small bit. He reached his hand towards the cloak on his shoulder. Once he grabbed it, he began to dab some sweat off of his forehead. Shortly, afterwards he'd turn and begin to walk off. "Mm. What to do, what to do."* - Fri Jan 18 18:36:35 2019
  961. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shakes his hand a bit. "That's fine."* - Fri Jan 18 18:56:12 2019
  963. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rubs his arms a little bit before heading out. Along the way he grabbed all the equipment he would need. He didn't really feel like going to the Muscle Corps as of yet.* - Fri Jan 18 19:39:44 2019
  965. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) dumps all the workout equipment onto the ground. He offered a smile towards the three stationed in front of him before squatting down slightly. He'd take a few weights and a bar. He'd place it in the ground a few feet away and nod his head. This should work for Xiaoran. "So am I just showing you how I usually exercise, or am I going into full workout mode?" As he asked this, he was still going about setting up stations. One station was made with a bar laying in the sand and several weights scattered about. Another station just had two weights laying in the sand. They appeared to be around fifty pounds each. Clearly it was a more simple station for Shun and Xiaoran. The other station he had also had four weights standing in the ground. They seemed forced pretty deep so that they could stay for a bit. He'd offer a bit of a nod as he held up two plates himself. "Depending on the answer changes what we do."* - Fri Jan 18 19:47:24 2019
  967. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave a simple nod before tossing the weights into the sand. He supposed it would be bad for him to start Shun and Xiao off with something really hard. He had a whole lot of plans though. He simply gave a shrug before motioning towards Sariel. "Sariel over there is going to show you how to deadlift properly. Its an easy enough exercise. Its good for the body." As he said this he started motioning towards the bar with weights. That was the first station and maybe the only one. * - Fri Jan 18 20:01:55 2019
  969. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) seemed to get a rather sinister grin after Xiaoran questioned him. "I'm glad you asked!!" Having said this the male moved towards the weights that were standing up in the sand. He rolled his neck a little bit before placing two hands on the upper set of weights. After doing this he kicked off his shoes and placed his feet on the back set of weights. He spread his body a bit so that he was able to get into a proper pushup position. He inhaled as much air as possible before pushing himself down. He dropped all the way until his chest nearly touched the actual ground. After wards he forced his body up rapidly. As he did this, he clenced the weights with his hands and his feet. He rose into the air a slight bit before coming back down into the push up position. "That is one basic Morkian Pushup. You can do more things like-" He stopped speaking momentarily to demonstrate what he was about to say. He rose his left arm and his right leg into the air. The weights were still tightly gripped signifying how much effort it probably took to lift either of these body parts. "There is that. There are crunches after the hop. We also have the Kanjun Style Pushups." Having said that, the male moved pushed off with his arms causing him to be standing upright with the weights still under his feet. This clearly showed extreme balance. A goofy smile seemed to be present on his face as he literally just pushed the wights in his hands, into the air. "That is one. But yeah... nothing really to it."* - Fri Jan 18 20:17:16 2019
  971. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) could feel daggers piercing into his skin. He glanced towards Kannjun with a very innocent smile. "Why are you looking at me like that?"* - Fri Jan 18 20:23:15 2019
  973. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) cracks his knuckles a bit. He had to get himself all limber if he wanted to properly do this. Then... he remembered that he couldn't actually punch anyone. It would go against his code of conduct. He paused momentarily before he continued his advance. Once he was in front of Sariel, he firmly planted his left foot. His right foot rose into the air before slamming onto the ground. "Are you ready?" Even if the male wasn't a palm thrust was sent towards Sariel's chest. This was done with all the force he could muster. He had to see how much defense Sariel had at this point.* - Fri Jan 18 20:35:12 2019
  975. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) felt his palm impact the hardened muscles. A small smile seemed to form on his face as he shook his hand a bit. It seemed he still wasn't strong enough to break through Sariel's defense. "Well... I had to do a lot of personal training. I have to say, your use is really solid. You have a few things to work on, but it looks good otherwise."* - Fri Jan 18 20:41:10 2019
  977. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) opened his arms wide. He was an eight foot giant, just imagine how large his wingspan must be. Slowly, he began to move towards Xiao and Kanjun. It was time for his signature move. "GROUP HUG!" You know what happens next.* - Fri Jan 18 20:44:35 2019
  979. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) could easily continue hugging Xiao and Kanjung with one hand. Considering this, he'd attempt to move his right hand and lightly bop Xiao on the head. Lightly might hurt a small bit, but it was light in Morkian's eyes.* - Fri Jan 18 20:52:16 2019
  981. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) squints his eyes. Was he about to let this five two, little girl talk to him like that? Yes... yes he was. He didn't lean down though. Instead, he attempted to grab Kanjun and place her on his shoulder. DOWN WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT!* - Fri Jan 18 21:10:11 2019
  983. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had his head rubbed. He felt good, but he also felt like he was somehow being insulted in the end. Though, Kanjun may quite literally be able to see her reflection in the baldness.* - Fri Jan 18 21:14:27 2019
  985. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes Kanjun off his shoulder and places her on the ground. He didn't mind Shun squinting at him.* - Fri Jan 18 21:45:10 2019
  987. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) nodded his head. He held up a finger before quickly rushing upstairs. Once he came back down, he'd be dressed properly. He then proceded to take his seat.* - Fri Jan 18 21:55:24 2019
  989. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) got up from his seat. His large frame began to move its way to the kitchen. He walks in and grabs his personal stash of bread and jam. He comes back out with two pieces in hand. "Take it and leave."* - Fri Jan 18 22:09:04 2019
  991. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinks a few times. Normally Morkian could ignore a compliment once he reached the Uptiria mansion, but as soon as his muscles were complimented he seemed to fidget slightly. He shook his head before moving to his seat. Though at the mention of Kanjun having to make more food he raised a hand in the air. "Hold on. He can share some of my food."* - Fri Jan 18 22:21:52 2019
  993. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) sat down after being told off by Kanjun. He wasn't about to fully lose cooking privelleges for any random stranger. He would take his meal for himself and enjoy it to the best of his ability. He looked down at the meal that had been prepped before him and smiled. He leaned down to get a nice whiff of the food as well. One part of good cooking was the smell. After admiring the burger for a while, he scooped it with one hand. While they had table manners, he had to assume that they weren't going to make him cut and eat this. They couldn't be that old fashioned right? He was almost certain he'd be fine. He brought the burger towards his mouth and bit into it. The flavor seemed to explode in his mouth after biting into it. He honestly felt every flavor bursting with in ( He honestly couldn't stop himself from finishing the burger in as few bites as possible. He had finally had enough. it was time for action. He must get more cooking like this in the future. He calmly wiped his mouth before shifting his attention to Kanjun. His hand and everything was clean. He still had the connected dots on his forehead, but that wouldn't matter much. He'd attempt to grab the female's hands and in a completely serious tone of voice he asked. "Marry me!"* - Fri Jan 18 22:49:10 2019
  995. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) contined to cup Kanjun's hands with his own. He stared ahead still being one hundred precent serious. Though after she mentioned dating, he sort of just blinked. "Oh.. I guess I was missing a step. Well... we can change that part then!"* - Fri Jan 18 23:02:49 2019
  997. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinks a few times in quick succession. He seemed to ponder this statement for a bit before nodding his head. "Jiao told me that you're never to young for love, but I understand. What Shun said is right."* - Fri Jan 18 23:12:12 2019
  999. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) let go of Kanjun's hands. He had to ponder over some things. He rested an elbow on the table and began to stare off into space.* - Fri Jan 18 23:20:44 2019
  1001. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was unknowingly muttering some thoughts to himself. He seemed to have a moment of enlightenment. He slammed his right fist into his left palm and smiled. He had figured it out.* - Fri Jan 18 23:43:47 2019
  1003. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) couldn't really remove his uniform this time. It was an official job, so he had to make sure he looked his best while doing it. As such, Morkian began to do a few simple stretches as he stared towards Malsta. "Feel free to come at me any time!" As he said this, he slowly dropped into a basic horse stance. His palms faced outwards towards Rock as he waited.* - Sat Jan 19 00:07:40 2019
  1005. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) took note of the incoming attack. To be quite honest he was expecting quite a large attack out of the male. He always wanted to push himself to new heights. If possible he really wanted to find a way to adapt to all the pain that came his way. Sadly, it didn't seem like this would be the time for such an experience. As the fist came barelling towards his stomach, Morkian flexed his muscles a bit. While he was hit rather hard, he didn't seem to take much damage from the strike. He simply gave a firm nod as he attempted to deliver a slap towards Rock's side. "You have some strength, but can you take a hit?"* - Sat Jan 19 00:24:44 2019
  1007. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) raised a hand into the air. As the kick came barelling towards him he aimed to grab onto the leg tightly. Of course he didn't want to hurt the male, but he had to have some show of dominance. Should he succeed in his action, he would aim to toss the male into the building towards his side. He put a little more strength into the throw in order to test the limits of the male's durability. He could always figure out different ways to react by doing this. "Alright. You can take a hit too. I can respect that a lot!"* - Sat Jan 19 00:34:08 2019
  1009. {" **Jell0's Logged Activities**
  1011. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't seem to care as much about the male's lycanus transformation. What interested him more was the fact that he appeared to be similar to Jang. This caused a smile to slowly spread across his face as he stood his ground. He could probably take this attack with ease, but there was no use wasting essence. Instead, as the male slammed into him, they'd find Morkian was like an immovable wall. Regardless of what they did he wouldn't move. His already gigantic height might seem to become even bigger in their mind. A small chuckle was all Rock would be able to hear. The Senzaemon's arms moved forward as he attempted to stick his arms under Rock's armpits. Assuming he managed this he would then procede to slightly pick up the male before slamming him into the ground. This time, he wasn't holding back. "I think I've seen enough. I think you'd be great, though you should learn a thing or two from Jang."* - Sat Jan 19 00:49:29 2019
  1013. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a small yawn as he moved into the area. He had a pleasant smile on his face as he spotted a few people he knew of. "HELLO!"* - Sat Jan 19 01:09:07 2019
  1015. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) seemeed to have been ignored. Sadly, he didn't really mind it all that much. He walked forward as he attempted to get behind Kei. Should this be the case, he'd attempt to lift the boy off the ground. A small smile on his face as he'd also look down at Jang. "Mm. You need to be a bit more calm Jang."* - Sat Jan 19 01:19:21 2019
  1017. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) carries the male off to the market.* - Sat Jan 19 01:33:52 2019
  1019. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) allows this. He squints at Jiao for a moment before he raises an eyebrow.* - Sat Jan 19 01:43:15 2019
  1021. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) offers Jiao a simple smile. He didn't seem to be all that angry about what was said. He walked over and attempted to return the pat to Jiao. "I'll be honest. I'm not good at this stuff. Give me some advice."* - Sat Jan 19 01:51:47 2019
  1023. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked forward a bit as he attempted to get closer to the situation. Things seemed rather weird, but he wanted to make sure things didn't get to hectic.* - Sat Jan 19 01:57:45 2019
  1025. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave a simple thumbs up towards Jiao. He was lucky he felt like being slightly shorter for the time being. After a moment he turned towards Tori and attempted to pat Tori's head.* - Sat Jan 19 02:10:33 2019
  1027. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shivers twice. Thrice. 10 times.* - Sat Jan 19 02:13:07 2019
  1029. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) stretched his body a bit before he began to move away from the area.* - Sat Jan 19 02:38:43 2019
  1031. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shuffls over to go take a seat by Jiao. He gave a simple nod Raon's way. She seemed busy enough. He'd have to give her a hug later.* - Sat Jan 19 02:50:40 2019
  1033. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walks towards Jang and also attempts to pat her on the head. He doesn't do this often, but when he does. He does it well.* - Sat Jan 19 02:55:47 2019
  1035. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) || Was just chilling with his homeboy on the lawn. They had recieved the chance to talk about some interesting stuff. Feelings, the works. Of course all this seemed to be interrupted as he heard the sound of battle. He squinted a bit before rising from his seat and heading forward. While he did this he seemed to focus his essence into his muscles. For the time being it just seemed to flow over them constantly as he moved. It didn't do much else for the time being. The closer he got, the more he heard. He could hear Hei and techniques going. He didn't really understand it completely, but it sounded like shit was going down. First thing he sees, Kanjun getting attacked. Honestly, he was about to pop off. Then.. it didn't seem she reacted all that much. A few thoughts flashed through his head as he moved forward a bit more. He wanted to get a better look at who he was dealing with. Hopefully no one would attempt to attack the poor, friendly giant.* - Sat Jan 19 04:09:10 2019
  1037. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shuffles his way over towards Shun. Still had a bit of a job to do. He didn't know what was about to transpire, but another fight seemed like it could break out. He doubted Narul would participate so he didn't bother attempting to make them follow.* - Sat Jan 19 04:45:52 2019
  1039. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had moved at the correct moment apparently. With everything going on, including Hei being attacked, the Senzaemon stood his ground. He didn't want to get in the way more than he had to. So once Hei had bounced into him, he just continued standing there. As soon as he saw Shun bringing himself into the battle, he realized he couldn't just stand there. He moved himself forward ever so slightly placing himself into the prime position. His arms opened as he took another step forward to catch Tatsuya. The male would find himself stuck in an agressive bear hug as Morkian also attempted to allow essence to begin pumping through his body. He had to prepare for the impending attack.* - Sat Jan 19 05:21:42 2019
  1041. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't seem to move much after he managed to wrap his arms around Tatsuya. He could feel his captive struggling to break free. What surprised him was the fact they actually tried to brute force their way out of his hold. It seemed like people didn't know who the hell he was anymore. He'd have to educate the male at a later point. Probably preach something about muscles. For the time being he was hit in the chest by Tatsuya's head. The male might have misjudged the size difference between the two, but regardless of where he was hit, a small chuckle would be released. A slight smirk ended up on his face as he spoke. "That tickled." It stung ever so slightly, but it was less damage than he had expected. Then.. came Hei's attacks. The giant of a man attempted to make his way back a bit to get Tatsuya out of the way of the incoming blows. Morkian would give Hei an almost apologetic look. "I'm sorry, but I don't want you to hurt someone who is already restrained. Its bad practice. Especially when they are from our village." Having said this, he didn't drop his vigilance. He was still prepped for another attack, whether that be from Urea or Tatsuya. Essence was already a flowing.* - Sat Jan 19 06:10:20 2019
  1043. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinks a few times. He was about to leave, but seems he didn't have to. He jsut kept giving Tatsuya a nice big hug.* - Sat Jan 19 06:25:42 2019
  1045. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) holds out the male towards Urea. It was like passing on a baby.* - Sat Jan 19 06:28:16 2019
  1047. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looks down at the short stack of person. He offers a kind smile before turning his attention to Kei. "Of course you can. A bestie of Kei is a friend of mine!"* - Sat Jan 19 07:47:37 2019
  1049. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was punched in the gut without a moments notice. The male blinked a few times as he looked down towards Jiao. He offered him a smile as he lifted up his shirt a bit. Clearly this man had an six pack on his six pack. "You know I do. And thank you Torikago. I appreciate the compliment."* - Sat Jan 19 08:05:32 2019
  1051. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) glanced back as he heard someone making their way towards the door. It took him a moment to realize it was Urea, by that time she had bumped into him. "Mm... seems things escalated."* - Sat Jan 19 08:27:44 2019
  1053. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) reached out and attempted to pat Urea on the head. She was much older than him, but that didn't matter. He was bigger. He had a bit of a grin on his face as he attempted this. "Welp, gotta enjoy the time you have left."* - Sat Jan 19 08:30:17 2019
  1055. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) raises an eyebrow for a moment before leaning down a bit. "Yes?"* - Sat Jan 19 08:37:58 2019
  1057. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had his head pat by Jiao. Honestly, he didn't really mind having this happen every now and then. Due to his height, he seemed to be avoiding them as of late. He offered a light chuckle in response before turning his attention to Kei. He shrugged his shoulders a bit.* - Sat Jan 19 08:43:05 2019
  1059. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) reached out his hand and attempted to softly pet Choi. He had a soft spot for just about everyone in the village. Choi would be no different. "There there."* - Sat Jan 19 08:55:02 2019
  1061. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) continued to softly pat Choi. Every now and then he would add in a nice little head scratch to throw a new spin into the pat. Course he was just doing this to pass the time.* - Sat Jan 19 08:59:18 2019
  1063. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) glanced down at Hikari momentarily before attempting to give her a light nudge. He had a quetion that had to be answered. His voice dropped into a whisper, though everyone was practically in ear shot.* - Sat Jan 19 18:33:36 2019
  1065. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) piviots and raises an eyebrow he offers his own smile while shaking his head. "Not right now. Talk to me later and I'll do one."* - Sat Jan 19 18:52:22 2019
  1067. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a soft chuckle as Jang seemed to be rearing herself up to go. To be honest, he wasn't one to usually go all out for anything. He hated hurting people that were from the same village. It required a bit to much effort in his mind, but he decided that Jang was worth it. The male smiled a bit as he threw off his shirt. "COME AT ME WITH EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT! LET YOUR MUSCLES DO THE TALKING!" Having said that he set his fit into the ground as Jang charged towards his body. She was fast, but he was an immovable mountain. He didn't care about what she threw at him. He didn't care about anything she did towards him. He would overcome it. Not just because he had big muscles, but because he was a Senzaemon. The impact would easily be heard by everyone in the area, yet it didn't seem to phase Morkian. To Jang, it might seem like he became even bigger. He wasn't the same type of person as before. He had grown quite a lot both mentally and physically. "MUSCLES!" That was the shout that was heard as he attempted to grab Jang by the armpits and literally toss her over his shoulder. He wasn't stupid and he was attempting to utilize her momentum against her. This would make it significantly harder to really weasel out of.* - Sat Jan 19 23:00:41 2019
  1069. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) || There was a clash. A clash of wills, a clash of strength. Morkian was one of the stronger individuals in the village. Truth be told, he didn't know to many that had the ability to handle his strength, yet here Jang was. She was one of the few people that had the ability to challenge him in a battle of strength and come out victorious. She was a difficult match up, but it just seemed to make Morokian even more excited. As he was attempting his throw, he took note of the fact that the female seemed to root herself in place. It really was like moving a moutain. He could make her budge against her will. His skill matched hers, and her strength was close to his. Right now they were in a deadlock, but it was one he would swiftly lose if it continued. This is where Morkian had to play smart. Thus, he attempted to step in a bit to get into her guard. Should he be able to, he'd then attempt a swift sort of nudge towards her ankle. His goal was to cause some temporary pain and also test her durability. Assuming it hurt her, he might actually be able to finally go through with his throw. "You've gotten much stronger!"* - Sat Jan 19 23:12:38 2019
  1071. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was truly weaker than Jang when it came to physical strength. What allowed him to be great was the fact that he had amazing durability. He could be moved, but he wouldn't be moved. As his attack seemed only intent on failing, the male would freeze. His essence exploded through out his body as his muscles tightened up. Of course, this included the ones that were helping him hold down Jang. Still, what allowed this to be even better was the fact that while he was being thrown, he kept his original position. The slam into the ground was rather swift and brutal, but it wouldn't actually harm Morkian. After feeling the impact, the male would find himself attempting to unfreeze himself and roll out from Jang. He had to gain a bit of distance from the killer crocodile. A smile could be easily seen on his face showing just how much fun he was having during this. Should he get the distance he wanted, he'd nod his head a bit. "I see that this is a lot harder than I thought. I'll try my best either way."* - Sat Jan 19 23:29:42 2019
  1073. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a small sigh as he dusted his back off. While he did want to continue, he already knew where this might go. It wasn't looking to pleasant for him, so he had to ask. "Do you want to continue?"* - Sat Jan 19 23:37:23 2019
  1075. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rubbed his head a bit before attempting to mmake his way towards Jang. He'd reach his arm out and attempt to pat the female's head. He offered a bright smile before removing his hand after three pats. "I'm glad I got to know you as well. It's always good to have strong comrades and good friends. Always remember that I'll be here to help you! If you need it of course."* - Sat Jan 19 23:45:04 2019
  1077. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rubbed his bald head a bit. He had a bright smile on his face. He had gotten a response that he had not expected. Though Jiao would find that even his armpit here was not there.* - Sun Jan 20 00:08:57 2019
  1079. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) poked at the puffed out cheeks.* - Sun Jan 20 00:14:04 2019
  1081. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was poked in the side. Oh... the humanity. He didn't offer a poke back this time. Instead he dug into his pocket and withdrew a cloth. Afterwards he began to wipe his head a bit.* - Sun Jan 20 00:20:54 2019
  1083. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looked towards Kanjun for a brief moment. He shook his head and looked down towards his feet. "We haven't."* - Sun Jan 20 00:41:23 2019
  1085. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gets up from his seat before heading off.* - Sun Jan 20 00:45:39 2019
  1087. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shuffled forward a bit as his gaze becomes a bit more serious. He remained quiet as he made his way over towards Kanjun. Assuming he managed to get in front of her, he'd place a finger on her forehead to get a read on her temperature. He knew what blushing was, but.... he was sort of stupid. "Mm. You're stuttering again. "* - Sun Jan 20 00:55:02 2019
  1089. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) would attempt to reach out and grab Kanjun before she could fall all the way to the ground. "I'm confused."* - Sun Jan 20 00:57:36 2019
  1091. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) motions towards her arm with his head. He then motions towards her head with his hand. "You're all red. You're stuttering, and it seems your falling apart."* - Sun Jan 20 01:00:09 2019
  1093. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) took a moment to lower himself down a bit. He sat on the ground and crossed his legs as he looked towards Kanjun. He got really serious once more as he contemplated a few things. "I don't. I've been told by the king that I should be genuine, so I will be. I did propose and I meant it at that time. I still do to be honest. He asked if we got married, which we haven't." He paused for a moment as he looked over towards the wall. Even he got emberassed from time to time. "Yet." Afterwards he returned his attention to Kanjun. "What don't I get?"* - Sun Jan 20 01:07:50 2019
  1095. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinks a few times. Time seemed to have stopped for him, because he wasn't computing what just happened. Kanjun had been sitting down in front of him, then she got up. That all made sense. She approached him and then... everything stopped. For a few brief moments, Morkian seemed to pause. Other than blinking a few times there was no movement. Finally, he turned his head to look at Kanjun. He was wide eyed, but there was a smile on his face. "Lead me on? Wait... I never thought you were leading me on. I know you said you're to young, thats why I said yet. I thought it all through!" He seemed also giddy as he said this. He also seemed to be speaking faster than normal. "Wait.. did someone say you were leading me on?"* - Sun Jan 20 01:17:13 2019
  1097. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) reached out and attempted to pat Kanjun's head. It was the most intimate thing he was willing to do.* - Sun Jan 20 01:24:03 2019
  1099. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) took a seat at the head of the table and layed his head down as ewll. Things were weird to be honest.* - Sun Jan 20 01:27:28 2019
  1101. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) squints as he walks in on some shit.* - Sun Jan 20 16:57:36 2019
  1103. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) begins to flex his muscles in rhythm. He looked like a dancing god without even moving much.* - Sun Jan 20 17:07:50 2019
  1105. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rubs his chin a bit. He had to be truthful, Jang dying was kind of sad. Honestly he didn't expect things like this to happen after their spar. Shit just happened, but you know.. he can't do much about what has already happened. He took a deep breath before placing his hands together. "May her soul rest in peace. I'll grow stronger so that you may be at peace." This was sort of a muttered prayer, but it happened.* - Sun Jan 20 17:13:48 2019
  1107. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) coughs a few times before sliding over to Xiaoran. He attempts to give him a very light bop on the head.* - Sun Jan 20 17:19:47 2019
  1109. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) attempts to bop Xiao again.* - Sun Jan 20 17:25:45 2019
  1111. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) opens his arms as wide as possible as he moves towards Kanjun and Variel. Then he does the thing that only a giant could do. He attempts to wrap his arms aorund both of them and bring them into a warm embrace. "Hugs are always good." He wasn't hurting them, -this time-.* - Sun Jan 20 17:30:01 2019
  1113. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) continued to keep the bright smile on his face after claiming his two victims- friends. He kept the hug going for a minute before putting down Variel. Kanjun had to suffer just a little bit longer.* - Sun Jan 20 17:35:08 2019
  1115. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) just continued to hug Kanjun for a few more moments. He finally put her down and turned his attention to Shun. He wasn't going to escape the hug.* - Sun Jan 20 17:48:48 2019
  1117. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) moved for with the speed that would make a cheetah lycan cry. Once he neared his targets his arms opened before he attempted to wrap his arms around Shun and Kanjun. Afterwards he would take off towards the mansion. "FOOOOOOOD!"* - Sun Jan 20 17:52:12 2019
  1119. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) stared at Hikari for.... he paused. He took a long pause. He looked around a few times just to make sure everything was real. "....WHAT!?"* - Sun Jan 20 18:01:36 2019
  1121. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) just offers a bit of a whistle as he turns towards Hikari again. "Uhm.. just don't let him do that."* - Sun Jan 20 18:03:18 2019
  1123. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) moves to pat Hikari's shoulder in return. "Thats good to hear." He then turns his attention towards Kanjun and offers a whisper. He knew Raon could here, but he didn't care. "So we're hiding it now?"* - Sun Jan 20 18:05:00 2019
  1125. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinks a few times as he seemed to slowly get lost in the joke. Since Shun decided to make things better, he offered a nod. "Alright. I'll stopp messing with Kanjun. TOOOO THE MANOR!"* - Sun Jan 20 18:09:16 2019
  1127. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) scratches his chin a bit as he watches Raon and Kanjun run off. He offers a light chuckle in response to the events. For the first time in a long time a plan seemed to formulate in Morkian's head. "I wonder if I can make her do that to Jiao." Of course... he didn't care to much. Though when he took notice of Choi holding on, he'd bend his big ass down and attempt to forcefully unlatch her. "Alright enough."* - Sun Jan 20 18:16:06 2019
  1129. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had a Ji-yoo on his arm. He didn't really know how he should go about this, but he supposed since Raon said it was okay,he could probably bring her along. Still, he didn't feel like toting a child on his arm today. "Uhm.. can you please get off? I'll buy you food later if you do."* - Sun Jan 20 18:30:36 2019
  1131. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shrugged a small bit as he gave a simple nod of his head. He began making his way towards the manor at this point. "I do. I work out a lot."* - Sun Jan 20 18:33:10 2019
  1133. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) arrives with the small tiger bird on his arm. He smiles for a moment before going to open up a window. He did what he was asked to do. Afterwards he went to stand at a wall.* - Sun Jan 20 18:35:44 2019
  1135. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinks a few times. He could swear his ears just broke, cause it sounded like Rock said he had dibs on reproducing with him. He shook his head a bit as he attempted to move into a sitting position. Afterwards he would attempt to remove Choi from his arm and place her in his lap. With that done he covered her ears with his palms. * - Sun Jan 20 18:43:24 2019
  1137. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shoook his head a bit when it came to the candy being presented to him. He didn't like partaking in to many sweets. Today was a special cheat day because Kanjun made cake. If not for that, he'd probably ignore it and continue eating his protein. As for the situation between Narul and Raon, he wondered what was being said. He was sure he could piece it together, but he hadn't been listening entirely. He'd have to find out about it later.* - Sun Jan 20 18:51:56 2019
  1139. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) turned his head to look at Variel. He now realized why opening the window was a good thing. He just chuckled a bit until he heard the door open. A smug look seemed to be on his face. "Shun, you're a rotten egg now?"* - Sun Jan 20 19:05:36 2019
  1141. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) attempted to give Choi some light head pats.* - Sun Jan 20 19:15:50 2019
  1143. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) picks up Choi up and carries her over to the table. He'd take a seat on the pillow and place Ji-yoo back in his lap. He is still under the impression that she is a small child. So he didn't really mind this situation. He looked at the food that was placed on the table before grabbing a pair of chopsticks. He also draws over Ji-yoo's plate as well. "Thank you for the food!" Having said that he began to take a few bites. Gotta eat with some manners cause Shun has rules.* - Sun Jan 20 19:22:40 2019
  1145. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave Ji-yoo a light bop on the head. "Eat with better manners. You're a guest at the moment."* - Sun Jan 20 19:26:56 2019
  1147. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) reached over and grabbed a pair of chopsticks. Since Choi was going to open her hand, she'd take some chopsticks today. He'd shove the chopsticks towards Choi's hand. "Eat with your chopsticks and slow down. Savor the wonderful food we have been given. Don't forget to thank Kanjun too." He'd then turn towards Xiao and squint. "Xiao, come eat. If you don't I'll sit on you!"* - Sun Jan 20 19:30:20 2019
  1149. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) attempted to simultaneously bop Choi and also grab the chopsticks. He didn't realize it, but she acted exactly like a young...commoner. If he was able to grab the chopsticks, he'd offer a simple head shake. His hands moved once more to place the chopsticks in Choi's hand. Along with this, he'd try to guide her hands to use the chopsticks properly. "Like this."* - Sun Jan 20 19:34:36 2019
  1151. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looks at Raon for a brief moment as she plays with her curry. "Raon, do you need another hug?"* - Sun Jan 20 19:46:33 2019
  1153. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was not about to let Choi attack Raon with a hug. He knows damn well that he would be the one getting punished for suggesting it. The male reached out and attempted to grab the female by the collar. "You need consent to hug Raon."* - Sun Jan 20 19:48:16 2019
  1155. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) stares at Raon for a moment and squints. He squints hard. He has reached Clint Eastwood level squinting. Even after it was revealed as a joke, he didn't take his eyes off the female.* - Sun Jan 20 19:55:05 2019
  1157. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) takes the envelope mid sentence. He gives a small, sitting bow. "Thank you Ascelin!"* - Sun Jan 20 20:18:59 2019
  1159. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave Choi some head pats. "Feel free to sleep on one of the pillows."* - Sun Jan 20 20:26:40 2019
  1161. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) got up from his seat and began to make his way towards a kitchen. Once there, the male would look around the area for a brief butt, before he found the cake. The young Senzaemon took a piece of the cake and began to make his way out of the mansion, assuming Kanjun had left.* - Sun Jan 20 21:22:08 2019
  1163. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) had to do a weird mission. While it seemed to just be throwing in items, it seemed a bit more weird in that. He suspected that there must be a special type of reason that they were fueling the Volcano. The reason wasn't really something he wanted to find out. If this thing errupted it would hurt a whole lot. Way more than what he could actually withstand. He released a small sigh before he grabbed a large dead tree that was stationed at the bottom of the volcano. He didn't seem too bothered by the weight as he made his way up the volcano. Once he reached the top, the male held the log in one of his rather large hands. Afterwards he threw it into the volcano without much of a care. He supposed that this would be one of the easier missions they had to do. He assumed that Kanjun wouldn't take to long. Since he had already tossed some things overboard, the male made his way back down before grabbing at two more logs. He had a bit of a questioning look on his face as he did this. It seemed that there was a much more specific reason why their trees were lacking. Now he knew they were being sacraficed to the Volcano demon. He could just shake his head as he continued to make his way up the mountain. Once he finally reached the top, the male pushed his arm up once more in order to toss one log inside. It spiralled down into the pit before entering the pit. He couldln't help but offer a light chuckle as he backed down and headed away from the mouth of the volcano. He could try making one more trip, but he wasn't to sure if he had time. He was sure Kanjun would be done soon. The male decided that he could make a quick run down. Once he reached the bottom, he grabbed some more scraps before rushing up the mountain. The male tossed a few more bits of wood and other discardable items, into the mouth of the volcano. Having finished that, he went to go meet Kanjun so they could thinkk about their next mission. "I might have to do this more often."* - Sun Jan 20 21:44:19 2019
  1165. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) || Two missions. There were two missions that were in the same area. This made things so much easier since he didn't really need to make an effor to walk farther. What he did need to make an effort with is the smashing some rocks. Obsidian was known as a rather hard material, though he had confidence in his strength. So once he found some obsidian he began to quickly extract with his axe and his hand. He realized that he didn't actually need to break it or anything. He was just gathering some obsidian. What he had to be careful of was the head that was associated with it. While it was formed from the mixture of lava and water, he aint going to let himself get burnt. Once he found some obsidian and extracted it, he tossed it into a bag. After a while he'd have a large, heavy bag of minerals. He looked at it for a brief moment and then back at Kanjun. He palced his hands behind his back as he would watch the female work a bit. Of course, he was enjoying himself at this point. Every now and then he'd stumble upon some obsidian that she missed. He'd pick it up and place it away in his back. This was good enough for him.* - Sun Jan 20 21:57:58 2019
  1167. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) offered a sort of chuckle. He supposed this was a good workout for himself. He needed to get back to training as hard as possible, so if he was going to dig a hole, he'd do it the Senzaemon way. The male would droop down a bit before he began to use his hands to begin digging a rather large hole. His hands acted as scoopers as he tossesd dirt towards the side in order to get as deep and as big a hole as possible. He made sure not to get dirt on him or Kanjun. After digging a rather deep hole, the male began the process of filling it back in. He'd shovel dirt into the hole withhis axe. Honestly he wasn't too sure what could happen past this. Since they were basically done their tasks, he needed to figure out a great way to distract himself. He'd glance towards Kanjun after finally filling the hole he dug. "I'm done. Need some help?"* - Sun Jan 20 22:09:55 2019
  1169. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walks in the area to see Sariel apparently sad and in a fetal position. Being a giant and a Senzaemon as well, he'd move towards his cousing. He smiled as he attempted to grab Sariel by his armpits. Without a single thought, he'd attempt to rip him out of Kanjun's grip and slam him onto the ground. "SENZAEMONNNNNNNNNN HUG!!!!!" He'd then hug the fool.* - Sun Jan 20 22:19:18 2019
  1171. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) releases a small sigh as he turned towards Kanjun. "I'll be back in a little bit." Afterwards he would move towards Sariel and attempt to begin dragging him off. "We're having a meeting!"* - Sun Jan 20 22:25:16 2019
  1173. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinked a few times as he carefully listened to what Sariel said. He placed his hand on his chin as things escalated. Honestly, he didn't expect the problem to be this big. He thought the male was just having some sort of relationship problems. This much more serious. "Sariel... its not your fault. First off, how were you suppose to know it was a kid?" His hand reached out as he attempted to place his hand on his cousin's shoulder. "Secondly, you were protecting yourself and Hikari. I don't like hurting people, but if you have to do something like this to protect someone, especially someone you love, then it is necessary. I understand... you killed a child and you have to live with that." He paused for a moment as he contemplated his next words. He didn't want to hurt Sariel, but he also didn't want him to bear this alone. "Don't let what Narul told you, or threatened you with. Listen.... use this as motivation. We are Senzaemon. We care about muscles and we care about being the strongest. DO YOU KNOW WHY!? Its cause we want to be able to protect what is ours. We chose this path when we came here." For the first time, Morkian seemed to be rather serious. His hand slipped off his cousin's shoulder as he attempted to bring the male into an embrace. "Don't lose yourself in grief. If you do, then you have failed yourself and that child. While you may have ended their life, you can atone for it by making sure you're strong enough next time to protect yourself and Hikari without killing. Learn to subdue, learn to knock out people. You had to kill him because you were weak Sariel. Do you know how you get stronger?" He would break the embrace momentarily before lifting up his shirt and revealing a tattoo. It was the tattoo of their clan symbol. "Let me hear your answer!"* - Sun Jan 20 22:36:22 2019
  1175. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) shook his head a bit as he attempted to grab Sariel as he attempted to leave. IF possible he'd turn the male around and shove him against the wall. At this point, the male seemed more angry then anything. It wasn't that he was angry at Sariel persay, he was more or less angry at the fact that he couldn't help Sariel. All he had to do now was keep trying. "Sariel, are you telling me you're going to just be done. You're done training forever? You're done being a Senzaemon?" He paused for a moment as he brought his fist down near Sariel's head. It would smash into the wall as he'd continue staring into his cousin's eyes. "You can be helped, you just don't want to. Are you telling me that after proposing to Hikari, you're just gonna stop training to protect her? I wasn't there. I don't know how it felt. Truly I'm sad for the child." He paused as he attempted to choke back a bit of tears. "Do you know what would have been worse for not only me, but the village?" He brought up a finger and jabbed it into Sarie's chest. There wasn't much force behind it, but it used to make a point. "If you or Hikari was injured or killed cause of that child. Do you know the amount of pain that would have caused? A decision had to be made and you made the right one." By this time, Morkian actually had a few tears running down his face. "I don't want to see you break down like this. You trained with me for as long as I can remember. You may not realize it, but you are a big reason that I am the way I am. You got me to the position I am today." He took a moment to wipe tears off his face as he'd grab Sariel by his collar. He'd bring their faces extremely close. "If you break, I break. If you are going to let this prevent you from being the best you that you can be, then fine. I'll let you live with that. I'll also let you live with the fact that you are letting me down. You're letting Hikari down. You're letting the village down. I'm not saying this to hurt you. I love you, Sariel. You're my brother, my inspiration, one of the reasons I train. " Once again tears started to fall from Morkian's face. He was one of the happier people in the village. He didn't like situations like this. It always tended to hurt one person. "I can't have you giving up on me. can't have you giving up on those who care about you. I know I'm bad at talking about feelings and trying to make things better. I know I may have hurt you with some of the things I said. I just want my cousin to be here with me. The same cousin who comes into the market screaming about training. I want the cousin that gets flustered around Hikari cause he doesn't know how to act around women." He wiped away his tears once more and took a deep breath. He didn't have much else he could say honestly. These were his bare feelings. "Don't let this death kill Sariel. Let the death help you become new."* - Sun Jan 20 22:57:42 2019
  1177. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a sigh of relief. While he may have made a temporary fix, it worked out in the end. The anger and pent up emotions seemed to shift into a smile. He'd slap his arm around his cousin's shoulder before he pointed towards the door. "These things take time, but always remember, I'm here for you. No matter what happens, I'll always be there to hold up you up or go down with you! THAT IS WHAT WE SENZAEMON MEN DO!"* - Sun Jan 20 23:07:05 2019
  1179. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) follows the male out.* - Sun Jan 20 23:08:48 2019
  1181. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) raises his hand high into the air. If anyone actually looked, they'd notice signs that the giant had been crying recently. "I did missions with Kanjun!"* - Sun Jan 20 23:10:30 2019
  1183. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gives a salute as he looks down at Kanjun. He offers a bright smile as he squated down a bit. "Are you okay?"* - Sun Jan 20 23:19:53 2019
  1185. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was hugged from behind all of a sudden. He raised his eyebrow and smiled. "Hey Kei. How you doing"* - Sun Jan 20 23:39:31 2019
  1187. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) offered a bit of a chuckle as he gave Kanjun a pat on the head. "Mhm. We should start heading back. Before we do I have a question!"* - Sun Jan 20 23:53:10 2019
  1189. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) offered a kind chuckle as he attempted to mimic Kanjun's voice to the best of his ability. He'd then begin to talk. "Oh Variel, I'm ready to tell you who I like!"* - Mon Jan 21 00:33:16 2019
  1191. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave Kanjun a pat on the shoulder. "I understand Kanjun."* - Mon Jan 21 00:35:50 2019
  1193. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) wanders off.* - Mon Jan 21 01:05:42 2019
  1195. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) blinks a few times as he takes a step forward. "What did you do to Raon?"* - Mon Jan 21 01:11:40 2019
  1197. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) took a deep breath. This was a lot to process at this moment. He had to keep his wits about him, though. "I can understand why she got angry. You're being selfish. Now I say it again, you're not leaving with Urea."* - Mon Jan 21 01:15:05 2019
  1199. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) furrows his eyebrows.He places a hand on the table as he leans a bit. He looks down towards Jiao for a few moments as several emotions seem to rush through his mind at once. "'re going to turn this onto me? No, that isn't how this works." He took a deep breath as he tried to calm himself down. He could feel himself getting angry again. "You.... stopped talking to me. You tried distancing yourself from me. I dealt with it though. I made it so you couldn't fucking forget me. I met you behind Raon's back. Yet, you still distanced yourself." His fist clenched a bit as his emotions seemed to be flaring again. He takes another deep breath to calm down. "You have barely talked to me. YOU HAVEN'T TOLD ME ANY OF YOUR PROBLEMS! I don't want you to sit here and act like no one understands you. Cause honestly, that is what it seems like you are trying to do. You're being a bigger baby then I was when we were younger. "* - Mon Jan 21 01:26:11 2019
  1201. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gripped the table hard. As he listened to Jiao talk, anger began to well up in him. The bearer of most of this anger happened to be the table. Sadly for this table and the police station, it wouldn't last long. The table was abruptly lifted up and tossed towards the wall with tremendous force. Anger was clearly evident. Then.... it faded. A deep sigh was given as he shook his head. A few tears seemed to well up in his eyes before being wiped away. "Know what fine. If you want to leave, go ahead. I'm coming too!"* - Mon Jan 21 01:36:25 2019
  1203. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a sigh. He placed his hands in his pocket and walked out of the room. "Whatever. Do what you want." Having said that he completely left the premises of the police station. * - Mon Jan 21 01:38:59 2019
  1205. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walks into the building for a few moments. He looks around the general area for a specific person. Once he can't seem to find them, the male shakes his head before turning around and heading out. He didn't seem to spare much a glance towards anyone else in the manor at this time.* - Mon Jan 21 01:44:06 2019
  1207. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) couldn't find who they were looking for. He was sure they'd show up when he least wanted them too anyway. The male shook his head before slipping off behind the Uptiria mansion. This was the only place he felt he could do something. He wasn't sure if the building were owned by Uptiria, but it didn't matter to him much at this point. A hand reached back and grabbed the axe that was held there. After slipping it off, the Senzaemon swung it as hard as he could at the first building. His anger finally burst. Everything that had happened in the last day seemed to be coming back to him. All the feelings he hadn't released when crying seemed to be brought into his axe swing. As the axe hit the wall, there would probably be a a small incision made into the corner. It wasn't shattering the building, but it showed how much strength he put into the attack. All the feelings he'd pent up were released in the form of swings. As he moved the axe back after the inital strike, he heard voices. He wanted to listen in on them more, but they weren't really important. It was probably just some more petty squabbling inside. His grip on his axe tightened once more before he swung it towards the building. Honestly, he should be more scared of breaking his axe than breaking the building. He could feel the axe wanting to bounce off, but he didn't let it. He just struck with more force. He was trying his best to make it really sink in. He just wanted this building to act in place of all his problems. The axe was removed and then promptly thrown towards the ground. There was a thud as it stuck itself into the ground. Afterwards, Morkian did something he had promised to not do. Since he had become a follower of the path of Sumo, he hadn't actually thrown a real punch. Now was not the time to be thinking about it though. His fist wound back before being sent into the building as hard as he could. While he didn't have his axe, there was still a loud impact. The impact signified a lot of things for him. It signified how everything had chosen to hit in one day. For a brief moment, he wanted to just stop there and break down, but he instead persisted. His fist wound back up before slamming into the building once more. It was shortly after this that a scream that came from the very pit of his gut was released. "FUCK ALL THIS SHIT!" This initial shout was followed by the sounds of his fist thudding against the building. Truth be told, he wasn't doing any damage. He was probably doing more damage to himself in the long run.After a few moments he seemed to attempt to calm himself down a bit. He backed away from the wall and spread his legs. Afterwards he dropped into the horse stance. His eyes closed and all seemed to be silent for him.* - Mon Jan 21 02:01:10 2019
  1209. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) continued to keep his eyes closed. He could hear someone calling out his name, but he wasn't in the right mood to respond. He ignored the sound for the time being as he continued to try and get his emotions in check. So many things had happened over a short period of time. Faces seemed to flash through his mind, before resting on one; Jiao. His anger welled up again before he struck the wall with a simple palm strike. It was one of the most simple techniques that a follower of sumo would learn. It didn't require any effort, but combined with Morkian's strength, it became a powerful weapon. The speed at which he struck wasn't the fastest, but it hit true. The area of impact seemed to crack ever so slightly from the strike. After the strike, Morkian seemed to settle back into his horse stance. His fists were visibly trembling. Whether it was from anger or the pain of smashing his fist against a cement wall constantly, that was for others to find out. His stance seemed to lower even more as he continued to wrestle with the emotions within. His anger towards Jiao was definitely not sedated after just one strike.* - Mon Jan 21 02:14:49 2019
  1211. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) issued another strike towards the wall. Once again he was using as much power as he possibly could behind the strike. The crack that he hit on seemed to expand a bit more. It probably wouldn't be too dangerous, but its also not like it mattered all that much. People were either leaving or almost leaving him. His anger seemed to shift towards a new target. Kae The anger Kae brought towards Morkian seemed to be a bit more unique. She hadn't actually done much to him. She hadn't done what Jiao did, so it wasn't... as infurriating. What pissed the Senzaemon off was how easily she just threw him towards the side. While he didn't have as close a relationship to her as Kanjun did Raon, he was still her retainer for a bit. To be thrown away only caused his anger to build up more. A strike was thrown towards the wall once again. As he hit the wall, the male paused as a deep breath was taken. Truth be told, he couldn't find himself hating Kae as much. It might be because of what was told to him, but still. It all ended up leading back to Jiao which seemed to piss the male off more. His stance broke as he moved towards another wall and just took a seat. He breathed out softly as he just sat in silence for a few moments. "God damn it. I hate all of this."* - Mon Jan 21 02:31:53 2019
  1213. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looked up for a moment to see Spiderwoman and The fire vulture arrive. He didn't know where thy came from and frankly, he didn't really care. He looked at them for a few moments. He then turns his attention solely to Kanjun. "You should check on Raon. Jiao's leaving." He seemed rather deadpan at this point. He turned his attention to Variel before he simply shook his head. "If it breaks, it breaks. It'll heal over time."* - Mon Jan 21 02:42:59 2019
  1215. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was hugged. Truth be told that made things a bit better, but he was still in one of those moods. To be fair, it can't be said that the Senzaemon had many of these moments. He reached a hand out and attempted to give Kanjun a pat on the head. "Like usual, I'll be fine. I have Variel here to talk to. Raon is your best friend. From what I heard, it didn't go well when Jiao told her." Having said that he offered a forced smile towards Variel. There was the slightest bit of genuiness behind it, but it was mostly fake. Would he take it as a diss? Who knows.* - Mon Jan 21 02:48:06 2019
  1217. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a small sigh as he retreated to his corner again. He glanced towards Variel and sighed. "You lied to me." He knew the male knew what he was talking about. Sadly, he also didn't care about that enough to go deeper into it. Instead he started to actually talk. "I don't know what to do man."* - Mon Jan 21 02:56:38 2019
  1219. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) squints his eyes a bit as he looks at Variel. "If I didn't know better, it almost sounds like you'd rather me leave. You could never be that mean though, -right-?* - Mon Jan 21 03:04:19 2019
  1221. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gets up from the ground and dusts himself off a bit. He moves forward to grab the axe he had thrown earlier. He places it on before slapping his face three times with both hands. He took a deep breath before letting a bright smile appear on his person. "Back to happy Morkian!"* - Mon Jan 21 03:12:51 2019
  1223. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) gave Variel a mostly genuine smile. Afterwawrds he pointed towards the mansion. "Lets go see how Raon is." It wasn't hard to see that Morkian wasn't too genuine of a person when it came to emotions. The whole 'happy' Morkian was evident of this.* - Mon Jan 21 03:18:49 2019
  1225. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looks towards Raon for a brief moment. He debated if he wanted to actually say something for the female. After a moment he made up his decision and diverted his attention. He probably would only piss her off if he said anything.* - Mon Jan 21 03:37:36 2019
  1227. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a small yawn as he move out Yeijing and Ascelin's way. He had one goal right now, and that was to eat come cake. Cake should be known as the world's best comfor food. This comfort was something that the Senzaemon could not ignore for much longer. He made his way into the kitchen and began to look around for the last slice of cake he had been left. Upon finding it, the male would grab a fork and a plate. He placed the cake on a plate and headed out towards the room once more. While doing this he took a few bites of his cake. "Mm.. chocolatey."* - Mon Jan 21 03:52:57 2019
  1229. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) slips away after the female. Nothing better to do!* - Mon Jan 21 04:14:17 2019
  1231. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) motions on over towards Hikari. "So do Hei's, trust me."* - Mon Jan 21 04:17:42 2019
  1233. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walks towards Jiao and extends a hand towards his shoulder. He looks the male in the eyes for a moment, but he lets him go to hug Hikari. Afterwards, when the male released the hug, he'd go to perform the same motion. "Close your eyes."* - Mon Jan 21 04:23:40 2019
  1235. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was embraced by Jiao. Honestly... he could feel the tears welling up on his eyes. This was a man who he had spent ten long years with. They had been through a lot, more than he had been through with anyone else in the village. The fact that this man was going to leave him hurt him so much. The fact he could stand there and tell him to remember all the good times as he is trying to leave, pissed him off. Yet, he couldn't bring himself to actually strike Jiao. Instead, he just began to speak his feelings. "You didn't fail me as a big brother. Bro, the darkness you see right now, thats my world without you. You're important to me. You're not allowed to die when your out of Manila. If you do, I will find a way to bring you back." Having said that, he could feel the tears finally streaming down his face. Still he could also feel anger rising up in him again. His hand rose from Jiao's back before he attempted to drive it into the male's head as hard as he possibly could. A bright smile could be seen shining through the falling tears. "Thats for hurting Raon and Kanjun. They're still my good friends too. You get the same punishment anyone else would. Stay safe out there. I love you Jiao. Always remember that you'll be my big brother!"* - Mon Jan 21 04:33:04 2019
  1237. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) heard... the sound of something breaking. He had his moment with Jiao, now all the feelings he was feeling before seemed to rush back in. One such feeling was anger. As he turned to find the source of the breaking sound, the male spotted Lazarus. He also spotted the broken grave of Jang. His fists clenched quite a bit as he moved towards Lazarus. The male looked down at the Necromancer or wahtever the hell he was. He stared at the male with a serious glare. He had words for Raon, but he wasn't about to say anything right now. Jang was his good friend. They owned their own dojo and gym together at this pooint. All that anger, he was going to push it elsewhere for now. "Lazarus, apologize."* - Mon Jan 21 04:50:08 2019
  1239. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was having a very bad week. First Jang died. Then Sariel has problems. Then Jiao decides to hurt his friends and leave. Then Raon blows up someones tombstone out of hate. Kanjun hated his brother. Then there were the fucking smartass necromancers. They thought that they could make fun of Sariel? They thought they could bully someone who was down in the dumps? That shit didn't fly for Morkian. That shit didn't fly in Manila, period. The Senzaemon's arm reaches out as he attempts to grab Lazarus by the throat. Essence began to gather within his body as he'd aim to lift the boy off the ground. The grip would tigthen as he slowly lifted him higher.* - Mon Jan 21 04:59:31 2019
  1241. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) could feel a slight breeze past by him as he grab the male's neck. For a brief moment, he thought everything was going well. A little bit of intimidation, followed by some reconciliation. Bada boom bada bing. Next thing he knows, his wrist is grabbed by Shunsuke. The male looks towards the older Uchiha for a brief moment. Everything that was said, he already knew. He didn't want to admit it verbally, but he knew the male was right. Thus, he let go of the male's neck and sighed. A small nod was given in return to what he was told. "I'm sorry, Lazarus, that I let my emotions get the best of me. I'd just like it if you do not make my cousin feel even worse." Having said that the male moved towards Shun's stall. He'd sit in front of it and close his eyes. A small sigh was released. This week had been utter shit. One thing after the next.* - Mon Jan 21 05:20:00 2019
  1243. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) didn't even open his eyes as Lazarus walked up to him. The male seemed to remain somewhat calm for the time being. "Listen.... I'm going to need you to step away. I'm not having a good time right now." He took a deep breath as his fist clenched. "If you don't move, I will make you taste dirt. I don't like to say that, and I don't want to hurt you. I'm just telling you what will happen."* - Mon Jan 21 05:31:56 2019
  1245. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) ambles up off the ground for a moment. He does a few preliminary stretches as he looks towards Nishiki. "What did you say about my hair?"* - Mon Jan 21 05:48:09 2019
  1247. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) grumbles a bit before sitting down. He closed his eyes once more. It seemed like everyone and everything was pissing him off. He needed something positive. Like.. maybe a raise from Shun.* - Mon Jan 21 05:51:34 2019
  1249. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) could only glance at Raon before a button seemed to explode off her top.Now.... the Senzaemon was more than eight feet tall. He had muscles that would put a grown ass man to shame. He had one flaw. He was 15. There were some glorious things in life, that one gets to experience. Morkian had experienced it. What he didn't expect was for it to be Raon. What he didn't want to see, was Raon. Why? Cause death. He was very much afraid of death. She .. would kill him. He seemed shocked for a brief moment, but then he shuts up. He had finally become the Buddha.* - Mon Jan 21 06:27:24 2019
  1251. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was an innocent black man getting shot by the police. He aint do shit, his hands were up. Everything that needed to be down was down. He had just reached a sense of enlightenment. Why is she not happy for him? "Why do I feel like a piece of me was just stabbed?"* - Mon Jan 21 06:30:49 2019
  1253. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) looks at the blood dripping off the railing. "Are you turned on by buttons?"* - Mon Jan 21 06:35:56 2019
  1255. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) does a little hop and a skip before jumping onto the railing. With his tremendous form it wouldn't take much effort to land on the second floor. He leaned against the railing a bit and looked towards the sky. "Please dear Satan. Don't let this happen again!" It was but a silent prayer. * - Mon Jan 21 06:48:44 2019
  1257. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a small sigh before moving down to the couches. A miracle couldn't happen twice.* - Mon Jan 21 07:28:51 2019
  1259. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) yawns. That shit was contagious.* - Mon Jan 21 07:42:30 2019
  1261. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a small sigh. He couldn't actually find anybody worth talking to. He wanted to try convincing Sariel about everything again, but it didn't seem like things were working properly. The male chuckled a bit as he dropped himself down into a very basic horse stance. The male placed his arms by his side and took a deep breath. It was time for his ultimate training. The male moved from his stance and dropped towards the ground. he supposed now was as good a time as any to begin with some light exercises. Though... his version of light was different than most others. As soon as he dropped on the ground, the male put himself into the a handstand. It was such a basic practice, but it worked well for him. The male quickly began to do some pushups. His body seemed to drop a bit lower as his head got closer, he'd hold himself there for a moment before finally pushing himself upwards. His balance seemed unusually good considering his size. The amount of weight he had on his body made this much weirder. Still he went through the work without complaint. After a few moments the male pushed off the ground and landed on his feet properly. He suppsoed that this was going to be a boring session if he didn't actually switch up his work outs. Thus he decided to go towards his go to. He grabbed at the bar that was in front of him. His grip seemed pretty weird, but it was normal enough for deadlifting. The male took a deep breath as he dropped down into a squat. He had loaded this bar enough that he could get a good strain from attempting to lift it. The male adjusted his position a few times before rising up from his squat. The bar was tightly held in his hands causing it to rise up to his waist in one fluid motion. As he did this he remembered to breathe out to make sure things were routine. After a few moments the male dropped the bar back on the ground. Since he was in the arena, he knew that there would be absolutely nobody here. No one would be able to tell him that he was wrong. He dropped into his squat yet again. His hands were placed against the bar in the proper grip. Afterwards he hoisted it up towards his waist and held it there. His muscles bulged as he did this allowing for a spectacular sight for those currently watching him. The male lowered the bar back down to the ground. This motion allowed for him to be in a squat yet again. It also helped him quickly boost back up into another deadlift. He rose to his full height and brought the bar up to his waist. He once again held it there before easing it back down to the ground. He didn't know how many of these he would end up doing, but he was sure that he would be doing more than he often does. After quite some time, the male managed to actually arrive at at around 30 dead lifts. He did three sets of ten. In the end, the male could actually feel his arms quivering ever so slightly. He chuckled a bit as he shook his arms in an attempt to get the feeling back in his arms. After doing this, the male went back towards another favorite of his, running. The male performed a few basic stretches as he prepred himself for a quick run. Kae had taught him about theimportance of a good run. Honestly, he had continued running ever since that day. It remained one of his precious memories. A small smile appeared on his face as he began to start a light jog away from the arena. It didn't take long for the market to come into view. While he was a lot slower than almost anyone his age, he made up for it in tenacity. The male passed by the market with a jolly smile on his face. This was only the beginning of his first lap. He still had a long ass way to go before he was able to make it around the entire village. As Morkian ran, the male increased his speed. He supposed that a jog wasn't actually pushing him at all. There was also the fact that he didn't have the weight of another person on his back. As the male jogged, he decided to perform some very basic practices. He held his palms up before delivering some very basic palm thrusts into the air. As he was going through the motions, the male sucked in a deep breath of air. Sooner or later he was going to start feeling tired. He coughed a bit but soon enough he maanged to passs the Uptiria mansion. This meant that he had gotten more than half way across the village. Truthfully, it wasn't much of a problem to get this far. It would be the next part of the first lap that would feel bad. It didn't take him to long to arrive at the arena to complete his first lap. He breathed out a bit more as he did this. He repeated this process at least four more times. He had risen from Kae's original goal of two laps. At this point, the male took a break. He released a small puff and chuckled a bit. The male wiped off a bit of sweat from his brow while also taking off his shirt.* - Mon Jan 21 08:32:51 2019
  1263. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rolled his shoulder a bit. He was wondering what his best course of action would be now. He had done his runs, he had done his dead lifts. Was it time for something a bit more specific? He chuckled a bit before grabbing his axe from his back. He hoisted it up and held it in his hands rather tightly. Without hesitation, the male swung the blade as hard as possible. After getting a single slash off, the male shook his head. He took a step forward while he lifted the blade above his head. THere was a brief moment of hesitation, but then the male slammed the axe down towards the ground. He wasn't angry anymore, but he was still feeling a bit more in tune with strong strikes. The blade hit the ground causing there to be a slight split where it impacted. The sand seemed to be avoiding the middle like it had the plague. The male shook his head a bit as he looked at this. He still wasn't strong enough. Truth be told, he was hoping that he could somehow break some limits. He can't remain this weak any longer. He had to continued getting even stronger. The male continued swinging the blade down. After a few more slashes, the male brought his axe back up. He placed it back on his back before doing his ending stretches. He released a slight cough before heading out of the area. He wasn't to sure who was around, but he definitely needed a spar. There had to be something worth doing that involved him working out.* - Mon Jan 21 08:40:32 2019
  1265. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) rubs his head a small bit as he walked towards the two females. Err. Seems pretty interesting, but what are we doing again?"* - Mon Jan 21 15:13:55 2019
  1267. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) walked forwward a bit as they came towards the Casino. The male shook his head a slight bit as he remembered soem of the details about what happened here last time. Sariel's sickening sorry may ring true again today. Would he be able to handle it if it did? A small shiver ran through the male's body as he attempted to push past Aiko. Upon seeing the Crocodile in rage, the male knew somewhat of what he had to do. He had been with Jang enough to know that this was beyond dangerous. The crocodile lycans tended to not only be strong, but also unusually durable. It would be much harder to just take down. "Listen. I'll draw its attack in. You guys attack from there. Don't let it hit you, because you will go down. Its strong and durable, so make sure your attack counts for something. Alright?" Having said that, the male hunkered down a bit more. There was a lycan problem going on it seemed. He'd have to talk to Narul about it.* - Mon Jan 21 15:23:18 2019
  1269. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) squints a bit as he took note of the crocodile's current situation. While the male was on high alert, he also slightly felt bad. He could tell that there was something seriously wrong. Things were never as they seemed. His advanced hearing may have helped him gather a bit about the whimpers that were being heard. It was in pain? It was scared? Was it another child? "Don't hurt it to much. We aren't killing it." This was clear pemission to shoot. Having said this the male walked forward towards the crocodile. His essence began to gather into his core. He had a weird week, he didn't need for it to get worse. "Hey.... you seem... afraid. What's got you so mad?"* - Mon Jan 21 15:37:48 2019
  1271. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) moved forward a bit more. Soon enough he'd be right behind the crocodile. He didn't speak much more. As soon as he heard something about a 'lycan hunter', there was a noticable change in his emotions. He quickly handled this as he attempted to wrap his arms around the crocodile. "It's fine. Let me take you to the king, talk about this lycan hunter." Having said this, the male would attempt to knock the crocdile out quick and easy, through suffocation. He used his above average hearing in order to time this out properly. He was a bit more careful than Sariel might have been. While this was happening, essence seemed to be forcing its way into his core, he was waiting for the incoming attack.* - Mon Jan 21 15:53:10 2019
  1273. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) was going to get hit by a tail. Truth be told, the fact that this lycan thought that it could beat the Senzaemon was a bit laughable. After a brief moment of contact, the male would attempt to grab it the tail. His grip on it tightening ever so slightly while his other hand moved towards the throat. She he be able to grab the throat, he'd lift the crocodile into the air momentarily.His gaze was piercing. It posed no threat to him, but he wouldn't let it do what it wanted. "Listen, lets not.... make this get worse. No one wants to kill Lycans. One of my good friends is a lycan."* - Mon Jan 21 16:05:58 2019
  1275. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) held the crocodile by the throat. It could struggle all it wanted. It could attempt to claw and scream at him if it wanted. Sadly, it would find that everything was for naught. He'd continue pinning them against the rocky formation just waiting for them to exhaust themself. "I'm sorry. This has to end. Now.. go to sleep."* - Mon Jan 21 16:24:44 2019
  1277. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) released a small sigh as he began making his way back towards the market. He didn't really know what to do with a knocked out Lycan, but what was its original form. Did it revert after being knocked out? It didn't matter. "Lets go tell the king."* - Mon Jan 21 16:35:50 2019
  1279. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) did in fact hold something in his hand. It seemed to be a crocodile of some sort, but that wasnt what mattered. He looked towards Se and released a small sigh. He then turned towards Narul. "I have something to ask you after this."* - Mon Jan 21 16:41:48 2019
  1281. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Jell0) heads out of the area.* - Mon Jan 21 16:58:01 2019
  1283. {" **Senzaemon, Morkian's Logged Activities**
  1285. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) rubbed the back of his head a bit before he made his way towards the casino. He issued a small yawn as he debated on what he wanted to. "Welp...... lets see whats going on here."* - Mon Jan 21 18:16:32 2019
  1287. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) raises an eyebrow. It seemed he walked in on something. He wasn't too sure if he really wanted to get involved, but after a few moments he walked over. He stood at the front of the table and smiled. "How are you two doing?"* - Mon Jan 21 18:21:39 2019
  1289. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) offered a nod before he began to head towards the counter. He didn't know why he just offered to pay for food he could have gotten for free. He supposed it was cause these two were strangers and the Uptiria's teachings had rooted themselves deep into his core. As he reached the counter the male placed up two fingers. He didn't say what he wanted, nor did he talk ask any questions. The chef sort of looked at him weirdly before nodding their head. Afterwards, Morkian gave a simple nod as he was handed two plates. "Thank you. Can you also bring some tea to the table?" With that he headed back towards Aiko. He slider her plate in front of her before taking his seat beside the female. "Just... a little something. Tea will be coming soon."* - Mon Jan 21 18:35:18 2019
  1291. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) attempted to give Aiko a head pat. Head pats were something he had done through out life. He just offered a smile towards Nowa. "You're fine. I genuinely have to go. I'll talk to you both later."* - Mon Jan 21 19:05:10 2019
  1293. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) attempted to bop Xiao in the head. It was a complete accident, but it happened anyway* - Mon Jan 21 19:23:05 2019
  1295. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) releases a small yawn before sticking his hands in his pocket. He was too big to deal with all this shit. He finally realized that Jiao was right. Nothing was really fucking worth it. The male began to move towards the manor at a quickened pace. As he passed by Variel he attempted to give the man a friendly slap upside the head. "Tell Shun I'm at the manor. Assuming he isn't there."* - Mon Jan 21 19:33:20 2019
  1297. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) rubbed his hands together a bit. He placed his hands behind his head before collapsing into the couch. He was incredibly pissed, but he had no one he could possibly talk to. Jiao was his vent center, but he was gone now. That just left him with himself to confide in. So like a crazy fucking lunatic, the male began to genuinely tal to himself.* - Mon Jan 21 19:41:52 2019
  1299. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) rubbed his hands together a bit. He stood at the back of the Uptiria mansion and sighed. He looked towards the crack he left in the wall and shook his head. He wasn't about to go on some unholy rampage over something so trivial. Thats exactly what all the feelings he was currently feeling were, trivial. He had nothing to be disappointed in. Nothing, but himself. A soft chuckle was released as the male began to make his way around the vilalge some more. He supposed it was time to find something worth doing.* - Mon Jan 21 20:03:12 2019
  1301. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) walks over to the barber and slaps down some money. "Give me your best wig, pronto."* - Mon Jan 21 20:31:21 2019
  1303. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) turned his head to glance towards Kei. He offered the male a rather large smile. "Hey, how are you doing."* - Mon Jan 21 20:52:41 2019
  1305. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) shrugs his shoulders a bit. The same bright smile on his face. "Feelings don't mean much. That is fair."* - Mon Jan 21 21:05:29 2019
  1307. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) reached out and attempted to pat Kei's head. After a few moments the male began to amble off towards the manor. "I'll talk to you later Kei. I'm going to see if anyone's at the manor!"* - Mon Jan 21 21:29:23 2019
  1309. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) was just chilling on a wall with hair. * - Mon Jan 21 22:10:20 2019
  1311. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) gave a wave. He was being stared at again. "Hello."* - Mon Jan 21 22:15:28 2019
  1313. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) swerves towards the left. "What are you doing?"* - Mon Jan 21 22:20:35 2019
  1315. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) leans towards the left yet again. "Why?"* - Mon Jan 21 22:22:17 2019
  1317. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) continues to lean away. "But why, are you saying I look that bad with it on?"* - Mon Jan 21 22:23:08 2019
  1319. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) sighs before reaching for the wig and giving it a nice little pat. "It feels really good though."* - Mon Jan 21 22:27:24 2019
  1321. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) squints at Kanjun. He sat down on his wall and offered a simple shrug. He moved his hand towards the wig for a moment and lifts it off. "Ah, I see."* - Mon Jan 21 22:32:32 2019
  1323. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) released a slight yawn before stuffing the wig into his pocket. He got up from his seated position and began to make his way towards the kitchen. He'd move to grab some fruit to eat as a snack. He'd make his way back towards the wall and take a seat.* - Mon Jan 21 22:46:11 2019
  1325. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) places back on the good ol wig. Until someone tried taking it off his head again, it would stay.* - Mon Jan 21 23:18:36 2019
  1327. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) makes his way towards Kei with a wig in hand. He holds it out to the male and smiled. "Here you go!"* - Mon Jan 21 23:24:35 2019
  1329. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) blinks a few times as the female seemed to spawn food from a scroll. He raised an eyebrow momentarily before he nodded his head. He knew there were many mysical arts in the world, but was this worth stressing over? Probably not. He decided to just go with it and accept the meat. He gave a slight bow to Aiko. "Thank you." Afterwards he headed towards Kanjun. She was the only cook she knew. She could probably use this at some point.* - Mon Jan 21 23:39:05 2019
  1331. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) glanced towards Aiko and shrugged his shoulders. If she could put it back where she came from, that would make things a bit more simple. "Alright, do your thing I guess. I'd be happy to learn how to do that at some point."* - Mon Jan 21 23:43:21 2019
  1333. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) watched rather intently as it seemed that Aiko was sealing the food away again. He didn't really understand the basics behind it, but it seemed like things were much sipler from an outside perspective. He held his hand out for a bit as he waited for her to hand back the scroll. "Thank you Aiko. What you can do seems rather interesting."* - Mon Jan 21 23:50:11 2019
  1335. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) grunts a little bit before he began to move towards Variel and Kanjun. Once near, the male seemed to just walk past them as a hand extended out to grab the back of Variel's shirt. "Come on. We're sparring."* - Tue Jan 22 00:14:56 2019
  1337. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) offered a kind smile to Variel as he set his feet. He took a deep breath as he allowed essence to begin exploding through his body. He was almost certain that this would probably end up hurting. Right now, he wouldn't mind it as much. Variel would be able to take note that his muscles seemed to be flexed a bit more than usual. It was almost like he was peacocking and trying to show off. He didn't give Variel a solid answer for a moment. "Go for it."* - Tue Jan 22 00:26:52 2019
  1339. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) didn't seem to move shortly after speaking. His eyes remained trained on Variel and his incoming strike. He was almost certain, that the male could deal some serious damage. He wanted to feel it though. He wanted to see just what the male was capable of. Of course he also didn't want to hurt Variel, so he didn't really appear to be going for a follow up. As soon as the strike crashed into his body, there was a loud explosion. Morkian was easily enveloped in the blast and seemed to be lost for a few moments. Though once it died down, it would appear that the spear that had been struck towards him, was stopped. It was stopped by some solid ass abs. Right before impact, the muscles in Morkian's body had tightened up. They refused to let anything through, no matter how hard it was thrust (Pause). Afterwards Morkian would let down his guard and reach to grab the spear. "Wow.. that has to be one of, if not the most dangerous attack I've had thrown at me."* - Tue Jan 22 00:36:16 2019
  1341. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) places his fist into his palm. He just had an empiphony. "Oh.. I thought that was cause you hung around Shun too much!"* - Tue Jan 22 00:46:30 2019
  1343. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) attempted to give Variel a pat on the head. The male had done pretty good in that one attack. He just hoped the male would be able to grow a bit stronger. For now there wasn't much he could do. After the pat he'd make his way towards Nowa. He dug into his pocket and took out a small back. He held it forward and offered a large smile. "Here you go."* - Tue Jan 22 01:12:57 2019
  1345. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) turned his attention towards Kae. He offered a wave before he began to walk over. He would complete Jiao's wish just cause. "Hey Kae!"* - Tue Jan 22 01:16:22 2019
  1347. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) rubbed the side of his head as he walked into the area. At this point, he felt that things were a bit quiet anyway. Since they had to hunt their own animals, he'd make this quick. He probably should have to put in to much effort to get through this mission. As he walked through his portion of the area, it didn't take him long to find the adult animal he was looking for, deer. He supposed that they should be good for meat. The young Senzaemon buried his foot into the ground before bursting forth with an astounding amount of speed. Normally he would not be able to reach a speed like this, but he used his strength to push himself forward. Once he got close to the deer, he did a very simple motion and grabbed the deer by the neck. He wanted to try keeping it as in tact as possible. He squeezed a bit before breaking the deer's neck. "One!" After muttering this to himself the male took off once more. He was sure that he would be able to find another adult animal in the area. He chuckled a bit as he finally stumbled upon a grown ass snake. The male squinted a small bit as he withdrew the axe from his back. He held it with both hands before he quietly began to move forward. Once he got close enough, the axe rose into the air before combing down. There was no thunderous impact, but the snake had its head cut off within a few moments. It was like cutting a log in half. Honestly he was surprised at how easy this was. Another soft chuckle was released as he wandered off. Both bodies were dragged along with him. "Wonder if the other two are done!"* - Tue Jan 22 01:48:48 2019
  1349. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) shivers a bit. He could feel a problem coming towards him. The male quickly held up the only defense he had. A bottle of sake. The good stuff. "Oh.. you're showing me something."* - Tue Jan 22 02:16:06 2019
  1351. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) shook his head a bit. The male reached over and attempted to pick up Choi and place her on Kanjun's lap. The male offered the ... tiger a small smile. He didn't seem to bothered by her actions. He could understand what she wanted just by her motions. Why did he know so much about rearing a child? He may have read some books on Jiao's recommendations. You know, when he thought he had a future.* - Tue Jan 22 02:21:13 2019
  1353. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) releases a small sigh. It seemed no one wanted to be near the giant. Since this was the case, the male rested his back down on the couch before moving his feet to rest on Variel's lap. With the weight he had, this might feel like a person was actually sitting on him. The male closed his eyes for this time. He clearly wasn't sleeping. So therefore, he had to deal with listening to them go on about things.* - Tue Jan 22 02:44:16 2019
  1355. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) released a slight yawn. He continued staring at the ceiling. One of these days he wished he could fly like Variel could. Just fly away from everything that was bothering him. That way he could go back to good ol' happy Morkian. Sadly, that was just a dream. He would remaing grounded for the rest of his life.* - Tue Jan 22 02:55:21 2019
  1357. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) tosses the bottle of sake towards Variel.* - Tue Jan 22 03:00:28 2019
  1359. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) extends his big ass hand outward and begins to shake it. It was obvious he was going to play rock. Would Variel fall for it though?* - Tue Jan 22 03:13:16 2019
  1361. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) would slightly sit himself up. He prepped his hand as he charged up his super powered flick. The hand finally moved as he attempted to give Variel a light flick on the head. * - Tue Jan 22 03:16:41 2019
  1363. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) stares at Ascelin.* - Tue Jan 22 04:24:06 2019
  1365. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) follows after Kanjun. He knew this would turn funny but also really bad.* - Tue Jan 22 04:30:04 2019
  1367. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) attempts to place his hand on Ascelin's shoulder. He didn't actually say anything to the male, but he placed a thumbs up. A nice little smirk was evident on his face.* - Tue Jan 22 04:32:38 2019
  1369. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) attempts to pat Ascelin's back a bit. He'd lean down ever so slightly and whisper a simple phrase into the male's ear. "Nice save!"* - Tue Jan 22 04:46:17 2019
  1371. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) attempts to slide in between the two. "That's still weird."* - Tue Jan 22 04:52:16 2019
  1373. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) squints at the King.* - Tue Jan 22 04:56:32 2019
  1375. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) squints towards the King. "What.. did you do to him? He'd never admit that." He leans down a bit to whisper towards Kanjun. "Would he?" He wasn't too surprised by the news. It was something that most people should have expected. THe length of time was.... interesting. He really wanted to laugh at the situation. He also really didn't want to die.* - Tue Jan 22 05:01:39 2019
  1377. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) takes off his axe for a moment. He holds it out towards the king and gives a sad little nod. "If you have to off yourself, don't... make yourself suffer to much. Just cut and rest."* - Tue Jan 22 05:11:53 2019
  1379. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) coughs into his hands before he placed a single finger up. He shrugged his shoulders a bit, but he didn't seem to hurt by the words that were said. He just had a deadpan look in his face. "Not really. If she thinks that, then she thinks that. Can't change her mind if its made up. What I can change is the direction your legs are pointing." As he spoke his face seemed to brighten up a bit. All the while he was also channelling essence into his body. "Get at me."* - Tue Jan 22 05:40:03 2019
  1381. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) moved his hand to grab the hand that was coming for his nostrils. Assuming he was able to, the male would lift the male up from the ground. His eight foot six frame really helped with things like this. It also helped him try getting that intimidation factor going. Afterwards, he heard all of Destiel's apologies and offered a friendly smile. It was as friendly as a pissed off Senzaemon could be at this moment. The male would slowly make his way towards Destiel before putting down Yaoji. His foot would rise up soon after as he attempted to kick Destiel in the nuts. "All is forgiven." With that he moved back to his original place.* - Tue Jan 22 05:46:52 2019
  1383. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) squints his eyes a bit as he noticed the stance that Jhin was taking. He flashed back to a spar several days back. It seemed to long about, but it was a similar situation. He shook his head a bit before plaching his hands into his pockets. "Mm. He fights like Urea."* - Tue Jan 22 06:40:38 2019
  1385. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) gave a nice little wave towards Kae. It was almost... smug. To bad Morkian wouldn't do that. "I'm not carrying you there. I wasn't called."* - Tue Jan 22 07:29:16 2019
  1387. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) finesses his way out of that nut punch. * - Tue Jan 22 07:30:59 2019
  1389. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) released a small yawn before he ambled off.* - Tue Jan 22 16:09:48 2019
  1391. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) blinks a few times as he stops in place. Sariel really chose a good time to say such a statement. The male walked up towards the older Senzaemon and attempted to give him a small pat on the back. "I know. I look forward to it!"* - Tue Jan 22 16:13:13 2019
  1393. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) took a deep breath before placing his hands towards his side. The male's head seemed to be freshly waxed today, but he did something that might have been slightly weird. He bowed as far as his big ass body could take him. A small whisper could be heard as he performed the bow of pain.* - Tue Jan 22 17:21:29 2019
  1395. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) had his head pat a bit. It had been a long time since something like this happened, so he enjoyed the sensation. After a moment he would escape the pats and offered a smile. "Alright, I feel better now. That's all I wanted to talk about!"* - Tue Jan 22 17:26:36 2019
  1397. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) follows after Variel.* - Tue Jan 22 18:05:00 2019
  1399. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) glanced towards the new arrival. This was a bit unexpected. He didn't realize that they were accepting new people and kicking others out. He wouldn't say to much about it. He put on a large smile before he began to move towards the female. He held out his large ass hand in greeting. "Hello! Welcome to Manila!"* - Tue Jan 22 19:05:36 2019
  1401. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) looks at the webbed hand. Webbed...hand. He wasn't all that weirded out, but he'd attempt to take the hand and give it a firm shake. Would it be weird? Yes. Was he basically enveloping her hand? Also yes. After a while the male took his hand back. "I'm Morkian. Nice to meet you!"* - Tue Jan 22 19:11:34 2019
  1403. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) raises an eyebrow a bit. He expected a lot of stories, but he didn't expect to hear something about toungue ripping. The male shook his head a bit and sighed. "That sounds beyond rough. Though... you say it like its no big deal in the long run."* - Tue Jan 22 19:39:44 2019
  1405. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) reaches out and attempts to drag Hikari along.* - Tue Jan 22 21:13:36 2019
  1407. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) attempts to place Hikari on his shoulder before walking off. "TRAINING!"* - Tue Jan 22 21:17:00 2019
  1409. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) seemed to be quite giddy for the first time in a while. If he was going to do a mission, he was glad he got to do something he genuinely enjoyed. Now he got to just train to his heart's content and he got payed? Was he dreaming? What could possibly be better? The male offered a slight chuckle before he dropped into a common pushup stance. Without much of a struggle the male would let his body drop towards the ground. His form was pretty perfect to look at. Once he got his chest quite literally inches from the ground, the male pushed his body back up. A small smile seemed to be present on his face as he nodded his head. That was his first, now it was time to complete the rest. While he had told Kanjun to do twenty reps, the male was going above and beyond. Since this was a much simpler workout, Morkian seemed to breeze through the twenty pushups. He kept going and going. Every now and then he popped his head up to make sure Kanjun was doing okay. Not everyone could match a Senzaemon in working out. It only took a few minutes, but he had managed to finish an easy set of fifty pushups. He kept going after this though. Soon enough, he had managed to finish one hundred pushups. The male stood himself up and released a small yawn. Exercises like that made him tired. They had no real point to them. Still, he got to feel his body working, so that was always good. Having finished his pushups, the male began to make his way around the arena. He didn't do a jog, but full out sprint. Unlike most people, he didn't have some astounding speed. Truth be told, he was slower than the average person and this would probably remain the same for a while. He'd get what he needed done sooner or later. As the male was passing Kae, on his run around the arena, he turned his head. He looked this girl dead in the eyes and offered a smile. He'd continue on his run without looking back. A few words would have been said, but he knew she wouldn't care. So he jsut kept on with his run until he was finished. He rolled his neck a little bit before yawning again. "That was a nice warm up."* - Tue Jan 22 21:34:56 2019
  1411. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) squatted down and attempted to pat Kanjun's head softly. He stared at Kae with a serious look on his face. "I betrayed you cause I didn't let you win?"* - Tue Jan 22 21:46:01 2019
  1413. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) shrugs his shoulders a bit before attempting to set Kanjun on her feet. He'd turn his head towards Sariel and just offer a smile. "Mm. I'll still consider her a friend either way."* - Tue Jan 22 21:52:00 2019
  1415. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) clutches his heart. He falls to the ground, defeated.* - Tue Jan 22 22:18:27 2019
  1417. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) gets up from the ground and dusts himself off a little bit. "Its good to have some fun from time to time."* - Tue Jan 22 22:23:34 2019
  1419. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) blinks a few times as some sort of... buzzing sound seems to come blaring at him. It should be known that the Senzaemon kept his head nice and shiny, but it wasn't about to reflect off a literal beam of mana. Or was it? The male was hit in the head by the beam. Morkian scratched his head a small bit before he moved closer to Narul and Kanjun. He gave Nini a side glance. He'd get her back for this later.* - Tue Jan 22 22:35:31 2019
  1421. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) places Kanjun on his shoulder before heading off!* - Tue Jan 22 22:48:19 2019
  1423. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) squints at Liuel. He still had a bit of anger towards the female, though he masked it all as a joke. "Oh, you still do!?"* - Tue Jan 22 22:56:00 2019
  1425. *Senzaemon, Morkian(Savag3Killa) stares at Liuel for a moment and smiles. "What is it?"* - Tue Jan 22 23:12:12 2019
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