Red Tournament Round1 Predictions

Sep 1st, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Round 1
  2. ender amoeba human Ender (amoeba advances on time)
  3. ender is the clear favorite, but amoeba can still win because he's not too far off (and red is still red). predicting ender 1st and amoeba advancing on time. I dont know much about human
  5. juanly vohiyo jezza32
  6. juanly should win this, but it could be close since vohiyo is a wildcard and i dont know how much practice will put into this. predicting juanly1st and vohiyo advancing on time, I dont know much about jezza32
  8. wsop cynda kapital
  9. easiest predict in round1, wsop can safely shoot for best race time with some risky plays. i have no idea who will take second place, probably cynda
  11. que sidosh shadowblitz
  12. sidosh is currently ranked as most likely upset, and its probably true but i still think que will win: much more experience than sidosh in races
  13. sidosh should still advance on time, shadowblitz will not be a threat
  15. teppich hellboy shen
  16. teppich will take 1st place, but if shen practice enough he is capable of pulling the upset and advance on time. will be a cool battle for second place, i like this race
  18. gym mini etchy
  19. i also like this race a lot. gym will take 1st place for sure, but if etchy practice enough he can pull the upset and advance on time
  20. another great battle for second place
  22. crafted tikevin alberkryne
  23. i dont see crafted practicing much, he's still playing emerald, but the same can be said about tikevin (unless im missing it)
  24. predicting crafted first anyway, and the calculator advancing on time. I dont know much about alberkryne
  26. pinkish swift major
  27. pinkish wins for sure, swift will advance on time.
  28. I dont know much about major
  30. wave konception ward
  31. wave wins, konception advance on time, i've raced a couple of times against ward and right now he is not a threat
  33. araya truely calle
  34. araya wins, truley advance on time, i dont know much about calle but he got one of the worst draw. unlucky
  36. jeff spitball lovesick
  37. i raced kingj the past few weeks and he's really good. predicting him to win easily. spitball can advance on time, lovesick please stop doing charizard
  39. headbob barp suitsme
  40. barp first, headbob advance by time. please barp dont silph bar. i dont know much about suitsme i think i've only raced him one time
  42. hwangbro eddaket edheadsr
  43. hwangbro first 101%, eddaket will advance on time because i read his tweet about taking this seriously and i believe he can be on of the strongest pot2 with enough practice. no idea how good edheadsr is, but i dont think he is a threat
  45. wh0m leo gbfzeta
  46. wh0m wins, battle for second place will be close. i predict gbfzeta to take second place
  48. sheep abdalain tec^4
  49. sheep wins, i dont know anything about tec, so i cant tell if he can upset abdalain
  51. flutz pickleplop gminus
  52. i dont know much about these 3 racers, but i heard flute 1:49PB is from a IT race and that is sick. predicting him to win, pickleplop second after looking at his src profile
  54. weed driek machwing
  55. weed and driek are close but i dont see weed practicing much, so im predicting driek to upset and weed to advance on time. i have no idea how good is machwing
  57. alan jellystew vikingswim
  58. i have no idea how good jelly and viking are. predicting alan anyway
  60. gator aetienn wartab
  61. lowpot1-midpot2-highpot3: this will probably be the closest race
  62. predicting gator to win, wartab to advance on time
  64. viroda legend kidrocker
  65. viroda is a wildcard given his pc problems, and with legend being one of the best pot2 this race can go either way. kidrocker has a nice src profile but ive never seen him on red so idk what to expect.
  66. predicting viroda to win and legend to advance on time
  68. stocchi 8eco minnowsr
  69. predicting myself here, battle for second place will be close, minnow could pull the upset
  71. gunner randall primalpizza
  72. given gunner last year first few races, and having raced against randall in the past few weeks, i can easily see randall pull the upset. gunner still advancing on time ofc. no idea how good is primalpizza but randall and gunner are too good
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