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Disguise:  Team Corruption's Misadventures In The World Of Modding; Creepypasta edition
A terrible creepypasta written by Puhax.
<@Disguise> And don't get me started on CRDM15
 <@Th-Ds> crdm15 might as well be creepypasta content lol
"Remember that project released by a team of mappers called Team Corruption? Well, one of the maps is haunted. They say that the author never finished it because he found some strange things while making it, for example, doombuilder would sometimes freeze and a txt would pop up saying really unusual stuff, no one is really sure, but apparently, one of them said: 'I know where you live'.
Then an incredibly realistic bloody eyed zombieman appeared in the screen"
"And that night, the author had this nightmare..."
"However, I managed to find the final version of that map, although I wish I hadn't. 
When I opened it, my computer turned off and started up in safe mode on its own. This was unusual, but maybe the latest windows update had a new feature that would do this if it found a dangerous virus. Thinking it was a virus, I ran a quick scan with avast, but for some reason, avast would stop halfway through the scan and an empty text file would open on its own. After the 6th time I tried, the text file opened again, except this time it started typing on its own: 'Please help me'. This scared me, but I knew this had to be a glitch in the system, so I didn't worry about it, and tried running avast again. This time, it didn't even run. Instead, notepad went into fullscreen mode (that was impossible, I thought at first), and in a really big font, which looked really bloody, it started typing out really fast: 'helpmehelpmehelp...'. Without thinking twice about it, I turned off my computer out of reflex. That was a mistake. 
It turned on by itself again, except this time, for some reason, the CPU and GPU fans were really loud, it almost sounded like some kind of animal was in my room breathing really loudly. Loading itself in safe mode again, it opened another text file, except this time it just said: 'You shouldn't have done that'.
'Please help me.' came next. Not knowing what else to do, I just typed: 'What can I do to help you?' To which it automatically responded: 'Finish me'. Along with instructions on how to use Doombuilder to finish the map.
When I looked at my desktop, Doombuilder was in there, even though I had never installed it. Following the instructions the text file had, I started making a few sectors, although after a few seconds, I started feeling really tired. I looked at the clock, which said it was 3:30AM. Scared by how much time had passed, I tried getting up, but right when I did, the text file asked: 'Where are you going?' Trying to act cool in front of my computer (What was I thinking, anyway?) I typed: 'Going to sleep, obviously'. Which was answered by the fans getting even louder, and the lights behind me turning off. 'You're not sleeping until you finish me.' Was all I could read in the screen.
I looked at the clock: 12:30PM. It was a refreshing morning, although for some reason, I felt as though I'd had a really weird dream. Getting up to make breakfast, I noticed I had left my computer screen on, which was weird, considering I almost always put it to sleep unless I am downloading something, which I wasn't. Checking more closely, there was a notepad open, which just said: 'You overslept'. Reading this made me remember what happened earlier, and feeling a chill running down my spine, I answered: 'Why did you let me go to sleep?'. 'I didn't, but remember that what you just did will cost you greatly'. And as soon as I had finished reading this, I felt incredible pain on my lungs.  Ignoring everything else due to the pain, I decided to get back working on the map, which, according to the instructions I got, it would soon enough be finished.
'Well done, Now do all this: ...' 
An enormous list of new things to add appeared on the text file. 'Can't I leave this for later?' I asked"
'No.' I got as an answer, and knowing what could happen next, I kept working on it. Then I had an idea, I'd zoom out the map to see how it looked in general. I shouldn't have, what I got to see what horrible; the flats and the layout of the map made it look like a face, a bloodied face, which looked too real to be made out of lines and doom textures. What I saw next was what got me even more scared: Picture viewer opened up, with a picture of me; When I looked at the face in doombuilder, it was the same face.
'That will happen to you if you keep asking dumb questions.' The text file typed out this time.
Fearing for my life, I kept doing what the text file asked me to for days, until one day, I couldn't keep going anymore, and passed out while making the map.
When I woke up, I was in the hospital. Apparently a friend of mine had stopped by at my house, but when I didn't answer when he knocked the door, he got worried and called the ambulance, fearing that something had happened I'm glad he did, as this meant that I had probably left the curse the map had given me. 'I'm glad you like mapping that much, but not sleeping for 6 days just to finish a map isn't something you should do.' That was what my friend (who was into mapping, actually) told me when I woke up. 'Also, a text file said something like: 'I'm glad it's over',What was that about?' he asked me. Nothing, just logging the progress of the map'. I said, trying to hide what had happened. 
'You shouldn't lie like that.' A voice said, as the owner of it, a doctor, walked into the room. 'Lying is bad, you know?'"
'What do you mean?' I asked while faking a laugh, trying to convince myself that he hadn't said that. But then I saw something in his coat; it had the CRDM logo on it. Without saying a word, the doctor pulled out a laptop, with doombuilder already open. Then he told me to finish the map. Then I realized, I wasn't in a hospital, I was actually having a nightmare. This was confirmed by the fact that I changed back to my room, except this time in a hellish theme, even though I hadn't moved at all.
I don't remember what happened afterwards, but I remember trying to jump off my room's window, and this time I actually ended up in the hospital. 
When I went back to my house, the map was gone, and everything was back to normal. However, I was still curious about some things, so I tried looking for the old TCRR forum. In the announcements section, there was a single post, which read the following: "I'm not working on CRDM15 anymore, this thing never ends." I opened the thread and the post inside had a set of user/password: "h545, fuckoff". 
I tried logging in with that information, and I was suddenly logged on to an admin user. With this, I could read the hidden sections of the forum, where they kept their map information. One of the threads I found said: More information on CRDM15.
Thinking I had found an answer, I clicked on it. In the thread, I found a really long post, but from what I could gather, The author of the map had asked someone else from the team to try finishing it, but for some reason, none of them could feel the map was 'finished' even if they had gone past the 100k sector mark. Then I found an unfinished version of the map. I was scared about opening it at first, since everything could happen again, but since I had already gone through it, nothing could be worse. Fortunately, this time nothing bad happened, and I could open the map normally.
I walked in-game for hours in what seemed like one of the most detailed maps I had ever played, but it never seemed to end; I went in and out from different tunnels leading to different rooms, came back to the starting sector and found new doors, but it never seemed to end. Then it happened, a door labeled 'exit' appeared, which was weird, considering it was a deathmatch map, but I remember older deathmatch maps having this in them, so I ignored this for now. This hallway was the longest I've been through until then, I walked in it for at least 45 minutes, not reaching a conclusion. Suddenly the detailing started fading away, almost as though they had given up on mapping at this point.Then I reached the end: a room with a hole in the middle. When I looked into it, I remembered the last post in the thread I talked about earlier.
H545 Posted: Welp, I'm out of this map, this is fucked up
And the replies: Disguise Posted: Too fucked up, I can't believe I made something like this.
Synert Posted: What the fuck
My last thought after seeing what was in that hole, was also: 'This is too fucked up'.
Here's the map in case someone wants to see what's in it, you just have to activate the switch in the northern end of the starting room to open the exit door, which is in the opposite side"
   So, what was in the hole? No one knows
   it was probably stallman
  or gaben
Comments about the story while it was being written:
<@Synert> the empty text file then typed itself
<@Synert> "avast is a pile of wank"
<@Disguise> Some guy finds out about TCRR and decides to ressurect it, but soon after he finds out the reason why TCRR was died was because of CRDM15
>was died
>was died
<@Synert> the program takes over and starts drawing by itself
<@Synert> a few seconds later a crudely drawn gaben is staring at you
<@Synert> holding a copy of half life 3
<@Disguise> Nah
<@Disguise> Only HL 2.5
 <@Synert> he opens the box and inside is the disfigured head of ron paul
<@Synert> giving you your daily reminder
<@Synert> that you could have prevented this
<@Th-DsII> this is getting ridiculous rofl
<@Disguise> haha
-Synert- suddenly the walls of your room are kicked down and stallman marches in
<@Th-DsII> "I don't remember what happened afterwards, but I remember trying to jump off my room's window, and this time I actually ended up in the hospital."
 -Synert- his neckbeard reaches out and pulls you in
(Note: this is actually the true ending)
 <@Synert> th-dsii 10/10 would not be scared again