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Saria stared at her front door for the past few minutes. Normally she would just open it and go but tonight was far different. After all the fact that she was standing there completely naked showed how different it was. Saria had no idea where the thoughts of doing this began but soon it pushed her more and more. Now she stood at the thresh hold. She had done her homework, knew where she could go where no one would see her. It would be easy.
Finally she took a deep breath and opened it and walked out, naked for the world to see but no one was there. Shivering from the cold area, her arms covering her body she made her way to a nearby alley ways and started running. No one would be around and there was no one. Every so often she would have to cross a street with actual people in it but she made it across safely.
After three hours of running and hiding, Saria took a break in a secluded area to catch her breathe. She had never felt so excited in her life.
It was at that moment that Jonathan entered the area. He always passed through here every night after a quick jog around the neighborhood. But he soon stopped as he noticed Saria standing there, naked and in full view. He stopped and stared, surprised but also enjoying the sight of her naked body. "Why are you naked, Sar?" He quickly asked.
Saria yelped at the sound of the familiar voice. She had been so sure that she was safe that she wasn't paying attention. Her arms were still covering her chest and crotch as her face lit up in a blush as she stared at Jonathan. This was the worst case scenario. Not only was she caught but it was by someone she knew. Yet at the same time her heart beat faster, not just out of embarrassment but excitement. Saria never realized she wanted to get caught like this till now.
"I-I'm..."Saria stuttered before taking a deep breath and lowering her arms. I'm naked because I left the house like this...intentionally."
Now Jonathan was confused. The Saria he knew would never intentionally go out naked into the streets." Wait, seriously?!" He unconsciously looked over her again, now that she lowered her arms. He could see her breasts and pussy, now in full view and felt his heart beat faster. Jonathan was definitely turned on by the sight. "Why would you leave your own home naked intentionally?"
"Because..." Saria's heart was beating even faster now and she could feel herself getting wet between her legs. Even if she wanted to stop herself now, she couldn't. Her desire has completely taken over. "Because I wanted to! I wanted to run through town naked and try to avoid people b-but now that you caught me..."
"so you're a closet exhibitionist then?" Jonathan asked directly. From hearing Saria's confession, it meant she finally worked up the courage to indulge herself and then he stumbled in suddenly. He looked all over her again, starting to feel hard himself. "And now that I caught you red handed..." Jonathan took a tentative step forward.
"I-I guess I am." Saria admitted both to Jonathan and herself. She was an exhibitionist and saying it felt good. Still she looked at Jonathan, the most unplanned part of the night. "Wh-What are you going to do?" She asked, hand behind her back, not even bothering to hide herself. She had an idea but she wanted to hear it directly.
"Me? Well... If it was up to me.." Jonathan said, taking another step closer. He was looking at Saria as he got closer to her. " It'd be simple. I'd take you out of here." One step closer. "Right into the street." Another step. "Find some ope to tie you up to a pole in full view." Closer." Then punish the naughty exhibitionist girl." He was standing right in front of Saria now.
Saria could only breathe as Jonathan walked closer and closer as he told her what he intended to do to her. It would be humiliating and would let everyone know what she was. And yet it was exactly what she wanted. All thoughts of things like reputation no longer mattered to her. Jonathan had caught her, therefore he had to punish her. It made sense in Saria's head and that was all that mattered. "Perverted girls should be punished." She agreed with him.
"Exactly." Jonathan lead Saria out of the area they were in a out into the street. He took her to the nearest post and with some rope someone left behind, tied her up against the pole, bet down, with ass and pussy up in the air into full view, legs standing up, arms tied to the post and Saria's head free. "Perfect." He patted Saria's ass then started rubbing her pussy.
"Nngh..." Saria squirmed as Jonathan touched her. The position he put her in was uncomfortable and more humiliating than she expected. She was stuck looking between her legs only partially seeing Jonathan as he teased her body. So far there was no one around just yet but it was only a matter of time, another thought that scared and excited her.
Jonathan continued rubbing Saria's pussy. He wanted her nice and wet for what he planned to do as part of her punishment. While he knew there was a chance the two of them would be caught, he found he didn't care. After all, they'd mostly focus on Saria and he knew it would excite her. That simply motivated Jonathan to rub her pussy faster.
Saria groaned, her pussy quickly becoming soaking wet not just from Jonathan but the whole situation. Saria is barely thinking at this point, only focused on her pleasure and what is about to come. It didn't even matter to her this would be her first time. It was just what she wanted.
Jonathan smirked. He could feel that Saria was finally wet. And yet, he wouldn't just suddenly penetrate her like that. No, he would simply keep prepping her for her punishment. So he simply shoved a finger into her pussy then started thrusting it in and out. Jonathan watched Saria's face to see and revel in her reactions of what he was doing.
Saria moaned as she felt Jonathan's finger enter her. She had fingered herself plenty of times before but this was different. It felt so much more than anything she ever did alone. It only made her want what was going to come next even more. With the limited amount of movement she had, Saria moved her hips with his finger, wanting more.
Jonathan continued thrusting the finger. But then stopped, just for a moment, to insert a second finger from the same hand. He then resumed thrusting both fingers, increasing the speed of the thrusts. Jonathan was eager to get started so he kept thrusting the fingers into Saria's pussy, enjoying the sounds of her moanings.
Saria couldn't handle it for long. Jonathan's fingers were quickly becoming too much for Saria especially with the situation that she was in. With a loud cry she climaxed, spilling her juices all over Jonathan's hand. The dark elf took the moment to catch her breathe and try to clear her head.
Saria couldn't handle it for long. Jonathan's fingers were quickly becoming too much for Saria especially with the situation that she was in. With a loud cry she climaxed, spilling her juices all over Jonathan's hand. The dark elf took the moment to catch her breathe and try to clear her head.
Jonathan puled out his fingers, now soaked in Saria's juices. With a firm nod, he unzipped his jeans and brought his dick out, now that she was fully wet and ready. Grabbing the dark elf's waist with one hand, he used the other to direct his dick at the entrance to her pussy. Then Jonathan inserted himself inside. "Tight..."