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  1. [14:16] Dudu: However, i wanted to talk to you about HTT promotion and to ask you few stuff about Youtube and streaming !
  2. [14:16] azunyashka: nice hope it will go ok
  3. [14:17] azunyashka: yep im listening
  4. [14:17] azunyashka: we have team channel on twitch, youtube and russian site goodgame
  5. [14:17] azunyashka: and special channel to stream to all these platforms at once
  6. [14:18] Dudu: First of all i think we should keen towards English, because English is understandable for more people, and by that, the audience would be bigger, or, maybe, make a dual language cast
  7. [14:19] azunyashka: ye its great idea but i dont know if russians can lead cws in english properly
  8. [14:19] azunyashka: and we have no english-speakers who want to stream cws or individual tournaments in english
  9. [14:19] azunyashka: as i know
  10. [14:20] azunyashka: its my big dream to make HTT_en channels
  11. [14:20] Dudu: I would've done it but i have no quality microphone, or even decent quality for my own stream as well, but, just to have it in mind
  12. [14:20] Dudu: I have a friend that i am going to ask to join, he is Sweeden and he casted matches on English, but, in due time
  13. [14:21] azunyashka: in case that we dont rly have good ru full time streamer its really hard to make english casters squad
  14. [14:21] azunyashka: it will be great if he'd like to cast us
  15. [14:22] azunyashka: i can provide with all the stuff he can be needed, like team logos etc. and i can help him to improve his stream i think, like special things that make streamer's life easier
  16. [14:23] azunyashka: and ofc i can make separate EN HTT channel or make duo cast - both on his and team's channels at one time
  17. [14:23] azunyashka: I mean - all team's channels and his twitch
  18. [14:23] Dudu: yup, i will help you with that, ask some of the people that used to cast for my prev team as well
  19. [14:24] azunyashka: personally i think that most of our 1st squad cw games are really entertaining and interesting to cast so i think any streamer will be pleased to watch and comment them
  20. [14:25] Dudu: Yes i agree, its shame that I and probably many others can't understand it on Russian and have no opportunity but to watch either enemies stream or to mute it and commentate on their own(изменено)
  21. [14:27] Dudu: We do not have a option to pay the casters, not even simbolic amount right ?
  22. [14:28] azunyashka: yes for my shame i didnt manage to get any sponsors at all so far
  23. [14:28] Dudu: Okay
  24. [14:28] Dudu: Maybe eventually we will fix this as well
  25. [14:29] Dudu: I will try to find a casters
  26. [14:29] azunyashka: thanks
  27. [14:29] Dudu: i also have connection with some popular streamers, that might cast our finals games in important leagues
  28. [14:29] Dudu: (Gosu_PvP or Neuro)
  29. [14:30] Dudu: since i work with them i have their private contacts
  30. [14:30] Dudu: Lets talk about Youtube, i think that uploading VoDs on Youtube is not interesting to watch, and that no one would watch it..
  31. [14:30] Dudu: Do we have a atleast part-time streamers for every race, as well as random ?
  32. [14:31] Dudu: With mic that can speak English atleast decently ?
  33. [14:33] azunyashka: i think Mnstr and Darrow can stream in english
  34. [14:33] azunyashka: they do so time to time at their personal twitch channels
  35. [14:34] Dudu: Do you think that we might do some kind of content with them for Youtube channel, one video a week, or one video per 2 weeks ?
  36. [14:35] Dudu: Explaining some matchup from their perspective, doing a review of some pro game replay from their perspective of their respective race
  37. [14:35] Dudu: and also to upload commentated VoDs of matches
  38. [14:36] azunyashka: hm i will ask them maybe it will be interesting for them
  39. [14:36] Dudu: Yes, as well as for our audience
  40. [14:37] Dudu: Also we can promote our players
  41. [14:37] Dudu: our top players (that won't leave)
  42. [14:37] azunyashka: yes but for promote we need o have the audience and we dont =/
  43. [14:37] Dudu: Yes but we cannot get a audience if we have no interesting content as well
  44. [14:38] Dudu: Promotion of players would be something like make a short introductions, like they do on GSL (but not with personal videos and interview, but their play montages and some animations and stuff that i could do) and the voice over it would be a voice of the guy that would do a English streaming
  45. [14:39] Dudu: We would get audience by being a English streaming community and having interesting videos that might help a new player to join a game, diamond player to get to masters, and people to improve in SC2 in general
  46. [14:43] azunyashka: ye thats makes sense
  47. [14:46] Dudu: I think it all must go together, Youtube and Twitch
  48. [14:46] Dudu: I will see if i can find someone who is willing to do the casting part
  49. [14:46] Dudu: and also, how does our full logo look ?
  50. [14:48] azunyashka: rn, its like our discord logo
  51. [14:49] Dudu: mhm, okay
  52. [14:49] Dudu: have you thought about making a site for the team ?
  53. [14:49] azunyashka: i thought about it but i dont know for what reason
  54. [14:49] azunyashka: we had a site but nobody used it
  55. [14:50] Dudu: I have made this one myself
  56. [14:50] Dudu:
  57. Team Clarity
  58. Team Clarity
  59. Team Clarity eSports official website. All information about the team is located here.
  61. [14:53] Dudu: However I am glad to help out with a getting caster and promoting a team
  62. [15:02] azunyashka: nice site
  63. [15:03] Dudu: ty
  64. [15:03] azunyashka: ye i rly appreciate your efforts to help the team
  65. [15:04] Dudu: You're welcome, my team was not able to successful so i want to help this one
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