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  1. Siophane has an extremely feral, almost animalistic personality combined with a disarming sense of childish wonder and excitement, all stacked next to a pure concentration of utter ferocity. She is affectionately known as Niophae's "pet," due to her animal-like tendencies (especially catlike ones) and her adoring care for her master beyond simply seeing her as a boss she must be absolutely loyal to like many of the other Antillambrae, and she obeys Niophae's will the moment her order is given, not even questioning how she should carry out a given task - it's for this that she has a sort of assistant Lesser Antillambrae that asks these questions for her, notable for how she wears glasses unlike other Lesser Antillambrae, seemingly just so that Siophane can pick her out a crowd for help. She has an extreme sense of sadism similarly to Nethelio, but unlike Nethelio it's immensely feral and vicious rather than more basic and cruel, and she enjoys simply clawing at someone over and over to get them to scream rather than Nethelio's more complicated and social ways of torturing her enemies such as displaying to them the corpses of loved ones or rubbing in their failure - all Siophane cares about is the primal aspect of the pain and suffering, the fear that her presence induces, the agony her attacks bring on her enemies, and the last gasps of those she has slaughtered. She loves her job to say the least, and considers it one of the many reasons Niophae is the best master in the world, and enjoys how often it gives her freedom to simply cause whatever kind of chaos she wants, though of course she'll also obey any direct commands to perform a specific kind of terror upon her enemies whenever such commands are given to her, though she might need help from Glasses in order to actually remember what she has to do. She's extremely considerate of Glasses for such a cruel and vicious Antillambrae, and protects her with almost as much zeal as she serves Niophae - indeed, the rages she enters when people insult Niophae are only matched by the rages she enters when people try to hurt Glasses. Whenever she is in a rage state, she instead becomes completely silent, a contrast to her normal, maniacal, cackling self which so often dominates the rest of her appearances.
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