Morning Sneezes

Oct 15th, 2017
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  1. Morning Sneezes
  3. She woke up this way. It wasn't her fault, she just woke up with a nose the tickled at everything she did. It was extra sensitive, more then it probably should have been. Was there a reason for it? Probably, but how the heck would she know. All she knew for sure was her nose tickled more now then a few seconds ago.
  5. Pinkie Pie lifted her hoof to her nose and pressed it. She quickly rubbed her nose back and forth. As she did so, it made a soft squishing noise, like squeezing a wet sponge. She sniffled to hold back any fluids.
  7. Good that worked. She was able to hold back any urge to... no wait. It was coming back. Her eye lids began to close as her nostrils flared. The tips quivering as she drew in breath. “Heeeeehhhhh....” She paused a moment, “Eeeeiiiicchhhhewwww!” She sprang forward as she sneezed.
  9. A burst of air blasted forward as her tail straightened and mane waved. Her eyes were still shut as she quickly moved back without hesitation, hitched, and sneezed again. “Hehhh... CHEEEWWW!”
  11. This time the sneeze blew the strands her mane upward and away from her face.
  13. After the sneeze she rubbed her nose again and grabbed a tissue conveniently close to her. She blew somewhat lightly as she pressed it to her quivering nostrils. Both hooves held the tissue to her snout as she blew in three distinct little blows. She could feel the gunk collected.
  15. Usually this would be the end. No more sneezes after a nose blow, right? Not this time. Pinkie lowered the used tissue as her head rolled back, eyes shut, and her mouth wavered open. “Hehhh, heeeeh, heeeyyeeeehhh.... EEEEiiiiiiiiiiiiitttcchhhheeewww!” She blasted forward, leaning towards the floor as she sat on the edge of her bed. Her tail lifted up.
  17. She didn't cover this sneeze as she quickly wadded the tissue and threw it towards the waste bin. Just in time because the another sneeze was quickly brewing inside Pinkie's nose. She sniffed to hold it back, but didn't give it her all as the tickle pricked it's way forward to the back of her nose.
  19. “Hyyeeeehhhhhh... EEEtttcchhhewww!” Without much fighting, she let the sneeze go. She didn't have much control over this one. Visible droplets of spray shimmered in the morning sunlight as they dissipated to the floor.
  21. “Uggghhhh.” Pinkie moaned as she rubbed her sinuses in a clockwise motion. She figured something must have crawled in her nose while she was asleep and just stayed there. She took another tissue and blew twice more in vain to clear her nostrils.
  23. Disappointed, Pinkie removed the tissue from her nose and could still feel the all too familiar tickle.
  25. She sniffed deeply making more of a “snuck” noise then anything. Her nostrils were rosy red as they quivered once again. Her jaw fell more slack as she began the pre-sneeze process. Like a ritual, she began to breath in and her chest began to rise. “Hehhhh... hehhhh..... heeeyehh...”
  27. Her eyes lids squeezed shut, some tears rolled down her cheeks. She lifted her head back as she raised one hood an began to fan her face. “Hehhh.... HEHHH....Ehhhhhh....”
  29. Her chest reached full puff as she paused... waited...
  31. “EEETTTCHHHEEEEEEWWW!!!” In a powerful show of force, the sneeze exploded from her lips and mouth. Spray sprinkled before her and her mane covered her face in a tangled mess.
  33. She tilted back on her bed to regain herself and rubbed her nose once again. That powerful sneeze felt amazing, but it didn't do it's job of getting rid of her morning sneezes. Pinkie was stuck with these for the day.
  35. “Ugggh” she groaned again as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and got up for the day, sniffling as she went to the bathroom to get ready.
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