Patricia Hernandez on Christine Love COIs

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  1. Credits: Compiled info from anon sources.
  4. Dec 22, 11: Claims that Christine Love is a "close friend".                   
  5. Dec 25, 11: Talking about being lonely without Love and another.              
  6. Jan 12, 12: Christine Love hangs out with Hernandez's friends.                
  7. Jan 16, 12: Now playing the song "hero" at Christine Love.                    
  8. Jan 17, 12: Hernandez talking about Love falling asleep against her.          
  9. May 17, 13: States that Christine Love and Hernandez dated.                   
  12. Aug 23, 12: How Women Could Easily Lose All Their Rights, As Told By A Game (Dis)
  13. Aug 22, 13: Video Game Asks Players To Bake Real Cakes For Virtual Girlfriends (Dis)
  14. Jul 18, 14: The Steam Achievement That Nobody Unlocked (Disclosed)            
  15. First article's disclosure is not highlighted but is a comment on being a personal friend of Love.
  16. However, all articles do now either have a disclosure or state the relationship.
  19. Hernandez had a close personal relationship with Love that she originally did not disclose. Disclosure has now been included in all of the offending articles.
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