First Addition to The Obituaries. | (29/10/2019)

Feb 3rd, 2020
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  1. First Addition to The Obituaries. | (29/10/2019)
  3. Figured I'd make a news post about this considering that it's the first (of hopefully not too many) in Peelopaalu's history. I received an email this morning from someone notifying me that two links on the directory had gone down and needed to be moved to the obituaries. This sucks, but I figured I'd use this as an opportunity to both write a little about both of these sites, and also to let you know which two sites have taken their places on the list.
  5. WiiChan (RIP: 2019 - 2019):
  7. WiiChan was a Nintendo WII themed hacking, gaming, and random discussion imageboard hosted on a heavily modified Nintendo WII console running Linux Debian. This site was set up by (I believe) someone from 4Chan's /g/ board in July 2019 and went down with seemingly no notice sometime in October 2019. There is fortunately a browsable Wayback machine link for this website.
  9. BlockChan (RIP: 2019 - 2019):
  11. BlockChan was a relatively new open source imageboard hosted on the Ripple blockchain. Ironically, the idea behind hosting this imageboard on the blockchain was to prevent it from ever being taken down. BlockChan went up sometime around late August 2019 and was down by October 2019. There is sadly not a browsable Wayback machine link for this website.
  13. If either of these sites are ever brought back up, they will be re-added to the directory as soon as noticed.
  15. Now, for the sites taking their place on the directory.
  17. Phrack (1985)
  19. Phrack is an ancient phreaking and hacking magazine/e-zine originally started in the mid-80's (yes, I said the mid 1980's, that's not a typo), and went online sometime around May 2001. Phrack is currently home to 69 issues written by numerous people and was last updated in 2016.
  21. LeoPets (2007)
  23. LeoPets is a NeoPets private server/clone aiming to create a ''pre-conversion'' version of NeoPets. Registrations are closed at the moment, but their homepage says that they open on the first day of every month. I know very little about NeoPets, but I'm assuming this is something like those Habbo Retro servers and OSRS private servers but for NeoPets players. If you enjoyed NP as a kid, this is probably your jam.
  25. Despite the fact that we've lost two sites from the directory, I hope that the addition of these two new ones gives you all something new to explore. The web is an ever-changing landscape.
  27. - Snooper
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