Pour Some Sugar On Me

Jul 25th, 2017
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  1. [original prompt]
  2. >You accidently bump into one of the visiting students from CPA.
  3. >"Damn it where are my glasses."
  4. >You find them and give them to her.
  5. "Oh shit, I am so sorry."
  6. >"It's fin-"
  7. >"Sugar what are you doing?"
  8. >"I mean uh, watch where you're going you idiot."
  9. >Her friend joins in.
  10. >"Leave it to a public school kid to not know simple directions."
  11. >As they walk away, 'Sugar' looks at you and blushes.
  12. [/original prompt]
  14. >At your locker putting stuff away.
  15. >"Ahem."
  16. >It's 'Sugar' again.
  17. >"When you idiotically charged into me and made me drop my glasses, they got damaged too."
  18. >You look at the pristine condition of her glasses resting on her bridge.
  19. >She hesitantly looks away from your gaze
  20. "They look fine though."
  21. >"Of course a barbarian like you wouldn't notice, you should consider joining a tribe to fit in better."
  22. >You raise your eyebrow at her.
  23. >"Anyway I expect you to pay for it. Here's my phone number so we can keep in contact."
  24. >She hands you a small note with her number elegantly written on it, adjorned by the name 'Sugarcoat.'
  25. >"Call me by the time you have the money, and it better be before the week is d-done."
  26. >Stiffening up she paces away out of your sight.
  27. >...
  28. >She didn't even say how much her glasses were worth.
  30. >The next day.
  31. >You were wondering why she didn't just ask her parents for the repair costs; they're probably stacked.
  32. >Either way you didn't want some private school chick hounding you for dosh.
  33. >It's the weekend, you'd rather just lay back with no worries. So you may as well get this sorted ASAP.
  34. >You dial her number into your phone.
  35. >"Hello?"
  36. "It's me, the guy that 'damaged' your glasses-"
  37. >"Oh good,"
  38. >She sounds relieved.
  39. >"We can meet in the mall by the foodcourt. I'm headed there right now."
  40. "Hey, I just wanted to say-"
  41. >She already hung up on you.
  42. >Looks like you're headed to the mall.
  43. >You grab a twenty dollar note and head out.
  45. >You lazily slog your way to the food court.
  46. >No need to rush for something so stupid, right?
  47. >Sugar is seated by the indoor cafe, scanning the crowd.
  48. >She was wearing a much more casual red top and skirt.
  49. >Her eyes spot you as you make your way through.
  51. >"About time you showed up. I was starting to think you got lost."
  52. "At least I don't hang up on people."
  53. >She blushes slightly.
  54. >"Well, I've gone through the liberty of having my glasses repaired and fortunately it was covered by my insurance."
  55. >Is that how that works?
  56. >"So you may as well make up your debt to me by buying me lunch."
  57. >You give her an incredulous stare.
  58. >Was this all just a make-shift ploy to get you to go out on a date with her?
  60. >Sugarcoat, as she informed you was indeed her name, demanded you take her to the eat-in diner around the corner.
  61. >Eating her bœuf à la bourguignonn, she was enjoying the better part of your twenty dollar note.
  62. >You look at your tiny omelet. It was the only thing you could afford that didn't make you want to throw up at the sight of it.
  63. >"It's not often you go out and eat like this."
  64. >She says it in such a way that she's certain she can't be wrong.
  65. "You could say that."
  66. >If she were interested in you then why would she be so condescending?
  67. >"I'd suggest you do so more often so you can get used to it."
  68. >Used to it? What was she implying?
  70. >Looking at her while she ate, you didn't see anything particularly noteworthy about her.
  71. >Not that she was an eye-sore, she was just mediocre.
  72. >She shifts a bit and fixes her dress.
  73. >Honestly, you'd rather be alone than with her.
  74. >You get up out of your seat, having already finished your omelet a while ago.
  75. "Well if this means that you won't bother me about your glasses anymore, I'm gonna leave now."
  76. >She looks disappointed, of course.
  77. >"Not like you have anything better to do."
  78. "Anything beats this, honestly."
  79. >Putting your most badass stride on you walk out on her, though it ended up being more of a just-shat-your-pants shamble out the food court.
  80. >Sugarcoat was surprisingly silent as you left. That's good, you suppose.
  82. >It's next Monday, you stroll into your same old home room and sit in your same old seat near the back.
  83. >Sighing, you were just glad that you didn't have to deal with Sugarcoat for the rest of the weekend. Although you do regret not setting your phone to private before calling her.
  84. >It's gonna be good not having any CPA students visiting your school.
  85. >For a year, at least.
  86. >Listening to the background ruckus of the rowdy students, you just zone out for a while. You didn't even notice Ms. Cheerilee walk in and get everyone's attention.
  87. >You were actually debating just skipping school today, but-
  88. >"- and Anon, I'd like you to make her feel welcome."
  89. >Spasming out at the sudden call of your name you focus your attention back to in front of you, where Sugarcoat stood looking at you disappointingly.
  90. >"We meet again. Remember to watch where you're going."
  91. >"Oh good, you two have already met. That'll make introducing her to everyone so much easier for you, Anon," Cheerilee practically beamed at you.
  92. >You couldn't even formulate a response to protest as Sugarcoat took the empty seat next to you and started getting her books out.
  93. >Sugarcoat steals a glance at you, notices you staring, and quickly pretends she wasn't doing anything at all.
  94. >Today was gonna be a long day.
  96. >Ms. Cheerilee charged you with showing Sugarcoat the locations of the school's buildings, as well as introducing her to any friends you see along the way.
  97. >The chances of which were both next to zero.
  98. >You chuck your stuff into your locker and start heading toward the cafeteria, Sugarcoat trailing behind.
  99. >"For a school guide you're not doing a very good job. You should consider being a janitor."
  100. "What is it with you?"
  101. >You turn around and face her.
  102. "Did you really just up and abandon your life at your snobby private school to go to this dump? Didn't you have a whole bunch of friends there too?"
  103. >She glances away from you.
  104. >"I wouldn't call them that."
  105. "Either way, you're crazy."
  106. >Sugarcoat looks taken aback.
  107. >"You don't know the full situation. Even if you aren't keen in doing your job you should at least have the decency to do something passable."
  108. >She sternly addresses you.
  109. >You turn to walk away.
  110. >"Ms. Cheerilee wouldn't be happy about this."
  111. "Alright alright, fine. I'll show you around. The first place we're going to is the cafeteria, because I'm hungry."
  113. >Sugarcoat gazes over the wide selection of 'food' in the cafeteria.
  114. >Sludge, brown sludge, an apple pie plate that's always empty, and sludge.
  115. >"This looks like they got it fresh from the dumpster outside."
  116. "Beggars can't be choosers."
  117. >Rolling her eyes, she opts not to get anything.
  118. >You call over to the lunch lady and get her to give you two apples from the backroom.
  119. >Catching her having an unregulated smoke break once sure had its benefits.
  120. >You hand an apple to Sugarcoat, which she accepts like it were made of porcelain.
  121. "Just because I'm giving you an apple doesn't mean anything, ok?"
  122. >It'd be awkward if only you were munching on fruit.
  123. >"Well- uh, you could- Y-you should..."
  124. >Her cheeks have gone as red as the apple, and tries to hide it by biting a large chunk into it.
  125. >What a wreck. [spoiler]But damn that was cute.[/spoiler]
  126. "Whatever. I'll show you where the A wing is now."
  128. >Walking through the hallways you and Sugarcoat wade your way through the crowd of students.
  129. >Sugarcoat got quite a few stares but deflects them back with her own expressionless one.
  130. >They probably recognised her from that thing with the... what was it called, equinoxia games?
  131. >You stop in your tracks when you notice who is ahead of you, and Sugarcoat bumps into your back.
  132. >"You don't seem to have good memory. I told you to watch where you're going."
  133. >Sugarcoat bends down searching for something.
  134. >Once again you find her glasses and give them to her.
  135. >Rainbow Dash strides up to your crouched form.
  136. >"Hey buddy, eating the dirt again?"
  137. >You should have never accepted that challenge to a soccer duel.
  138. "What's it to you?"
  139. >"Just checking up on you, to be sure I didn't kick your butt TOO hard."
  140. >She pats you on the back as you get back up.
  141. >"But don't worry, one day you can strive to be NEARLY as awesome as me."
  142. >Sugarcoat gets up and dusts herself off.
  143. >"Anon, you should take her advice. Being at least half the man that Rainbow Dash is is leagues better than what you are now."
  144. >"Oh, I see you're doing the garbage collection today, Anon. Hope you find a bin soon so you don't stink up the place."
  146. >You didn't want a stupid confrontation like this. If a teacher gets involved then you're probably getting detention, even for doing nothing.
  147. "Rainbow, leave us alone. We have important things to do."
  148. >"Pffft, you and her, Anon? Anyway, I've got important things to do too, see ya!"
  149. >With that Rainbow jogs off.
  150. >You probably should have phrased that differently. You're going to be the centre of a whole bunch of rumours circulating the school now.
  151. >Sugarcoat adjusts her glasses and looks at you, shuffling a bit.
  152. >"Th-thank you."
  153. "What? What for?"
  154. >"... nevermind."
  155. >Mentally shrugging, you continue to show Sugarcoat around the rest of the school.
  157. >Your legs hurt.
  158. >Normally you don't walk laps around the school. And now you have to walk all the way home. What did you do to deserve this?
  159. >Sugarcoat was still following you as you left the school's entrance.
  160. >You turn to her.
  161. "Day's up, my job is done."
  162. >"Ms. Cheerilee never said it was only for a day."
  163. >You're kidding me.
  164. "Well, we're not inside the school anymore so... yeah."
  165. >You physically shrug this time.
  166. >Sugarcoat stares at you ummovingly for a while. Eventually she lets out a loud breath through her nose.
  167. >She goes and walks towards the bus stop, daintily sitting down.
  168. >You turn to start walking towards your home, but you stop.
  169. >Glancing back toward the bus stop, you see Sugarcoat sitting by herself on the bench.
  170. >She probably had to travel long distance to get to this school, seeing how far away CPA was.
  171. >You hang your head.
  173. >Before you know it you're sitting down by the bus stop across the bench from her.
  174. >Sugarcoat notices you as you shift your weight.
  175. >"I was understanding that you didn't need to catch this bus."
  176. "My bus comes to this stop as well," you lied.
  177. >A little smile flashes across her face.
  178. >She leans back into her seat, intertwining her fingers.
  179. >You kept looking steadfast ahead of you. You still didn't even know exactly why you forced yourself to walk back here.
  180. >Right now you could have already been hopping the fence to run across that old man's yard as a shortcut to get home.
  181. >You didn't even like Sugarcoat that much; what were you doing here?
  182. >Maybe you should just leave. You look up to see if she was looking at you.
  183. >You could swear you sat further away from her, but she's just looking straight ahead like you were.
  184. >"This is my bus," she says flatly as the bus pulls up in front of you.
  185. "G-goodbye then."
  186. >Sugarcoat looks at you for a moment.
  187. >"Goodbye to you too. Thank you for today."
  188. >She enters the bus and it takes off.
  189. >Once you're sure it's out of sight you curse yourself and start heading home.
  190. >At least no one else saw that.
  192. >You enter your bedroom and collapse into your bed.
  193. >What were you going to do? You didn't like Sugarcoat, the way she insults everybody and how she's so bland.
  194. >You keep telling yourself this.
  195. >Rolling around you stare up at your ceiling, noticing the little crack in the paint and the spider bro hanging out in the corner.
  196. >You decide that you'll try to avoid Sugarcoat tomorrow, give yourself a chance to think straight and maybe actually do some work for once.
  197. >Tomorrow.
  199. >Fortunately you didn't see Sugarcoat on your way to home room this morning.
  200. >Wonder if she's even going to show up today.
  201. >Ms. Cheerilee comes in and informs the class of this week's duties, to which you just zone out to.
  202. >Who are you kidding? You're never going to get work done in your life.
  203. >"Our class always starts at eight forty-five, I'll let you off with a warning this time."
  204. >Lolling your head around you see Sugarcoat taking a seat next to you.
  205. >Same old, same old... even though it's only been once before. You were still going to stick to your plan.
  206. >Sugarcoat doesn't attempt to talk to you all class. In fact you're pleasantly surprised when you manage to go outside during recess all by yourself.
  207. >What a great scenario.
  209. >You come out of the cafeteria, apple in hand, to find a place where no one will give you shit.
  210. >Usually by the abandoned picnic area near the back.
  211. >Finding it empty you sit down on a rotting wooden bench and gaze out into the courtyard.
  212. >Taking a bite of your apple you peer out into the distance, and notice that purple chick talking to Sugarcoat.
  213. >What was her name... Bella? No wait, you're pretty sure it's Twilight.
  214. >You can't make out what they're saying, but judging from their body language it doesn't seem like Twilight's that into it.
  215. >Twilight hastefully walks off leaving a dejected looking Sugarcoat.
  216. >Was she trying to make friends?
  217. >You know all too well what Sugarcoat's like but you thought Twilight was a transfer student from CPA as well. Why wouldn't she want to be friends with her?
  218. >It'll be an uphill battle for Sugarcoat if she's being shunned by the only girl she had a chance to be friends with.
  219. >You throw the core of your apple into the trash.
  221. >The same thing happens during lunchtime.
  222. >You go out to the picnic area to enjoy your brown sludge by yourself, and through the throng of students you occassionally see Sugarcoat sulking through the courtyard by herself.
  223. >You feel a pang of guilt go through you.
  224. >Even if you're not the direct reason she's in her situation, it's pretty obvious she only initially moved here because of you.
  225. >Or maybe you shouldn't be so egotistical and think that everything has to revolve around you.
  226. >It's possible that she had to change schools for some unrelated reason to you. After all, she was avoiding you today.
  227. >You shut your eyes and shake your head. Maybe you're thinking about this too much.
  228. >Glancing up you see Sugarcoat again, sighing as she sits on a bleacher by herself.
  229. >What if you gave her a chance? A proper chance where you talk to her and actually get to know her better? Instead of always running out on her.
  230. >You'll never find out if you keep pushing her back, as annoying as she can be sometimes.
  231. >Relationships are all about self-sacrifice, right?
  233. >Begrudgingly, you get up and shuffle towards the bleachers.
  234. "Hey."
  235. >Sugarcoat notices you.
  236. >"You're really bad at greetings. You should consider not greeting anyone else."
  237. >Of course she was going to make this hard.
  238. >She mutters something under her breath you can't make out.
  239. >She looks at you with her monotone stare.
  240. >"You should ask what you want before you lose my attention."
  241. >You clear your throat a little and regain your fortitude.
  242. "I was wondering if you'd like to hang out tonight with me."
  243. >Sugarcoat's eyes open wide and she stares at you.
  244. >She stays motionless for a minute.
  245. >Shit, you didn't break her, did you?
  246. "Sugar?"
  247. >Her mouth opens, but instead of words coming out she just makes a squeaking sound.
  248. >Closing her eyes and coughing into her fist she looks back at you.
  249. >"Of course! I mean... not that I have anything else to do today. I mean, let me look at my schedule."
  250. >She shakingly pulls her phone out of her pocket and swipes it with her finger for a bit.
  251. >"Sorry, but I've got clarinet rehearsal on tonight. Would Wednesday be fine instead?"
  252. >In the back of your head you think she's lying to you, but whatever.
  253. "Whatever suits you."
  254. >"Okay."
  255. >She puts her phone away and bolts out of sight.
  256. >Weird.
  257. >You hope you won't regret this.
  259. >You think that's everyone. But despite that there's this terrible nagging feeling in your head that you've forgotten someone.
  260. >Ooo, and a nagging feeling like that has never been wrong before.
  261. >Well, you do have all of your friends seated on the table around you. Maybe you should ask-
  262. >"Hey girls, you ever wonder why Sugarcoat is always alone?"
  263. >Sunset Shimmer, the most recent to have been added to your core circle of friends, is standing up at the end of the table.
  264. >"I dunno, seen her hanging out with Anon a lot," Rainbow Dash pipes up.
  265. >Sunset puts her palm on the table.
  266. >"Honestly, I think I should go and talk to her and-"
  267. "THAT'S THE ONE!" you blurt out.
  268. >"What?"
  269. "That's the person I forgot about, I need to throw a party for them!"
  270. >Twilight sinks back into her seat a little, and Sunset looks a bit worried.
  271. >"Pinkie, I don't think-"
  272. "I hereby declare that I, Pinkie Pie, shall throw Sugarcoat the greatest and most funnest welcoming party ever seen by this school!"
  273. >"That's what you say about all of your parties."
  274. >"Well, would you like some help-"
  275. >You couldn't hear the rest of what Sunset was saying because you were already halfway toward where Sugarcoat was sitting.
  277. >Sugarcoat shoots you a deadpan glare, something that's no match to your excitement and wide smile!
  278. "Hiya, Sugar! What 'cha doin'?"
  279. >"If introductions were graded on elegance, you would fail miserably."
  280. >You swing your arm around and strike a pose.
  281. "How excited would you be if I told you that you were invited to the greatest and funnest welcoming party of all time, hosted by none other than me, Pinkie Pie!?"
  282. >Putting a noise maker to your lips you blow as hard as you can to properly convey the idea of what it'll be like.
  283. >"If it were on a scale out of ten, I would say negative ten."
  284. "It'll be on Wednesday night down by the festival hall. Be there!"
  285. >You hand Sugarcoat a flyer detailing the event.
  286. >"Wait, I can't, I'm busy that night."
  287. >On your way back to your table you were already wondering what sorts of decorations you should use. Should you maybe bring the party canon too?
  288. >You'll be sure to invite as much of the school as possible, so you'll get your friends to help spread the word!
  290. >Back in your bedroom's walk-in closet, you look through your large number of dresses and outfits.
  291. >You knew this would take up a whole afternoon to decide on, but why did that pink brat have to choose Wednesday in particular for her stupid party?
  292. >Not that it matters too much, because you would have never gone either way, but it still bothers you. She didn't even make sure of consent.
  293. >Consent... that's pretty rich coming from you.
  294. >From the first moment you met Anon you set plans into place to bump into him again. To have him buy you lunch, and give you tours of the school.
  295. >You shake your head. It's not really like that. This isn't any different from a regular relationship; you were just encouraging it like anyone else would do.
  296. >You pick out a particular outfit, one you haven't worn in a while.
  297. >It had a yellow top with frilly white shoulder cuffs and a matching pleated skirt.
  298. >This was the one.
  300. >A part of you was still in disbelief that Anon had actually asked you out.
  301. >Well, it was an inevitability, but he called you 'Sugar' as well!
  302. >You couldn't even form the proper words to speak when he called you that.
  303. >Hopefully it didn't make him think you were weird or rude. Despite all the insults you threw his way.
  304. >You never really meant any of those things, but they just come out. You need to stop that.
  305. >Hopefully you can show him a softer side of you tonight.
  306. >You jump from you phone's ringtone suddenly going off.
  307. >Picking it up you see the caller is 'Anon <3'.
  308. "Hello?"
  309. >"Hey Sugarcoat, it's me."
  310. >Even though it was just his voice you still felt like you were melting.
  311. >"Just wanted to be sure that you knew the place we were going. You know the restaurant called Nourriture Dégoûtante?"
  312. "Yeah, that's actually pretty close by. I can walk there."
  313. >You didn't want Anon to know where you lived just yet, or else he might question why you transfered school.
  314. >"You sure? I can pick you up if you want-"
  315. "No, I'm sure. S-so how were you today?"
  316. >"Huh? What did you say?"
  317. "N-nothing hopeyouhaveagoodnight."
  318. >You scramble to hang up before you make more a fool of yourself.
  319. >Maybe you should spend some time practicing how to talk nicely to people before going out.
  321. >Walking down the street the evening air sends chills up your spine.
  322. >Although the Nourriture Dégoûtante wasn't that far, it was still a fair walk to get there.
  323. >Maybe you should have brought a jacket.
  324. >As you near a corner of the street you hear a bit of commotion going on. Curiousity takes the better of you as you turn into the other street.
  325. >"Sugarcoat!"
  326. >Pinkie Pie and a whole bunch of her lackies are walking straight toward you.
  327. >"Would ya like a lift to the party?"
  328. "What? No, I-"
  329. >But before you could finish Pinkie and a few of the others hoist you up above their heads and start marching forwards.
  330. >"That's a nice dress you got on too!"
  331. "It wasn't even for this! Put me down!"
  332. >But try as you might, the crowd below you were intent on taking you to the party.
  334. >The moment your feet touch the ground at the entrance to the festival hall you run off to the side of the building.
  335. >Pinkie Pie follows you.
  336. >"Sugarcoat, where are you going? We're partying inside."
  337. "I'm not attending your stupid party. You should pack it all up."
  338. >Her face contorts a bit.
  339. >"You think my party's stupid?"
  340. "Yes. Now leave me alone."
  341. >"But I did it just for you, so you could feel welcomed to your new school!"
  342. "I don't see how anybody could feel welcomed by someone as irritating as you."
  343. >Pinkie Pie looks visibly deflated as you turn away.
  344. >You put your hand in your pocket to fish out your phone. You needed to tell Anonymous what happened.
  345. >To your horror you don't feel anything there.
  346. >Checking your other pocket, your purse, everything, and it suddenly hits you that it must have fallen out sometime during that spontaneous body surfing march.
  347. >You clutch your face. This is really bad. The festival hall was on the opposite end of town to the Nourriture Dégoûtante.
  348. >Anon was probably sitting at the table alone right now, wondering where you are.
  349. >There was no way you'd get there in time by walking.
  350. >You start scouring the streets for a taxi to wave down.
  352. >You idly munch on your complimentary bread while staring at the empty chair in front of you.
  353. >She wouldn't stand you up, would she?
  354. >Was this her act of revenge for all the times you walked out on her?
  355. >You knew it! She was acting way too obvious for it to be genuine.
  356. >You smash your hand down on the table, but hit the lip of the plate causing all the breadcrumbs to fly up into your face.
  357. >She was probably laughing at you right now, sitting on her luxurious couch in her fancy mansion stroking her pet cat.
  358. >A waiter comes up beside you.
  359. >"A napkin, sir?"
  360. "No, thank you. Cancel my reservation, I'm not having dinner here."
  361. >The waiter scoffs at you.
  362. >"As you wish, sir."
  363. >You get up and march out of the restaurant.
  365. >Back in your bedroom you flop onto your bed again.
  366. >You didn't even feel like eating anything for dinner so you came straight back home.
  367. >Time didn't seem to matter as you let the world around you fade to black.
  369. >Rummaging through your purse, thankfully you didn't drop that too, you hand the driver a wad of cash.
  370. "Keep the change."
  371. >He tips his hat toward you.
  372. >Gross.
  373. >Bolting out of the taxi to the front of Nourriture Dégoûtante, you find that they're already closing up.
  374. >You grab one of the staff members.
  375. "Was there anyone waiting here for a date that never showed?"
  376. >The waitress looks a bit frightened.
  377. >"I-I don't know, Miss. I wasn't on shift until late."
  378. >This was bad, but then a realisation comes to you.
  379. "Let me use your phone."
  381. >Fourth attempt.
  382. >"Sorry, the number you have called-"
  383. >You shove the ear piece into the wall receiver.
  384. >What was the use of memorising Anon's phone number if he wouldn't answer it?
  385. >Now Anon was going to think YOU stood HIM up this time.
  386. >"Ma'am, I do not believe that number is currently available."
  387. "You're really good at stating the obvious. You should consider becoming a detective."
  388. >The staff give you a disgruntled look.
  389. >"I'm afraid we're going to have to ask you to leave."
  391. >Pulling your covers up over your head, you toss and turn in your bed.
  392. >You didn't get much sleep last night.
  393. >Even though you tried, you just couldn't stop worrying about Anon and what he'd think about you.
  394. >Soothing yourself with the fact that you were going to explain everything to Anon tomorrow morning didn't help you that much.
  395. >Images of a distraught looking Anon sitting at a table by himself kept flashing through your fatigued mind.
  396. >You peek your head out toward your analogue clock.
  397. >The hour hand lay past seven already. You may as well just have a coffee and get ready for school.
  399. >Your heart is sent aflutter when walk into homeroom and see Anon, day-dreaming like he usually does.
  400. >But it is dread which weighs you down, so you must lift that weight.
  401. >You stand by Anon's chiar. He was staring out the window opposite to you.
  402. "Anon, I need to talk to you."
  403. >Anon scowls, but continues to look away.
  404. "I'm sorry about last night."
  405. >"And a good morning to you, too."
  406. "Anon, please, let me explain..."
  407. >Right before launching into your explanation Ms. Cheerilee gets the attention of everyone in the class.
  408. "... during recess."
  409. >He was still looking away from you as you took your seat.
  410. >At least you'd have more time to mentally prepare.
  412. >You were explaining what happened to Anon out by the courtyard.
  413. "... but you weren't answering your phone. I tried four times. After that I gave up and went home."
  414. >Anon casts a downward stare.
  415. >He pulls out his phone and flicks the screen a bit.
  416. >Reminds you that you should probably get a replacement soon.
  417. >"So that's the four missed calls I got last night."
  418. "I tried to let you know. I didn't stand you up."
  419. >Anon turns to look at you.
  420. >"As if I'd be so gullible."
  421. >No...
  422. >He scowls again.
  423. >"Get lost, I don't wanna see you anymore."
  424. >It felt like he grabbed your heart and shattered it into a million pieces.
  425. >You clutch your chest. The pain is unbearable.
  426. >Falling to your knees you don't even see him leave.
  427. >How could it hurt this much?
  428. >Little tear drops hit the floor in front of you.
  429. >You can't let anyone see you like this. So you do what you always do in these situations.
  430. >You bolt towards the girls' restroom.
  432. >Still clutching your chest, you swing open a cubicle door and lock it behind you.
  433. >You sit on the toilet seat and try to muffle your sporadic breathing with your spare hand. You couldn't check to see if anyone else was in here, and you'd rather they just think you really needed to go to the toilet.
  434. >Why didn't he believe you? You hadn't broken his trust before; if anything you should be distrustful of him for not sticking to his word to take you out to lunch.
  435. >Technically, though, he never said he would.
  436. >You just wanted him to hold you in his arms...
  437. >You can't really think straight when you're barely managing to keep the sobs in.
  438. >Pinkie Pie.
  439. >PINKIE PIE!
  440. >This was all her fault!
  441. >If she hadn't gotten into your business and practically kidnapped you off the street then none of this would have ever happened!
  442. >You get up and punch the cubicle door to a dull thud... only to realise your terrible mistake.
  444. >You breathe in deeply, and exhale through your nose.
  445. >The adrenaline was going to stop and you'd feel the pain any moment now.
  446. >Fire spreads up through your arm, concentrating on your knuckles.
  447. >Yep, there it is. You need to keep your emotions in check.
  448. >Fortunately you didn't permanently damage your hand, but it was still throbbing.
  449. >You're actually a bit surprised by the sturdiness of the door. Expected them to be made out of a cheaper material for this school.
  450. >"Ow..."
  451. >Wiping your tears, you open the cubicle door and see the crouched form of Sunset Shimmer rubbing the side of her head.
  452. >Oh. That's why.
  453. "You're not a very good eavesdropper. You'd make for a bad stalker."
  454. >She squints up at you.
  455. >"Uhh..."
  456. >You lend her your left hand to help her get up.
  457. >Normally you wouldn't, but you still didn't quite understand how and when she transforms into an super powered angelic goddess.
  458. >"Uh, sorry about that, though I couldn't help but overhear you crying."
  459. >She stumbles a bit, so you go and give her a bit of support.
  460. >"Did you wanna talk about it?"
  461. "No, but either way you should keep talking."
  462. >She was concussed.
  464. >While walking her through the hallway to the sick bay you keep Sunset actively talking to you.
  465. >Then it hits you.
  466. "Sunset, could you go and tell Anon what happened to me at the party last night?"
  467. >She tilts her head at you.
  468. >"Would this solve a friendship problem?"
  469. >Even if she didn't see exactly what happened she'd at least know about the event, so you could at least prove its existence.
  470. "Yes. Of course it will."
  471. >Sunset gives you a thumbs up.
  472. >"Then you can count on me!"
  473. >Then she falls into you, out cold.
  474. >That's just what you need.
  475. >Loudly sighing, you escort her shut down body to the sick bay and call one of the nurses.
  476. >They take her in while you leave before they ask any questions.
  477. >Although Sunset was out for the count, you're sure her friends were at the party too.
  478. >You'll just have to avoid Pinkie Pie.
  480. >After a short walk through the school, you found Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight chatting by the bleachers. That was the easy part.
  481. >You stop your pace in front of them. Now for the hard part.
  482. >Curling your fist into a ball, you cough into it to get their attention.
  483. >The three turn to you with quizzical expressions.
  484. "I need one of you to go and tell Anon what happened to me at the party last night."
  485. >Rainbow Dash crosses her arms.
  486. >"And why should we go and do that?"
  487. "For one it would start you on the track to righteousness."
  488. >Applejack adjusts her Stetson.
  489. >"It's not good to be goin' 'round spreading lies. We heard what you did to Pinkie."
  490. >Rainbow jumps down from the bleachers and gets right into your face.
  491. >"Yeah, maybe we should just go and tell him the truth instead, about how you completely stood him up last night!"
  492. >Why weren't they being intimidated by you and your-
  493. >Oh.
  494. >Suddenly you feel very small as Rainbow Dash and Applejack look down upon you.
  495. >Twilight wears a downcast look. She probably wouldn't help you either.
  496. >Why would they care about the personal affairs of that pink brat so much?
  497. >Either way you need a bargaining chip. Or at least, a way to delay them from talking to Anon.
  498. "You should consider checking up on Sunset. Last I heard she was going into the sick bay."
  499. >Rainbow looks aghast.
  500. >"What did you do to Sunset?!"
  501. "Nothing. Just checking on her like a loyal friend would."
  502. >Giving you a greasy look, Rainbow scrambles in the direction of the sick bay.
  503. >"Ya better be tellin' the truth there," Applejack stares into your eyes for a moment, "Or I can't be held responsible for what'll happen to ya."
  504. >She walks away, following Rainbow.
  505. >Twilight hesitates for a moment, and then follows behind Applejack.
  506. >That should at least buy you time until lunch.
  508. >Anon didn't share a class with any of them before lunch. He has a media elective class.
  509. >You put your copy of Anon's schedule back into your locker. It was always good to double check for these things.
  510. >You had a free study period as well. So all you had to do was find another student who also attended the party having a free period as well.
  511. >Scanning the crowd, you recognised no one from the party.
  512. >You furrow your brow.
  513. >The only way to know for sure would be to ask each of them, but with the sheer quantity of them you neither had the time nor patience for that.
  514. >So that leaves you with two options: Rarity or Fluttershy.
  515. >You'd take your chances with Fluttershy first when lunch comes.
  517. >Waiting by the entrance to the art room, you scan the students filing out of it for Fluttershy.
  518. >It wasn't that hard to figure out which elective she had chosen of the ones available.
  519. >You see a flash of pink and yellow in front of you. Shooting out your hand you stop Fluttershy.
  520. "Do you have a moment?"
  521. >Fluttershy jumps up and yelps a bit.
  522. >"Oh dear, Sugarcoat. You gave me quite the fright."
  523. >You roll your eyes.
  524. >"Yes, I do have a moment for you."
  525. "Good. Can you tell Anon what happened to me at the party last night?"
  526. >Fluttershy gives you a reassuring smile.
  527. >"Yes, oh I saw how uncomfortable you looked. It must have been terrifying."
  528. >You grab her wrist and immediately start walking toward the picnic area.
  529. >"Sugarcoat, please..."
  530. >You need to get to Anon before any of the other girls do.
  532. >Turning around the corner you see Anon enjoying a sandwich by himself.
  533. >This was your last chance.
  534. >Fluttershy winces.
  535. >"Sugarcoat, you're hurting me."
  536. "Oh, sorry."
  537. >You let go of her hand.
  538. "This is just really important to me."
  539. >While rubbing her wrist, she nods at you.
  540. >"I understand."
  541. >You walk together toward the oblivious Anon.
  542. >As you near closer to him your start to hear your own heartbeat, and your legs feel weak.
  543. >You can feel the wind as it grazes across your cheeks.
  544. >The world becomes out of focus for everywhere that isn't Anon, and before you know it you're standing right behind him, with Fluttershy at your side.
  545. "Anon..." you barely whisper.
  546. >Anon puts his sandwich down and rises out of his seat, turning toward you.
  547. >You're at a loss for words.
  548. >"Anon, Sugarcoat got held up by Pinkie Pie taking her to her party. She wanted to be elsewhere, but couldn't go straight away."
  549. >Anon regards Fluttershy and then looks directly into your eyes.
  551. >This must be what a deer feels like when they see headlights approaching them.
  552. >No understanding of the events befalling them, lost in a void of their own mortality.
  553. >Anon continues his intense stare into you, holding you dead still without any physical contact.
  554. >And then a movement so fast you don't even register what it is, but you feel it.
  555. >Anon has pulled you into a hugging embrace.
  556. >You let out the breath you didn't realise you were holding and take a deep one back in full of his scent.
  557. >Your heart hammers against his chest as a warm chill runs from the top of your skull down your spine, all the way to your toes and back up again.
  558. >"I'm sorry."
  559. >Anon lets go of you as you lean into him a bit.
  560. >You go to tell him not to stop but all you manage is a pathetic squeaking sound out of your mouth.
  561. >Your cheeks feel like they were burning up, but not just from embarrassment this time.
  562. >You could feel his breath on you. This was as perfect a moment as there ever would be.
  563. >Throwing the remainder of your common sense out the window, you lean forward and press your lips into Anon's.
  564. >He doesn't join you, but he doesn't reject you either, just going with the flow of your movements.
  565. >You pull back and exhale.
  566. >What have you done? Did you go too far?
  567. >Anon answers your internal question by gently grabbing your head and mushing his lips into yours.
  568. >His tongue dances about inside your mouth and you feel yourself melting away.
  569. >You play your tug of war with his tongue until you eventually both break the kiss.
  570. >Fluttershy was gawking at you, covering most of her face with her closed hands.
  571. >Anon looks at you, your head still cradled in his hand.
  572. >"Wanna try that date again?"
  573. "Y-yes."
  575. The end.
  577. Epilogue:
  578. >You and Anon did try having that date again, but this time going to a restaurant which you picked.
  579. >It turned out to be a much more lovely experience than the first time.
  580. >Pinkie Pie, as it turns out, was biding her time away from school, concocting the most brilliant act of vengeance you could ever think of.
  581. >By hosting you an even larger and more obnoxious party than before. You could swear that she had managed to get everyone from both your current school and CPA to attend it.
  582. >Sunset had made a full recovery.
  583. >And in the end Rainbow and Applejack forgave you, with the encouragement of Twilight and Sunset, for what you had done.
  584. >You decided to stay in Anon's highschool, so you had all the time in the world to hug and hold onto him.
  585. >Turns out you no longer had to be alone anymore.
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