Anon fucked up

Nov 18th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. >Be anon
  2. >You get transported to Equestria
  3. >Pretty fucking cool until you realize that ponies aren't xenophiles
  4. >Ponies reject you for being a human and an asshole
  6. >Everything you do gives them a sense of unease
  7. >Like when someone smiles with their mouth but not their eyes
  8. >The way the grass doesn't spring back up when you walks
  9. >The way the doors always creak when you pushes them open
  10. >How you never breaks into song during celebrations
  11. >Your touch is warm, yet cold at the same time (magically clammy)
  12. >Nopony can feel the friendship coming from you
  13. >They especially didn't like the omnivore part and how you prefer meat to literally anything else the ponies comes up with.
  14. >You may have been hungry enough to joke about eating a horse
  15. >Ponies weren't the same after that
  17. >You live with Twilight for the time being, mostly because ponies want her to keep an eye on you to make sure you don't eat or rape anypony
  18. >You try to rape Twilight at some point, but fail miserably due to magical countermeasures she put up
  19. >Most of those you're pretty sure was fucking lethal
  21. >You and Twilight both kinda hate each other's guts at that point
  22. >Enter a series of tense moments that slowly escalates into fights without either of you trying to understand one another
  23. >Twilight eventually had enough of your shit and decides to reform you
  24. >By turning you into a filly
  26. >You try chewing out Twilight, but you are a defenseless filly now
  27. >You are unable to protest against this because she's a fucking princess
  28. >Twilight actually puts the effort in making a cover story for you and forcibly attempts to adopt you through legal and psychological means.
  29. >You resist at every single turn she puts you in, misbehaving and trying to sabatoge Purple's reputation to earn your freedom
  30. >Eventually your attempts at making Twicunt's life a miserable hell has taken it's toll
  31. >Purple actually reaches the breaking point and cries about why can't you just be a good filly and be happy with your life
  33. >You protest that you were happy with your life before and that you are a fucking adult and that you aren't a fucking filly
  34. >Twilight is silent
  35. >You smile believing that you've won the battle and got Twilight to cave in to your demands
  36. >Twilight agrees that you aren't a filly and that you're an adult
  37. >You are overjoyed by this sensation that you're finally going to become human again
  39. >Twilight goes over to a drawer and says that since you're an adult, you should be able to do adult things
  40. >Yfw you are puzzled and asked what she means by that
  41. >Yfw when she pulls out a strap-on
  42. >Yfw she puts it on
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