Temporal Prepositon

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  1. # Temporal Preposition
  2. Now you have learnt about the prepositions in, on and at to describe the location of an object in space. We hope you are ready to learn the same prepositions to talk about time. To help you learn the temporal use of prepositions, we will still provide you with the same schemas and similar explanations. Study them carefully.
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  6. Instruction
  7. - You will see a picture and two English sentences (A and B) on each page.
  8. - Your task is to identify the trajector (TR) in the sentence.
  9. - After you identify the TR, read and try to understand the explanations for the two prepositions in the sentences.
  10. - Then decide which of the sentences best describes the picture.
  11. - After you choose the sentence, feedback will be given. Read and learn the feedback.
  12. - After you finish learning the feedback, click NEXT to go to the next page.
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