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The Skalkin' Coffin

RootedPower Oct 22nd, 2016 106 Never
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  1. The Stalkin’ Coffin
  3.     This is the story about a certain kind of coffin, a kind that can have results that involves death! The story begins with a younger me…
  5.     I was 26 years old and was living in an old apartment. I was attached to the place, I absolutely loved it. One day I feel ill, and had a terrible cold.
  7.     “I need some medicine,” I told myself.
  9.     There was a Walgreens down a couple blocks. It shouldn’t be that painful of a walk. As I got ready, I saw something weird out my window, people were carrying a coffin down the block. I knew that there was a small graveyard in an empty lot, which by the way is a beautiful place to go to. Once they left I wondered who had died, how they died, and if I knew them? I cleared these thoughts from my head. I stepped outside into the half-autumn and half-winter feeling weather. I started walking to the Walgreens, but before I was even a quarter of the way there I heard a strange sound.
  11.     “Scuff, scuff, scuff…” It went.
  13.     Probably a dog, I thought to myself. I didn’t turn around until it started again. But this time it was louder.
  15.     “Scuff, scuff, scuff…”
  17.     This time I turned around to see a coffin, that coffin from before. It was bouncing and scraping up against the ground. My eyes widen in fear. How is this coffin moving, is this a joke, why is it following me? I started walking again this time faster but the coffin moved just as fast.
  19.     “Scuff, scuff, scuff…”
  21.     I began running and it kept up with me somehow. Once I arrived at the Walgreens I turned around and it was still there. I quickly ran inside thinking it wouldn’t follow me.
  23.     It didn’t follow me inside.
  25.     “Thank God” I said under my breath.
  27.     I went to the counter and ordered some medicine. I thanked them and looked around some more. I grabbed some food and a drink for the “walk” home. I stepped outside and got a chill down my spine from the cold air. I started walking, looking behind me every so often to see if the coffin was there. After the fifth time I turned and saw nothing I relaxed. I started walking with a more relaxed feeling. About 10 seconds after this I heard the sound again.
  29.     “Scuff, scuff, scuff…”
  31.     I sighed heavily, but I didn’t turn around. I ran the rest of the way to my apartment. Due to me being sick I was coughing and wheezing. My lungs were in pain. I turned around and saw that the coffin was far behind. I ran inside, locked my door, ran to the bathroom, locked that door, and hid behind the shower curtain. After a few minutes of hiding I heard a thump.
  33.     “Thump! Thump! Thump!”
  35.     I started to shake.
  37.     “Thump! Thump! Thump!”
  39.     It grew louder.
  41.     “Thump! Thump! Thump!”
  43.     Then the door gave way.
  45.     “CRASH!”
  47.     I almost cried, but I stopped myself from doing so. A few seconds later I heard another loud thump but this time on the bathroom door.
  49.     “THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!”
  51.     This happened for a few minutes and then the door broke.
  53.     “CRASH!”
  55.     I whimpered quietly. I prayed that it wouldn’t find me behind the shower curtain. Due to my bathroom being so small the first place that he looked was behind the shower curtain. My life flashed before my eyes. I thought about when I was young, tween, teen, young adult, adult, all those important parts of my life. I used my last resort…
  57.     I threw the medicine at the coffin, and the “coffin” was gone.
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