Broken (AnonxCelestia)(mildly graphic content)

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  1. The padded floor of your room is soft against your scarred and brusied back. Your left arm lies limply against your body, held in place by straps and a cast, the shattered bones underneath emaciated muscles shifting slightly as you move.
  2. Running your fingers under your plain white shirt, the scars and ribs are bumps under your thin fingers. Lowering your fingers over your empty and damaged stomach.
  3. Dropping to your side, the hand slowly wraps around the handle of a small knife. Lifting it up to the small beam of light that comes from the small window of your padded room.
  4. Light glints off the small blade, hardly more than a steak knife, but more than enough for what you needed.
  5. A soft smile crosses your dry lips. Lowering the knife, you set the tip right over your heart, angled between two cracked ribs.
  6. Plunging the blade in, you feel it piece right through your heart, and touch the spine just past it. Blood seeps up over your hands, and out your of your mouth.
  7. As the world goes black, you whisper "Finally, Its over..."
  10. Darkness surrounds you, as you fall through an infinite void, no sight, no sound, no taste, no smells. Only the feeling of falling. Your eyes close, soaking in the feelings, no pain, no fear, no worries. Just peace.
  11. The falling sensation dissapates slowly, being replaced by the feeling of a cold stone floor under you. There are still no sounds or smells or colors, but the air around you seems to begin to stir, as if a gentle breeze is blowing.
  12. Sounds begin to appear, muffled at first, but slowly they come into clarity, although you cant identify the language you hear. Smells appear next, predominantly, the smell of blood, one you are all to familiar with. The other strong smell is a faintly sweet, but dominating one you cant identify.
  13. Colors soon start to apear, bright vibrant white, a vivid, but solemn blue, and patches of other colors slowly appear all around. As the colours solidify into shapes, a faint pressure nudges your chest, not enough to hurt, but firm enough to tell its circular in shape.
  14. Shapes and colors become more defined and brighter, making you shut your eyes. Pain is the next thing to come back, and lots of it. The cold on your back is numbing the pain of the bruises back there, but the assorted cuts from your most recent time flare up in an attept to keep you warm. The thing rubbing across you chest runs over some cuts, and your arm involuntarily shoots up to push it away, before falling back onto the cold floor with a soft thump.
  15. The pain consumes you, and the darkness takes over again, but there is no peace in this darkness...
  16. You failed....
  17. Again....
  21. The feeling of being bouyed on a cloud accompanies your slow return to conciousness. Your working arm slides around, the texture of cloth rolling beneath your fingers. Soft and smooth, back and forth, your arm moves, enjoing the pleasant sensation, before your injuries decide to speak up in protest. Letting your arm rest, you decite to try to open your eyes.
  22. Your brain protests, the bright light that filters through the smallest crack in your lids burns against the back of your eyes. Turning your head, you hear noises from around you, and you put your hand over your eyes. Whoever or whatever is out there seems to understand this gesture, and the lights seem to dim a bit.
  23. Peering out from behind your hand, you can make out a shape against the extreme brightness. Slowly your eyes become accustomed to the light, and you find yourself looking up at a white unicorn with a flowing pastel mane.
  24. If you had a tongue still, you would be screaming, but that got removed a few years ago, your torturers decided they would rather have silence than the sounds of your screams. Well, that and very few things surprise you anymore.
  25. The unicorn opens its mouth, but you cant understand the words that come out. Shaking your head and raising a your hand to your ear, trying to indicate you can't understand.
  26. It sits back a bit, and ponders for a moment, a look of deep concetration on its face. An idea seems to strike it, and its horn begins to glow. It lowers its horn to your forehead, and you feel an energy enter your mind.
  27. It steps back, and speaks again. "".Tilting your head, you make a sort of nod, but wiggle your hand in a 'sort of' manner.
  28. "So.... can understand some words?". You nod, and she understands. "Are .... Okay?"
  29. You give a smile, showing your teeth, including the half dozen missing ones. Her eyes widen, and you see some tears begin to form on the edges.  Closing your mouth, you sit up, despite the pain from your injuries. Honestly, you were kind of glad that most of them were not visible while you were clothed.
  30. "Are..... hungry?" The unicorn asks, stepping towards the door. As she walks away, you see she has wings too. A nod is her reply, and you stand up, before your legs give out on you.
  31. Its been too long since you had to actually walk. She comes over beside you, and sets herself under your right arm. Wraping your arm around her shoulder, she raises herself up lifting you to standing.
  32. "....need to take .....  doctor ..... breakfast"
  33. You close your eyes, and nod, hanging your head. Slowly the unicorn pegasus starts moving, and you stumble along with her. Outside the room, you almost immediately find you are required to go down a flight or more of stairs.
  34. Before you even reach them, the unicorns horn glows, and you are lifted up and set on her back. Settling forward, you rest against her neck, your good arm draped over her side. The glow covers the two of you again, and you suddenly appear in a huge dining room. The room is empty, save another unicorn pegasus, this one a deep blue sitting at the table, eating.
  35. "GREETINGS SISTER I .... ..... BROUGHT THE ONE" The blue one shouts, causing the glass on the table to rattle. You wince, and the white one feels it, and motions for her sister to quiet down. "I ...... I meant not to be so .....".
  36. "He cant understand all our language, so don't ...... if he doesnt understand something you say" The white one informs the blue one, using her glowy thing to lift you off her back and set you on a cusion. She then turns to you and asks "What do .... want for breakfast?"
  37. Gesturing to the white one, you indicate for her to come closer. When she is next to you, you open your mouth, and show her your lack of tongue, as well as the assorted scars in your mouth.
  38. Tears begin to form in her eyes again, and you raise your good arm and wipe them away, gently stroking her soft face.
  39. ".....poor thing" She murmurs, leaning into you. Your stomach gives a weak cry, not having eaten anything in two days will do that to you, even if you did die somwhere in there. The white one hears it, and call out for something, you didn't comprehend the word.
  40. A pair of smaller regular ponies come in from a side door. They eye you suspiciously, but  approach the white one. "What do .... desire princess?"
  41. Your eyes widen a bit, looking at the Blue and White ones. The white one doesnt notice, but the blue one catches your look and smiles a bit, before returning to her meal. The White one finishes talking to the regular ponies, and turns back to you. The other ponies leave, and you find yourself alone with the two princesses again.
  42. "I should introduce myself, I am called Princess Celestia" The white one, now Celestia says, and she motions to the other and adds "She is my sister, Princess Luna". A small smile and a bow are proffered to each.
  43. Doors opening announces the return of the other ponys, and they come in with wheeled carts bearing all maners of pastrys and fruits and vegtables. The sight of all this food starts your mouth watering, and your stomach grumbling. Plater upon plater of food are layed out in front of you and Celestia. Looking at her, you sit and watch as she begins eating. This continues for a moment, before she notices you just sitting there, watching.
  44. She swallows, and asks "Why are'nt ..... eating?". You think for a moment, trying to figure some way to convey your thoughts. Making a few difficult to interpret signals, you try to indicate you are not sure if you are allowed to eat. She doesn't seem to understand, and instead her horn glows, and she lowers it to your forehead. A presense brushes your mind, and memories of mealtimes flood back. Originally, they would just throw your food on the ground, and leave it for you like that, but over time, it got worse and worse. They would throw your food on the ground, and step on it, kicking you away if you made a move towards it while they were still in the room, Or they would take turns pissing on it, and then shoving it down your throat. The worst though, had to be when they would take it, and stick it in a clear box that you couldnt open, and just leave it like that, unable to get at it, even though it was right there. The presense leaves and Celestia reels back, almost falling off her cusion, tears forming in her eyes again. Tilting your head, you look questioningly at her.
  45. "I .... , To have had to ..... through that every day.... Please, eat, .... are safe here, they cant harm you anymore.". For the first time in years, tears begin to form in your eyes. Reaching over, you wrap Celestia in the biggest hug you can, ignoring the pain of all your injuries, just reveling in the warmth of the contact. A liquid begins running down your chest and back, and you break from the hug. A glance down reveals one of your injuries re-opened, and is now soaking your already blood stained shirt a fresh red.
  46. Celestia gasps, and Luna looks over and mimics her sister seeing the blood begin to drip off the bottom of your shirt and onto the pristine white floor. You shrug, and turn to the food, and begin eating. The textures wash over you, tears leaking from your eyes, dripping onto the food. You could care less, the food was amazing, thousands of times better than the stale bread, mouldy cheese, and halfrotten meats you used to get fed, not to mention the dog food and such.
  47. Celestia and Luna are discussing something, but you are not focusing on it, to busy filling your stomach for the first time in months. A rather loud shout from Luna snaps your attention back to them, and you hear a number of ponys approaching from one of the doors.
  48. Finishing the last muffin, you lean back, only to fall over before getting caught by Celestias glowy thing. It pulls you back up, and you remember you were sitting on a pillow, not a chair. The doors open, and a number of ponies and unicorns come in, bringing with them several rolling trays covered in cloth.
  49. The ponys surround you and the princesses, removing the covering the trays. Steel glints at you from every tray, and you just sigh,your body going numb and falling over. Thoughts of scalpals and knifes Cutting though muscle and skin, just as they had hundreds of times before, and like before, there was no anestesia, just pain.
  50. One of the unicorns catch you, and lays you on the table. A few metal things float up in their stange glowy ability, and approach your body. The numbness vanishes, replaced by tons of adrenaline, and the intense desire to get away. Your arm swats at the tools, and you legs kick agains the table, propelling you across it, and off the far side. Part of the tablecloth falls with you. Wrapping yourself in the cloth, you push yourself under the table and surround yourself with chairs. The ponies try and pull you out by the tablecloth, but even with your weakened form is enough to hold your ground. Celestia steps around the table, lowering herself down, and shimying forward.
  51. "Come now .... wont ..... ......." She says, leaning in close. Your hand reflexively lashes out, striking her on the snout, making her bang her head against the table, and shoot back out, a bit of blood dripping from her nose. Enraged cries can be heard from the other ponys, but Celestia calms them down. She approaches again, not making any sudden moves, and slowly draws the tablecloth from around you. She appoaches again, resting her head on your shoulder.
  52. "Its okay ... are not going to .... ...". Your adrenaline packed body slowly calms, before you slump forward into her chest. She lifts you out, and sets you back on the table.
  53. You zone out as the unicorns and others begin examining your form. After a time, one of them finally figure out how to remove your arm brace, and shirt, and the result is bad.
  54. Most of the ponys and unicorns turn away from your shredded body. Several of them make gagging sounds and at least one actually throws up. Celestia and Luna are shocked beyond belief, hardly daring to immagine that somepony could do this to another, and that anypony could actually survive having this happen to them. This also helps Celestia to understand your reaction, and responce to the situation.
  55. A unicorn gets over the sight moderately quickly, and its horn begins glowing, and it runs it over your scarred form. A few passes later, and it steps back and motions the Princesses and other ponies over. They discuss something in hushed tones, and you simply lie there, waiting for whatever torture they decide to inflict upon you.
  56. Celestia steps over, and says ".... are going to try and ..... ..... so don't .........". You shrug, and she lowers her head, realising that little of that got through. What she doesnt realise, is you assume she is going to add to your scar count.
  57. "Ready Princess?" The unicorn asks, and Celestia nods. The unicorns all group up, the tips of their horns touching. Your eyes tighten, and wait for the inevitable to happen.
  58. A bright light pierces through your closed lids, and your left arm flares in pain, which spreads over your entire body.Tears unconciously form on the edge of your eyes, and slowly run down your face.Your mouth opens in a silent scream, and your limbs lock up. Your last though before before the light vanishes and everything goes black is 'I thought you and me, we could have been friends...'.
  60. (Celestia's Pov)
  61. This wasn't supposed to happen, The magic was intended to heal the things injuries, but it seems like all it did was hurt him. Pushing past the doctors, you approach the softly spasming thing on the table.
  62. "Hello? Are you okay?" You ask it, nudging it sofly with your nose. It doesnt respond, but the twitching slows down, and stops. Turning back to the medical ponies you address them "I want you all to determine how the magic affected him, as well as how you may be able to repair his injuries. For the time being, he will be kept in my room, and you all have permission to enter and exit it as you desire, save for when I am in the room. Understand?".
  63. A Chorus of "Yes Princess Celestia" 's is your answer. Using you magic, you levitate him onto your back, before teleporting to your chambers. More levitation, and you have lowered him onto your bed, and covered him with sheets.
  64. Stepping out on to your balcony, your gaze wanders over your city, trying to clear your head of his memories. Looking out, your thoughts wander to where this creature came from, how he got here, what you were going to do with it in the long run.
  65. "Thats it!" You exclaim to yourself. Hurrying over to your desk, you levitate your quill, and begin writing a letter to your diciple.
  66. *To my Number one diciple Twilight Sparkle
  67. A situation has arisen at the castle, and I would like to request your presence, allong with that of Fluttershy and any of the rest of your friends you wish to bring. While this is not an emergency, I do hope for a swift response.
  68. Yours Truly Princess Celestia.
  69. *
  70. Rolling up the letter, you seal it and send it away with your magic. Lighting a fire in the fireplace, you set yourself down on your favourite cushion and await either a reply, or it waking up. Trying to clear your mind, thoughts kept drifting back about the strange creature.
  71. Why would his own kind do this to him?
  72. Why doesnt our magic work on him?
  73. Why do I care about it?
  74. This last though shocks you, and you vigorously skake your head to remove it. No, Everypony deserves a chance to live, and this thing hasn't even gotten that.
  75. Rising, you walk over to the bed, and look down at him. Heck, if you didn't know better, you would say he looks peacefull in his sleep.
  76. It couldnt hurt right, one look into his dreams? Focusing your magic, you lower your horn to his forhead.
  77. You have never been more wrong in your life.
  80. (Anon's Dream, Celestia's Pov)
  81. The room is small, but adequately lit by a window to the outside. Moonlight streams through this window making your mane glow light the northern lights. Of course you see none of this, your entire being distracted by the sounds coming through the door in front of you.
  82. Presing your ear tothe door, you can make out some of the sounds.
  83. The sound of liquids dripping on the floor.
  84. The sound of metal rubbing on metal.
  85. The sound of flesh striking flesh.
  86. The sound of your laughter.
  87. Shaking your head, you question the idea of going through the door,
  88. Its not too late to turn back.
  89. Too bad your curiosity has been piqued, and now you have to go through the door and see what is going on. The door opens easily, and the room beyond comes into view. You instantly regret ever entering his dream.
  90. The room could have been tartarus, for all you saw of it. Instead all you saw was the table in the middle, The thing strapped down on it, and another you and a pair of faceless things like him standing over him. The dripping sound you heard was his blood, slowly forming a puddle on the ground. One of the faceless things holds a knife and sharpener, and is stroking the knife across the sharpener, making the metalic hiss of metal on metal.
  91. The other is pulling a needle from a nearby cart, removing the wrapping before jamming it into his(Anon's) thigh. Anon immediately begins jerking around, restrained by the cuffs binding him.
  92. "Come now Anon, we cant have you sleeping while we have all the fun, can we" You hear the other you say. 'Her' horn light up, and the table rises, turning to leave Anon facing you. The sight sickens you, and you try to turn away, but are compelled to watch by the power of his dream.
  93. The table is set down, still on its end, and the other you's horn glows again before changing shape, becoming longer, sharper, and having small bladelike protrusions form all over the base of it. A sadistic laugh comes from the other you's lips, as it lowers its horn, leveling it with Anon's stomach region. The tip easily pierces the flesh, blood welling up from the injury, sliding down the horn and over 'her' face. 'Her' tongue slides out of her mouth, stretching well beyond normal capacity and begins licking the blood from the horn. 'She' pushes in further, the hole widening, and her tongue wraps around the horn, savouring the blood, before the tip worms its way into the injury. Still strugling to turn away, you watch as the tongue wiggles around inside him, poking up against the skin in areas. The thing with the knife steps forward, and begins its work, drawing thin lines across Anon's chest with the knife.
  94. Blood is flowing freely out of Anon's body, from the numerous cuts, and the hole with the horn in it. Bruises cover much of the unscared parts of his body, one eye has been swollen shut by swelling in the cheek and forhead. In the one eye that is still open, you can see a broken soul, the only emotion, resignation.
  95. Resignation to a life of eternal torture, never knowing true happiness, never having anybody care for them. The other you forces more of her horn and tongue in, A wave of torment crossing Anon's face. The blood leaking from the wound is joined by a transparent fluid, as the horn punctures on of his kidneys. Trying to look away again, your eyes remain locked on the horrors being done to Anon. The thing with the knife has stopped making lines, and is instead forcing the blade in between ribs, not deep enough to puncture anything, but deep enough to draw gouts of blood when removed. Anons eye begins to slip closed, and the one that used the needle before grabs another, and injects it into Anon's thigh. Once again Anon jerks forward, but this time, he ends up impailing himself further on 'Celestia's' horn, the little each making a small puncture, before his body returns to its previous spot. 'Celestia' pulls back, her horn slowly coming out. The kidney remains stuck on the horn, until she shakes it off with a flick of her head. It hangs limply outside his bloodied body, dangling by a couple blood vessels and the tube that attaches it to the bladder.
  96. The hole in his stomach looks like some kind of sick emblem, a hole surrounded by a circle of lines, all dripping blood.
  97. You feel sick to your stomach, but you cant even gag, let alone vomit, and you cant do anything to look away. The one who used the needles pulls out a small white and orange cylinder, and a plastic tube thing. The tube creates a flame, which is used to light the white end if the cylinder. It sets the yellow in in its nonexistant mouth, and a bit of smoke pours out of the edges of its invisible lips. The tip glows red, as the thing breaths in, and it removes the tube, and presses the glowing end to one of the cuts around the circle. The scent of burning flesh seeps through the room, and it digs into your nostrils, refusing to be shaken out.
  98. Again and again, the thing with the tube inhales on it, and then presses it against a cut, and the smell intesnifies. The tube eventually runs out, and the thing throws it on the ground, stamping it out with a foot.
  99. No matter what you do, you cant step away, so you decide to try something different.
  100. You step forwards.
  101. And another step.
  102. Soon you are practically running, but Anon isn't getting any closer, and neither are the ones hurting him. Damn it, even in his dreams I cant help him. Tears start forming, and dripping off your face, sparkling in the light as they fall. Anon see's this, and the world suddenly lurches, everything vanishing but you, and him, all his injuries gone, no scars, no bruises no nothing.
  103. "Is this... Is this realy you Celestia? Or are you just some thought designed to torture me further?"
  104. Rushing towards him, resting your neck on his shoulder, crying.
  105. "Yes, its realy me, I used my magic to enter your dreams. I thought they would be some way to learn more about you, but...."
  106. His arms wrap around your neck, and he leans into you. Even for a dream, he feels warm and comforting, and you slowly relax.
  107. "There's no need to worry, my dreams cant hurt you, but It would be best if you avoided them as much as you can, because they are there as a constant reminder of my past. On another tone, what was it you did to me on the table back before I blacked out?"
  108. Stepping back, you break the hug, and say "We were trying to use our magic to heal your wounds, but all it seemed to do was cause pain instead, so we stopped immediately, and I teleported you to my bed to rest, and thats about where I entered your dream. I might not be here much longer though, I cant willingly leave this spell, but if the sleeper awakens, or some external force stirs me, I will wake up. I set it up, so that after a certain ammount of time I will get woken up."
  109. "I see, hopefully you can wake me before it all starts again..."
  110. "I promise I will, no matter what it takes."
  111. A thin smile crosses his lips, and it mirrors onto your face. A sudden tug, and you find yourself back in your room, standing over the bed. raising a hoof, you begiin shaking Anon, trying to wake him up. You try using your magic to open his eyes, but nothing works.
  112. An old ponys tale starts to run through your head, but you aren't sure why. Snow white and the seven Diamond dogs... Of course, True loves kiss.
  114. Are you really gonna...
  115. Not much choice, you did promise.
  116. Leaning down, you press your lips to his.
  117. He stirs. Sucess!
  118. "Sister, I came to tell you... *GASP*"
  121. (Luna's Perspective, Immediately after Celestia took Anon upstairs)
  122. "Doctors, do thou have any speculations as to the effects of thy magic upon its being?"
  123. One of the unicorns, the head doctor if you remember correctly says "Its possible it has a different biochemical makeup compared to us, so it might require specialized magic to succeed."
  124. 'We see, perhaps the royal archives mught hold some clues... For now, we should avoid using physical medicine on it, as it seems to have a rather severe distaste for them."
  125. One of the Earth ponys speaks up "If you can call it that, It hit Princess Celestia for no apparent reason. Something must be wrong with its mind, but given those scars, I wouldn't be surprised by anything."
  126. "We agree with thee there, anything that has gone through that much pain must be severly traumatized, or severely resilient to still be alive at this point. Excuse us, but we have other buisness to attend to at this time."
  127. "But of course Princess, we have research to start, isnt that right?" A number of nods come, and the gathered ponys quickly and efficiently tidy up the medical supplies and cart them off. You head out through one of the doors behind the thrones that leads to yours and your sisters private gardens.
  128. The sun sat low in the sky, just having been raised an hour or so ago, and its light danced off the dew on the flowers that bloom here. Making your way around, you come to your favourite spot to relax, a stone bench worn smooth by centuries of use, hidden under an old maple tree.
  129. The sun never hits the bench, and it is always pleasantly cool to the touch when somepony sits on it, and right now, that somepony is you. The stone is cool against your stomach as you lower yourself on the bench. Relaxing, you begin to run through the past little while in your head.
  130. >It all started yesterday evening. You had just finished dinner and were relaxing in the bath, when the guard at your door asked if you would visit the throne room at your earliest convenience. You informed him that you would be down soon and asked if he could convey that message to the one who requested her. The guard aknowledges yor request, and runs off.
  131. Soon enough, you have finished your bath, and have made yourself presentable. As you approach the throne room, the number of guards in the halls increases to numbers far more than it normaly would be at.
  132. Questioning the guards proves fruitless, none of them are allowed in the throne room, only Celestia and Shining Armor. The doors are opened for you as you reach the throne room, and you are greeted by the sight of Celestia and Shining clustered together, nudging something.
  133. Joining them, you see it is some kind of clothed monkey, unconcious on the ground. Neither your sister nor Shining can explain how it got here when you ask, so you simply observe it. It begins to stir, and you all cluster over it, until it gives a silent gasp of pain and stops moving. Both you and Celestia begin panicking, thinking she killed it, but Shining just facehooves. A brief explanation, and you understand what happened, and the thing gets moved to a guest room to rest.
  134. Groaning, you stand up, stretching your stiff legs, before opening your wings. A Guard rushes in, yelling at the top of his lungs.
  135. "Princess, there is a problem in the city, Diamond dogs are raiding Ponyville!"
  136. "Get the guards and help deal with the situation, I shall inform my sister."
  137. "Yes your majesty"
  138. The guard runs off, and you take off, flying to your sisters chambers.
  139. "Sister, I came to tell you *GASP*"
  142. (Anon's Pov, Kissing a princess)
  143. A soft sensation rests on your lips, as your eyes flutter open. The sight of the majestic purple orbs staring back at you causes your body to impulsively push back, your arms forcing her away.
  144. You pause, looking down.
  145. Both your arms just pushed her away.
  146. Both of them!
  147. Celestia and luna seem to have realised this as well. Wrapping your arms around Celestia, you hug her, tears dripping from your eyes.
  148. "Its good to see the magic worked, at least somewhat, despite the initial misgivings."
  149. Luna speaks up, her voice booming through the room, and likely down whatever hallways surrounded the room.
  151. You cringe at the sound of her voice, and Celestia's white fur turns a pinkish shade.
  152. "Little sister, I promised I would wake him, and nothing was working, so I tried following an old ponys tale, and it worked."
  153. "And what tale would that be?" Luna asks, looking over Celestia skeptically.
  154. Celestia's blush deepens, and she says, in a barely audible murmur "True loves kiss"
  155. Your jaw, along with Luna's drop, and Celestia looks like she is trying to dissapear, which she could easily do.
  156. "I promised to wake him as soon as I got out of his dream. You dont understand what it was like. I didn't want him to have to go back to that, so I tried everything I knew to wake him." Celestia's voice becomes a bit defiant, and her color shifts to a light pink instead of a near crimson.
  157. Luna immediately lowers her head, and replies"No, I guess I don't, but it couldn't be that bad, Right?". Celestia walks over, and touches her horn to Luna's, and the light flows between them.
  158. Luna's face quickly changes to one of horror, and then disgust, and tears start streaming down her face, until Celestia steps back.
  159. "That is.... Horrible. And this is a dream for him..."
  160. Celestia and you nod, and Luna shakes her head, trying to get the images from her mind.
  161. "Now do you understand my desire to extricate him from that dream?"
  162. Luna nods quickly, before a shudder runs through her body.
  163. "Anon, thy heart is strong, and we wish for you only the best, but currently there is a crisis we must deal with. Sister, Diamond dogs are raiding Ponyville, we must hurry to help."
  164. Celestia nods, before turning to you "Anon, I request you stay here while we deal with the situation."
  165. You shake your head, before motioning for her to put her horn to your head.
  166. As she enters you mind, you direct thoughts to her. "I am going with you, Even if I can't help, I still wan't to be there. I cant stand to see others hurt."
  167. Forcing her out, she sighs. "Alright Anon, but you must remain by my side the entire time."
  168. You nod, and lift yourself from the bed. Celestia wraps her wing around you, and you rest your arm over her shoulder. For one of the few times in your life, you feel calm, and happy. Tears silently fall down your face, and drip onto Celestia's shoulder.
  169. She turns, but see's your face and smiles, leaning into you. She is far too kind, but there is nowhere else you would rather be.
  170. Your happieness is interupted by the sound of something arriving outside the window. A large pony drawn carriage if floating out there, the upen end towards the window.
  171. "Come Sister, we must hurry." Luna says, stepping into the chariot. Celestia follows, supporting you as you make your way over. You stumble over the ledge, falling face first into the chariot, elicting soft chuckles from Celestia and Luna, before they pull you upright, and sit on either side of you, wrapping you in warmth and comfort.
  172. The charriot begins moving, and you grab hold of Celestia and cling like a scared cat, which you sort of were, minus the whole cat part. Celestias wing and mane wrap around you, coveing you in a sort if tingly sensation, all in all soothing. Lying against her, you feel yourself drift to sleep, but for once, you don't fear what the dreams may hold.
  175. (Celestia's Pov)
  176. The feeling of Anonymous's slow rhytmic breathing agains your side draws your attention down to him. Seeing he has fallen asleep, you immediately begin to panic, until you see the faint smile on his lips. This relaxes you, and you look over to your sister.
  177. "Luna, what do you believe we should do with him? I have been contemplating seeing if Fluttershy will take care of him for a time, since she is adept with unusual creatures and also with natural medicine. On the other hoof, I have the feeling he wouldn't want to be seperated from me, given how much he seems to have bonded in the past day, and to be honest, I would feel saddened as well if he was."
  178. Luna looks over at you and the strange "human" lying against your side. "Truthfully, I believe you should heep him nearby. Even though he has yet to truly speak a word, he has opened your heart more than anypony else has."
  179. Your sister words stick into you, even as the chariot lands, and you conjure a blanket and pillow for your sleeping friend. Levitating him up, you wrap him in the blanket and set his head down on the pillow, before turning and walking towards the Element bearers who were waiting for you.
  182. (Anon's Pov 20 minutes after Celestia leaves to deal with the dogs.)
  183. The warmth you felt falling asleep has vanished, instead ther is the feeling of cloth surrounding you. You Immediately panic, and begin flailing around, only suceeding in getting yourself more tangled. Some rolling and a one foot fall of the chariot and you find youself mostly untangled from the blanket. A quick glance at your surroundings reveal you are alone, and in a field ouside a small town. To one side you can see the castle city on a mountain in the distance.
  184. Finaly detangling yourself from the blanket, you set in on the chariot and push yourself to your feet. A few unsteady steps, and you lean on the chariot for support. A few more steps, and you have found enough balance to walk without falling over, though you still stumble a lot. Slowly walkinmg towards the town, you get sidetracked towards a nearby farm. Reaching the outer fence, you collapse against it, breathing heavily. Its been forever since you have been able to walk around, and it shows. You just sit there, leaning against the fence feeling the wind through your hair, untill you hear whispering coming from some tree's behind you. Forcing yourself up, you take one step before your legs colapse underneath you.
  185. From where the whispers were, you hear a gasp, and a small thing rushes off before you can make out what it was. Pushing yourself back to the fence, you take deep breaths, slowly relaxing your tired body. turning yourself, you try and lower yourself to teh ground, but only make it about halfway before your arms tire, and you drop, your head hitting the ground with a soft thud. More gasps are heard, but you simply lie there, staring up at the sky for the first time in many, many years.
  186. Tears from at the thoughts of how much of your life you have lost, how much better your life could have been if you found your way here earlier. Soon you are openly weeping silent tears, your removed vocal chords and missing tongue having removed almost every possible sound you could make.
  187. Your attention is drawn by heavy footseps approaching, and you do your best to sit back up. A strong but gentle voice speak to you, and you see a large red pony step over you.
  188. "Are yah alright there mister? Mah little sis saw ya fall over and rushed ta get me." His voice is a deep baritone, but it feels like there is no force behind it. You nod, and roll over. Using the fence, you manage to raise yourself to a kneeling position.
  189. Beside him you can see a small yellow pony with a red mane and tail, and a large bow in her hair. She looks up at you shyly, and you sit down and make a small bow to her.
  190. She speaks up, her voice has the same sort of feeling as her older brothers "Whats wrong mister, can't you talk?". You shake your head, and sit back up.
  191. "Well, if ya need help, I can take ya back tah our house, and ya can rest there." The big red stallion says, lowering himself a bit. Setting a hand on his shoulder, he helps you rise, and slowly leads you toward a red building in the farm. The little filly opens the door, before running off in the direction you came from, and the big red helps you inside.
  192. Once inside, he helps you to a couch, before sitting down himself. "Ah can't say ah know what ya are, but ya seem nice enough, so you can stay here fer a while, till yer friends come.". You pat him on the shoulder and nod, giving a small smile.
  193. Just then, the front door opens, and a trio of small ponys enter. One is white and has a horn, another is the one with the bow, and the third is an orange pegasus.
  194. "Wow, he sure is big, huh Applebloom" The orange pegasus says, jumping up onto the couch next to you.
  195. Applebloom, the little yellow filly with the bow hops up as well, leaving the unicorn on the ground. "He can't talk none, but he'd real nice. Were waitin for his friends ta come and pick him up."
  196. "Who are his friends?" the unicorn asks, looking you over."I havn't seen anything like him before, so maybe its a pony?". You nod, confirming their guess.
  197. "Do you think you could descibe them for us?" the orange pegasus asks, sitting on your right.
  198. The unicorn and Applebloom both press their hoof to their face in a sign of exasparation. "He can't talk, remember Scootaloo."
  199. "Eh-heh-heh, right, I knew that. Maybe he could draw them for us?"
  200. "Thats actually a pretty good idea Scootaloo, Sweetiebelle, do you have your crayons and paper with you?". The unicorn, Sweetiebelle digs through a small pack on her back before removing a small box and a pad of paper.
  201. Applebloom hops down and pushes a side table over, which Sweetiebelle levitates the paper and crayons onto, before they both hop up onto the couch.
  202. "Alright mister, do you think you can draw the friends you are waiting for?". You nod, and take one of the crayons, a pink one, and you begin drawing. Several mistakes, and about ten minutes, and you have a reasonably identifiable sketch of Celestia. Somewhere in all this time with the fillys, big red had left, and was who knows where. Sweetiebelle takes the drawing, and looks it over, before levitating it to the others.
  203. "Are you trying to say you are waiting for Princess Celestia to come pick you up?" You nod, and the fillys hop off the couch, and huddle a little ways away from you. They whipser things, but you can't make out anything. Turning back to the paper and crayons, you pick one up, and begin to draw. You enter a sort of half aware state as you draw, only mildly paying attention the the image forming on the page. Your mind starts to wander, and you start thinking of your memories in this place.
  204. Words that were once unknown come into clarity, and all the initial conversations begin to make sense. talk about seeing doctors, and her telling you not to worry. 'she realy does care... Its too bad I can't really do anything for her...'. Lookind down, you see the drawing you have been making. Albeit crude, it depicts you giving Celestia a hug. For some reason, this simple picture makes you smile, and silent laugher comes from your lips. Pulling the drawing from the notepad, you fold it up, and hold it against your chest.
  205. Sweetiebelle speaks up, drawing your attention to the girls "Mister, The girls and I decided we are going to help Celestia find you here. Scootaloo and I are going to search through town, while Applebloom explains stuff to Big Mac."
  206. "Dont ya worry none, the Cutie Mark Crusader, Friend Finders are on the case". The three girls jump up, and run out the door, leaving you alone on the couch.
  209. (Celestia's Pov, after having dealt with the Dogs)
  210. "Thank you for the help Princess, It made it so much easier having you with us". You nod, only half paying attention to what your Diciple, Twilight is saying. Your thought currently reside back at the carriage, where you left Anonymous to sleep. "Princess, you seem a little distracted. Is something bothering you? Does it have anything to do with that situation you wanted me and Fluttershy to go to Canterlot for?"
  211. "Yes, though the 'incident' as I put it, isnt exactly that. Moreso, its a he, and unique as well."
  212. Twilight looks over at you intrigued. "What do you mean, unique? is he another alicorn? or maybe some kind of new species?"
  213. "You are close on the second one there my diciple. While he may be a new species in Equestria, where he is from, there are many more of his kind."
  214. Fluttershy floats up to you, before saying "Oh my, is he nice? what does he look like? What does he eat?".
  215. "You shall see soon enough, he is just sleeping in the chariot up ahead." The group of you enter the field where you landed, and you immediately notice something wrong. Lying on the ground by the chariot is the blanket and pillow he was sleeping on. Looking around for any trace of him, you feel your heart beating faster as panic starts setting in. "Girls, it seems like he may have wandered off. We have to find him and fast, he wouldn't survive too long on his own, especially if he wandered into the Everfree forest."
  216. The six of them nod, before Applejack asks "What does he look like? It'd be easier to find him if we knew that.".
  217. "You will know its him when you see him, he is quite, shall we say different, compared to us.". The girls nod, and split up, begining their search. Luna comes in and lands next to you, finished with her job. "I shouldn't have left him alone... Now he could be anywhere. He could be hurt or worse."
  218. Luna drapes a wing over you, and leans agains you. "You shouldn't worry so much sister, I am sure he is fine, and besides he is far stronger than anypony gives him credit for. If his memories are anything to go by, even a manticore may not be enough to kill him."
  219. You shake your head "You don't understand, those things weren't trying to kill him. They were doing it, and trying to keep him alive at the same time. He was little more than a toy for them to mangle and destroy as they willed."
  220. Her voice drops as she replies "I didn't know, how, how could somepony be so cruel to another..."
  221. Leaning agains her, both to support her, and to support yourself, you close your eyes. "I fear we have only scratched the surface of what has been done to him. Imagine, he has had to deal with this for who knows how long..."
  222. A soft voice derails your train of thought. "Excuse me, umm Princess. There is some stange thing that doesnt talk waiting for you at Sweet Apple Acres." Looking over, you see a small white pony you recognize as Rarity's younger sister."If you want I can lead you there."
  223. Kneeling down, you smile softly at her "That would be wonderfull my little filly. Please, lead the way." The little unicrn nods, and starts running towards the road into town. You and Luna follow, and as she reaches the road, she turns and heads toward Sweet Apple Acres. Upon approach, you see The Elements gathered outside the main building, along with two other fillys and Big Mac.
  224. The girls all run over as you approach, and Twilight speaks up "Princess, the Filly's told us that there was some strange thing waiting to see you in the Apples house, so we figured it was best if we waited for you to go in first".
  225. "Thank you for being so considerate, though I am sure he would be glad to meet you all. And Pinkie, try to rem ain calm, he doesnt do well with surprises". Pinkie nods, and you make your way to the door, everypony following close behind. Drawing in a deep breath, you open the door, and find Anonyous asleep on the couch, a small smile on his lips and a piece of paper held close to his chest. Almost immediately as you clear the doorway, Fluttershy floats in and over Anonymous.
  226. "Oh my, he is so big. I've never seen anything quite like him." Fluttershy keeps floating closer and closer, untill she is practically on top of him.
  227. "Fluttershy, don't touch him, he might not react well, especially in his sleep."
  228. "Oh, I didn't know..." Suddenly you see one of Anonymouses arms shoot out, and you shut your eyes, fearing the worst. When the sound of fluttershy crying out in pain doesn't happen, you open your eyes to see Anonymous, snuggling Fluttershy like a stuffed animal. The paper he held floats to the ground, and you magic it over, while Fluttershy get comfortable in his grip. You tuck the paper away behind a wing and look over at Anonymous. He seems so peacefull, the small smile on his face, his slow steady breathing, his desire for the contact of others.
  229. Stirring, he opens his eyes, before he makes a silent gasp, flings Fluttershy away, and tries scrambling over the couch, only to have it tip over and cover him in cusions. All of you laugh, and Anonymous peeks his head over the couch, and upon seeing you, he stumbles around the couch and wraps his arms around your neck. The girls smile as you rest your had on his shoulder, nuzzling against his face.
  232. *Quick note here, Every time Anon smiles, he never shows his teeth.*
  233. (Anon's Pov)
  234. You just stand there, hugging Celestia, unconciously pouring all your fears and worries into her warmth, the sadness you felt at her dissapearing, gone. Pulling away, you see the other ponies around her, and you stumble back a bit, before triping and falling over, only to be caught by the yellow one you woke up holding. Immediately you flinch, but she sits you down, and comes around in front of you. "Don't be scared, its okay I wont hurt you". Gingerly reaching out a hand, the yellow one put her head under it, and you begin gently petting her.
  235. While you pet her, she slowly inches forward untill she is sitting on your lap. Oddly, it doesn't bother you, you just bask in the simple pleasure of petting this yellow and pink pony.
  236. "Anonymous, I am glad to see you are well, but why did you leave the chariot when you awoke, instead of waiting for me to return?" Stopping your petting, you motion to yourself, then celestia, then your side, trying to convey she said for you to stay at her side. "I suppose I did say that didn't I. I know I should have woken you up, but for the first time, I saw you sleeping peacefully." You nod and point to her. "Its because of me?" YOu nod, and she blushes a bit.
  237. "Ummm... Excuse me, mister Anonymous could you maybe, keep petting me please, it feels nice." Smiling, you let your hands resume their work of petting the soft pink hair and yellow fur of the pony in your lap.
  238. "I would like you to meet some of my friends Anonymous. The one you are petting is Fluttershy" Fluttershy giggles a bit, and pats your hand. Celestia gestures to a Purple Unicorn "This is my student and one of my closest friends Twilight Sparkle."
  239. The indicated unicorn blushes a bit, and waves with a forehoof "Its nice to meet you Anonymous. Some time later, maybe would you want to answer a few questions for me?" You smile a bit and nod, making her give a small jomp for joy. Turning to Celestia, you soo her smiling, and you don't question your choice.
  240. "Applejack here is one of the residents of this house, as well as the most honest and trustworthy pony you could ever meet."Celestia indicates an orange pony wearing a hat.
  241. "Aw shucks Celestia, I just dont think its right to lie to somepony ever. That don't mean Im any more honest than the next feller." Turning to you she says "Well its nice ta meet ya Anoneemous, and Ah hope mah little sis wasnt too much of a bother ta ya."
  242. You shake your head, and share your smile with her.
  243. "Next we have..."
  244. "HIIMPINKIEPIE,YOUMUSTBEANONEMOOSE,ITSNICETOMEETYOU,IKNOWWHATYOUNEED! A PARTY" A pink pony is suddenly in your face, and you recoil, trying to hide behind Fluttershy
  245. "PINKIE PIE!"Twilight exclaims, stomping a hoof "Why'd you go and do that? You scared him."
  246. Fluttershy turns around and starts petting your head."Don't worry, she wont hurt you". 'She was right, this does feel really nice'. Relaxing, you lean against her, giving her more access to your head.
  247. Celestia clears her throuat, and you look up at her "Maybe we should skip the rest of the introductions for now. I believe this is yours?" She levitates out a piece of folded paper, and you immediately look around, and see yours missing. Reaching out for it, you unfold it just enough that you can see it is infact yours. "Do not worry, I did not look at it."
  248. Gently moving Fluttershy off your lap, you stand and hold out the paper to Celestia. "You want to give this to me?" You nod, still holding it out.
  249. As she takes and opens it, the smile on her face sparks something in your heart.
  250. Something new.
  251. Something warm.
  252. Something you never want to lose.
  254. End.
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