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Jun 3rd, 2021
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  1. 3 hours ahead of Wolvden time.
  3. Hello! I'm, houndwoods, but you can call me Hound. I absolutely love wolves and have spent my life studying their behavior, anatomy, and reading up on as many books I can on them. If you ever want to talk or just ask me anything feel free to message me! I'm always here to lend an ear.
  4. Lil bit about me:
  5. - She/her or they/them, I don't mind
  6. - Asexual
  7. - Coyote therian and wolfhearted (Feel free to pm me if you're a therian too!)
  8. - Poor mental health
  9. - Aspiring wolf/canine biologist
  10. - Always willing to listen (Seriously, if you ever want to talk, my pm's are always open!)
  11. - Wolf Quest player for 9 years
  12. - Writer, artist, and reader
  13. - Vulture Culture
  15. Goals:
  16. - Breed a Tier 3
  17. - Have a fox base
  18. - Own all skulls and trophy items
  19. - Breed all mutations at least once
  21. Pack Rules:
  22. - No blue or purple eyes, wolves don't have blue or purple eyes in real life;
  23. ice eyes are okay since they can be passed for a shade of silver
  24. - Pack leaders must be born within the pack
  25. - Wolves must be one year in order to chase
  26. - Any wolf with a big name in their lineage can be bred, but it is not allowed to keep the pups
  27. - If a wolf has a big name in their lineage with under or around 200 pups bred, the offspring may be kept
  29. If you want to know important things about my wolves, I write short stories about them in their bio's! Feel free to read.
  31. Have a wonderful day!
  33. - Hound
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