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  1. Name: Ezekiel (Zeke) Fuller
  2. Alias: Sable, formerly Sirius (of The Sable Order)
  3. Scenario: The Odyssey
  4. Species: Human
  5. Gender: M
  6. Age: 26
  7. Birthday: November 14th
  8. Race: German-Norwegian
  9. Weight: 173 lbs
  10. Affiliation: Battlenet LFT
  11. Appearance: Zeke is 5'11" lightly tanned and slightly muscular. He lets his chestnut hair run wild for the most part, only putting in a token effort to style it to one side. His hair stops about half an inch above his soft blue eyes. He naturally looks friendly and relaxed, often having a small smile on his face. He dresses casually, nearly always wearing his (former) team jacket over a short-sleeve shirt accompanied by a simple pair of jeans held up by a brown belt.
  13. Backstory: Zeke is the eldest son of two Jupiter Fleet officers. He has a brother and sister, who are twins, of whom he is ten years senior. With their parent's being stationed on the boundaries of the Jovian Sphere the Fuller children don't see their parents often and live with their collective four grandparents. Thanks to this, Zeke was able to have a mostly normal childhood free from worrying about caring for his siblings; however, he does so anyway and is somewhat of a doting brother.
  15. Zeke considered following in his parent's footsteps after college but ultimately decided not to after he was met with heavy resistance from all of his family, even his younger siblings. Knowing they only wanted the best for him he instead landed a job at Universal Transport, a subsidiary of Orbital Industries, and began working. It wasn't what he wanted to do, but it was better than sitting at home when he could be working, if only because he thought it meant he'd avoid souring his siblings' opinion of him.
  17. Now out of the house, he found himself with a lot of free time; he picked up Frame Ops on the recommendation of a co-worker and quickly fell in love with the game while playing with his co-workers; they had good team synergy and shared a passion for the game. Their rise to fame started when they entered a tournament, mostly as a way to test themselves, and managed to place highly despite being a bunch of nobodies. Encouraged by their ranking they continued to enter tournaments and place highly, even managing to win some of the smaller tournaments and get sponsored along the way.
  19. While his family, aside from his siblings, was hesitant to support their (grand)son's shift from a stable, well-paying job to a professional Frame Ops player, after seeing him enjoy his "work" they pledged their full support to his future endeavors. However, although the team flourished in its first couple of years it is now a shadow of its former self. Many of the founding members left for one reason or another, some were scouted and others simply lost their drive, and left Zeke in charge of a now empty team. Discouraged, but not wanting to betray his family's belief in him, he's looking for a team to take him before he's forced to throw in the towel.
  21. Skills and Abilities:
  22. Zeke isn't exactly a social butterfly but he functions well enough in social situations and knows what it takes to keep a Vsports team running smoothly. In the game he specializes in brute force close combat and can tank if absolutely necessary; additionally, he's prepared to ruin the day of any enemy who thinks they can pick him off from a distance.
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