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  1. <color="green">Fouder:</color> <color="red">Kap2005, Alex1234</color>
  3. <color="green">Rules of Alphanuke scp:</color>
  4. <color="red">- Do not use hacks, penalty ban</color>
  5. <color="red">- Do not spam, otherwise kick or ban if repeated</color>
  6. <color="red">- Bring respect to the staff</color>
  7. <color="red">- Don't commit suicide if you're about to become a zombie</color>
  8. <color="red">- Forbidden to go to places unreachable by other players</color>
  9. <color="red">- Do not camper</color>
  11. <color="green">Visit our discord server.</color>
  12. <color="red">Discord: <u><link=""></link></u></color>
  13. <color="green">Visit our forum.</color>
  14. <color="red">Forum: <u><link="">"</link></u></color>
  15. <color="green">For support the server.</color>
  16. <color="red">Donation: <u><link="">"</link></u></color>
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