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  1. from    Sean McKeown seamus.maceoin@gmail.com
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  4. date    Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 9:55 AM
  5. subject Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] the list is too open
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  13. If it's acceptable, I'd like to be on lists to monitor, read, and pick items of interest from Occupy to send to Keith Olbermann's attention, I'm maintaining an interaction with a producer from KO via a daily email of what is important with Occupy going on right now, and this WG email group is often the best place to know what's going on around the Occupations and potentially get links to where video footage is being archived by us.  Everyone seems happy I'm working to cultivate this relationship, since KO gives us good coverage and all I'm doing is help make sure that keeps happening (and receiving nothing for the so doing), but I *do* want to maintain a level of access even though I don't myself livestream or advance media projects.
  15. --Sean
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