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  1. <ImportFragment parentId="330da78a-dbb8-11e9-b144-d0577b10157f">
  2.     <Artworks artworksPath="artworks/">
  3.         <Artwork id="36358e42-dbb8-11e9-a01b-d0577b10157f">
  4.             <Type>OA</Type>
  5.             <Exists>false</Exists>
  6.             <UUID></UUID>
  7.             <Name>"fanciulla stupita dinanzi ad una pianta sensitiva"</Name>
  8.             <PathFile>03_00053398.json</PathFile>
  9.             <Status>00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000</Status>
  10.             <Container>31b6af18-dbb8-11e9-a7c7-d0577b10157f</Container>
  11.             <Collection></Collection>
  12.             <Author></Author>
  13.         </Artwork>
  14.     </Artworks>
  15. </ImportFragment>
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