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  1. Thaddeus Drake > Now - continuing on
  2. Welton Cube > Sorry, was explaining about TS.
  3. Welton Cube > I'll shut up. Sorry.
  4. Thaddeus Drake > Thank you
  5. Thaddeus Drake > Now - I don't think Grakar has been very clear to you about the terms of the arrangement
  6. Thaddeus Drake > I didn't even know you guys existed until this morning when he started pinging me about this
  7. Thaddeus Drake > So from my perspective, that's one of my contract managers not performing
  8. Welton Cube > I was NOt told that I couldn't leave my system. I was told that there was no active defense outside the system. I was not told that WDW woudl be attacking me outside the system. (Just a clarification).
  9. Thaddeus Drake > you just said you would let me speak
  10. Welton Cube > i'm correcting an assumption and I did it politely.
  11. Thaddeus Drake > Whilst the actions of Above are completely within the terms of what we would have offered you (we say to all people that the lowsec is out of bounds and you will be engaged as we do not distinguish there) - I conclude that Grakar hasn't fully made you aware of the terms
  12. Thaddeus Drake > On the last point though
  13. Thaddeus Drake > regarding Moh - we never offer that as a system to inhabit as it is so far along the lowsec pipe that you will be engaged all the way there
  14. Thaddeus Drake > and we certainly do not allow structures there - but I am unsure if that had been discussed either?
  15. Thaddeus Drake > I presume not
  16. Welton Cube > See, Grak specifically told me when I asked about mining low-sec in your general area of control that I only had to worry about "Rekking Crew". I have that in writing somewhere.<br><br>I've not had one problem going through those systems except for the one large shipment and I was completely up front with G about my plans and in fact was trying to negotiate defense coverage for the vulnerability windows.
  17. Welton Cube > I told him explicitly that my plans were to put an open market in there.
  18. Thaddeus Drake > So what I'd assure you of is that none of that intel was passed to anyone
  19. Thaddeus Drake > you actually walked into those guys just after a hot drop - and had you got back to gate you'd have been killed by 6 carriers coming home
  20. Thaddeus Drake > so - it really was a case of bad timing
  21. Thaddeus Drake > however - we make it very clear to clients that whilst we will give you a home and defend you in incoming wardecs, AND provide the moon infrastructure, the lowsec zone is fair play for PvP
  22. Welton Cube > So - it wasn't malice. It was poor communiation on G's part? I'm not sure how that's better.<br><br>And I don't for a moment believe that a few hours after my telling G my plans for activating the station and needing defense help for the unreinforced vulnerablility, that that ONE trip got ganked.<br><br>I've been in and out of that system dozens of times - ferrying things - scouting for ice - I've not been attacked even once other than that. Not even an attempt.
  23. Thaddeus Drake > and since you seem to have a VERY unique agreement with grak (for a service like this we usually charge 500m per month, don't know what he was doing when agreeing this) - I would like to apologise on behalf of my team and I will reimburse you half of the loss
  24. Thaddeus Drake > If you wish to continue with the agreement I will give you the first 3 months for free
  25. Thaddeus Drake > However if you continue to slander me when I am giving you the facts, I will end the convo
  26. Thaddeus Drake > cos tbh - to us killing a 300m hauler if less than nothing dude
  27. Welton Cube > Keep it. I'd rather have the right to share the information in game and on the web. <br><br>It's not the loss.<br><br>It's the dishonesty of it.<br><br>I'm not slandering anyone.<br><br>I believe what I believe.<br><br>Your guy negotiated outside your parameters (apparently).
  28. Thaddeus Drake > thats not meant in a bad way, but it just is - we'd rather have our clients sorted
  29. Thaddeus Drake > Again - I am being 100% up front with you about the events.
  30. Welton Cube > Now you want to impose a half a billion isk fee per month instead of the 5% of my mined ore that G said was all I'd owe.
  31. Thaddeus Drake > NO you twit
  32. Thaddeus Drake > I said NORMALLY that is the deal you would have
  33. Thaddeus Drake > however grak seems to have arranged some ore thing?
  34. Thaddeus Drake > the agreement is made so we are honouring it
  35. Welton Cube > You said "3 months free" - I assume I have to pay after that, correct? Or did I read that wrong.
  36. Thaddeus Drake > you read it wrong, then you attacked me
  37. Thaddeus Drake > so please, read carefully
  38. Welton Cube > I didn't attack anyhohne.
  39. Thaddeus Drake > you did - you called me dishonest
  40. Welton Cube > I said, I believe what I believe.
  41. Welton Cube > I didn't direct that at you directly or as a personal characterization.
  42. Welton Cube > This is a difficult situation and there isn't an equal basis for negotiation.
  43. Welton Cube > You guys could snuff my corp out with a breath.
  44. Thaddeus Drake > I have no desire to do that
  45. Welton Cube > The money isn't the issue.
  46. Welton Cube > I don't want it.
  47. Thaddeus Drake > Again - if you want to call it quits you can - I am offering an olive branch and an apology that the terms were not made clear
  48. Welton Cube > It's . . what - two Starbucks>
  49. Welton Cube > I'm going to have to rethink the entire thing. Maybe even take the station down and move it somewhere sle.
  50. Welton Cube > Something that's very time consuming to do.
  51. Thaddeus Drake > So you wish to cancel then?
  52. Welton Cube > i don't with to so anything just yet. Not on a spur of the moment decision.
  53. Welton Cube > I take my time with these things.
  54. Welton Cube > But I try very hard to get the facts up front, in writing and the staggering level of miscommunication involved here worries me.
  55. Thaddeus Drake > Well please take your time before posting slander on the internet next time - I almost wasn't going to have this conversation with you and just burn your shit down.
  56. Thaddeus Drake > But this group survives on it's client relationships, so I wanted to come to you like a gentleman
  57. Welton Cube > Like a gentleman with a really big gun and lots of violent friends, but yes.
  58. Welton Cube > I don't have much of a negotiating position to work from.
  59. Thaddeus Drake > Hardly - if you wish to cancel you can and we will let you evac
  60. Welton Cube > O cam
  61. Welton Cube > I can't afford to evac right now.
  62. Welton Cube > Between lost ships and lost gear and lost time I'm flat out right now. Burned through this month's discretionary money.
  63. Thaddeus Drake > Well I don't really know what you want from me here - I've stayed up till half midnight to talk to you and given you the facts, an olive branch, and an out if you require it
  64. Welton Cube > Not even sure how i"m gonna fuel this thing right now.
  65. Welton Cube > I"m sorry.
  66. Welton Cube > I really am.
  67. Thaddeus Drake > Most groups would have just blown you up tbh
  68. Welton Cube > I just don't have any options.
  69. Thaddeus Drake > Especially after that forum post
  70. Welton Cube > Right now I have to sit on what I have for bit.
  71. Thaddeus Drake > But I wanted to chat
  72. Welton Cube > I apprecaite that you reached out.
  73. Welton Cube > But I'm still a little raw right now.
  74. Welton Cube > I reached out to the gruop that killed me the first time and got no response.
  75. Thaddeus Drake > I would appreciate the post being removed, however I won't push it - it made me exceedingly angry when I read it. However as I said, I wanted to reach out and give you the facts of the matter
  76. Thaddeus Drake > I'm off to bed now, please contact grakar with your decision by tomorrow.
  77. Welton Cube > You do understand that everything I said was literally true, correct?
  78. Thaddeus Drake > You also understand everything I said was literally true?
  79. Welton Cube > It may no be your version, but it is exactly what happened.
  80. Thaddeus Drake > Please re-read this entire convo.
  81. Thaddeus Drake > goodnight
  82. Welton Cube > Not necessarily. What you've told me is that your guy didn't negotaite write (your problem, not mine) and my status wasn't communicated properly (your problem, not mine). I agree that there MAY have been no malice involved, but the alternative is staggering incompetence.
  83. Welton Cube > Good night.
  84. Thaddeus Drake > As I told you several minutes ago
  85. Thaddeus Drake > Grakar's communication to both us and you wasn't up to par
  86. Welton Cube > Yes. You did. I agree.
  87. Thaddeus Drake > If you keep saying "staggering incompetance
  88. Welton Cube > But that's not my issue. I took him as a professional who could do what he said he could do.
  89. Thaddeus Drake > it will make me very unhappy - as I am here trying to make it right
  90. Welton Cube > Not your incopetence.
  91. Welton Cube > His.
  92. Thaddeus Drake > I've given you options and our apologies
  93. Thaddeus Drake > again, goodnight
  94. Welton Cube > I'll amend the post to reflect that my issue is with him, personally, and not WDW.
  95. Thaddeus Drake > Can I be frank here - singling out any individual in this organisation will make me less willing to do anything here dude. This issue is important to me and I have come to resolve it (on a work night)
  96. Thaddeus Drake > So I hope you are as quick to say how the executor came to resolve it as you are to condemn the group
  97. Thaddeus Drake > Or take the approach of an olive branch and remove it until this is resolved either positively or negatively.
  98. Thaddeus Drake > ball entirely in your court
  99. Thaddeus Drake > now I WILL be going to bed, goodnight
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