Jul 19th, 2011
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  1. Legal Assistance
  3. The National Lawyer's Guild has directed me to notify those arrested today in the U.S. that the organization is prepared to provide assistance; several of its lawyers are familiar with the ongoing case and have already provided free consultations to several of those raided in January. In particular, they have lawyers on hand for those in New York State; I'm not yet sure about other states. The NLG may be contacted at its hotline at 888.654.3265. I'm also working on arranging assistance for those outside of the U.S. Anyone with questions can e-mail me at or
  4. Update: I've just been contacted by a lawyer in California who can arrange for legal assistance for the 12 of the 16 arrested who will presumably be tried in the Northern District of California. Those to whom this applies should e-mail me as soon as possible.
  5. Update 2: Don't include any information on your case when e-mailing me that is not already public.
  6. Update 3: The NLG has confirmed the availability of lawyers throughout the country for those who need them.
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