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My Treasure

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  1. >be elementary student
  2. >playing in sandbox
  3. >building sandcastles and whatnot
  4. >just finished a sweet moat
  5. >Suddenly castle explodes into fine dust
  6. >dragon monster girl about your age standing triumphantly before you
  7. >"I've destroyed your castle and I claim you as my treasure!!"
  8. >cry to teacher
  9. >teacher scolds dragon monster girl
  10. >mom hears about bullying incident and transfers you to elementary school across town
  14. >Be middle school student
  15. >still trying to adjust to uniforms and harder classes
  16. >no more recess and no more coloring
  17. >miss nap time
  18. >suddenly feel someone slap you across your back
  19. >hard
  20. >pick yourself up to find dragon monster girl here
  21. >oh no
  22. >she recgonizes you instantly
  23. >"Its my treasure! I'd knew I'd never lose you!"
  24. >class starts spreading rumors about dragon monster girl and you
  25. >tormented throughout middle school years
  26. >resolve to go to a place where she can never find you
  30. >be high school student
  31. >prestigious private high school
  32. >only the best of the best can go here
  33. >studied through blood, sweat, tears
  34. >classes are tough but able to power through them
  35. >teacher notices your aptitude and suggests you join debate team
  36. >join and begin to go on a winning streak against other schools
  37. >about to face last school when you notice who your opponent is
  38. >dragon monster girl
  39. >more adult now, grown in all the right places
  40. >instantly recognizes you, leers hungrily
  41. >"Hello my little treasure." she sneers
  42. >Cant focus during the entire debate
  43. >judges declare other school victor
  44. >entire team blames you
  45. >surely she cant follow you to college
  49. >get accepted into college
  50. >nearly bankrupted parents but with the numerous jobs you've done, you were able to scrap by
  51. >live with shoddy dorms with other roommates
  52. >take your time to study classes and keep up with your grades
  53. >good chance of getting on the dean's list this year
  54. >get invited to party one night by friend
  55. >sure, why not
  56. >party is pretty fun, drinks and girls everywhere
  57. >one of them starts chatting with you
  58. >pretty hot 8/10
  59. >fun to talk to her, seems genuinely interesting
  60. >asks if you want to head somewhere quieter
  61. >I dont see why not
  62. >suddenly 8/10 is clocked in the face by scaled green fist
  63. >"He's MY TreasUre yOu BitCh I claiMed HiM fiRst"
  64. >its dragon monster girl
  65. >again
  66. >obviously drunk
  67. >takes several more swings at other party goers before collapsing
  68. >Drag her to empty bedroom and put her in comfortable position
  69. >stay the rest of the night with her, just in case
  70. >why can't she just leave you alone
  71. >Morning comes
  72. >dragon monster girl begins to stir
  73. >you take your leave just as she wakes up
  74. >decide to take summer classes to graduate early and get out of here
  77. >be officer worker
  78. >moved to another city to work for internet security company
  79. >mostly handle passwords
  80. >work 9-5
  81. >monotonous job
  82. >most exciting thing to happen all week was the installation of the new vending machine
  83. >desperately hope something different would happen
  84. >but not too different
  85. >peek up from your carpeted walls to ensure that you haven't jinxed yourself
  86. >let out a sigh of relief as no scaled monster girl came to wreck your life again
  87. >get called into big meeting
  88. >merger with another internet security company
  89. >able to keep job but be reduced to an assistant
  90. >get a paycut
  91. >but you'd be working with your counterpart from other company
  92. >should be fun, at least you'd have someone to talk to
  93. >few weeks pass and your'e cubicle has been significantly expanded
  94. >a bit more than is necessary actually
  95. >as if someone need to accommodate wing-space or someth-
  96. >oh god
  97. >please no
  98. >"Hi, I'll be working with you from here on out now so lets-"
  99. >Instantly recognizes you
  100. >"Hi treasure."
  101. >her sneer is still the same after all the years
  102. >put in your two weeks notice
  103. >only one option left now
  106. >Be military officer now
  107. >last year in the military and not a single sighting of scaled dragon monster girl anywhere
  108. >forget the reason why you always ran away from her
  109. >patrolling through streets of some third world nation
  110. >quite cold night, you could see your breath in front of your face
  111. >sergeant comes up to you
  112. >"Cap wants to rendezvous back with him on third street. Theres nothing going on here."
  113. >Roger that, we'll finish our sweep and-
  114. >Loud popping sound in your ear almost renders you deaf as sergeant's helmet is hit dead on
  115. >Hit the deck
  116. >heavy fire now from down the street
  117. >return fire and call in support
  118. >unload M4 down street, tell your squad to give you covering fire
  119. >get up from the street and try to pull sergeant out of line of fire
  120. >suddenly get the wind knocked out of you
  121. >like a truck just plowed into your chest
  122. >fall down hard
  123. >copper taste in mouth
  124. >vision beginning to become blurry
  125. >isnt this the part where she would show up?
  126. >right where your life was at its worst?
  127. >where was she now?
  128. >where was she?
  131. >be bedridden
  132. >military hospital in Germany
  133. >lucky to be alive
  134. >hooked up to a variety needles and monitors
  135. >senior officers arrived and presented you with medals and awards
  136. >always found it funny to be awarded for getting shot
  137. >spend your days reading magazines and fighting over who got the TV remote
  138. >parents said they would be coming to visit
  139. >entirely unnecessary, you'd be out of here in no time
  140. >nurse in broken English said you had a visitor
  141. >Sure, sure, let them in
  142. >its dragon monster girl
  143. >at this point you wern't even surprised
  144. >she's holding a stuffed teddy bear
  145. >she sits down next to you, placing the teddy bear by your side
  146. >the two of you sit in silence as you watch reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  147. >break the silence first
  148. >ask her if she was here to claim her treasure
  149. >confused look on her face
  150. >hold out your hand for her
  151. >she hesitates at first before finally grasping yours
  152. >her eyes are misty as she wipes away her tears
  153. >Suddenly gets up and climbs atop your bed, threatening to knock over monitors and pull out needles
  154. >wraps a scaley arm around you
  155. >she's warm
  156. >"I finally have my treasure"
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