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Windows fanboys don't know shit about Linux

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  1. <Natalie> <Natalie> the nether is not laggy unless you have a crappy computer
  2. <Natalie> <Natalie> i get BETTER performance in the nether than on the overworld
  3. <Natalie> NamedJohn, that's because windows is an EVERYTHING hog
  4. <Natalie> it's actually that reason why i switched to linux
  5. <Natalie> i eventually want to set up a USB-bootable instance that does nothing but run a bare-bones graphical *nix distro and Minecraft
  6. <NamedJohn> linux is native OpenGl
  7. <ruan> what
  8. <Natalie> so I can have ALL THE PROCESSING POWER and not just some of it
  9. * stefzekiller (~stefzekil@ has joined #minecraft
  10. <DarkSnake> I don't usually play Minecraft on Linux, but when I do, performances are shit.
  11. <ruan> opengl is implemented in the drivers
  12. <NamedJohn> why?
  13. <DarkSnake> Also, stupid nVidia drivers for Linux.
  14. <Natalie> get a computer that isn't shit
  15. * HighWire (~Just@d54C43F06.access.telenet.be) has joined #minecraft
  16. <DarkSnake> Perfs on Window$ are better on this comp.
  17. * Natalie uses a shitty $260 laptop from a chain office supply store and gets some fucking awesome gaming power
  18. <DarkSnake> Shit comp much?
  19. * NotAnonymous2 (~NotAnonym@ has joined #minecraft
  20. <DarkSnake> THey're epic.
  21. <DarkSnake> *They're
  22. <DarkSnake> :>
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  25. <F_Synchro> Why does everyone always have to be so damn exotic.
  26. <F_Synchro> buy a cheap ass computer, heck buy parts
  27. <F_Synchro> spend 400 dollars utmost
  28. <F_Synchro> make sure you do NOT get an intel card.
  29. <F_Synchro> pirate windows ahoy
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  31. <F_Synchro> and you are set to go
  32. <F_Synchro> and with intel card I mean intel graphics
  33. <xales> DarkSnake: There's no such thing as a setup where Windows performs better than Linux.
  34. <xales> It literally doesn't exist.
  35. * Natalie is running on an intel onboard graphics chip
  36. <F_Synchro> Just go with ati/nvidia
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  38. <private_meta> war http://cheezburger.com/7064107776
  39. <xales> If it's slower, you're doing it wrong.
  40. <NamedJohn> I had to replace the java natives before I got good perfomance... Mojang refuses to update the java natives themselves... :(
  41. <F_Synchro> Xales, there is.
  42.  F_Synchro Fabianius Falcqn ffaen123 FIQ fleeting FlutterAi Forkk forty_two frdmn Fre3bie freaky[t] Frymaster
  43. <F_Synchro> Linux fanboy
  44. <xales> F_Synchro: Oh?
  45. <Natalie> F_Synchro, no, there isn't.
  46. <Eddie> F_Synchro: Hello. I have an i7-3770s and I use its iGPU
  47. <F_Synchro> Natalia: Prove me wrong.
  48. <xales> F_Synchro: The way Windows and Linux are written, it's literally /not possible/.
  49. <DarkSnake> xales: yes there is.
  50.  F_Synchro Fabianius Falcqn FIQ FlutterAi Forkk Fre3bie Frymaster
  51. <Natalie> Prove yourself, RIGHT, F_
  52. <Natalie> F_Synchro,
  53. <DarkSnake> Window$ > Linshit.
  54. <Natalie> DarkSnake, prove it
  55. <DarkSnake> 'nuff said.
  56. <xales> ^
  57. <Natalie> DarkSnake, prove it
  58. <ruan> I run linux because I can't trust windows to run 24/7 365 with low maintenance
  59. <F_Synchro> Actually, you wanted to make a point
  60. <NamedJohn> OS Wars!
  61. <F_Synchro> You go ahead and prove it yourself.
  62. <DarkSnake> Prove that Linux is better.
  63. <xales> DarkSnake: Prove that it's not?
  64. <Natalie> DarkSnake, prove that your claim actually exists.
  65. * NotAnonymous has quit (Ping timeout: 190 seconds)
  66. <xales> ^
  67. <DarkSnake> Prove that it is?
  68. <DarkSnake> What claim?
  69. <xales> Seriously though.
  70. <DarkSnake> I ain't claiming 'nything!
  71. <DarkSnake> :|
  72. <NamedJohn> <DarkSnake> Window$ > Linshit.
  73. <xales> If you understood anything about how compters/operating systems work, you would realize that it's /literally faster in every case/
  74. <Natalie> DarkSnake, you are CLAIMING, like an uneducated MORON, that there exists a machine that can run Windows better than it can run Linux.
  75. <DarkSnake> Well, that's a fact! :O
  76. <Natalie> DarkSnake, you are CLAIMING, like an uneducated MORON, that there exists a machine that can run Windows better than it can run Linux.
  77. <Natalie> DarkSnake, you are CLAIMING, like an uneducated MORON, that there exists a machine that can run Windows better than it can run Linux.
  78. <F_Synchro> Enjoy your retarded gui and beyond ancient UNIX kernel.
  79. <Natalie> DarkSnake, you are CLAIMING, like an uneducated MORON, that there exists a machine that can run Windows better than it can run Linux.
  80. <ruan> fire the mortars
  81. <DarkSnake> Natalie: crymoar.
  82. <NamedJohn> I can spam to!
  83. <NamedJohn> I can spam to!
  84. <xales> F_Synchro: Linux has no relation to UNIX, and it's actually far more modern than windows.
  85. <xales> Can it.
  86. <NamedJohn> I can spam to!
  87. <xales> ._.
  88. <F_Synchro> LOL.
  89. <xales> Also, all of you stop spamming.
  91. <F_Synchro> HAAHAHAHAHA
  92. <Natalie> F_Synchro, tell me this. Explain why I can run a native Windows GDI program in Linux using Wine... and get BETTER PERFORMANCE THAN ON WINDOWS ITSELF.
  93. <F_Synchro> Son, you need to actually learn about your OS before you even try to make a stance in an argument like this one.
  94. <NamedJohn> OSX is closer to unix than most linux distros
  95. <Natalie> OSX is just a Linux distro with no features and a humongous price tag
  96. <F_Synchro> Natalie: Try running any Windows application in Wine, until that runs everything 100% fine I will support linux the way you do.
  97. <xales> F_Synchro: You're retarded.
  98. * NotAnonymous2 is now known as NotAnonymous
  99. <xales> Linux userspace is based on UNIX userspace programs.
  100. <F_Synchro> But so far, it requires you to install ALL windows libraries and it's shit that it comes along with
  101. <xales> But there is NO lineage.
  102. <F_Synchro> Thus making it install an os on an os, your point being?
  103. <xales> and GNU coreutils has nothing to do with Linux.
  104. <Natalie> F_Synchro, it actually runs A LOT OF THINGS perfectly fine with its homebrew libraries.
  105. <F_Synchro> Xales, just stfu, you are beyond empty-headed.
  106. <Natalie> If you'd actually USE it instead of making baseless experienceless claims, you'd know.
  107. <DarkSnake> Don't like linux? you're retarded and a moron. #ShitLinuxFantardsSays.
  108. <F_Synchro> Come up with proper facts before you make your stance like I said before.
  109. <NamedJohn> Wine is an interperater, not on SO or even an emulator
  110. <Natalie> This is totally going on 4chan.
  111. <xales> F_Synchro: I have proper facts.
  112. <xales> Why don't you?
  113. * Morrolan blinks
  114. * Garrity has quit (Quit: Some folks are wise, and some otherwise.)
  115. <xales> Better idea:
  116. <Natalie> This retard debate is TOTALLY going on 4chan.
  117. <xales> Everyone shut up because you're all stupid and nobody is going to convince anyone of anything.
  118. <F_Synchro> Natalie, I have 2 machines running Ubuntu on VMware eXSi, you think I don't know?
  119. <F_Synchro> Lol so going on 4chan, newfag.
  120.  F_Synchro Fabianius Falcqn FIQ FlutterAi Forkk Fre3bie Frymaster
  121. <blha303> *sigh*
  122. <F_Synchro> 4chan is so beyond 2007.
  123. <Natalie> F_Synchro, > running anything on a VM and then claiming that it's shittier than a thing that is installed directly to the hard drive as an actual operating system
  124. <Natalie> lol moron
  125. <F_Synchro> Why don't you go back to it and stay at that retarded place.
  126. * Tollyx (~adrhed96@81-237-217-114-no227.tbcn.telia.com) has joined #minecraft
  127. <NamedJohn> F_Synchro: if you use ubuntu, you dont know
  128. <Morrolan> F_Synchro: Psh, IRC is so 1990.
  129. <Natalie> I use Ubuntu and I get SO MUCH PERFORMANCE
  130. <Morrolan> Yet we're still using it, aren't we.
  131. * CyclopsCaveman (~CyclopsCa@rrcs-70-60-101-174.midsouth.biz.rr.com) has joined #minecraft
  132. <Natalie> I just got all that performance when I ripped Unity out
  133. <F_Synchro> Yeah but the levels of IRC are far better than 4chan.
  134. <Natalie> and burned it in the fire
  135. <xales> Morrolan: 1980, actually, if I remember correctly
  136. <NamedJohn> down with unity!
  137. <Morrolan> xales: Yes, you're probably right.
  138. <blha303> --------------------------------------------------------------
  140. <NamedJohn> it like windows
  141. <F_Synchro> Natalie, you keep using your OS, I remain on mine.
  142. <xales> oh 1988
  143.  F_Synchro Fabianius Falcqn FIQ FlutterAi Forkk Fre3bie Frymaster
  144. * RicksterEpicWin (~RicksterE@pool-74-98-188-30.nrflva.fios.verizon.net) has joined #minecraft
  145. <Morrolan> Ah. :)
  146. <xales> hm.
  147. <F_Synchro> Oh and go ahead and post it on 4chan, that place has been dead for years.
  148. <Natalie> F_Synchro, don't bash my OS without being able to support your unfounded claims with true experience and full knowledge.
  149. <F_Synchro> LOL
  150. <xales> s/full/any/
  151. <Natalie> ^
  152. <blha303> "dead"
  153. <blha303> define that
  154. <Natalie> brb getting all the 4chan OPisnotafaggot and reddit karma
  155. <Eddie> So, about the world coming to an end...
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