rawryy Q and A notes 2020-01-24

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  1. Notes from rawryy's stream on 24th January 2020. Talking about the TSM PUBG roster change announcement.
  3. The announcement is here:
  6. Anything in quote marks "" is a quote from rawryy. Other things are summaries in my own words.
  9. # About rawryy stepping down from the team:
  11. It wasn't rawryy's first intention to change to the coach role. He'd prefer to stay as a player. "It happened in a way that had to happen for things to work."
  13. "We obviously set out replacing one player to begin with when Gustav left, but there were plans to replace two and then it became three in time."
  15. "The whole tryout process happened since early January. Late December we knew Gustav was leaving."
  17. rawryy being removed from the team happened in the last week. It was confirmed to him three of four days ago that he would no longer be on the roster.
  19. rawryy was asked if he would've wanted to be a player for another team instead, but said there weren't any available offers that were worth it because of the current nature of the PUBG esports scene.
  22. # About rawryy's new role as coach:
  24. They've not fully worked out all of rawryy's new role yet. He won't be 100% full time coaching the team, he'll have other roles within TSM and more time focused on his stream.
  26. "I will definitely be streaming more. I still enjoy playing PUBG, I'll still be streaming PUBG"
  28. "Me and Didz, we had a pretty good relationship in the last team. Throughout the year I was super interested in sports psychology, I worked with two sports psychologists throughout the year so I have some experience there and it's something to work on."
  30. "We don't need a strategic coach, it's more about teamwork and chemistry and things like that."
  33. # About Didz leaving TSM:
  35. "We did not drop Didz, he decided to leave. Didz was a really good coach for us. If we could've kept Didz, we would've. I'm obviously not a better coach than Didz or anything like that."
  37. "There definitely wasn't any good coaches available after Didz leaving. We didn't have an option to get any good coaches. I think there's only like two or three good coaches right now in PUBG. Didz was probably the best in my opinion."
  40. # About other players from the old team and the new team:
  42. "Salary was not the issue" for any players who left.
  44. Braexco is in as IGL. They looked for an IGL first. "Braexco was definitely the best one available. Braexco has always been a strong IGL."
  46. Asked about Fexx rawryy said "I haven't played with him at all. But he did pretty well in Phase 3 on a team that was struggling and got relegated. He seems to have a good attitude, people talk highly of him."
  48. "We trialled different people. I'm not going to say why we didn't pick up certain people, because it's just about who is the best fit for the team."
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