Greek Ponies 4

Nov 16th, 2012
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  1. I awoke to the sound of a key turning in my bedroom door's lock. I huddled down further under the sheets, barely peeking out.
  3. "Hey Sunny, it's me," Kat said as she shut the door behind her, carrying a small bowl, "figured you might want some breakfast."
  5. Deciding to try my wings again, I shook off the blanket and hopped from the edge of my mattress just as Kat set her foot on the ladder. Almost instinctively, my wings gave several powerful flaps as I descended, sending several papers from my nearby desk flying.
  7. "Feeling brave, eh?" Kat teased.
  9. Grinning, I gave my wings another flap, stretching them out behind. "I don't like the thought of being COMPLETELY dependent, you know,"
  11. She sat down on the floor in front of me. "Fair enough. Can't believe how big those wings are, simultaneously adorable and badass. Anyway, I brought you some oatmeal and milk, hope that's ok."
  13. As she sat the bowl and cup in front of me, suddenly my stomach reminded me of it's existence, and demanded that I slam my face into the bowl of steaming oatmeal. I'd always liked maple cinnamon flavored oatmeal, but whether because of apparent dietary changes or just the fact that I was starving, the contents of the bowl smelled absolutely heavenly. In fact, I think I felt myself almost tearing up over how overjoyed I was to have such an amazing meal before me.
  15. Kat must have picked up on my hypnosis. "Hey, you gonna eat or just stare at it all day? This food's ok, right?"
  17. I gave my head a good shake. "Oh, it's just fine," I said, before ravenously slurping up the hot oatmeal.
  19. "Jesus, Sunny, I thought you were a p0ny, not a pig," Kat chuckled.
  21. I lifted my head back up, suddenly aware of what I'd done. If I didn't have fur on my face, I'd certainly be bright red right now. I mean, sure, how else was I going to eat without hands, but still, the fact that it felt so normal...
  23. "It's ok, I'm just teasing, here, lemme get that bit of oatmeal off your nose..." She swabbed my face with a napkin, and then placed a straw in the cup of milk, "Here, at least you can drink without help,"
  25. I bent down and took a few sips, grateful for something to drink after gulping down the thick oatmeal. "Thanks, Kat, that really hit the spot."
  27. "I should hope so," she giggled, "I don't think I've ever seen you act that hungry. So, what's the plan today? Dan going to come haul you to his place?"
  29. "That's what I'm gonna aim for, mind texting him for me? Just ask him to come check on me, and meet him at the door to bring him up here."
  31. Kat stood up and grabbed my phone from my bed. "Ok. How do you think he'll react?"
  33. I stood up and stretched my limbs before pacing a little. "I dunno... I think having you here to prove he's not crazy will help, but as far as our relationship... I really don't know, Kat..."
  35. Looking up from my phone, Kat shrugged. "I guess we'll find out shortly, he's on his way over."
  37. I continued pacing nervously, my mind racing. This was it. He'd either freak out, and refuse to believe that the small, cartoonish-looking pegasus p0ny was once his girlfriend, or he'd be unbelievably accepting of this.
  39. The seconds ticked by, feeling like hours as I waited for Dan to show up. His house was just up the block, so it wouldn't be a terribly long walk.
  41. Finally, my phone buzzed again, signaling his arrival. I felt like I was hyperventilating, and I began pacing even harder.
  43. "Sunny! Calm down... Come here."
  45. I absent-mindedly trotted over to where Kat was sitting, at which point she began rubbing the back of my head.
  47. "Look, you gotta calm down," she said, withdrawing her hand, "I'm speaking from experience here when I say you don't want to make the atmosphere here any more tense than it'll already be. Dan's a pretty laid-back guy, but you know as well as I do that seeing you like this is going to be... Well... Pretty fucking shocking," she giggled nervously.
  49. I sighed. "Yeah... Well... Go bring him up, he gets a little impatient sometimes..."
  51. Kat nodded, stood up, and left the room. I decided to grab one of the blankets and hide myself under it on the couch. I figured that if I was hidden, Kat could make sure the room was good and secure before the big reveal.
  53. A few minutes later, I heard them coming back down the hallway.
  55. "...She hasn't been TOO sick, has she? She seemed fine when I called the other night."
  57. "Yeah, she just really wanted to see you. She thinks the world of you, you know?"
  59. With that, Kat unlocked the door, and ushered Dan inside.
  61. Peeking out from under the blanket, I saw Dan looking around. The moment I saw him, something clicked inside my head, and my body almost immediately grew a few degrees warmer. I felt as though I couldn't sit still, though I managed to do so.
  63. "Uh, Kat, I don't see her, where is she?"
  65. Kat laughed nervously. "Yeah... About that... Sunny hasn't really been SICK, per se..."
  67. Dan cocked an eyebrow in confusion. "Then why am I here, and where is Sarah?"
  69. "Bear with me here, Dan. She hasn't been sick, but she's definitely been dealing with a few problems. What I'm about to show you, absolutely can't be shown to anyone else, not yet anyway."
  71. Dan reached up to scratch his head, somehow not disturbing his short-cut brown hair. "Kat, you're scaring me. Where's my girlfriend?"
  73. Kat anxiously looked around before locking eyes with mine, still peeking out from under the quilt.
  75. Taking a deep breath, Kat sat down beside me, and lightly grasped the edge of the blanket. "Before I show you, promise me to keep calm and quiet."
  77. "Calm and quiet about wh-"
  79. Dan was interrupted by Kat prematurely pulling the blanket away from me, robbing his speech centers of functionality.
  81. I stood up and weakly waved a hoof. "Um... Hi Dan." The longer I stared at him, the more intense the feeling of warmth and restlessness grew.
  83. "WHAT THE F-"
  85. Before Dan could finish his expletive, Kat had jumped up and clasped her right hand over his mouth, and the other on his testicles with a slight, but firm grip. "Dan, I told you to keep quiet. Can you still do that?" She tightened her left hand almost imperceptibly.
  87. Wild-eyed, Dan responded with a nod. "Mmmmphh."
  89. "Okay. I'm letting go."
  91. "Kat, what the fuck is that?!" He said, pointing at me.
  93. I felt my ears droop against my head.
  95. Kat sat back down next to me and placed an arm around me. "Like I said, this is Sarah. No, we aren't sure how this happened, but here we are."
  97. "What are we supposed to do, Kat?"
  99. Before she could answer, I stood back up indignantly, briefly calming the stirring feeling in my belly. "Um, hello? I may not have fingers anymore but I'm still perfectly coherent up here," I said, tapping a hoof against my skull.
  101. Almost unsure of what to say, Dan looked at me uneasily. "Uh... Sorry. Let me rephrase. SARAH, and Kat, what are we going to do?"
  103. "Well, I was hoping I could stay with you. I can't exactly stay here much longer without my roommate growing suspicious as to why she's been kicked out of her own room."
  105. Dan looked at Kat again. "Are you kidding?!"
  107. She shook her head. "Look, I know it's not the best idea, but it was the best we could come up with. You have your room to yourself, and we don't have single rooms here. It would at least buy us some time in order to figure out how to properly handle this, and hopefully get her back to normal."
  109. Dan paced for a moment, hands behind his head as he thought.
  111. "Dan," I called out, "please. I really need your help. You know I wouldn't ask if I didn't need it... Besides," I pointed at him, "You owe me for helping you take care of your sister after she had her surgery last Winter break..."
  113. Dan stopped pacing, his body language relaxing slightly. He stepped over and sat down next to my spot on the couch. He looked me right in the eyes, triggering that pulsing warmth again...
  115. "So, it's really you?" He placed an arm around me, "This is absolutely mindblowing."
  117. I shuddered at his touch. Suddenly, I realized what this feeling was. I was... "In the mood." As soon as that thought crossed my mind, I was mentally assaulted by all the past memories of when I'd slept with Dan. All I could think about was satisfying myself any way I could. I fought to regain control of myself, and realized I'd just spent the last minute staring at Dan blankly.
  119. "You okay, Sarah?"
  121. I shook my head slowly, and reached up to wipe off a strand of drool from my muzzle. "Sorry, spaced out there for a second... You know," I giggled nervously, "all of this being overwhelming and such..." Oh god he has no idea.
  123. "Right..." He looked up at Kat, who simply shrugged, before looking back to me. He gingerly reached up to put a hand on my shoulder, and rubbed lightly. As the pressure within me increased, I thought I was going to lose it right there.
  125. "Well... Unless Kat is a hallucination too, I guess there's no way around it... My girlfriend is a p0ny-slash-bird thing now..."
  127. "...Pegasus," I corrected, fighting to keep my composure.
  129. "Right," Dan shook his head, "yep, still the same smart-ass. Anyway... I suppose I can put you up in my room for a while, but we're gonna have to be careful, especially since we're hosting a kegger tonight... By the way, are those wings real? Can you actually fly?"
  131. I had been looking off to the side, trying to focus on something beyond the burning need growing between my legs. I looked back up to meet his gaze.
  133. "Yeah, I think I can. I've only gone from the floor to my bed so far, though. And thanks, Dan. Gotta admit, you're taking this better than I imagined..."
  135. "I'm still not sure how much of this I believe, but I guess I'll help get this settled and ask questions later. Let's get you bundled up and out of here, and we'll discuss it in my room."
  137. Kat stood up and stretched her limbs, with audible pops accompanying. "She's pretty light, so you don't mind carrying her yourself, do you Dan? My back and shoulders are kinda sore, must have slept wrong last night..."
  139. "Not at all, Kat. Just walk with us."
  141. I bent down to pick up the edge of the blanket in my teeth, and did my best to cover myself up. I felt Dan's arms wrap around and under me, making sure I was covered completely.
  143. As he hoisted me over his shoulder, I felt overwhelmed by an feeling of security and peacefulness, temporarily distracting me from my raging libido. I sighed quietly and snuggled into his shoulder, at least as much as one could when wrapped in a quilt.
  145. I heard Kat speak up. "What's this wet spot on the couch?"
  147. I managed to nudge out an opening in the blanket, and saw that she was pointing to where I was sitting. Oh fuck, I can't believe I got THAT worked up... I hope they don't figure it out...
  149. "Eh, Sarah feels pretty hot, maybe she started sweating under all that fur..."
  151. Oh thank all the deities that Dan can be clueless at times. But only sometimes... I felt a tingle run down my spine as I remembered how Dan knew exactly how to... No! Gotta keep a lid on it! For now...
  153. "Makes sense I guess, she did spend a bit of time hiding under that blanket. Anyway, we should get her out of here. You ready, Sunny?"
  155. "Yeah," I mumbled from inside my quilt cocoon.
  157. With that, we left the room, with me on Dan's shoulder and Kat with a few of my belongings. As they walked, the rhythmic bouncing combined with the feeling of safety and comfort began to lull me to sleep within minutes.
  159. Just as I was dozing off completely, the movement stopped, and I felt myself being lowered down. Dan slowly unwrapped the blanket, and gently shook me awake.
  161. "As weird as all this is, you are oddly adorable like this," Dan mused.
  163. "Careful," Kat chuckled, "Last time I said that, I got a face full of hoof."
  165. I just grinned sheepishly, trying to return to full consciousness.
  167. Dan just shook his head. "That's Sarah alright..."
  169. I stretched myself out, and let out a sigh of relief as I noticed that my arousal had more or less calmed down during my brief nap.
  171. "Well, thanks for taking care of me Kat, Dan and I will let you know when and if we figure something out or whatever."
  173. "Yeah, I don't know how I'd have dealt with this if not for you."
  175. Kat just blushed, and smiled. "No problem. You're one of my sisters, Sunny, and besides, you and Dan are two of my favorite people. Anyway, I need to go take care of a few things, so I'll let you guys be for a while. If you need anything, lemme know," She bent down to hug me, "bye Sunny."
  177. She and Dan shook hands before she left, shutting the door behind her.
  179. Dan looked down at me and sighed. "What are we gonna do, Sarah?"
  181. He sat down beside me and pulled me against him.
  183. "I don't know... You're not going to leave me though, are you?" I asked, pulling my most pathetic pout and puppy-dog eyes.
  185. Dan pulled me tighter. "No no no," He began rubbing my back, "of course not. First off, what kinda person would I be if I just abandoned someone close to me who needed my help? Second of all, Sarah, we've been together nearly two years now. I'm in this for the long haul, you know? I want to help you."
  187. Suddenly, I felt an uncharacteristic surge of joy. I thought my face might break under the strain of the massive grin I was wearing, and my chest felt as though it might explode.
  189. "Whoa there, girl," Dan chuckled, "I guess that was exactly what you needed to hear, eh?"
  191. I nodded. "Dan, you have no idea," I replied, nuzzling into his chest, "I was so worried how you might react, I mean, I wouldn't have blamed you for freaking out and running right out the door..."
  193. He started stroking my mane. "I almost did, honestly."
  195. Before I realized what came out of my mouth, my voice took on a husky tone. "Well then, I suppose I should thank you, somehow..."
  197. As soon as I said it, that familiar heat returned to my body. I could feel Dan staring down at me, and I met his gaze with my own half-lidded stare.
  199. "Uh, what?"
  201. I couldn't believe I was actually following through on this. Oh fuck it, I can't take it anymore, I NEED this!
  203. Before he could react, I turned slightly and pulled myself up, locking my lips onto his. I felt his entire body stiffen with shock beneath me, especially as I let my tongue briefly explore past his lips.
  205. Finally, he regained control and pushed me back. "Sarah, what the- What are you doing?" He looked around, sniffing the air, "And what's that oddly familiar smell?"
  207. "Oh, you know what I'm doing, what I wanna do," I pulled myself up to his ear and whispered, "The same thing we did just a few nights ago..."
  209. He gave me a conflicted glare. "But Sarah... You're..."
  211. "A p0ny? Yeah, but I'm still me," I reached up to nuzzle his neck, "And I still know how to push your buttons," I groaned as I reached down and nudged the bulge in his pants.
  213. In my mind, the small part of me still holding on to sanity was laughing at the fact that Dan must have been having the most insane "whyboner" of his life.
  215. I sat back down and looked up at him. He looked as if his brain was about to shatter over the argument his rational mind was surely having with the animalistic side of himself that controlled his sex drive.
  217. The burning, throbbing ache in my loins urged me to make his decision for him. With my wings firmly flared out, I leaned down and buried my head in his waist, rooting around for a grip on the button of his pants.
  219. I managed to undo the button with my teeth, and clumsily nudged the zipper down with the help of a hoof. Finally, this must have pushed Dan's conflicted psyche over the edge, and he began furiously trying to get out of his pants and boxers.
  221. I giggled as his length finally sprung into view. I looked up at him one more time before slowly leaning in and giving a few slow licks of his member. I felt him shudder as I turned my eyes up to lock with his.
  223. I gently took the tip into my mouth, intending to tease him, but my body had other ideas. Ohhhh fuck, I can't take it anymore. Without warning, I began practically headbutting his stomach, taking his entire length into my mouth, a feat made easier due to the elongated shape of my muzzle.
  225. Within minutes, I was so lost in the moment that I could no longer tell whether it was Dan or myself moaning. All I knew was that my hind legs were practically soaked, and Dan was fit to burst at any moment, if the twitching of his cock was any indication.
  227. Suddenly, I felt Dan pushing my head away. "Sarah, I-I'm about to..."
  229. I complied with his hands, and laughed. "Oh no you're not, not yet." With a few gusty flaps of my wings, I hovered over him, before dropping myself into his lap, spearing myself on him. Using carefully timed fluttering, I lifted myself up and down, laughing to myself as I hazily realized that this was the most ironic usage of the "Cowgirl Position" in the history of sex.
  231. I could feel my mind going blank as the pleasure within me began to rise to a crescendo, a peak higher than any other orgasm I'd ever experienced, causing me to clamp down on the length wedged within me. As I cried out, I felt Dan's hands around me.
  233. Before I knew what was going on, I was on all fours on the floor, and I could feel Dan violently pounding my plum-colored flank, groaning obscenely, and moaning my name. Ohhh I knew he'd come around eventually...
  235. Finally, after what felt like hours of pure bliss, though it might have realistically been only a few more minutes, I felt the pounding behind me becoming faster and shorter, before, finally, the fingers on my hindquarters dug in, pulling me tight against my stallion for one last thrust. As he hilted, I felt a flooding of warmth within me as he pumped me absolutely full. With one final guttural cry, I could feel myself tightly milking him for all he had before I collapsed.
  237. Just as spent as I was, Dan tumbled down next to me, his eyes practically rolled back into his skull.
  239. I did my best to snuggle up closer to him. I felt an arm drape over me, prompting me to shudder with pleasure.
  241. "Told you," I giggled, "Human or p0ny, I can still drive you crazy..."
  243. "I have no idea what's going on, but I love you all the same..." He mumbled as he drifted off to sleep.
  245. ---
  247. A few hours later, I awoke with a start, confused as to where I was.
  249. I felt a weight across me. Looking down, it was Dan's arm. Ohhh, right, Dan came and got me and we...
  251. Fucked like animals. Oh god. I can't believe... What the hell came over me?! I mean, Dan and I had a fairly healthy sex life before all this, but I don't remember too many times where we both just totally lost control like that, not even when we had been drinking...
  253. Still... Was it really that bad? It was hot. Insanely hot, actually. I don't even know where I came up with the idea to use my wings to ride him, but...
  255. I'm gonna have to do that again. Soon.
  257. With a yawn, and a groan-inducing stretch, I pulled myself out from underneath Dan's arm. I gently tried to nudge him awake, until something odd caught my eye.
  259. On his lower back was a rather strange mark, almost a discoloration of his skin. Looking closer, I realized I had seen something similar before, when Bubbles had found that "rash" on my back. I felt my blood run cold.
  261. Oh. Fuck.
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