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  1. [2018-09-11 11:15] *[user]Volpe[/user] wasted precisely no time having already invaded Sivir's space. Slender digits sought out the overused fingers, be it gripping the handlebars of her scooter, or carefully holding the pizza she delivered-- Or well..any of her more inappropriate activities- The fox had been waiting. Any questions shushed as she began the relaxing massage, rubbing every finger, along her palm, to her wrist. She took her time, coiling the brunette within soft tails. Ahri focused on the sounds that may or may not escape Sivir's lips, focusing her attentions on any particularly sore spot. Working her way upwards required her to adjust both women.
  3. Once she had Sivir situated comfortably between her legs, semi-upright in order to work at her shoulders she began to knead and get into the hard to miss knots she felt. [sub]So much tension[/sub], she mused softly, lips barely brushing against the tip of the Shuriman's ear. Upon further consideration she noted that she hadn't quite bothered to strip Sivir out of the attire that, in her opinion - Would only remind her of the work she did so tirelessly. She brushed the ponytail aside for a moment, to press a gentle kiss to the back of her neck. [sub]Let's get you out of some of these clothes..[/sub] She tutted and tsk'd away any feeble or quiet refusal, hands swiftly ridding her of her red Shurima Hut cap, taking her careful time pulling the elastic out of her hair. Once those lovely brunette locks were free she carefully slipped fingers into them. Slowly, she began to massage at the womans scalp. Having your hair held back so tightly always left ones scalp feeling woefully tender, or at least she thought so. Either way, she had no intention of leaving any aspect of Sivir unloved in this particular moment.
  5. Time slipped by, and she regretted deeply the shift, though she needed to remove the girls top, she wished she didn't have to rouse her so to do it. She lay her tails out and tugged the top off, as well as any undergarments that may lay there. She guided Sivir to lay face down onto the softness, which would help her be less cold, now that Ahri's warm body wasn't held so close against her. [sub]Such lovely skin...[/sub] She sighed as she set into the lightly sun brushed skin, starting once more from the shoulders. The flesh dimpled nicely, and the muscles slowly relaxed. She could nearly feel it herself, taking great tender care. She used her thumbs on harder spots, but overall the ball of it, and a semi-firm pressure, opting for something closer to a deep-tissue massage. Thinking for a moment that now was a good a time as she, she withdrew a body-warmed bottle of lightly scented oil. Sivir would probably smell like her after this, but she figured the trade-off would silence most complaints.
  7. Slowly she poured out some of the light amber liquid, filling the space with the faintest sweet scent of flowers and honey. She applied it to the small of her back, which she could to be perfect, with the slight dip between the rest of her body and the still clothed lower half. [sub]Shhh. Relax..[/sub] She chided softly, as muscles twitched in response. She made another several passes along her back before scooting downwards some, tugging shorts and undergarments away- perhaps a little fast but at this point she wasn't sure how long her 'torment' of the curvaceous woman had been going for. She apologized, but brought a more firmer pressure along the swell of each perfectly shaped cheek, fingers sinking in wonderfully. If she hadn't had her goal of doting on the girl she'd have opted for other things before tailing downwards, attacking each thigh and calf next. Though, she couldn't resist pecking the woman's pert rear once before working her way to a foot. She grabbed more oil, and began the careful task of massaging away a long days worth of walking and running.  
  9. She swapped feet eventually, before guiding Sivir to roll over. She was thorough after all, and she'd neglected the womans front up until now. Once she complied, if with a few complaints most likely at being forced to give up the
  10. [2018-09-11 11:15] *[user]Volpe[/user] comfortable position in which she'd found. With an eyeroll Ahri used a significantly lighter touch, barely any pressure. Seeing as there was less fat and muscle on ones shins, she had to. She gently drew Sivir towards her slowly as she worked her way upwards, a sparkle in her eye. If she wasn't still mildly afraid the now naked woman would smack her for it, she'd have laughed at the sight they must be making. She used all of her hands to massage, knead and rub along the tops and insides of Sivir's thighs, swallowing down any desire to make a dirty comment, or worse, a dirty action. At least- for the moment. There was no rush, no need here beyond the desire to spoil and pamper the hard working woman who so caught her attention.
  13.  Slowly she found her way up towards Sivir's hips, and her pubic area. She kept the attentions there short- Mostly because she'd shifted to kneeling between her legs, leaning over her to access her belly, ribcage and rather generous bosom. To her it was, anyway, finding herself somewhat envious. Selfishly, Ahri took her time with the supple tit-flesh, her fingers sank into them and she sighed. They felt so wonderful, and her fingers slipped around each mound, seeking the pink nipples with their taut peaks. Certainly, she'd felt a certain heat building within herself, but she'd largely held it in check, but here, between her lovely long legs, her amazingly strong, yet womanly shape bared before her, slick in oil? She indulged, and any words fell on deaf ears as she rolled a peak between thumbs and forefingers for a long moment. Shaking her off she avoided looking upwards, shifting now to her shoulders, though quickly she returned her attentions to Sivir's biceps, coming full circle by ending at her fingertips, each of which she pressed her lips against.
  15.  She watched Sivir for a breathless moment, wiping oil off her palms with her skirt, cupping her cheek gently. Her features so defined, refined and elegant, yet strong, fierce. In this, she looked more like a goddess than a simple Shurima Hut worker, but was that any surprise? The fox hadn't spend all this time lovingly working at her because she was nothing to her. She'd done it because she was thoroughly intrigued, delighted and drawn in. From the full lips, to the piercing eyes. Her bone structure and the way she smiled. There was nothing that didn't grab at her core and make her yearn to touch, to brush lips against her every surface. To feel her, to be intimate with her, even if sex wasn't directly the goal. She lifted her hand away only after she pressed a gentle, chaste kiss to the womans forehead. [sub]Thank you for indulging me. [/sub]
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