Last Breath.

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  1. *Blue(x) sighed, energy cloaking him waning, dying down...almost as if it -knew-; Like it knew what was to happen next.
  3. "Looks like I'm shit outta luck, huh? I've got The World."
  5. He was walking defiance.
  7. It shifted; his stance, that was. It went from one of him channeling the rays of the sun, imitating his mistakenly-believed-to-be-departed friend, to something completely different, something all his own. A stance he'd hated so much he'd bitched and moaned about it damn near anytime he was asked. Arduous, painstaking trial and error had gone into it's fucking refinement.
  9. Something in him was shifting. His entire mindset, his state of being, and everything he did...they'd been that of someone who wanted above all to -survive-.
  11. "Maybe the old man was right after all."
  13. His mind flashed, and he saw everyone he'd ever known, everyone he'd ever fought, everything he'd ever fought -for-. The burning drive to live was replaced, but it didn't leave a void; it was replaced. It was filled by something that burned -twice as bright-.
  15. Even if half as long.
  17. "My dad was a no-show, my mom's a drunk, I dropped outta' high school and I got Will killed. Hell, I can't even win this fight."
  19. He came out and said it, and that was the major difference between this moment and how he'd lived his entire life. But even as his drive to win burned out, receded, it was just replaced by something else...something that would keep him standing when his bones broke, his limbs tore, when his nose got smashed into his fuckin' brain. Something would keep him going no matter how hard he got rocked, on his feet...
  21. His last breath.
  23. "But I don't have to win."
  25. The knuckle-headed delinquent flashed one of his ridiculous smiles, headband billowing in the wind as he clung to life. Nothing she did, no matter how hard she hit, and she hit -hard-, could keep that dopey fuckin' smirk off his face, the one no one'd been able to wipe off his entire life.
  27. "I just have to keep you from winning."
  29. Energy cascaded from his body, golden vibrant, that that came only to those with the will to change the world...
  31. And that light slowly blinked out, moment by moment.*
  32. *Arabella Ringo(x) || Previously, Arabella's expression oozed confidence, oozed satisfaction.  She was in control, after all - they were afraid, weak, putty in her hands, and she loved it.  But then came Blusuke Urameshi.  Her facial expression soured, this man who was absolutely -petrified- of her, this man who -knew- he could not win persisted, despite her insistence that his efforts were fruitless, useless - muda.
  34. That made her angry, beyond anything else.  The fact that this...-Human- defied her when The World was hers, when time itself stopped at her command, at the snap of her fingers...yet he didn't.  She could not control this man, and that was what angered her the most.  -That- got under her skin, because it was the first taste of...powerlessness she had ever since she had became immortal: the powerlessness she had sought to escape when she found that blessed mask.
  36. It was back, if only for a second.
  38. She would not tolerate it.  "...DIE, BLUSUKE URAMESHI!"
  40. Arabella charged.  She was not calm, she was not composed, as was her usual fighting style.  No, she was, for once, -not- in control.  Her anger had gotten the best of her.
  42. This man's defiance had truly bothered her.
  45. Arabella Ringo dropped their Wolf Stance!
  46. Arabella Ringo switches to Wolf Stance!
  47. Arabella Ringo begins to relax as their focus returns to normal..
  48. Arabella Ringo heightens their senses and alertness to focus.
  49. Arabella Ringo returns to normal as their frenzy ends.
  50. Arabella Ringo begins to thirst for blood, as they let out an ear-piercing scream!
  52. Blue(x) says: Oh goodie. My last dance is gonna be with a vampire.
  53. Blue(x) says: Momma woulda' been proud.
  54. Blue is counting down! (30 seconds)
  55. Blue counting down! (15 seconds)
  56. Blue uses a Defense Potion!
  57. Blue ended counting down! (0 seconds)
  58. Blue sweeps their foot around them!
  59. The next melee move will do the dunking.
  60. You stop powering up.
  61. Arabella Ringo(x) yells: USELESS, USELESS, USELESS!
  62. Blue becomes angry!
  63. Axe Kick CD finished.
  64. Blue(x) says: ...Heh..
  65. Arabella Ringo(x) yells: FACE, IT URAMESHI - YOU'LL NEVER WIN!
  66. Sweeping Kick CD finished.
  67. Blue sweeps their foot around them!
  68. Blue is knocked out by low health!!
  69. ...but Blue refuses to go down!
  70. Blue(x) yells: C'MON!
  71. Arabella Ringo(x) yells: JUST...GIVE...UP!!!
  72. Blue(x) yells: I CAN DO THIS ALL DAY!
  73. Blue is knocked out by low health!!
  74. ...but Blue refuses to go down!
  75. You begin powering up.
  76. Blue is knocked out by Arabella Ringo!
  77. ...but Blue refuses to go down!
  78. Arabella Ringo(x) yells: YOU CAN'T WIN!
  79. Sweeping Kick CD finished.
  80. Arabella Ringo(x) yells: THE WORLD IS MINE!
  81. Blue sweeps their foot around them!
  82. You stop powering up.
  83. Blue is knocked out by low health!!
  84. ...but Blue refuses to go down!
  85. Sweeping Kick CD finished.
  86. Blue sweeps their foot around them!
  87. Arabella Ringo(x) yells: ENOUGH GAMES!
  88. Arabella Ringo is knocked out by Blue!
  89. You have toggled RP mode on. Regeneration and Recovery disabled.
  90. Blue(Soldier_Dude) has enabled Pure RP Mode! Regen/Recovery disabled!
  91. Arabella Ringo regains consciousness.
  92. Kento(x) says: (df)
  93. Kento(x) says: (that refused to go down shit)
  94. Blue(x) says: [RPing.]
  95. Arabella Ringo(Hellz Raze) has enabled Pure RP Mode! Regen/Recovery disabled!
  96. Blue(x) says: [You've never seen that?]
  97. Arabella Ringo(x) says: [last breath]
  98. Blue(x) says: [It's the manliest thing in DBR.]
  99. Blue(x) says: [It kills you...but you can't be KOed as long as you have energy.]
  100. Blue(x) says: [And you can't regen energy.]
  101. Kento(x) says: (..whaaat)
  102. Kento(x) says: (i've never seen that, ever)
  103. Azuki(x) says: [it is literally the single most awesome thing]
  104. *Blue(x) refused to relent.
  106. He refused to break in the face of her onslaught, as he was hit -so hard- his jaw broke, -snapped-. It was dislocated early on, his once handsome face looking grotesque, as if smashed in with a -hammer-.
  108. "Nothing's....useless..."
  110. He was fading, each exchange of blows, he parried, dodged, less and less, being worn down incredibly quickly. Nothing kept him standing but the sheer, unfolding strength of his iron will, the thought of Will's body limp on the ground, impaled with knives, and the -drive-, the -will- to make sure no one ever suffered a similar fate.
  112. And then she wore down.
  114. Even Arabella had limits, and she was the most powerful there was; he had to admit it. He'd thrown down with demons, deranged, blue-haired saiyans, dragons, fought even the ethereal, ghostly skeleton Daisuke dregged up from seemingly -nowhere-, and yet Arabella was an opponent who, given a hundred years, he'd never have bested.
  116. But this wasn't any fight.
  118. The Sacred Energy, his will to win, his will to -breathe-. The Ripple, the sun itself harnessed into empowering every fiber of his body; the stars were aligned, and he'd wrote his own fate.
  120. Nothing could change what he'd decided would happen.
  122. She hit him harder, he got back up.
  123. She sent him flying, he came back for more.
  124. She screamed that it was useless; he lived on in defiance.
  126. He managed, somehow, with all of the blood in his failing heart, clothes torn, shredded, eye swollen to the point you couldn't make out from his face that he'd ever been anything approaching human; he'd gotten -fucked up-. He was trembling merely to stay up, one of his legs broken entirely from deflecting one of her inhumanly strong punches, but his spirit just. Wouldn't. Quit.
  128. In his final moments, Blue couldn't dreg up the energy to speak. To taunt over his incredibly narrow victory, to do much of anything...but raise his fingers. As he did so, the last of the sacred energy left him, a sign, an omen; because his energy levels -plummeted-. He didn't seem the superhuman, freakishly strong warrior he'd trained himself to be.
  130. He was just a boy.
  132. There were no dramatic lines, there was nothing...for several seconds, it seemed as if he'd merely died on his feet, hand in the position to fire the spirit gun with him on empty.
  134. "..."
  136. He was dying, no, no, no...
  138. He saw Gold's face, smiling at him in acceptance that he'd always be a jackass.
  139. Will laughing obnoxiously, a promise from the man that he'd one day kick his ass.
  140. Itsuke's grandfatherly visage.
  141. Alyssa picking her god damned nose.
  142. Shouji by his side even to the bitter end.
  143. This was for them. Even Ashe and Kento.
  145. There wasn't any energy to draw on; he was out. There simply wasn't anythig to unload on Arabella with, to fire with all of his might and eradicate her so she could never do anything like this to anyone again.
  147. He made something out of nothing; for them.
  149. There was that sound, for the final time, a world-ending, titanic effort applied as he aimed, eyes opening as he fought on with one foot in the grave. The ball of energy at his fingertip grew truly tremendous, larger than any he'd ever generated. The winds roared, the very planet itself shook with the sheer power he amassed for one, final, momentous attack; a maelstrom to which he was the epicentre, a show in which he was the main attraction.
  151. "...Who Wants To Live Forever?"
  153. Behind him were the lingering remnants of a man? No...a silhouette. A ghostly one.
  155. "The Show Must Go On."
  157. Whatever it was, it steadied his aim, gripped him by the arm and aided him here. And so he shot, the most colossal, terrifyingly powerful shot of his life, a monument to his wasted potential and his immense, nigh-insurmountable fighting spirit.
  159. It devastated the very ground, it split the seas, and, once it hit Arabella, it'd seemingly carry on into the sun itself.
  161. But it was unlikely it'd be enough.
  163. And after he shot, after that was his curtain call. He let out one, last, tortured breath, and in his last seconds, he died, alone, on an alien world, fighting a villain from a planet not his own, for no reason other than...
  165. That it was his job.
  167. "Bang."
  169. He fell back, and Blusuke Yurameshi died before he hit the ground, the ghostly silhouette gone as fast as it'd came.*
  170. *Arabella Ringo(x) had...lost.  No matter how many god-like punches she threw at this motherfucker's face, he just would -not- go down.  He kept getting up, over and over, firing Spirit Gun, after Spirit Gun, after Spirit Gun - and it worked.  Blusuke Urameshi had defeated her, and she laid back on the floor, frustrated.  She felt the absolute despair that she wanted to inflict upon others:  the powerful feeling of futility she had sought to create in each of her enemies overwhelmed -her- for a moment.
  172. Blusuke's massive Stand-guided Spirit Gun shot into her gut, the ripple-infused Spirit Energy burning her stomach, tearing skin and flesh, propelling her into the sky, hurtling toward the sun at lightspeed.  Blue's resolve had given him the will needed to defeat her...the will needed the end her assault.
  174. She screamed as she was propelled out of New Hera's atmosphere -
  178. They were -screeches-., loud enough for almost the entire Universe to hear them.  She felt the sun's rays on her back, burning her flesh, threatening to end her two hundred plus year reign of tyranny...
  180. But it was not to be.
  182. A golden figure stepped out of Arabella's body, self-aware enough to realise that it -must- act.  Arabella herself was too weak to call on The World, but the Stand itself had taken action.
  184. "...T-time has now stopped..."
  186. With the last remnants of her energy, Arabella diverted her course...
  188. Back to New Hera.  Her body would come crashing back down, creating a huge crater of sheer devestation...landing atop Blusuke's body, one rusted, battered knife in her hand.
  190. "...checkmate."
  192. She stabbed into his heart.*
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