[FR BIO] Chancellor

Jun 7th, 2018
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  1. [center][img][/img]
  3. [size=7][font=tribal garamond]CHANCELLOR[/size]
  4. [size=5][font=tribal garamond]The Blindsiders[/size][/center]
  6. [columns][color=transparent]xxxxx
  7. [nextcol]-----
  8. [columns][img][/img]
  9. [nextcol][font=helvetica]Why are you here, sneaking around official documents? I can have you turned over to the Silver Commander and you'd be executed for accessing my documents without my permission or any authorisation.
  11. I suggest you leave my office immediately.[/columns]
  12. -----
  13. [center][font=tribal garamond][size=5]The Chancellor doesn't seem to be happy with you for looking around his documents... but you got what you came here for.[/center]
  14. -----
  15. [columns][img][/img]
  16. [nextcol][font=helvetica][i]I trust that you will ensure the completion of my task, Chancellor? Let me remind you that I will not hesitate to execute you myself if I find you one whisker out of line. I am only agreeing to this for the better of the organisation.[/columns]
  17. [columns][font=helvetica][i]Believe me, I want to finish this contract and be out of your nose as much as you. But there is one thing, Consoleglitch. That lackey of yours, Erak is his name? Or whatever name he goes by, what is his role here?[/i]
  18. [nextcol][img][/img][/columns]
  19. [columns][img][/img]
  20. [nextcol][font=helvetica][i]His name is Envy, and it is not information for me to divulge. Ask him yourself, if you're so interested. Update me when you find something and nothing more. And remember, Chancellor - you are not immortal here, and I am the system. I will be watching you very, very closely.[/columns]
  21. [columns][font=helvetica][i]Understood, Commander. The Shade will not fail you, and neither will I. We'll find your precious supercomputer soon.[/i]
  22. [nextcol][img][/img][/columns]
  23. [nextcol][color=transparent]xxxxx[/columns]
  24. [right][sub][color=#D6D6D6]Banner by TheMythril
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