a brief history of Pinellas hurricanes

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  1. 1) There is a hurricane deflector (Tocobago mound) near Safety Harbor and (we had one at/near location of Largo cemetery) a smaller mound in  Lake  Seminole Park.  2) The last hurricane to hit Pinellas was (if memory serves)  in 1921.{}  3) My personal favorite is The Great Gale of 1848 {} during which Pinellas County was inundated “at the waist” and “the bays met.” Both storms were described in Fuller, Walter P. St. Petersburg and its People. Great Outdoors Publishing. St. Petersburg, 1972. If memory serves, Pages 48 – 50 describe the 1848 storm in great detail. From Pines and Palmettos also recounts some first hand remembrances of the 1848 storm. 4) A little known fact is that a poorly organized tropical storm Barry came ashore across Pinellas County June 2, 2007 {}, but no one noticed. If these storms hit Pinellas every 80 years or so, we had ours in 2007. Nevertheless, I made sure my house was in a non-evac zone before I bought it. There ain't nothin' you can do if one comes this way but leave quickly and return slowly. If you check an elevation map, you can tell what parts of Pinellas would be flooded by a 15 foot storm surge.
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