Fitness - 39

Jul 6th, 2020
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~ Fitness ~

피트니스 --- Publisher Link

By 고손작 --- 지호 & 은손

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Lee Hyun-Soo Personal Trainer Single
Song Sangmi Office Worker Single
Ha Dongjoon Personal Trainer Single
Kim Seonju Gym's Manager Single
Jeon Miso [N/A] Single
Yeo-Jeong FMC's Manager Single
Yu Ria Personal Trainer Single

Script Information:

Hyunsoo H
Sangmi S
Dongjoon D
Kim K
Jeon Miso JM
Yeo-Jeong YJ
Yu Ria Y
Customers C1...
MC's Mom MM
FMC's Mom FM

{Inner talk / Thought}

Chapter - 39

Y: All the people with a good looking body at the gym are taking performance-enhancing drugs.

H: That much..?

Y: Yeah, really. That's why I wanted to have a drink with you, Hyun-Soo.

H: Me... Why?

Y: Because you're a natty, it's quite obvious when we look at your body ~ !

H: Is that so..?

H: But don't you think my body shape will look better if I was bulkier thanks to the use of steroids?

Y: What's the use of looking bulkier by taking drugs ~ There is no meaning in something like this ~

H: Meaning?

Y: I mean you won't be able to use your "strength" properly anymore ~

H: My strength.. Really..?

Y: I'm kidding, it was a joke ~ Hyun-Soo, I think you're still a bit too naive ~

H: Oh...

H: {Yu-Ria... She's such an easy going person... I thought she was someone severe and cold at first...}

H: Yu Ria, you're really different from what I thought about you when we first met...

Y: I hear that a lot ~

Y: Your first impression of me... Was it really that bad?

H: Oh... Not at all.

H: I mean you're taking such a great care of yourself, I never thought you could put a chicken leg in your mouth like that.

H: I also thought you'll not be interested in other people's lives

But you're a very kind person... You helped me shopping without complaining about it...

H: Anyway, thanks again for today.

Y: Don't worry I also had my share of fun ~

B: {Sigh... I'm so tired... I want to go home already...}

M: Sang-Mi ~

S: !!

S: Bo... Boss...

B: Why are you acting so surprised ~ Are you trying to make me sad..?

S: Boss... Wait... I'm all sweaty...

B: Sang-Mi, are you feeling hot? Then go with us, drinking a cold beer is the best to cool down your body ~

Let's go for a second round!

S: No... I... I'm already a little drunk...

B: Come on, don't back down ~

S: Bo... Boss... Please don't touch me like this...

B: Don't touch me like this..? Are you mad, what if people were to hear you ~ Do you want me to get reported for sexual harassment?

B: I was trying to cheer you up because you're like a pretty younger sister for me!

S: .....

YJ: Boss ~

B: Eh... Miss Yeo-Jeong?

YJ: Boss ~ What about a second round*?

T/N: Second Round (이차) usually going to a nearby bar after the meal to enjoy some brewskies and large fruit platters or fried chicken.. The night can be very long... Sometimes reaching the Fifth Round...

B: Of course if Miss Yeo-Jeong is going, I should tag along too ~

YJ: I want to eat something delicious ~

B: Oh, what kind of delicacies do you want to eat?

S: .....

S: Sigh... It's such a pain to build great work relationships...

S: Huh?

Y: You know I could've paid my share... I'm feeling sorry about this now, what should I do?

H: No ~ You helped me a lot today. Of course I had to pay the bill ~

Y: Alright ~ Then let's do this.

Y: Why not having another drink in this bar?

Y: This time, it's on me!.

H: Do you really want to..?

H: Wait... Can it be... Is it a green lights signal?}

Y: How about having a third round at my place?

H: Hehehe...

H: Yes?

H: !

H: Eh, Sang-Mi..?

S: ......

S: ...who is this?

To be continued...
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