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  1. (3/3) QueryException
  2. SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column '' in 'field list' (SQL: select `recommend_email_send_by_cron`.`business_id` as `businessId`, `recommend_email_send_by_cron`.`email` as `email`, `user_form_submission`.`id` as `userId`, `recommend_email_send_by_cron`.`name` as `name`, `recommend_email_send_by_cron`.`status` as `status`, `recommend_email_send_by_cron`.`sign_in_data` as `sign_in_time`, `recommend_email_send_by_cron`.`sent_time` as `mail_sent_time`, `user_form_submission`.`created_at` as `created_at`, `user_form_submission`.`form_id` as `formId`, (CASE WHEN (select user_id from recommend_feedback_details where (recommend_email_send_by_cron.user_id = user_id) && (recommend_email_send_by_cron.business_id = business_id)) THEN ELSE '' END) as message from `user_form_submission` inner join `recommend_email_send_by_cron` on `recommend_email_send_by_cron`.`user_id` = `user_form_submission`.`id` where `user_form_submission`.`business_id` = 10)
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