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  1. Hello Vitae family. To continue to provide transparency and communication to our community, I am sending out this update.
  2.     First, I would like to thank all of you for your support and patience. We have been working extremely hard to accomplish the completion of We are extremely close, though we don't want to provide any date of completion yet. We have goals that are set to be 100% complete and the team is working hard to achieve those goals. In the immediate view, our community Beta Testers are experiencing some exciting additions to Mostly in the Social Network side with emoji's, additional posting features, additional security and other features. Another feature that has been added is in the Back Office in the form of your Vitae Wallet. Vitae Wallets will automatically stake for you. This is a great opportunity for every member, and we are proud to offer it to each member, FREE!
  3.     Our main concerns are accounting and security. Our accounting process for all Transactions needs to be accurate and trackable. They are also encrypted for security. We had previously completed nearly 90% of all functionality, however we felt that the security was not good enough and have literally “upgraded” the entire process with high encryption and transaction ID’s for full accountability. It is imperative to us that we provide the best secure and functional website possible. We will not launch if there is any doubt to our security and accountability. This is value of trust, you, and every member of deserves. We expect to provide the service we intended from day one. A place for you to grow and prosper. The Vitae team is hard at work and we are achieving success behind the scenes on a regular basis. We would love to share with you some of the actions we are taking, but they are so vital to providing you and each member the greatest opportunity of all time, that we are keeping them secret. Though we would like to be transparent in all things, this is extremely valuable to everything we have done or will do, and we can ill afford a leak that could break down the immense amount of work we have accomplished. But be that as it may, if things go well, you will hear the news and know, that’s what we were doing.
  4.     I am very proud of the team. We have made things happen over the past year, that many thought impossible. But from dedication, perseverance, hard work, patience and belief, we have defied the critics. We have out muscled competition with teams ten times our size. We have out played masters in cryptocurrency with massive budgets and huge promises. We have a loyal community with faith and love that is unbound. We are the ones. We are the people that will make this change happen. Together we will defeat the goliath that is poverty. One program. One people. One stone. Vitae is here for the rest of your life, the rest of your children’s lives, and the future is in our hands.
  5.     We will continue to provide as much information about our progress as possible. We appreciate everyone involved, our community and our partners. Exciting times are ahead. Stay positive and the time will come. Thank you for being a great Vitae Family.
  7. Michael Weber
  8. CEO
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