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  1. HOLY ALLIANCE: ❝ they say you can't kill what's already dead. ❞
  12. ✘ | NAME: TAMAKI AYA (タマキあや / 타마키아야)
  13. ✘ | NICKNAME(s):
  14.     ↝ called ' YAYA ' by her friends, because they think its cute and funny even though she hates it
  15.     ↝ called ' A ' by the rest of the slots, because quick and easy to say
  16.     ↝ called ' TAMMIE ' by her love interest, comes from her family name (he's the only one allowed to called her this)
  17.     ↝ known as ' WALKING FIRST AID BOX ' because she always had bandaids on her
  19. ✘ | DATE OF BIRTH: september 2, 1995
  20. ✘ | AGE: 21 (intl.)
  22. ✘ | HEIGHT: 158 cm
  23. ✘ | WEIGHT: 50 kg
  24. ✘ | BLOOD TYPE: ab-
  26. ✘ | FACE CLAIM: LUDA of WJSN | preferably HAPPY era with BLONDE hair
  29. — LOVE O20
  31. ✘ | NATIONALITY: japanese
  32. ✘ | ETHNICITY: japanese
  34. ✘ | BIRTHPLACE: kyoto, japan
  35. ✘ | HOMETOWN: kyoto, japan
  37. ✘ | LANGUAGE(s):
  38.     ↝ speaks FLUENT JAPANESE
  39.     ↝ speaks MOSTLY FLUENT KOREAN
  41. ✘ | FAMILY:
  42.     ↝ TAMAKI YUTO  | 47YRS | father | 5/5
  43.     ↝ TAMAKI IZUMI | 47YRS | mother | 4/5
  44.     ↝ TAMAKI AKIRA | 23YRS | sister | 5/5
  46. ✘ | PERSONALITY:
  47.     ↝ in all honesty, tamaki aya is the last person you would expect to see involved with a war, simply because she seems like the sort of person who'd be against violence of any kind. from her cute and adorable looks and her deer-in-the-headlights expression, it's comes as no surprise why people never associate her with war. compared to the others, she is definitely one of the most innocent, in more ways than one. she never seems to be up to date with any sexual jokes (which could be blamed on her not quite fluent korean), and any sexual joke made usually flies straight over her head, leaving her confused when the people around her start sniggering. she isn't really known for violent tendencies either, and she usually causes more deaths by accident than she does intentionally. if she accidentally injures someone, she'll freak out and immediately start apologising, trying to make sure you are alright to the point where she can be suffocating. she accidentally leaves something on the floor where you trip over it? she'll be at your side immediately whipping out a full first aid kit and rummaging through it to find something to help you. she accidentally scratches your arm with her nails? she'll whip out antiseptic cream and bandaids from nowhere and try and force you to put them on, even though your wound is nowhere near life threatening. aya is always carrying around medical supplies, which has earned her the nickname ' WALKING FIRST AID BOX ' around the agency. she always has bandaids and antiseptic cream and tissues shoved up her sleeves, and tends to freak out when their needed. aya is the type of person to believe that you will die from something as small as a paper cut if you don't bandage it up in time to stop the bleeding. she guilts extremely easily, which is probably one of her major flaws, because she blames herself for things that aren't even her fault and gets worked up over them to the point of actually loosing sleep. she is constantly apologising for things that aren't even her fault, and is the type of person to by gifts to accompany her apology. she carries the guilt of the world on her shoulders, and is always getting worked up over things she cannot control. she is an extremely caring person and always wants to make sure that everyone is okay, which is why she hates arguments of any sort. she just wants everyone to be happy and get along, and hates it when the people around her start arguing. arguments tend to make her very emotional, as she considers herself as one of the peace makers of the group. however, despite this, she is always worried that she's just making things worse, or being of absolutely no help when trying to break up fight or comfort people. she absolutely hates feelings useless more than anything, but tends to second guess herself a lot in the face of an argument between the group, especially if she's not quite sure how to break it up. she never takes sides, and somehow has the ability to remain neutral no matter what the situation is (kind of ironic, considering she's fighting a war, which means she's as far from neutral as they come really). she hates loud arguments (or anything really loud in general, if she's honest), and honestly gets really upset when the rest of them fight, leading to even more arguments over making her upset, which only really makes her feel worse. she's not the youngest of the group, but she's certainly treated like it most of the time. her cute and innocent nature makes her seem like the youngest, and her adorable face doesn't exactly prove otherwise. the others tend to feel the need to baby her and look out for her, because she is definitely the most emotional. she sometimes acts like more of the youngest than the actual youngest does, which never fails to amuse the rest of the group. aya is also an extremely lucky person, something that others can never seem to believe. she has an undeniable lucky streak, and is known for winning things like scratchies and magazine competitions (it's now gotten to the point where the others get her to enter competitions where they can win holidays or new furniture, because chances are she'll actually end up winning. she is not a sarcastic person, and doesn't seem to have a sarcastic bone in her body. any attempts she makes at trying to be sarcastic only come out sounding cringeworthy and pathetic, hence why she's more of the peacemaker in the group, because she is the least likely to add fuel to the fire.
  50. ✘ | BACKGROUND:
  51.     ↝ aya was born in kyoto, japan to a pair of working class japanese citizens. aya was the second and last child to the young pair, only a few years younger than her older sister, tamaki akira. aya was born prematurely, and was a lot lighter than the average baby at birth, but luckily had no lasting effects on her health, other than her having to stay in hospital for longer than most new born babies. right from the start, aya had been a worry, and her parents tended to fuss over her a lot. being premature had only led to aya's family and relatives to being even more protective of her, and she was treated as if she was half her age up until she was ten years old. she was frequently visited by other relatives who would come with presents (most of which aya never really used), as well as other gifts for her older sister. however, despite being slightly more clumsy than the average person, and a lot smaller, aya didn't really have any reason to be fussed over, not that anyone ever listened to her when she protested against being babied. when aya was twelve years old, her father, who was a japanese police officer, was relocated from their hometown in japan to seoul. this resulted in the small family of four to pack up and move to south korea, a place where aya had never actually seen outside the screen of her laptop. this posed a bit of a difficulty for aya, especially due to the fact that she'd never spoken a word of korean in her life while living in japan. adjusting to the new environment and customs and culture was difficult. it took a while for aya to completely adjust in her new home, and she still hasn't completely picked up the language fluently to the point of no mistakes. she was enrolled in a school for those who were gifted in education, despite her lack of knowledge for the korean language, because despite not seeming like it, aya is extremely smart, and has a particular interest in science, especially biomedical warfare and engineering. aya was able to graps the concepts of science quite easily, and was quickly bumped up to the top of her classes, which was how she was first sought out by the alliance. when aya was twenty, and attending one of the top universities in seoul for biomedical engineering, she was recommended to join the alliance. one of her teachers was working undercover for them, and had seen aya to be a valuable asset to the team in terms of biomedical engineering and all things related to the subject. aya wasn't entirely sure what she was getting into when she agreed, and she honestly thought she'd be doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff (quite frankly, she wouldn't leave the laboratory if she wasn't forced out of there). her parents were completely against her decision to join the alliance, especially her father, who didn't want his daughter to be put in a position where her life was at risk. however, upon realising that aya wasn't going to change her mind (because despite not being a violent person, she knew she could help, whether it be with patching up injuries or releasing potentially catastrophic diseases into the population), he eventually gave up and allowed her to do it (that doesn't stop him from ringing aya up every other hour, and making sure that she's okay, and asking the others to keep a stern eye on her).  
  53. ✘ | SLOT: I'M A MESS
  59. ✘ | LIKES:
  60.     ↝ vanilla scented candles
  61.     ↝ dark chocolate
  62.     ↝ coffee
  63.     ↝ cartoons
  64.     ↝ strawberry lip balm
  65.     ↝ inspirational quotes
  66.     ↝ tongue twisters
  67.     ↝ phone cases
  69. ✘ | DISLIKES:
  70.     ↝ strong deodorant
  71.     ↝ smog
  72.     ↝ driving
  73.     ↝ the sound of bones cracking
  74.     ↝ flashing lights
  75.     ↝ needles
  76.     ↝ open flames
  77.     ↝ complete silence
  79. ✘ | TRIVIA:
  80.    h a b i t s
  81.     ↝ she blinks a lot when she's nervous
  82.     ↝ she counts her steps when she walks up and down stairs
  83.     ↝ she chews on the inside her her cheek when she's thinking
  85.    h o b b i e s.
  86.     ↝ collecting shoes
  87.     ↝ gardening
  88.     ↝ watching japanese cooking shows
  90.    m i s c .
  91.     ↝ she's ambidextrous
  92.     ↝ her thumbs are double jointed
  93.     ↝ her favourite colour is green
  94.     ↝ she cannot walk in a straight line and frequently bumps into the people standing on either side of her
  95.     ↝ she switched back to japanese whenever she's tired, angry or pissed off
  96.     ↝ she always swears in japanese
  97.     ↝ she's very interested in biomedical warfare
  98.     ↝ she has a pet cat named HOSHI, which means 'star' in japanese
  99.     ↝ she is actually a really lucky person
  100.     ↝ she gets along really well with any other japanese or foreign members of the alliance (if there are any)
  103.     ↝ to be quite honest, aya isn't exactly a violent person, and she never really had much interest in fighting before she joined the alliance. however, her father was a police officer, and since he dealt with things such as violence and saw the effects violence could have on people, he was very insistent on making sure that both of his daughters knew how to defend themselves, should the situation arise where they would need to. ever since a young age, she'd been enrolled in taekwondo classes, along with her older sister. but aya simply didn't have the interest or the attention span for it, and spent most of the lessons day dreaming. needless to say, she was probably one of the worst in her class, but she did know the basics, which have helped her out in situations before. however, due to her lack of experience in the fighting area compared to the rest of the alliance, they're not very keen on letting her go out by herself, especially since she's a bit of a wildcard when it comes to the battle field, and it is impossible to predict her next move. despite her (somewhat basic) knowledge of taekwondo, she spends most of her time relying on instinct and adrenalin, and most of the time she doesn't really remember what she does while she's fighting.
  105.  — THE K2
  107. ✘ | FIGHTING STYLE:
  108.     ↝ taekwondo - aya's been trained in martial arts since she was about five years old. her father, as a policeman, was always keen on both of his daughters being able to protect their selves, should a situation ever arise where they'd need to fend for their selves. in the long run, this worked out pretty well for aya, and it's been a great benefit to her fighting skills ever since joining the group (even though she's clearly lacking in comparison to the others). she might have an long training period, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she's good at it nor, did she ever particularly like the lessons her father used to force her to attend.
  109.      ↝ on another note, aya does not actually like close range fighting, as it makes her feel a lot more vulnerable. quite frankly, she'd prefer to be a decent distance away, with a gun, rather than up close and personal with the enemy, but in her line of work you don't get to chose how fights happen and have to be prepared for it regardless.
  112.     ↝ she's been doing taekwondo since she was 5, so she did it for about 12 years before she quit at 17, because she wasn't really interested in it much, and quite frankly, she sucked at it compared to a lot of the other people in her class. truthfully, she only made it up to a green belt before she quit, because she's not exactly known for violent tendencies. however, her knowledge of the martial art (despite being somewhat lacking) has saved her ass multiple times, so she's thankful for it.
  114. ✘ | EXTRA SKILLS:
  115.     ↝ lying - aya is definitely one of the best liars you will ever meet. she's able to spin realistic tales off the tip of her tongue and make stuff up on the spot, so it is no surprise that she graduated at the top of her literature class, due to her ability to bullshit her way through essays. she's one of the best bullshitter's on the team, and is a good person to have around if you need someone to get you out of trouble. not to mention, her cute face comes in handy with fooling people, because no one would believe that someone with her face would have anything to do with her line of work.
  116.     ↝ biomedical warfare - ever since joining the alliance, aya has been free to study to her hearts content about biomedical warfare, something that has sparked her interest ever since she was a child, so while she might no be particularly dangerous in hand to hand combat, she can do a lot of damage with chemicals and diseases.
  118. ✘ | CODE NAME:
  119.     ↝ TSUKI - it's japanese for moon, and diana was the roman goddess of the moon, so she thinks it is fitting
  122.     ↝ double guns - she has a pretty good aim when it comes to a firing range, and this happens to be one of her strongest points if she's completely honest. she is ambidextrous, and while her aim isn't 100% accurate, she is decent with both hands, which can be useful to her advantage. if she's armed she is definitely not one to mess with. do not let her cute face fool you, if she's got her guns pointed at your head, she will shoot you, even if it's by accident. (in fact, she's caused more deaths by accidentally pulling the trigger than she has killed people intentionally).
  127. ✘ | BACKUP LOVE INTEREST: LEE TAEYONG of NCT (or anyone else you see her fitting with)
  130.     ↝ " oh shit, i'm so sorry i didn't mean to bump into you, oh my god please forgive me i'll do anything."
  131.       – she walked straight into the desk he was sitting at and knocked a stash of papers off the side and panicked, because she didn't mean to do it.  
  134.   ↝ " alright, how did this fifteen year old get in here. who let her in?"
  135.     - he lowkey had no idea why she was there, since she didn't really look like the sort of person to be involved with this, and highkey thought she'd just wondered into the building by accident or something.
  138.     ↝ to be honest, she's lowkey terrified of him, because she knocked over his pile of work the first time they met. it takes her a bit of time to try and break out of her shell around him, but it helps that they're often paired together to make plans because BLOODSTREAM is the smartest, and the others don't particularly want aya out of their side doing anything potentially dangerous. she also gets very flustered around him a lot, and sometimes can't tell whether he's joking or not (she blames it on the language barrier, despite the fact that she's pretty much fluent). however, once she finally manages to become comfortable around him, she doesn't get as flustered much, and they work like a well oiled machine when put together, because they don't often need to communicate and just know what the other is thinking by their actions or expressions. most of the time, they tend to share similar views on things, so aya can rely on him to always have her back. they are quick to become fast friends, not necessarily in the clingy friends since birth kind of way, but in the way where they can just sit in silence and enjoy each other's presence. most people wouldn't expect them to get along so well, but aya is probably one of the few people that can put up with his sarcasm, because she isn't really a sarcastic person herself. they rarely ever fight, because aya isn't the type to get pissed off easily, and usually just lets him blow his top and calm down by himself, without provoking him or making it any worse. towards the end, she's a lot more comfortable around him, to the point where they could probably be mistaken for dating. she frequently seeks him out whenever he's not around, and finds comfort in knowing that he's nearby.
  141.     ↝ at the start he just acts like his normal self, simply because he sees no need to act any different. he's his usual sarcastic self with next to no filter, and it takes him a while to realise that she's actually kind of terrified of him, and he realises that he should probably approach her a bit differently, because he really wasn't far off when he thought she was a teenager when they first met, and she has the mental age of a child. once he figures this out, he sort of tones down his sarcasm a bit while around her and tries not to scare her away. it takes him a while to get her to actually become more comfortable around him, but he's slowly beginning to grow more protective over her. he's extremely protective and likes to keep and eye on her. he can often be seen glaring or acting intimidating around those who he believes are suspicious or have bad intentions. however, he can also be fluffy around her, once he gets really close to her, and he 's stopped using sarcasm around her, making her the only person who is never on the receiving end of his blunt nature. towards the end, he's a lot more friendlier with her, and they are able to talk about anything as if they've been friends for years, despite having only known each other for a short time. he doesn't mind her company, and in fact tends to seek her out whenever she's not around. he tends to gravitate towards her when they're in the same room, and is lowkey whipped for her, something that everyone else except aya can see.
  143. ✘ | THEIR RELATIONSHIP: friends > lowkey crushing on each other > to friends who act like they're dating
  144. ✘ | STATUS AT THE END:
  145.     ↝ they're friends who act as if they're dating, even though technically they're not. they may as well be dating anyway, and everyone seems to think there is something going on between them
  147. ✘ | COUPLE TRIVIA:
  148.    ↝ she has a habit of always grabbing onto his hand (when people point it out she says she comparing the size difference)
  149.    ↝ she is one of the few people who doesn't get bothered by his sarcasm
  150.    ↝ (probably because sometimes she doesn't even register that he's being sarcastic)
  151.    ↝ her phone contact for him is his name with a star emoji
  152.    ↝ his phone contact for her is TAIYOU with a sun emoji because it's japanese for sun
  153.    ↝ he always buys her food, and he likes to take her out to get bubble tea
  154.    ↝ he always keeps an eye out for her and doesn't like it when she wanders off
  155.    ↝ he glares at anyone who acts suspicious around her
  156.    ↝ ("why are you glaring at the waiter?" "i don't like him. he's giving me evil vibes")
  157.    ↝ they both hate each other's taste in music, so they don't ever play music when they're together because they can't agree on songs
  159. ✘ | SCENE REQUEST:
  160.     ↝ aya and LEGO HOUSE getting into an argument over apologising, because they're both the sort of people who try to apologise for everything, and everyone else gets annoyed because all the can hear is: "i'm sorry" "no i'm sorry it's my fault" "it's really not, i'll take full responsibility for it" "no, i will take responsibility, let me go and by a fruit basket to make up for it."
  161.     ↝ BLOODSTREAM pissing everyone else off with his sarcasm, and aya just runs in the try and stop a fight from breaking out or something, but everyone them starts wiggling their eyebrows at her because she's standing up for him and she just gets really confused, but bloodstream is refusing to look her in the eye when she asks him what they were talking about
  162.     ↝ one of the other slots getting injured and aya just calmly starts treating their wounds while everyone is is busy freaking out over it because treating wounds is the one thing aya likes to consider herself good at
  163.     ↝ her just having cute little conversations in japanese with any other japanese members of the alliance (if there are any)
  165. — PINOCCHIO
  167. ✘ | ANY NOTES FOR ME: i'm sorry it took me so long to apply i procrastinated for ages rip. i'm not sure if this was what you wanted in a form, but if you need anything to be changed just let me know
  168. ✘ | SHOW SOME LOVE: i love this idea but my procrastination got the best of me so i hope my form isn't shit
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