A Maid's Work Never Ends (Kikimora)

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  6. “Chessa, please.”
  8. “Master, it is of the upmost importance that I make sure you are properly prepared for work today. Now just hold still, Charles.”
  10. Circling around the man and slipping her fingers underneath the collar of his jacket, the Kikimora pulled the top of the suit off her master with a practised motion, quickly fixing the now inside-out arms and slinging it over her shoulder. Her hands pressed against his back, pressing down on the white cloth of his dress shirt as she searched for any sight of those damn wrinkles she had chased away with her iron the night before.
  12. “Master, Master, Master…” Chessa chastised under her breath, fingers trailing down his sides to tuck in a few bits of bunched up shirt at his waistline. “This is why I insist that I help you dress during the mornings. We wouldn’t have to waste our time here at the front door if that was the case.”
  14. “Chessa, I’m perfectly capable of dressing myself.”
  16. “Evidently not.”
  18. The maid’s dress fluttered slightly as she moved back around to stand in front of her master, Chessa taking a moment to study his front as a frown creeped onto her lips. “Please take off your dress shirt, master.” She instructed him, kneeling and running her hands along his pants.
  20. “What for?”
  22. “It’s wrinkled.”
  24. She fiddled around with his shoes, straightening any wayward laces as he rolled up his left sleeve, sighing as he saw the time on his watch. “I’m going to be late to work if you don’t let me leave, dear. It’s just a few wrinkles, the company isn’t too strict with the dress code.” Charles said, trying to hide the annoyance in his voice.
  26. “…Dear…” Chessa whispered to herself as she paused for a moment, feathery tail flicking slightly behind her as she smiled at the name, beginning to retie his right shoe.
  28. “What was that?”
  30. “Nothing, Master.” The Kikimora replied, standing back up to full height and sliding the jacket off her shoulder, folding it quickly and setting it down on the small dresser by the door.
  32. Chessa moved to stand back in front of Charles, and with a sharp tug, undid the tie and pulled it free from around his neck, setting it down on top of the jacket. “Chessa…” He whined, dropping his head and closing his eyes.
  34. “It is my responsibility as head maid to make sure that the Master of the household is in presentable attire for all situations, even if he insists otherwise.” As she spoke, the Kikimora began to undo the buttons on Charles’ shirt, doing the same thing she did with his jacket and sliding it off his shoulders. “It won’t take too long, you’ll be at work with plenty of time to spare, I know of it.”
  36. Chessa turned on her heel and began walking away, the ‘clacks’ produced by her pointy, scale-covered feet on the wooden floor echoing through the hallway. Charles’ own footsteps were far quieter than hers as he followed, shaking his head as she disappeared through a door at the far end of the hallway.
  38. By the time he had reached the laundry room, his dress shirt had already been laid flat on her ironing board, the Kikimora fiddling and flattening it out with iron in hand. “Chessa, this isn’t necessary.” He said in an exasperated manner, letting out a small sigh.
  40. “I assure you that it is completely necessary, Master.” She replied, pressing the iron to the shirt and beginning her work, a hiss of steam leaving behind an unwrinkled section of cloth in its wake. “No Master of mine will go to work wearing a wrinkled shirt.”
  42. He could only bite his lip and shake his head at her remark, choosing to watch the maid work her magic. The sounds of hissing hot steam and shuffling fabric drowned out Charles’ foot tapping impatiently on the hardwood, the Kikimora in front of him humming happily to herself as she preformed her duty. “Why was the iron on, anyways, Chessa?” he asked suddenly, the fact that it was ready for her use in an instant coming to nag at his thoughts.
  44. “We do this nearly every morning, Charles.” She replied in a chipper tone, her long tail swishing happily against her long skirt. “Because of that, I make sure to turn it on beforehand just in case. Besides, I have more laundry to take care of today.” Gesturing with a foot over to her left, Charles caught sight of a small amount of clothes sitting in bins by the washing machine, his gaze moving back to the Kikimora as he smiled.
  46. “Then perhaps…” He began, trailing off as he thought of what to say.
  48. “Perhaps what, Master?”
  50. “Perhaps you should help me dress from now on like you said. It'll save time.”
  52. The maid’s movements stopped for a moment as she processed his words, taking the time to readjust the blue bow resting on her bosom. “That’s a wonderful idea, Master.” Chessa said with a smile, making a few last passes at the shirt with her iron, before setting it down and taking the shirt off the ironing board, admiring it in her hands.
  54. Charles raised his chin as the maid strode in front of him, taking the shirt from her hands and shrugging it over his shoulders, allowing her to do up the buttons. “Much better.” She said with a proud smile, running her hands along his chest a few times to straighten the shirt.
  56. “Thank you, Chessa.”
  58. Chessa didn’t reply, instead moving past her master and back into the hallway, heading for the foyer.
  60. She waited for her him at the door, beaming back at him as she held his tie in her hands, expertly securing it around his neck before picking up his jacket and assisting him with putting it on. The Kikimora took a few final glances at his outfit, checking and double-checking a few common trouble spots, but thankfully finding nothing that needed fixing.
  62. “You look most presentable, Master.” Chessa said with a lilt in her voice, clasping her hands together in front of her chest, wrist-feathers swaying slightly with the movement.
  64. Charles smiled back, adjusting his collar slightly to make it more comfortable. “All thanks to you, of course.”
  66. The maid flushed at her master’s praise, swaying slightly as she blushed and looked away. “I-I hope that you have a wonderful day at work, Master.” She stammered, heart thumping with pride as she looked at the fruits of her labours. “Please remember to call me-“
  68. “Call you when I get to work, and at lunch time, and as I’m about to leave. Yes, Chessa, I know to do that.” Charles interrupted, hand moving to open the front door of the house.
  70. “And don’t forget to eat the lunch I packed you as well!” She continued for him, grabbing the lunch bag from the dresser by the door and thrusting it into his arms. “Today I made a turkey and lettuce sandwich on rye, with sliced apple, a handful of grapes-“
  72. “A few crackers, some sausage, a piece of dark chocolate, and some water.” He interrupted again, grabbing onto the bag with a smile. “Just like every other day.”
  74. The two stared at each other for a few moments, a silence settling over the house for the first time in a little while. Chessa’s blue eyes darted away from her master’s after a few seconds, her blush only growing.
  76. “I love you, Chessa. I can’t wait to come home.” Charles took a step forwards, grabbing Chessa’s cheek with his free hand and tilting her chin towards him. Their lips met in a brief but loving embrace, the Kikimora’s left hand, the one on which a golden band was worn, grabbing onto her husband’s forearm for support.
  78. The two pulled away from the kiss at the same time, Chessa taking a few steps back as Charles opened the door, giving her one final smile as he pulled it closed behind him.
  80. The maid stood staring at the wooden door for a few moments, before reaching out with a hand to lock it, turning around and beginning to make her way back to the laundry room.
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